Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P10 100C Tafsir Al-Anfal 42-44

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The valley of Buddle is a route used by the army during World War II, with a caravan led by a brother named Brooke Sufyan. The importance of practicing what one is doing and not letting oneself get caught up in a false belief is emphasized. The success of Islam after the victory act is also discussed, along with the importance of staying on a schedule and not giving up on promises. The importance of transparency and not giving personal information is emphasized, and the use of tools to deal with enemy is emphasized. The fight between two groups is discussed, with the return of the army and the return of Muslims being viewed as being very few in number and the return of the army being viewed as being as many as possible.
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Now Allah subhanaw taala mentions the battle, the many lessons that can be learned is antem. Recall when you were Bill Urdhva at the side of the valley, which one a dunya the near one, Allah or dua is from the root letters I in the well and EarthWise basically side, the bank the edge, okay. And over here it's referring to the edge of the valley. Okay, so you Oh Muslims, where were you positioned at the side of the valley of Buddle, which was a dunya dunya not meaning the world. Okay. Dunya has been used here in its literal sense. What's the root letters of the word dunya? That alone wow, I don't know, what does that mean? To be near to be close? So dunya meaning the closer one

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will home and they meaning the mushrik army, where were they positioned, built roadway with the side meaning at that side of the valley, which side of the valley that was a crosswalk

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and Pasqua from the route letters of Saudia or Wow. And it refers to that which is far. Masjid Al Aqsa is also from the same route as well. Why? Because it is far. Okay. So, you were positioned at the side of the valley, which was near and then we're situated at the side of the valley, which was far basically the battlefield and what was the battlefield, the valley of but, but is a valley and basically, there are some wells over there, which were named after a man whose name was but and this is why the entire area was known as butter. And because it was a valley, you can understand that there were also mountains around it. Okay. So, one side of this valley was towards Medina and the

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other side of the valley was towards Makkah.

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So you understand one side of the valley towards Medina, the other side of the valley towards Makkah. So from this we understand that this brother is situated where somewhere between Makkah and Medina which is why today also if you travel between Mecca and Medina, you will find signs, okay, that tell you about which way better is and if you just open up any map, okay, you will also see that between Makkah and Medina is better.

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So the Muslims were camped were on the side which was closer, closer to where Medina and the machine were camped on the side of the valley, which was far far from where Medina. So they were far from Medina, but close to Makkah. So you were at World War Two dunya. And they were at a world war two Casa workbook. And the caravan that was being led by Abu Sufyan. Where was it as phelim income lower than you, as far from seen fella to below, it was lower than you meaning it was situated lower than you and this shows that the value of butter was situated on high ground. Okay. Basically, what is being mentioned over here is that, remember how you went out of Medina in order to go and catch up

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with the caravan. But what happened things spiraled out of control? And you ended up in better situated on the side of the valley, close to Medina and the mushrik army facing you. All right, and where were they on the other side of the valley? And where was the caravan? It had just missed? You Rather you just missed it. Because a boost of Yang was very clever man. What did he do? He changed the route. He sent word to Mecca for help instantly. And he also changed the route. So he was supposed to fast through butter, which is why both the armies came there. But instead of passing through, but he went south. All right, he went south, he adopted another route. And this way he

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escaped and when he escaped he sent word to Abuja who was leading the majestic army. Go back, I'm fine now. But Abuja has insisted that no, we're going to stay. So well. How could you spell them income?

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Well, no. And if they were, I assume you all had made an appointment to where I come from, well, I and then what are the what does what are they mean? Promise commitment. So tawa I do notice that if two people are involved here, if you two had mutually promised, had mutually agreed, you had made an appointment to meet for battle, then what would happen left the left? Don't surely you would have deferred fee in elmia at the appointment, meaning if this battle was pre planned, that you sent word to them wishes you can come battle with us, or we're going to battle you and we're going to battle you at Budds on this day at this time.

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Then what would happen? Allah subhanaw taala says you would never have come here, you would have missed the appointment. Because sometimes it happens that when we plan and plan and plan from before, like, for example, you book an appointment everything. But what happens when the time comes to go? You're too scared. You're too nervous, you're like, No, I can't do it. So you just don't show up. You just don't show up. Anyone has ever worked as a receptionist anywhere.

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As an office manager, what happens people have their appointments and what do they do? They just don't show up. The appointment was made six months ago, the reminder was sent, but still, they just don't show up why they're too nervous sometimes or something else happens or they just forgot at that time.

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Because sometimes you have the intention, but as you wake up that day, the appointment completely slips out of your mind and you forget it, you completely forget it, things are not in your control. So Allah subhanaw taala says that if the battle was decided by the two of you, you would have never met but Allah subhanaw taala created the circumstances as such that you ended up there and then wishek army ended up there and there was no choice but to fight. Well, I can but the Jacobi Allah Who so that Allah would fulfill would complete, um, one a matter cannot, it was my ruler, one to be done. Allah subhanaw taala made the circumstances why, so that a matter that was definitely going to

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be done, definitely going to happen, because it was already destined, right? must rule that will take place.

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So in other words, Allah subhanaw taala had decided that the Muslims be victorious against the Mushrikeen this day. And this is why Allah didn't leave the matter in your hands. He created the circumstances such so that you would end up there, and the battle would take place, and the glory would come to Islam, and its people and Schilke. And its people would be disgraced that day, well, Akhil Yakko, the Allahu Amman CanAm of ruler. And many times this happens that sometimes, if the choice is left to us to do something, let me know when you're ready, then what happens? We are never ready.

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Right? We're never ready, somebody tells us, let me know when you're ready. Let me know when you can hand this over to me. You're like, yeah, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe next month, and we keep delaying it, delaying it, delaying it. And what happens? Finally, we tell them, You know what, don't give me a deferral now.

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Because if you leave it to me, I'll never do it. You just tell me to do it and demand it for me. And then I'll be able to do it.

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Like, for example, this person, I have to meet them every few weeks. And I always tell them, that once we decide when we're going to meet, then don't let me cancel on you, please. Because if you let me cancel on you, I know that we won't be able to have our meeting. And it's a very important meeting every couple of weeks. And if we miss it, then it gets left for months and months sometimes. So this is one thing I told her that from now onwards, you're not going to let me cancel. If I cancel, then you know, or something you have to do so that I cannot cancel the appointment.

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I send a message to like gi who's taking the test. Because last time I was planning to give a test or do other I was not able because of some reasons. So I just text her, please make sure that I'm becoming for the test. And because I was actually making myself sure that I'm gonna come you know, exactly as it ever happened with you that your dad has gone somewhere or your husband has gone somewhere. And because they come home at a particular time. That's why dinner is always ready at that time. Right? But because they're traveling for these few days, then what happens? Mom, where's the dinner? Yeah, I'll get it.

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And the children are hungry. And you're like, Yeah, forget it. And then what happens? People are having cream cheese sandwiches.

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Hmm. Why was dinner not made? Because that's not here because my husband's not here. What happens is that when you know that something is due at some time, you're brought in that situation, then you just do it. But if it's left to you, whenever you find it convenient, then you do it. We just don't do it. So sometimes really, it's Allah subhanaw taala has mercy on us that we're pushed into certain situations, because if it was left to us, we'd never do it. This is why it's so important that we tie ourselves to bind ourselves to some kind of commitment for the sake of our religion.

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For the sake of our, you know, increase in knowledge, all of us want to increase in our knowledge of the deen. Correct. All of us want to improve our citation, you know, increase in our memorization of the Quran. And we have these plans. In one month I will recite this much Quran in one month, I will read this in this book, and you check yourself after the month. Have you read even a fraction of that? No, you haven't. But if you have at that week class, where that teacher is going to ask you, did you practice at home or not? Then what's going to happen? You're going to practice, right? You're definitely going to practice what if you have a lot of food to cook, you will be practicing

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as you're cooking. Isn't that so? You will be practicing as you're doing laundry? Correct. So this is Allah's blessing on us that sometimes matters are not left in our hands. Allah subhanaw taala decides for us because then we end up doing what is necessary. And for your own good for your own sake, for the sake of your Eman. What should you do? bind yourself with something always? Like for example, Inshallah, when this course ends, don't think that that's it, start something else, join something else, a weekly class will find a Quran teacher who can listen to your citation every week, once a week, twice a week, thrice a week, something so that you are constantly connected. You are

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constantly connected. Some people, they're self motivated, they're self driven. And they're very few. There are very few people who are disciplined like that. majority of us are how we have to be pushed by others. We need to see someone being strict with us and only then we'll do our work. Unfortunately, it's not the greatest thing but this is the sad reality. So when we are like that, then what should we do? bind ourselves to something so that we can keep improving?

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So when I can look at the Allahu Amman CanAm of arugula, Leah Holika so that he would be destroyed. Who man Hannukah whoever is destroyed I'm the unit in on soundproof on clear proof wire here and he remains alive man. Hey, yeah, Whoever remains alive on the unit in on clear proof. We're in Hola, hola, Samira and Arlene. And indeed Allah is surely hearing and knowing what does this mean? This means that Allah subhanaw taala made you meet your enemy on that day without an appointment. Why? So that he gives you victory over them. And when this victory happen this way, Allah subhanaw taala raised the word of truth of a falsehood. Truth was distinguished from falsehood. And when that

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happened, the truth was made clear falsehood was made fear. And as a result, after that day, whoever believes, has what, some evidence behind that belief, and whoever disbelieves then that is also clear that he doesn't have any excuse for his disbelief, because the matter of the truth is very clear. So Halakha over here, the destruction is what? Disbelief because this belief eventually leads to greatest destruction. And life over here is what life the life of a man because in the Quran, we learned a woman can have made him for Hey, now, the one who was dead, we gave him life, and what was that life, the life of a man. So in other words, From this day onwards, whoever chooses to

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disbelieve, know that there is not proof for him, he has no excuse to show to Allah subhanaw taala on the day of judgment, and whoever is alive, meaning whoever has Iman today, then he has some clear proof for that also. So you understand what this victory, truth and falsehood were distinguished. And after that they no person had any excuse left. This is why we see that after the victory act, but many, many people became Muslim. Why? Because they saw that really, this is the truth. Many of them, they did accept Islam just to be safe, right? Just to be safe from the Muslims for worldly benefits, but many were also sincere. Allah Subhana Allah says if you rica home is when you rica

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home URI. What does URI mean? He shows meaning he was showing, he was showing to who you he was showing to you, what was he showing to you? Home them. So remember, when Allah subhanaw taala was showing you Muslims, who your enemy them, when he was if you recall, whom Allah who when Allah was showed them to you, female Anamika in your sleep Manam from the root letters from the root letter

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At noon, while me know what does no mean? Sleep miam also means sleep. So if a person sees something in his sleep, what is that? A dream. So in other words, when Allah subhanaw taala showed them to you in your dream for Leland as very few.

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Remember that when the Prophet said a lot of Saddam came to the camp, the Muslims camped over there, the machine were right behind the mountains on the other side of the valley, that was closer to Makkah farther from Medina, the Prophet saw a lot of time camp there. And the Muslims made preparations, whatever they had to the rain fell down. And also, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam took a nap. Okay. And in that nap, what happened, he was shown a vision, a dream. And in that dream, he saw the Mushrikeen as very few, very few. Now,

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if you have an exam the next day,

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and you're panicking the night before, and you have a dream, that the test has these questions that are very difficult, and it's so long, and you're sitting and writing and writing and writing, and your teacher standing there, stop, stop, you have this terrifying dream. What happens when you get up, your confidence has all gone? Correct. You're like, I'm really not ready for it, you feel like you're gonna throw up, you feel like you're gonna fall or something terrible is gonna happen, you know that you're gonna fail. And you start believing in that. But if in your dream, you see that the test paper is very easy, and you're done, and you're happy, and you're very relaxed, and you're

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enjoying with your friends afterwards, then what happens? You wake up, and you're more confident, isn't it? So? Has it ever happened with you, not just with regard to an exam, but anything in life, something difficult coming up, and you see your dream that it goes horribly, you fail your driving test. So what's gonna happen, you wake up and you're panicking, you're going for your driving test, and that vision is coming to your mind again, and again, I'm failing my test, then what happens you fail. But if your dream was good, based on that dream, you become even more confident. So that's what happened with the Muslims. The prophets of a lot of times saw in his dream that the machine

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were very few. Allah says hello, a walk home. And if he had showed you them, cathedral and as many as they really were, meaning if you and your dream saw that there were 1000 a number, then what would happen to the Muslims left Washington? Surely you would have lost courage, one Athan, Azhar Tom, and surely you would have disputed Phil Omer in this matter, which matter of the matter of battle for Hilton from the rulers, fashion lab, and Fashola is basically to lose heart, to lose courage to become cowardly, and to despair. And when a person begins to feel like this than what happens, he definitely fails. When you lose heart, when you lose courage, then you're leading

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yourself into failure. So Allah says that if he had showed you the enemy as many, then you would have lost courage even before facing them even before fighting them. What at the end result and Phil armor and you would have disputed with regards to this matter. Because some of you would not agree that you should go and fight the enemy. Because some people are emotional. And other people, they're very logical. They look at everything as white and black. They don't understand the matter of reliance on Allah subhanaw taala, they don't understand the matter of forgiveness and tolerance and patience. What do they say? It does not make sense. Logically, this is right, this is wrong. Five

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and five, make 10 They don't make 20. Right. So some people are like that. And it's good to have such people who think so logically, with regards to every matter, because they keep you be aware of reality. So anyway, what happened was, um, you would have disputed concerning the matter. And if you dispute it, if you argued at that time, some of you are reluctant. And some of you are very hopeful than what would happen, you would have been so demoralized, right? Because disputes are very demoralizing. Fights are very demoralizing. They distract you from your main purpose from your main goal.

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Because you know, what happens? If you're doing your work, you're working really hard. And you get upset with somebody or somebody gets upset with you. And there's back and forth between the two of you, then what happens as you're doing your work? You're upset in your heart? Why did I say that? Why did you say that to me? Can you focus? Can you focus on your work? Not at all. So Allah subhanaw taala while asking Allah but Allah Salama, he saved you. He is

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saved, He protected you from all of this, when he showed the enemy to you as very few than what happened, you had the courage, all of you were on the same page. All of you were hopeful, you were courageous, you were determined, and together unified, you went to face the enemy, and you're victorious in the who are Aleem, when indeed he is knowing be that is so do with that which is in the chests, meaning Allah subhanaw taala knows how our hearts work, because he's the one who made them. He knows the weakness of the heart, he knows that how, if we find out that the challenge is great, we will be demoralized, he knows that some people will be hesitant he knows that will lead to

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fights and arguments, and fights and arguments do discourage us. They do hurt us, they distract us. So Allah subhanaw taala kept you safe from all of these problems. How? By keeping you ignorant about your enemy. So sometimes ignorance is bliss.

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Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Because if you know about why somebody is here, and who they are, then what happens you can't be yourself. And when you can't be yourself, you can't relax, you cannot be natural, then things don't go well. Right? Like, for example, sometimes it happens that your parents don't tell you about certain things. They keep you in the dark about some major realities of your life. And then what happens as you grow older, then you find out or then they tell you, why is it that they did not tell you when you were young, because if they told you about those things at that time, you wouldn't be able to understand them. Right, you wouldn't be able to understand it. And as

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a result, it would affect you because some children are very sensitive. I'm not saying that everything should be concealed from the children. But there are certain matters, which the children don't necessarily need to know about until they grow up. Right. There are many matters with regards to money with regards to family, many matters. So they keep you ignorant about that. And when they think it's the right time, they let you know, because then you can better process that information, you can easily accept it, you are mature enough to understand it. And if you're told before time, you can't handle it, it doesn't make any sense to you. Like, for example, if there is a little

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child, and he's curious about how children are born. And if he's told about everything, would he accept it? Would he accept it, he cannot comprehend it, he's too immature to understand that his mind is not capable of accepting such information. Correct. But with age with maturity, he finds out and he's ready to accept it. This is just one example. In life. Also, you know, there could be certain people in your life, about whom you don't need to know everything. And your parents don't tell you that your grandfather was like this, or your uncle was like that, or your grandmother was like this. They don't tell you because you don't need to know it's unnecessary information. And with

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time, you find out you realize, and you're like, okay, whatever, and you move on. But if as a young child, you found out that they would disturb you forever,

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isn't it, they would hurt you. I've seen myself, mothers who are so immature, that they tell their children about everything that's happening in their lives. And what happens, those little children, they grow up with hatred, hatred, for who certain family members, and this hatred, who suffers the most because of it, it's those children. It's those children that suffer the most.

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They grew up with literally psychological problems, literally psychological problems, because they cannot get over certain things. Why did this person do this to my mother? Why did this person say this to my mother, you don't need to tell everything to your children. If your husband did something with you five years ago, 10 years ago, what does your child have anything to do with that? Don't tell him right now? Why do you want that child to hate his father? If Allah has concealed a sin of somebody, why are you revealing it? Why are you exposing it? And also one more thing for ourselves? We don't need to know about everything.

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We don't need to know about everything. If somebody does not wish to tell you about certain matters, respect their privacy, respect their privacy, you don't have to be annoyed at all. It's okay to be ignorant of certain matters in life. Like for example, when a person is meeting a potential spouse, they wanted about everything. Did you ever date somebody? Were you previously married? Did you have children? What caused that divorce every single information how much money do you make?

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Like, What size is your house? What school? Did you go to? Where did you travel? Why? Why do you need to know all this information? You don't need to know if somebody has done Tober yes, they lived a horrible past, they have done Tober hollows, you need to know about everything. And remember that when you don't know that is better for you. Because in many matters, ignorance is bliss. If you find out about the reality, that you will not have confidence, you will be shaky. And once you are in it, then you deal with it. Right? Once you're put in that situation, then you're like, Okay, now what can I do to solve it? Now, what can I do to make the most of this situation? So remember, these few

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things, don't tell little children about everything. Don't share with other people, everything that's happening in your life, I'm not saying be extremely secretive. There are some things that you tell. And there's other things that you don't need to tell everybody. Like, remember, you survived his son. And when he saw the dream, what did his father tell him? What his father tell him? Don't tell your brothers about your dream. Why? Because then they will plan against you. They have this jealousy for you. Right? So first of all, you don't need to advertise everything that's happening in your life. And secondly, you don't need to know about everything either. Because we women really

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have this big problem. We will question and we will probe and we will, you know, poke into every matter and waste our time and waste the time of other people also, and we mined or she didn't tell me, Oh, he didn't tell me why it's not necessary. KERALAM Khatibi? No, I mean, they've written everything. You're not my kelong and Kategorien. Allah didn't assign you to record my deeds. Why do you have to be informed? Right? So accept it, accept ignorance in certain matters. It's not a big deal. Tabacalera Allah, and go ahead, Allah subhanaw taala will keep you safe. There are certain things that you need to know like, for example, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he was at

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burden, the Sahaba they caught these two boys who were carrying the water from the wealth of brother towards the mushrik army. And they brought these boys of the prophets on the walls and the prophets, Allah wa sent him as those boys, about the number of them wished he came. The boys couldn't figure out to the prophets, Allah and I'm asked him other questions. So he did find out you have to know about certain things. But if despite your effort, you cannot find out about certain things and please let go. Let go. Don't ask this person and that person and create a huge fuss. She didn't tell me he didn't tell me get it over with. It's not a big deal.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says we're in and recall URI como home. Uri como home. Uri. What Does god mean? He was showing? Como como what does it mean? You all the while is extra here, okay, como you all? What if you read como when he was showing you home? them? What does it mean? Meaning when he showed them to you, when you saw them? Because Allah subhanaw taala made you see them? Okay. So when he showed them to you, is when is the Chi tomb you two met? Meaning when the two armies met? How did you view the enemy? How did you see the enemy fee or Unicom in your eyes? Or Leyland? As few? As few? What does it mean, at the beginning of the battle? What happened? You saw the enemy as very

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few. So we see that in the dream, few. And at the beginning of the battle, again, the Muslims viewed the Mushrikeen as few in number. How many were they 1000 and the Muslims from the different reports we learn as they were facing the mushrik enemy Mustek army. The muscles were talking to one another one of them asked how many do you think they are using to about 70? And the other Muslim man replied, No, I think they're about 100.

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Can you imagine 1000 men are being viewed by someone as about 70 or 100.

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This whole fear that they had, it's all gone. Oh, it's only 70 100 We're more than that. I think we can deal with them. I think we're capable of fighting them. So this boosted their confidence. And this was Allah subhanaw taala special help. Notice last panel, Darla has full control over us, even our vision. We can only see what Allah subhanaw taala allows us to see. We can only see things as Allah wants us to see them. So he shows

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attempt it was very few but notice in reality they weren't few feet are Unicom kalila in your eyes? They were few were you political and he was making you less fee Are you knew him in their eyes also at the beginning of the battle what happened the Mushrikeen saw the Muslims as very few also you might say but this is not working in the favor of the Muslims. You know what it was? How if the machine saw the Muslims as many, what would they do? They just forget it. Let's go. We thought there were only a few Forget it, let's go.

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But when the machine saw the Wilsons as very few, they said, Yeah, of course we can deal with them. Let's go and finish them off. So they came with all their enthusiasm and, you know, their bravery and everything. And what happened once the battle began soon after that things changed. How that wherever was shaking looked this up people whom they didn't recognize, and who were they the Muslims and the angels. All right. So they started off as very enthusiastic and very soon what happened? Their courage, they lost it completely. And they saw their men dropping one after the other. And they said, You know what, run from here. Let's get out of here to save our lives. So are you a

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little confused or uni him? Why was this done? Leah Kalia Allah who I'm one can I'm a Fula. So that Allah would accomplish a matter that was already destined and what was that matter the victory of the Muslims. So we see that he encouraged each of the two groups against the other. All the circumstances were such that both the armies definitely, you know fight each other. We're in Allah He and to Allah to Jarrell will move all the matters return, meaning ultimately, all matters lie with who? Allah subhanaw taala nothing can happen except with the permission of Allah subhanaw taala now at the beginning of the battle, we see here that both the armies viewed each other as few but

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once the battle began in sort of earlier in one eye a 13th We learned that both the army saw their enemy as double their own number as double their own number called cannula come out on Fifi, Daniel Takata. phiaton Ducati Luffy Sabina LA. Whoa, hello Kathy Ratan, your owner whom myth lay him. Both the armies saw one another as double their number one airline just in their eyes. It wasn't that in reality, the Muslims were 600 and then we're sticking to our 2000 No, it was just in the eyes that the machine saw the Muslims as 2000 and the Muslims they saw the machine as 600 It doubled their own number.

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Optical illusions. Are you familiar with that?

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So if people can draw pictures,

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seems like a woman or it seems like two people but it's actually a cop and you're like, what is it? It looks like both. If people can create such images using Allah subhanaw taala cannot cause this to happen.

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Allah subhanaw taala can do that very easily. It's very much within the power of Allah subhanaw taala let's listen to the recitation.

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below on what you don't

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want in post was workable us well, I mean, while

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Tom love tennis, don't fool me. Do you want

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a long

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gun on a throne? Liikanen

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Bina Lea Liikanen

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Maya Hammond has

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long on a semi gnarly game is Yuri long FEMA Anamika Polyfilla wall oh come home Kathy. fascicle to

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has it ever happened with you that you're going somewhere and you asked your mom who's going to be there. And your mom says, I don't know, maybe this person, maybe that person you like but if this person is there, I don't want to go. And your mom says I don't think they will be there. So you go. And once you go, you find out that this person is there, then what happens? Can you just walk out? No, you're forced to be there, then you end up having a conversation with them, or you end up seeing them and you realize they're not all that evil. Your perspective changes your opinion concerning that individual changes, right? So in this situation, ignorance was bliss, right? It worked in your

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favor. So sometimes really, when we don't know about what's going to happen as much as we want to know, it's actually good, because we're forced to do it. And once we do it, then we find out afterwards and we're like, oh, it's not all that bad.

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