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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into the explanations of chapters 31,32 and 33 of the book – Kitaab At Tawheed.

Chapter 31 deals with the important topic of the love for Allah. Here numerous topics make the cut such the explanation of the verse in AI-Baqarah (2:165) and in At-Taubah (9:24), how we must love Prophet Muhammad ﷺ more than ourselves, families, and wealth, how Iman has a sweetness that is sometimes tasted by a person and sometimes not, how no one can get the friendship of Allah and relish of Iman until and unless he possesses four “actions” of the heart -love for the sake of Allah, hate for the sake of Allah, friendship for the sake of Allah and enmity for the sake of Allah, the threat of punishment for the person who loves more the “eight” than his religion which means his ancestors, descendants, brothers, spouses, clan, wealth, trade and habitat and that whoever takes a partner (to Allah) for whom he has as much love as he has for Allah, has committed major Shirk.

Chapter 32 deals with how we should fear Allah Alone. Topics that have been discussed in detail are – explanation of the verse in Al-‘Imran (3:175), At- Taubah(9:.18) and in Al-‘Ankabut (29: 10), how there is a fluctuation in the Faith, the signposts of a decline in the strength of Iman, the reward of a person who fears Allah Alone with utmost sincerity and the punishment of a person who does not have fear of Allah.

Chapter 33 deals with the topic of putting our trust in Allah alone. Here the pointers of prominence are –  Having trust (Tawakkul) in Allah, is a religious duty, trust upon Allah (Tawakkul) is a condition of Faith (Iman), explanation of the verse in Al-Anfal (8:2),in Al-Talaq (65:3), the importance of the words, “Allah (Alone) is sufficient for us and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us).”

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Hello so that was salamander asuma

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chapter 31 page 114 look for a left

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hander in the middle who want to say who wants to fiddle or not? Would it be la haematuria and fusina on a yachtie annalena mania, he loves mobile data woman you did bufala de la

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ilaha illallah wa Ooh La sharika wash Hassan Mohammed and Abu rasuluh I'm back. The next few chapters are going to be from a different nature than we have done before. And they're going to be more to like theoretical. At the same time. They are of the most fundamental aspects of the halal doodle here of the towhees of worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala and we're going to discuss the importance of loving Allah subhanho wa Taala and fearing Allah subhana wa tada and of putting our trust in Allah subhana wa tada and that it is shared or it is something that expose the person who imposes exam, if he loves another, being or deity like he loves Allah subhanho wa Taala Likewise, if

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you fear something, or or some object or some deity like he fears the law and likewise he puts his trust in other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now the chapter heading actually is not from the author, it is an explanation that was given by the translator actually, from the author actually puts this chapter which is chapter heading as what has been narrated concerning the statements woman and nuts he may have definitely been doing it Larry and adding a Boolean Kabila that they are amongst mankind those who take besides Allah and that and they love them like they love Allah. If you can read this verse, they can actually

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lead the most exalted set and of mankind or some who take others besides village rebels, they love them as they level okay now in this verse, Allah prophet is talking about the machete cones some of the some of the taken some of the idol worshipers and he says there are amongst mankind those that take rivals the Arabic word that is used is needs total of need is undead, okay? They take rivals and they love these rivals as they love Allah. So they love their idols they love their gods just like they love Allah subhana wa tada Okay, and for example amongst the Christians in our times, okay, they love Jesus Christ just like they live a lot if not more so. So, this a lot of things that

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type of * because they have taken besides a lot a partner, a lot that they have taken besides him a partner a variable, how have they done this, they have loved something or they have loved an idol or they have loved an object just like they have loved Allah Subhana Allah God. So when you love an object like you love Allah, then you have taken an idea is as if you have done shoot with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now we have to know that there are different types of loads.

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The first type of load is if you want to call it Divine Love, or the love that the creation has for the Creator, okay, the first type of love is divine love, that this type of love, it is not allowed it is not permitted to have for other than your Creator. Okay. The second type of love is love for the sake of Allah, love for the sake of Allah. So in this category, you would, would fall for example, love of the prophets and love of the messengers and love of the angels. And even for example, love of your Muslim brothers. Obviously, there are different levels here obviously love of the Prophet is much more than the love of any person after him has proven his worth Well, let the

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point is this all of this falls into one category. And that is love for the sake of Allah, that you only love this object because a lot of times it chose to love this object. So we love the progress of the Lord. And because Allah commanded us to love him, because the Prophet is the one that guided us to the truth because he was the one that allowed choice to be the final messenger because he has this perfect quality, but we don't know him the Divine Love, we listened to love for the sake of Allah. Like was the love of Allah was the brothers. How do we love them, we love them for the sake of Allah, Allah commanded us to love and to respect and to have mutual pride with our Muslim

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brothers. So this The second type of loan, the third type of love is a natural love. And this is the type of love that a man has for his wife and a person has for his parents and for his children. This is a natural love. Okay, so this type of love is could be obviously the first two categories they are Wajid they're obligatory to have love for Allah, I mean love the divine love that you have for Allah and the second one is the love that you have for the sake of Allah. The third category, it depends on what this love causes you to do. So if you love your father so much that it causes you to commit shift then this type of love is shift. If you love your wife so much that it causes you to

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commit shoot, then this type of leadership, however, if you use this love for the worship of Allah, then this type of love is rewarded. Okay, if you use this love for the worship of Allah, then this type of love is rewarded. So for example, you love your parents, okay? Therefore this you will use your love for them to help you serve them. Okay, and this type of bells that will be awarded by Allah subhana wa tada because you're using it for his Deen for his religion. Okay. Likewise, you love your brothers. You love your children. You love your wife. If this type of love

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causes you to do what a lot commanded you to do in treating them nicely and raising your children upon the proper therapy. And if you have to live with them, by the way, that means that you will teach them the religion of Islam and forced upon them the religion of Islam. Okay? I mean, many children will come and give a false sense of love to mothers, for example, as fathers that, oh, my son is still too young to wake up from tragedies, only eight, 910 years old, whatever, you know, he's too young. And so they think that out of love for the children that are going to wake them up, but if they truly loved their children, for the sake of Allah, they would use this love to realize

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that it is now the time to train them, to train them properly to wake up and register so that when they grow up, this will be automatically ingrained in their head that they wake up professional. Okay, so if they have the true love that they have for the parents and their wives and their children and their brothers, then this natural love will be rewarded when they use it for the sake of Allah. But when they use this love, for example, a man or a woman, they love each other, okay? They use this love to commit sins, or they use this love to, for example, the metalwork does have to stop and the woman says no. So the man out of his love for this woman refuses to accept this from

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this type of love issue. So basically, we are saying that this natural type of love, it could be rewarded, it could be obligatory, it could be mobile, it doesn't cause you any good or harm, it's just allowed to have, if it doesn't cause you to do anything wrong. And it doesn't lead you to the worship of Allah, it allows you to this type of love natural love, okay? But it could also lead you to hell on things and it could also lead you to shift. So depending on what this loves, just for you, that is what the reward you will get or the punishment you will get for this type of love. So okay, so how many cups of love have we mentioned? Three steps, okay. Anything you can say there's

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either there's a fourth you can say three be if you like, and that is the love that you have for food and water and life. This is like every human has this type of love. Okay, and once again, this type of love if you use it in the sense that you weren't warmness you weren't Weren't you weren't you don't like extreme cold extreme hot, okay. Such as in this lesson is extremely cold.

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Can you make a little accident that someone knows how to do it?

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Whatever Yeah. Okay. So, a person he loves to be in a good atmosphere, good environment, he loves to have food and water and drink this type of love again, if you use it for the worship of alert is not something prohibited but if you use it, does he feel they are less than 100 regarded This is where that type of love falls into sin. Okay. Now the fourth type of love, you can say is the love that is pure worship and that is when you can show your divine love to others in your Creator. Okay, this is what this verse is referring to. That there are amongst mankind those who take rivals besides the law, how do they take these rivals when they love an object when they love this idol when they love

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this deity when they love this person, just like they love Allah subhana wa Tada. So there's a lot of things that these wishes are gone. They love their idols just like they love a light equivalent. If they love all of this much they love their idols as much too and then Allah says he goes on and he says, well there's a shadow for those that really believe those that have a man they love a lot more. In other words, they love a lot more than the pagans love 1100 without a why is that who can give me a reason

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from diverse

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they love a lot more than the patrons of the Michigan dilemma. Why is that common sense

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they in other words they single out of love with their loved ones and we should point out the divide the love amongst so many things okay so the Christians out to divide their love for God the Father and God the Son or Jesus the Son the thing okay and whatever in the capitalist and marry if they're Protestants or whatever their love is out there divided among so many different things. Whereas the Muslim is divine load the first category that we mentioned lubi only purely for Allah subhana wa Tada. So obviously his his love for Allah will be greater than his love for other things. Okay. So we said then that all other types of love, they must be subservient to the love of Allah subhana wa

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tada if the love if your love for something causes you to commit shift that it is as if that love of yours in and of itself district. Okay, if your love for a person, your love for a concept, your love for an ideology causes you to go outside the fold of the South, then that love in and of itself is an active shooter. Okay? It doesn't matter whether it's your wife or your guardian item, it doesn't matter what it is. However, if that love causes you to sin, not to commit *, but to sin, okay, for example,

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your family wants to have a nice big house and you don't have the money to do so. So in order to please them you buy a house on interest, okay, on mortgage. Now this is a thin it's not *, then this love of yours is sinful. Love is a cynical type of love life because it has caused you to stray from the love of Allah subhana wa Tada. And we said, the only time that this love is rewarded is when you use it for the worship of Allah. So you use your love for your family, to cause them to come closer to Islam to give Dawa to them to give them the see how to treat them nicely, like the Prophet that in this case, even if a man puts a morsel of food in his wife's mouth, he will be

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rewarded for that because he's using his love for his

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wife in the way that it's Heligoland, ie, taking care of her protecting her and feeding her. This is what he's supposed to do. So when he uses that love that He has for her to, to cause him to worship Allah and to obey Allah, then that love will be rewarded. So is that clear because people get confused with the concept of love, we have to understand the different types of love, there is the Divine Love and that is only for Allah subhana wa guidance, that type of love that you have in the idea can be no comparison to that love. There can be no comparison that you love your Creator more than anything else and you desire goods from him more than you do. For more than anything else.

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There is no comparison between the love of Allah and other things. The second category is the love that you have for the sake of Allah. So, obviously, the first and foremost personally the Prophet Muhammad was and that you love him for the sake of Allah, okay, because of all of his good characteristics, and then the angels and the books and all of the other messengers you have a love for them. Because Allah subhana wa God just told you to love them and because Allah gave them those qualities that we possess which are so perfect also included in it is the love that the Muslims have for each other. They're supposed to like the Prophet that him said that the Muslims are brothers

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right? And he said that

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another hadith of brotherhood

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is an easy pocket

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a very, very good heavier than another if you truly believe that God loves for his brother, what he loves for himself so many other ideas about this, okay, the third category is that with natural love, and you can divide it into two categories, you can lump it all together natural love that you have for other people and natural love that you have for

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you know, water, food, you know, survival, basically your natural instinct. And the fourth type of love is the type of love that is shipped and that is when you use any of these loves, and to cause you to do *. Okay, any of these above mentioned loves you cause it causes you to commit * or you love an idol like you love Allah subhana wa Tada, you love Jesus Christ you love even the Prophet Muhammad doesn't like the level because you cannot show the divine love. And this is by the way, the fault with which blue

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web is exactly okay. They have basically loved the profits of them this type of divine love. So they actually do acts of worship to the profits, the lower, okay, like we already discussed it on a number of occasions. Okay, now move on.

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say if your father's your sons, your brothers, your wives, your kindred, the wealth that you've gained the commerce in which you fear decline in the drugs in which you delight are dear to you, that alone is messenger, and striving hard and fighting in his cars, then wait until Ola brings regret his decision.

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Okay, this person sort of towba a lot smarter estate is challenging, basically, the believers and other than that believers have cool. What is the meaning of what we said this many times? Obviously, let's just say what is the implication? emphasis exactly, because the whole on the profit has to say right, so hold on, you have to say, so why did Allah subhana wa tada sometimes tell the prophets always tell him

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this means that what's going to follow is going to be more emphasized than before before. So tell them if your father's put in kind of an alcoholic, wonderful if your father's and your sons and your brothers and your wife, and your family relatives, and the money that you have combined an American audit, and the businesses whose last that you fear and the houses that you love. In other words, everything of dystonia, that you're gonna imagine, okay, all of your family and your money and your houses in your position. If all of these things are more beloved to you, I bet you they come you love these any of these things more than you love Allah and His messenger and jihad in his way, then

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wait wait until the commandment of the Lord comes and Allah does not guide to evil people. What is it? What is the meaning of the word Wait What do you think this type of thing is? It's a type of threat

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it's like a threat when a when your superior tells you if you don't do this, then you will see what happens. Okay, I'll let didn't even describe the punishments he left it to our imaginations or to the imaginations of NGOs and foreigners if it's worse, to make that even more scared. Just wait until the commandment of Allah comes. So what what is the point of this verse? Is that to love any object? Why do you love Allah and His messenger and jihad in his way is this heartfelt ship is a type of prefer to love any object, any philosophy, any ideology, any rate, any person, it doesn't matter. When you love something like you love Allah, then you have committed that type of * you

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now move on.

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And this really loved one who narrated that was messengers a level they were they were

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None. None of you becomes a believer till he loves me more than his father and his children and all mankind.

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The process was for them said that none of you believe until

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He loves me more than he loves his son and his father and all of mankind okay. So in this case the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is telling the believers that none of you truly believe now this type of belief that the Prophet is negating is the perfection of your ability okay. the perfection of your ability is not negating the the basic belief that every Muslim has okay as long as the person loves Allah His Messenger then he has and he loves him them more than he loves any other object Okay, then this he has perfected his email if you love them, but he falls short in his love for them and he doesn't come and ship when he has a wiki man but he doesn't fall into ship as long as his love for

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another object is not causing dementia. It is love for another object causes him to commit a sin. What does it mean to him? We should No no, it just means that he has not reached the profession of a demon Okay, so this has it refers to perfecting your image and the reason that this head is was said it was at almost a yellow suit Allah verily, I love you more than everything except myself. I love you more than everything except myself. So the progress of this kind of said,

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by him in whose hands is my soul, until you love me more than you love yourself. In other words, you will not achieve that station or that status until you love me meaning the promises that have more than you love yourself. And then there

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is a neck and an end in that case, you are more beloved to me now than even myself. Okay, so I'm gonna look at his email when the promise is that I'm told him that you will not achieve that level of email until you love me more than you love yourself are immediately sending that case out of law right now i love i mean from now on I love you even more than I love myself. Okay, so the point is if a person wants to reach perfection, his email, he must love a law and he must love a love messenger and the truth has to live with that are different Okay, what is the divine love that you have for the creator? The other is the love that you have for the sake of the Creator. Okay, we love

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a love because Allah subhana wa tada is all perfect. He has the most beautiful names and the most perfect attributes. We love a love because of Allah. We love the process of the long term because Allah subhana wa tada has created the prophet in that manner, and has blessed him with these blessings and has given him these characteristics that cause us to love the prophets of Allah. So there is a big difference between loving Allah and loving the messenger. Okay, the love that we have for the prophets messenger, it is based on the qualities the characteristics and the status that Allah gave him, okay. So it is not because of the Prophet himself, it is because Allah subhana wa

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sallam gave the promises and of those characteristics and those qualities and he made them of the fire prophets and made him depicts its creation. As for the love that we have for Allah, verses because of Allah Himself, that Allah is all perfect, and Allah is our Creator and our, our nourisher and our loved, you know, all of these, these attributes of Allah, we love Allah because of that. But in this case, and realize that the process of them did not say until you love me more than you love Allah. No, because the Prophet himself realizes the difference between the love in him and the love that Muslims have Allah. So you must love out of all of the created objects who you whom you love

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the most created objects

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the profit center out of all of the created objects you must love the progress of the lesson and the most, okay, out of all of mankind out of everything that Allah created, our love must be directed to the Prophet Mohammed Salah lo it apparent the most, okay? However, our love must be directed to Allah in a different way and in a greater way than the Prophet does. And I hope that is clear. The different categories of love

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playbook a more

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honest radiola one who also narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever possesses the following three qualities will have the sweetness of faith, the one to whom Allah and His Messenger solo Salaam are more beloved than anything else, the one who loves another only for love's sake, the one who hates to convert to disbelief after Allah has rescued him from it, as he hates to be thrown into the fire. Okay, this is witches metastock, it is affordable hottie and was in the process, that was that instead, three characteristics whoever had them, he will feel and he will taste the sweetness of emotion. So this shows you then that he man has a sweetness to it, it

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has a beautiful taste to it that will be achieved by those who

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that those who have reached that status or that level of email on this date, this station is reached that when a person he will leave or thin,

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he will leave a thin and when he leaves that thin, he will taste a pleasure greater than it would have given him because he left us for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. He will perform a deed and he will enjoy performing that religious T for the sake of almost kind of just like the process of them to be that what does it take to be that person in the prayer? We said this before.

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He said additionally, haryanvi law used to tell the law that Hurry up and give us this comfort will be done. Give us this discomfort and we're going to feel in prayer. And he also used to say that the coolness of my eyes is in the prayer. So the profit center had obviously reached a perfect level of demand that where he would worship a lucky would enjoy it in a sweet manner that no one can describe.

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Likewise, the true believers when they have reached a level of emotion, they enjoy the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala more than anything else, and they actually enjoy leaving things for the sake of Allah and they feel a sweetness of a man that shows that they have reached that level of demand. So the prophets have a long way to send the same three characteristics will cause you to have that sweetness of Lima. Okay, what is the first one, the most important one that he loves Allah and His Messenger more than anything besides them, okay, that his love for Allah His Messenger is greater than his love for any other things besides these two. The second thing is that he loves a person. He

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doesn't love them except for the sake of Allah. Okay, so he loves his Muslim brother just for the sake of Allah, not because of some worldly benefits not because he has a lot of money is gonna give him not because of any any fact except that he is a pious Muslim brother and he loves him just because he is a pious was confirmed like was amongst the sisters just because of one sisters. pious or something to sisters, other other sisters love her just for the sake of Allah subhana wa diamond. And the third thing is that he hates to return to cocoa after Allah has saved him from it, just like he hates to be thrown in the fire of hell. Okay, that he hates to return to Cofer after Allah has

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saved him from it, just like he hates to return to the fire of health. Now the question arises,

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what are the signs of this love? I mean, everyone claims to love a line is messenger, okay? The strongest indication when you love a line is messenger is that you love what they love you and you hate what they hate. Okay, let me give a very simple example. Everyone understand this, okay. And obviously, that this example is not meant to give a comparison stuff a little bit is just to give the message home, that when a man Loves a Woman, okay, he will do anything to please her. This is something that everyone knows he will do anything to Pisa, whatever she likes, he will make sure that he does that too, please. Okay, if she likes a certain type of clothes, he'll make sure he's

00:21:52--> 00:22:21

wearing that type of clothes. If she likes a certain color, he'll make sure basically, he will imitate everything that that woman wants him to do, just in order to gain her admiration and praise and love. Okay, and obviously this is not a comparison that we're getting. We're just trying to make you understand the concept that when you love Allah, His Messenger, okay. And obviously there is no comparison between this example. But when you love him on his messenger, then it automatically implies that you love what they love and you hate what they hate. So whatever Allah has told you to do, you will do it with a loving your hearts and whenever I might have told you to hate you will

00:22:21--> 00:22:34

hate it with a passion in your heart. So you will follow Allah and you obey Allah you obey the messenger, if you have Allah for Allah and His Messenger, okay? And you will remain or refrain from disobeying Allah and from disobeying Allah messenger.

00:22:35--> 00:23:00

So, this is obviously the strong indication and criterion of this factor of love. And so basically, the point is, love, in alone necessitates that you will be loving Allah, it is just not possible that you claim that you love Allah and yet you don't follow Allah. It is not possible to claim that you love the prophets of the love light instead of and yet you ignore his teachings. Okay, and this is the strongest application what's more of this group known as V.

00:23:01--> 00:23:31

NET not to continue with the ferrania we're gonna get to them in the afternoon. The babies right is that throughout the year, they usually many of them they just have a lesson how to work on it, but on that one date, which things to consider the puppets birthday, all of a sudden they perform all of the innovative act and they say that we do this for the love of the profits of lesson. This is the strongest indication that they are liars. Okay, if they truly loved a lion is messenger, they would follow his son that he would follow the Quran and the Sunnah throughout the whole year, not just on that one day, okay. And yet everyone knows on this day, you will find people in the messenger their

00:23:31--> 00:23:53

message that you don't see them throughout the whole year in that ministry, and they will come and they will do their act and they will get angry at those who accuse them of not loving a messenger and they will accuse other people of disbelief. They will say you don't love a love message. We don't want that level of messenger. Well, okay, there's the criteria for art. If you truly love a lot, then follow me we go to this registry. If you truly love Allah, then Follow me Follow me meaning.

00:23:55--> 00:24:03

The purpose of the lesson and if you if you really think presumed that you love Allah and follow the Prophet tells them in that state, Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. So the point is,

00:24:05--> 00:24:33

if you consider or you claim that you love Allah subhanho wa Taala this necessitates that you will love to do good. You will love to obey Allah subhana wa Tada. You will love to lead the disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala you will love the people that will be Alyssa title with Allah and you will hate the people that disagree on this title without it. Okay? For example, you know, again, like if, for example, you love your mother, for example, okay, if someone were to think, would you disobey your mother or to say something bad about your brother? Could you ever have any love in your heart for this person?

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No. Okay. Likewise, if someone is openly disobeying Allah, His Messenger, okay, making fun of them or maybe even not ridiculing them by openly disobeying, alarmist messages. Can you love that person? Like you love the one that is illegal on his messenger? No, of course not. How about the Jews and the Christians, those that have openly rejected a lot of messages.