Sulaimaan Ravat – Stories Of the Prophets – Salih (AS) Part 2

Sulaimaan Ravat
AI: Summary © The history of Sati's painting is discussed, including his visit to the nation of the mood, the use of propaganda tools, and negative language in messages. The culture includes a concern for people's children, a desire to get out of drugs, and a desire for a better life. The group discusses a creature killing people, including a woman who had a heart attack, and expresses frustration over the lack of communication from neighbors. The punishment of rewards and the consequences of their actions are warned of.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, Allah Allah azza wa jal karimabad.

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Yesterday, we commence with the story of Sati had a history with Salaam. And we mentioned that he was sent to the nation of the mood, and he was also from amongst them. We also explained yesterday that the mood came after the art they were curtains.

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And that's why the Quran refers to the art the nation of art, as either an illusion that the first art because the mood came they after. We also explained that if you look at the sequence of mentioned in the Quran, whenever Allah mentions the nation of ad, that's the nation to whom who the Ali Salaam was sent. immediately thereafter, lots of other COVID Allah mentions the nation of the mood that that's the nation to whom salahaddin Salatu was salam o sin. And then yesterday, we also explained that they crime was similar to that of the cousins that in that they were worshipping idols, they also had a great degree of physical strength. They were big in stature, they were

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massive in size, and they could carve homes in the mountains. They lived in the northern parts of Saudi Arabia, which is currently known as muda. insula, and it stretched into areas of Jordan, right into what is called today, Petra, Petra, and then Tibetans are also associated with Petra, but they came long after the mood and they re inhabited those places. And I also mentioned yesterday that if you go to there you will see those homes are still there, they've carved them in the mountains. And you can see the exquisite design and what kind of strength they must have possessed to be able to have carved houses in the mountains meaning in the rock from the rock. The message was similar Yeah,

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for me mo de la Mata comunidad. Allah is the one was tammara confy half Pharaoh tomahto la Allah settled during this dream in repentance, Allah will forgive your repentance. Allah We are sorry, puppet con the Faena module one of them sadly, at least ROM was a distinguished person and I explained at length yesterday that every interview was distinguished in his community because he was born in white. He was born in monotheists. And every Nabhi abstained from the evils of the time. So they said, Sorry, we had great hopes in you, we thought you'd become someone special. And now you're coming to us with all these stories in Terminal mazarin. It looks like you have been bewitched,

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somebody has made judge on you. And I concluded yesterday by explaining how the propaganda tool was used from time immemorial, that when you don't like someone's message, when you don't like what they're calling to what you don't like what the standing for, then the easiest thing to do is to demonize them. And today the same thing is happening today. They're not using the title of sa l or Majnoon or Shire. They're using the title of terrorists and fundamentalist and jihadist and those kind of titles, not taking the discussion further. Like the other Ambien Hema serrato salam Saleh Elisa to Islam preach to his people, a very few accepted the majority rebelled and rejected. And

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then salahaddin salatu salam started to age he started to become old. And he intensified his Dawa, because he felt I don't have too much of time left on earth.

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And every Nabhi was genuinely concerned about these people, you know, and Nabhi did not come once have mentioned what they need to mention and say like that's it, I've discharged my obligation. No, they didn't just come once and say listen, you are intelligent people, you can understand the message. I don't have to repeat myself. Worship Allah. There is no basis for idol worship. And now I'm leaving. I'm leaving it to you. They continuously tried for no holy Salaam we mentioned 950 years. And in this is a lesson for us. Sometimes we tell the kid once, and then the kid doesn't listen, and we want to give up. We will know. Why must I bother? Why must they continuously say, but

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that's the that's the system of Allah. That's the nature of life. People don't always listen the first time. People don't always listen the first time ask your wife. So you have to tell them repeatedly. And she'll say she has to tell you repeatedly. Where's the milk? Every day I must tell you and every day you forget. So human nature is such people need to be constantly told they need to be coaxed they need to be cajoled. Sometimes we use the carrot sometimes use the stick Tao What? Bring the work of Dean is not easy. doing the work of genius, not easy. There's no magic wand. You don't just come to people and say do and they do. This is how it's done. And that's how they do it.

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No, people are stubborn, people are rebellious. People are negligent. People are forgetful. The same with children. The same with the elderly, our own parents, our own grandparents, when they age, they become difficult. They become stubborn, they become finicky, they become hard, they make a mountain out of a molehill. But you need to stick at it for the pleasure of Allah. You need to keep going for the pleasure of

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And sorry Halle salam, like every other nepeta had genuine concern. It was not a job. It was a fulfillment of an obligation. Like a father whose son has lost the way. The father doesn't just write the son off, because he has love as much as he gets angry and he gets frustrated and he threatens and even sometimes ejects the child get out or want to see you take care of my world. No plan for you.

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But he still always worries is concerned, you know, what's happening to my child is my child. Okay, how can I bring him back? How can I get him off drugs? How can I bring him back onto the straight path? So a Navy had greater love for his people than the Father has for the child that the mother has for the baby laka Kumara Suleman and forsaken Allah says with regards Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, I have sent in a B to you from you Raka the jacamo pseudo men and fujichrome I've sent in a B to you from you. And in another era in another dialect we read Rasulo men and forsaken we have sent in a B to you from amongst the best of you. Not only is he from you, meaning not only

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is he an Arab like you are not only is a human like you, but he's the best of Arabs and he's the best of humans. When Mohammedan verschuren lysekil machinery Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was a human, but he was not your average human and yakou tahajjud on lysekil Hijri the diamond the Emerald, technically it's a stone but it's not your average stone. You don't give me the same status as the stone is lying on the side of the street. So another law says Aziz en la Hema

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your difficulties make life hard for him. Harrison Aleykum he worries about you he's anxious about you. And not when you mean who's mean minzu not only Muslims non Muslims as well as he soon Allah Hema tomio difficulties are his difficulties. Hurry soon alikum is worried always anxious about you that is the broader oma Muslim and non Muslim and Muslim specific will move mini narrow for Rahim with the believers is very soft, it's very tolerant is very accommodating is very merciful. It's trying to be civil Ali Salim said when Allah says Mr. sunak, a lot of methylamine it means I am a means of mercy for every creation of Allah. I have the I have the concern for every Amati like a

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father has for his son. So this was the concern of Salah Allah His Salatu was Salam. So he intensified in his power. You know, like the father calls his son and says Bye. My days are numbered. Now. My back is hunching, my beard is graying. Now I've got a socket

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it's no a checkbook. Now. It's a socket I'm standing in the line for check for for pension. When you go into Listen, when you want to change your ways. Society Halley's salatu salam intensified in his power. So his people decided Amen. You know what? Let's, let's, let's, let's change tact. So they said, Okay, sorry. Here's the deal.

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If you can do for us one thing, we'll believe in you. So sorry Hassan said What is it? He said, you see that mountain? The Rock must split. And a pregnancy cable must emerge. What are ridiculous requests? What a ridiculous request. So sorry, Elisa Lam is like what kind? I mean really? Seriously? So they say yes, show us a miracle from a dead stone rock hard trick or a chic mo? Pregnant alive. And if you can do that, that we know you mean business, you're the man. So Sally, Halle salatu salam ala Guatemala. And Allah makes the rock splits and the she camel comes out pregnant. And you know what they say in English. Be careful what you wish for.

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Because now this was a camel with a * of an appetite.

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They have if you go to my Insider, and I'll talk about this in the coming talks, inshallah. You'll see they have a spot they have a lot and they say this is where the well was. So they had many they had many sources of water that springs that rivers, but they well was the main source. So sorry, Holly salatu salam said her the Nakata LA, this is the camel, the special one that Allah sent you wanted it, this was the same

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Kofi Villa, let it eat, don't ask for it. Because if you interfere with this camera, then the punishment of Allah is going to come. You see when you ask for an extra ordinary sign, when Allah cuts the respect short, normally Allah gives you a lot of time to take heed to change your life. But when you want to, you know, as they say, when you want to be vase when you want to be smart, when you say no, I want to see things that are extraordinary. Then Allah, Allah says, Okay, if I give it to you, and now if you don't believe, after I showed you the sign, then the punishment will be hastened. So listen to him. The camel came when the camel came, they split into two groups, many

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said, Hey, you know what? amends What is his honor, we told him if we can produce the camel which is impossible, and he produced it, then indeed reasonably so a lot of them accepted the faith. But the others they broke either home, the parents

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For either one for a carnie Simone.

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Now they broke into two groups, those who supported him and those who are against him. So Alison knew what was the agenda of the people who were against him. He said, Be careful this is the Kevin of Allah don't interfere with it. Lucha shed upon walakum sherpur Yomi maloom Okay, so it's got a * of an appetite. This camera what it used to go to the well one shot to drink all the water in the well. Night took a whole lot of time for the water to flow from the other sources from the springs and the rivers back into the well. So these people were getting upset. So sorry, I told him Okay, this is a schedule a timetable, right? One day the camel will drink the next day you drink.

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But the day when you're drinking and the camera is not drinking, you can milk the camera. So you can still derive benefit from it. But this system was not working for them. Because they were like hey, this camel came in and disrupted our our whole schedule. Yeah, we have to wait every second day only we can draw water from the well and we can drink water from the well. So they started plotting to kill the camera against the warning of sorry, honey serratos from that you asked for this chemical, and Allah sent it had inocula cancer but

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he didn't bother skaha for calella hombre sobre la he Nakata la he was super Yeah, this is the camera from LA Let it ring. They didn't listen. Now they decided they want to kill the camera. But no one had the guts. No one had the guts. Because they you know, deep down they knew that this was gonna be a fella. And no one wanted to take the chance of saying Okay, I'm going to kill the camel. And maybe then the punishment descends on me. So what they did what they did one of the oldest tricks in the book. They took the two smartest women,

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young, beautiful, captivating in their looks. And they said who ever kills the camel? Your price these two women? And he said oh how about you know she thought there was

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a woman is the net of shape. And this is not a criticism of a woman. It's a criticism of man.

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That Oh man, when it comes to a woman you go weak at the knees.

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When it comes to a woman, you go weak at the knees, you lose yourself. You become vulnerable. You succumb to temptation, it's not her fault. Allah put that leering nature into her. It's your fault. You need to control yourself. So two youngsters, you know, they had a lot of Jewish the blood was boiling. The hormones were supercharged. So they said no, we'll take the risk. We're going to kill the camera but one's name was Miss dar and the others name was Kadar must miss died or something like that. But anyway, these two youngsters they went the one chop the lake so far Karnataka, it hamstrung the camel and the other one then slaughtered it and killed it. And then sorry, honey salat

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wa salam told him three days.

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Three days, within three days, Allah is going to destroy you. But imagine you are put on notice you are told three days. And even though they were told three days, they still mocked. They still scoffed. They didn't want to listen, he told him tomato, feta consolata yam Delica. Why don't you

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stay in your home three days then the punishment of allies coming and this is this is the truth. There's no life. They laughed at him. They told him what punishment your life he took you about punishment. We kill the camera. We kill the camera. Nothing happened. Where's the punishment? Why must we wait for three days. Then after three days the punishment arrived and we'll talk more about that tomorrow inshallah milotic authentic identity understanding some kind of language

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