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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Allah Allah vasudha, Karim Allah. But

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yesterday we concluded our discussion on the story of Buddha Allah His salatu salam. We explained that the destruction and punishment came in the form of severe winds. Initially when they saw the clouds, they thought it was bringing rain that would alleviate the droughts, but in reality, it brought the punishment from a lack of Baraka. autonomy is a lesson either Aleem a painful chastisement. We also explained yesterday, they were totally affiliated, they were reduced to ashes. And some scholars say that the wind was so severe that it actually deform the shape of the rocks on the mountains nearby. And even up to today, if you go to the northern parts of Saudi Arabia, you can

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see these rocks which are shaped in a very strange and in a very peculiar way. And that is because of the winds that came to cause the destruction to the nation of hood AlLahi Salatu was Salam known as the heart and we concluded by saying that these two opinions as to whether would Ali Salam continue to live in the same area and he passed away there, or whether he they after went towards mckeithan, mocha Rama and passed away in Makkah tomo karma. Today we started discussion on NaVi tuna salad alayhi salatu, salam, and he was sent to his people known as the mood, the mood. Now the art and the mood came one after the other, the art came first. That's well after Barack Obama makes

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mention of them has had the Neil oola the first art so the second art is actually the third mood. And these are different, you know, narrations you will get with regards the genealogy with regards to ancestry. But generally scholars say they will relate to they were cousins, their ancestry meets up in the progeny of no honey history was from via the son of noakhali ceram known as some so the art with the children of one brother and the third way the children of another brother, as we went down the progeny of no had a Serato ceram. The art came first the thermwood came they after approximately 500 years later, did they reside in the same area and explained that the art resided

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in that hadramaut Yemen area? Some scholars say yes, they reside in the same area because Allah uses the words about what I can fill out about what a conference or embody, I do about what a conference that they came after the comb of art, and Allah can settle them on the earth. But other scholars say it doesn't mean that they were settled in the same spot. They could have been living somewhere different. And the majority of the scholars opine that they will living in what is commonly referred to nowadays as mother in solid, it's part of Saudi Arabia. It's close to the Saudi Arabia Jordan border. And it's known as Mata in Saudi half the Saudi had a salatu salam. And some scholars say

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that they don't didn't only live there, they pee that the area of residence stretched from mother in solid, right up to what is known today as Petra, in Jordan, Petra nowadays is actually one of the wonders of the world for those who have been there. When you go to Petra in Arabic, they say but it's not very far from a man it's about one hour's drive. And you actually go they take you and they show you the houses the still existent the houses that have been carved into the mountains. And when you go in medallion solid in Saudi Arabia, you see the houses carved into the mountains with the entrances with the designs with the idols carved into the mountains into existence up till today. So

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like the earlier cousins that they were also very strong physically, they were massive in stature. And in physique, they the crime was the same, they were also worshipping idols. So the message from Saudi honey salatu salam was same in terms of they needed to stop worshipping idols. So they came one after the other. And if you if you look at the Quran, the sequence for example, you take the eighth of Jews, Allah says, what Allah has in the home Buddha, the very next story, why not some Buddha himself. If you take the 19th juices another example, can separate the Ionian more serene, then immediately the very next story gets a bit smoother, more serene. If you look at what we

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recited tonight, Allah says in the one verse for Amma

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baru fell out, and in the very next verse, Allah says, Martha mufa had a noun. So it shows in the sequence of the verses of the Quran that they came one after the other and the mood came second to the heart. That's why the art is known as either the lunar in the words of the of the Quran, as far as Petra is concerned, because nowadays people know about Petra, and it's become one of the wonders of the world, I think, and they refer to the Tibetans as having resided there, but the scholars say then the Betty and scheme much later, closer to the time of Sally salatu salam, and they re inhabited the same area. So

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So this was already it was already developed by the mood but later on when the tibetian scheme, they re inhabited the same area. Now if you look at the verses of the Quran the message as I said is always the same. Yeah, como de la Morocco Manila in the Euro, that oh my people worship that one Allah there is no diety besides Him. Now sorry. Trump told them who are unsure communists are American fear. Allah is the one who created you, Allah put you on earth Allah settled you on earth festival furuta matobo la 10 to align repentance and Allah will forgive you in caribou Mooji less close, Allah will answer your call. Now look at their response. Cloud we are suddenly open the

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feanor module when tabla hada solid Halle salami see every nebby every nebby was distinguished from early in their lives. We as they understand our Gemma we believe that every Nabhi was born a monotheistic what, a nippy never got involved in the ship, even if it was prevalent in the time, because it would have been very difficult for the Navy later on to come out and to preach against that which he himself was involved in. So even though he seldom when we read the Sierra, we see from a young age he had an abhorrence towards idol worship. He never got involved in idol worship, he never got involved in pagan customs. Yes, of course, there was no Salah at that time, there was no

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soccer there was no Sharia. But that belief in the oneness of Allah Nabi sallallahu Sallam had, and that's why he went to the cave of Iraq constantly contemplating that how do I get to meet people out of this worship of the idols and that's when the revelation came. So every nappy was like that. That's the belief of the understood novalja. Every nappy was born in a believer in the oneness of Allah. And because they were born wide, number one, number two, they also didn't get involved in the evils. And in the moralities of the time, even if you didn't get involved in the making of tawaf, naked and on the Kaaba and the burning of daughters, and the tribal warfare and all of that. So

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because the Empire never got involved in the evils of the day, automatically, they were distinguished. They were known as good men within the community. So the nature of salad honey serum, they turned around, and they said, Hey, young man, we had hopes in you for the Quinta phenol module, when

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we thought that you're going to become something, you look like a good land, you look like a distinguished person. And we thought that will become one of our leaders. Now you're coming to us with this strange message. Now look at the system, the system doesn't change. Whenever he said the law, he said him started proclaiming the message. What did the people do? His own uncle, his own uncle, Abu lahab, Abu lahab do the very man, Abu lahab when he got the news that nobody says Melissa was born, he was so happy that the slave girl brought in the news he freed on the spots. But then when he said that he said and brought the message and he said from the top of Mount Safa, that, you

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know what? If I tell you the enemy is coming from behind, would you believe me? They said, Of course you are. So I mean, he said, Well, I'm telling you the punishment the Fall is coming if you don't change your ways, if you don't stop your idol worship and what did his own uncle say? The Bangla Casa era yom Matera, may you be destroyed, may you be perished? Is this why you called us and some narrations say he picked up pebbles and he started throwing sir pelting them. He said a lot he said him, causing his nephew to bleed. And that's when Allah said Tibet da da Vila have been washed. His hands will break and he will perish in that he died of a very despicable disease, his whole body

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will broke out into sores and it was infectious. And his family just dumped him one side until he died and he threw him into a pit. So the very Apolo hub, who knew his nephew, who was so happy when his nephew was born, he started telling the people don't listen to my nephew. Why is the magician Don't listen to him. He's a he's a madman. Don't listen to him. He's a shy, he's a poet. So the cycle repeats itself. The strategy of bottle doesn't change all that much. From the time of administration we see. So the people of solid said the same thing in Terminal mazarin. You're involved in judo, you are involved in black magic you're trying to be which is then the other one

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that we spoke about in the time of norley salaam is well, ma anta Illa Bashara Miss Luna, you are human like us. If you are like us, and you are from us, then how is it that you got you got profited and we didn't get profited. you surprised? why it came to you. Why didn't it come to us?

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The lesson we learn from you to conclude for today and tomorrow we'll continue inshallah, is that the strategy of propaganda against the people who stand for Huck will never come to an end, and it will more or less remain the same. You demonize the person who's proclaiming Huck, and you see the same thing happening today around the world. Muslims on Huck, when they stand up and they proclaim Islam, which is Huck, they are demonized in the media. In those days, there was no media in those days if you call the person a Sahara

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You are demonized in society, ostracized him society became very wary of him, if you call him much known society threw him to the periphery. So same thing today, they might not necessarily call you a sahale a magician, they may not call you madman, but they call you what terrorist. So you label the person with the with the with the title of terrorists are automatically we have demonized him, or you say, fundamentalist, or oppressive to women. Those are the kind of slogans that exists today. So these people had their own political agenda. They opposed, they oppose the Nabhi. Most of them because they didn't want to give control over the wealth. They didn't want to give up political

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control. Even he knew that necessarily Ceylon was the throne. He would come silently at night and listen to the Quran. Why, but why? Why did he refuse to accept? No, no, no? How can he get no more? He's from the other branch of the parish. We are more worthy, we are more more entitled. So the jealousy the pride and the arrogance resulted in them going on a full propaganda assaults, a full out propaganda assault. This is nothing new. It is it's been it has been happening from time immemorial. It happened in the time of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, it is happening now it will continue to happen. Those who don't want you to prosper because it's against the own games, it's

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against their own interests. It's against their own control. They will they will churn out a very well oiled propaganda machine against you. You will be demonized you will be labeled you will be ostracized. But in the end of the day if you remain firm on your values, and if you continue with your work, I mean in the time of Nabi sallallahu sallam, they used to set people to sit on the roads outside Makkah, that if anybody's coming into Makkah, tell me when you come into Makkah, you're going to meet this man, don't listen to him. Why? Because he's mad. He's been bewitched. He's been possessed by a jinn and he only knows poetry. And look at the system of Allah. Some of these people

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this is Oh, really okay. But now it created interest. He created interest Who's this guy? So if you look at one narration, that person said, Okay, all right, is bewitched. You know what I got the Tao is for those who got Java problems. So let me go and help him and when he went to help babysit Allah, Allah read from him the Quran, amin will kita will move in and he accepted Islam on the spot. So if you remain true to your values, and you stick to what you need to do, the propaganda will always backfire. Why Pooja al happo was uphill battle hack will always prevail, and Bothell will always collapse male after Barack Obama enters the understanding