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You Are The Best – For People – Nouman Ali Khan

2015 Malaysian Tour


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of "arep" in their religion and criticize actions of Iranian officials, including deadly methods and the use of "ropanted." They also discuss the history and culture of Islam, including the importance of guidance and avoiding being eaten by enemies, and criticize actions of the Prophet sallua and the way it is used in English and Arabic.
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Now the second part of my talk, that was the first part of my talk. The second part of my talk, talk is why is that important? Why is that important? If our entire religion is rooted as the religion of Wu, Ibrahim alayhis salam, if the mission of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam By the way, the IR comes as a comment to lacantina come to LA community, it will need to look at Islam Medina that I accounts when Makkah is conquered, yes. When the karma is cleansed. Now the karma was built by who?

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Ibrahim al Islam when the sun finally cleans up the house that was built by the father unless as your deen is complete, the entire mission of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to restore the legacy of his father. Ibrahim alayhi salam, by the way, and he's not just his father. He's also our father. No other prophet we call him Abby.

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No other prophet but unless specifically says Mendota? abiko Ibrahim nara sulaco narozalica No, no, no abiko met Rahim. We have this personal connection with our father Ibrahim alayhis. Salam as a result. Now that was the first part of my talk. Here's the second. The second part of my talk is again, why is this important? Why does that matter? It matters because our view of Islam and our view of the world must become the view of your Rahim Allah Hassan, the way we see reality, the way we think about ourselves, the way we think about other people must be the way that who used to think about these things. Ibrahim alayhis salam, you and I just prayed Salawat we face the karma that was

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built by him. Now let's go back to when he built it.

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Either tamina nursey de la him. When he's building this house, there's nobody there except him and his son. It's an empty place. Nobody's there. And there are no recording devices. There are no cameras there are no you know, there's no printing press, nothing. Nobody's archiving anything. And he's just making one die. Yeah, Allah, people's hearts should become soft towards this place. This place that he's building Did he say the Arab heart should become soft, or the Indian heart should be become soft or the Southeast Asian hearts and he comes off or the European heart should become soft, which is really hard. And the Arabic You know, the African Hearts shouldn't become? No, he just said

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people, people when he was building the car by he was hoping that people all over the world will have a soft corner in their heart for the house build for the worship of Allah, isn't it? In other words, his concern his love was for who?

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All people. His love was for all people. This is our father Ibrahim alayhi salam, he was not He did not say actually yeah, Allah only soften the hearts of the Muslims. He didn't say that.

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He didn't mean anass that really make people's hearts off towards you know, Subhan Allah, even when he used to hate the idols he used to hate the idols. He says look be in the Han kathira Minh and us. They have misguided so many among the people. He doesn't say the misguided so many among the machine among the caffine. No, no, no. among the people. His concern was always people. But today because we forgot that we are rooted and directly connected to our father, Ibrahim alayhi salam, we think of ourselves as Muslim and we first and foremost think of everybody else has caffeine.

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That's how we think now. This is a disease of the oma when we think of everyone else, not as people but as what caffeine gulia you have caffeine.

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Now, let me tell you something about Kalia Johan kaffee rune. Thank you for the napkins. I will need a lot of them.

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let me tell you something about the characters.

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That surah Kalia, you have coffee rune at the end What's the last ayah you should know it by heart so easy Lacan the convener? Well, you have your religion I have my religion.

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That's our policy. Let me tell you something about that SOTA.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the final messenger Allah calls him Rama 10 Leela alameen raha a mercy and an act of love and mercy from Allah for all nations and all people.

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Every messenger loved his people

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knew Allah His Salaam loved his people Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam love the Quraysh he loved them.

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He loves them from the beginning till the end of his mission. As a matter of fact, I was recently studying Arabia and when he went up to the VA, they tried to kill him.

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During the Navy or before the negotiations even began, you know, they sent ad assassins to try to kill the province.

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And when they try that when they failed and he the province is on them and the Sahaba they actually disarmed all of them

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didn't get anyone killed and sent them back.

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The central bank and what is the Prophet say, Miley? How can

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what happened to these people war has taken over them. Even at that time when everybody else was angry the prophets it sounds like what is wrong with them? Why are they so bent upon war? What happened to my people, every messenger especially our messengers, Allah loves him loved his people. Now listen,

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I will tell him his uncle, he dies. The prophet SAW Selim is trying to get him to take Shahada, but he wouldn't do it. The Ayah comes down in Mecca lotta demon. You do not get to guide you for sure. Do not guide whoever you love. Now listen to the words.

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You know, in Arabic grammar, I'm not going to bore you with grammar, but in Arabic grammar, there's a concept of Allah. You say in Nicola Baba, who you put a pronoun at the end. And when you remove it, it's called a short film. And here's what it means in Simple English. You do not guide whoever you love and your love is not restricted to this man because if it was restricted to this man, Allah would have said above the who, but he said a doctor, which means you have love for everyone there and you don't get to guide them. In other words, in this ayah there is proof that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam love the co founder of Quraysh. He did not hate them, he won. He loves

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them. And by the end of the McKenzie era, when they were ready to kill him, when they were ready to kill him. The greatest crime that anyone can commit is to try to kill a messenger of Allah and the greatest of those crimes is to try to kill the final messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when they finally tried to kill him, Allah revealed coin Yeah, you have carefully rune not Kalia. komiya Quraysh Yeah, you have nasya you have caffeine and by the way that that surah does not begin like this rosabella humana shaytaan Raji Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Yeah, you healthcare for your own. It doesn't begin like that. How does it begin? coil? Yeah. If you don't you know why that coil

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is so important. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam loves his people so much. He can't even say that to them. Allah has to tell him now you have to say it. Gone. Yeah, you have coffee alone, because he can't say it on his own. This was the final policy from Allah that the doors of datawatch to the crush, the doors of hope are closed. Now the time for Hendra has come knocking Dino Kong? Well, he again, this is not the foreign policy of Islam. This is not what you think when you see your neighbor who's Buddhist, or who's Hindu, or who's Christian. Yeah, you held capital under

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like a veto gulia D. Hold on a second.

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This is misuse of the book of Allah guys. That's not the religion of Ibrahim or the history. That simply isn't. We have done something to this religion. Unfortunately, we haven't paid attention to our own book, our own book. We have to go back to that attitude in which Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam his concern was who

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all humanity going to Halo methane, or three jet

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leanness, you are the best nation. Oh, no, no, no, you're not. You're not the best nation. You're the best nation for the service of people.

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Follow Miyako subhanho. wa Taala. Come to hydrometer Northridge admin and as he doesn't say you're the best of all nations. He says you're the best for people. Nobody is concerned for people more than you. Nobody cares for them more than you. Nobody wants their well being more than you. You will not be enemies of humanity. You are at the service of humanity. You are the best thing for humanity. That's what you the Muslims are so Pamela how far we have come from that