Stories Of the Prophets – Salih (AS) Part 3

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Allah subhana wa salam ala karimabad.

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We continue now with the story of Nabina Salah alayhi salatu salam in the series of hours stories of the prophets.

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Yesterday we mentioned that when Sally Sally Serato, Sam started to age, he started to intensify his tower, he started to exert himself to a great extent in calling his people towards the heat belief in the oneness of Allah, because he realized that he was aging. And I explained that a nebby did not does not only convey the message, a nappy has genuine concern for his people. And similarly, when we do the work of Dean, it must not only be to convey the message, but we must have genuine concern, we must leave no stone unturned in trying to see how we can convince people how we can coax people, how we can bring them closer to the message. However, even though he intensified his message, his people

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were not listening. Rather they throw out a challenge to him ridiculous challenge. They said, Listen, if you want us to believe you, then bring it pregnant. She kemmel from that rock, ridiculous. out of the ordinary, even illogical requests, they were playing around with solid Allahu Salatu was Salam. But he saw an opportunity and he said, Okay, take an oath, taking oath, that if I produce that she can will, you will believe in me. So they took an oath. He makes a law he make dua, and Allah split the rock and the she camel emerged on the spot, a number of them embrace the deen and they join the group of Saleh la salatu salam, however, the majority still remain obstinate, they

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still remain on the idol worship. Now, there was one well, and this was a big camel, this was a camel that had a huge appetite, and only to drink from the well, it would complete all the water in one day, and it will take another whole day for the water to fill in once again. So the people found it difficult and they complained to solid Harris Ram. So he said, Listen, this is the I this is the sign from Allah that you want. Right? And this is now the camera of Allah. So don't interfere with it, let it graze, it will drink from the well one day and you drink another day. But the day when it's not drinking or the other the day when it's drinking, you can look you can look the camel you

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can take benefit from it smoke. Eventually they got frustrated. Some scholars say there was a scarcity of water and they decided to kill the camel because they wanted all the water to themselves. They asked for the sign now they were rejecting the sign. But nobody had the guts they feared the punishment of Allah. So they got two youngsters ready How? By offering them a reward that the two most beautiful young girls that we have, they will become yours for sexual gratification if you kill the scammer. So the two of them went, the one struck the legs it hamstrung the camel and the other one took a sore and and decapitated the camel kill the camel. They after sorry honey

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salatu salam told them the matter of

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three days, three days and then the punishment of Allah will come Delica word and

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now that was where we stopped yesterday taking the discussion further. The scholars right that not only the Saleh Ali Salaam tell them three days. He even told them what will transpire. He said on the first day, your faces will turn yellow. On the second day, your face will turn red. And on the third day, your face will turn black. They scoffed him they mocked him. They ridiculed him. They laughed at him. And before they realized their faces, it turned yellow.

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And then another day passed, it became red. And on the third day, when it became black, that's when they panicked. They started wailing he started screaming this ad is screeching but wha it was too late. Remember what I said yesterday, like he was really spiked. I was like gives you a lot of room a lot of latitude. But when you go and ask for something out of the ordinary and they after you do not you do not accept the sign of a law, then the punishment for law comes rather quickly, even in the time of East AlLahi Salatu was Salam in the seventh juice, a lot of other COVID Allah mentions that the people of East Ali salatu salam came and said the tell o Isa if possible, how are you in a

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Sabina Maria healthiest a tea or a bouquet? Yuna Zilla Elena indeterminate sama? Can you listen for us? One Mr handful of chose from Heavens directly from Jenna medical wires.

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So he said of course Allah can do that. But you know why? Why do you need it? perlu norito nakoula minha wautoma in Abu buena wanna La Mancha de de tener una la homina Shahid in, you see shaytaan works in a very sophisticated way. So they said he saw he said Why do you want

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Of course Allah can produce it. I mean if Allah can give you food on earth why can Allah produce food in general? So why do you want this to have to come from Jenna with food? So they said oh well firstly want to chow nurit one Aquila mean how we want to eat the food of Jenna in Nakuru but I know that our hearts will be satisfied that no you have an afterlife also these good jobs

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when read to an akula minha Luna wanna Allah and

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then we know exactly you talking the truth when I put it in, but don't worry. Once you bring the Chow and we eat it and we taste it and we enjoy it, then will bear testimony and will tell others that definitely you are going to be of Allah. Now that up against an opportunity. He said no Maria mala home. Rapunzel Alena, indeterminate sama, the Kuru Lana eternally over in our in our Ayah mink, Allah send the food it will be a moment of great joy and it will be assigned from you when they see that food, then they will accept this lump. So in the P was always desire is that everyone was except the dean, even the SLM was very enthusiastic, very desires. And when they would reject the

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RPF Allah he would become very disheartened. And that's why Allah says, like a birthday or unnecessary lacuna. momineen, don't destroy yourself in trying to convince them to accept the message, do what you need to do. But at the end of the day, your message you make your effort, the rest isn't indulgence. In the end of the day, they have been given a choice you can't force the dean down their throats. But the lesson for us to learn is as five students of Allah as followers of the Navy, where's our enthusiasm? To see people reform to see people change their ways to see people mend their ways to see people come back to the deen of Islam? But then coming back to the story of

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established Ramallah said in a minute, okay, I'll send it but for me yet for bottom income for Inigo activo, urban level, boo at the minute I mean, if after that, Mr. Han comes from Jenna, and after you eat the food and you see that sign, then if you disbelieve in Allah, you will get a painful punishment the like, that has never been seen before. So we must not play around with Allah. We must not play games with a lion. This is what the nation of sorry Hello a Salatu. Salam did so they asked for the sheikh Kamal, and then they killed the sheikh Kamal. Finally the punishment is about to arrive not in their panic what they decide to do. They say let's take out the Navy. Let's take out

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the Navy. If we're going to go he must also go now we've got nothing to lose some of the states in the 19th just work in the field Medina Titi sarathi new Sedona fell out of the water use the phone nine guys. Nine they said right We ready we going we're going to kill him. Maybe I don't know, in some twisted way they thought by killing Saleh Ali salam, it would have hurt the punishment. But Allah says mama Karunakaran, Mama Karna McCarran wahama, Sharon, a, they had a plan but Allah had a plan and Alice plan was in motion. all nine of them were killed. A rock fell as they were walking and as they were moving in the darkness of the night to kill sorry, Holly Salama rock fell on them,

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and all nine of them obliterated The next morning, the punishment of Allah arrived in two forms, for whom was say ha, for whom or Raja two things a scream, a screech, a loud ear piercing sound from the heavens and an earthquake from below. So that horrific horrendous, earth shattering sound from the top and then the splitting of the ground from below. And then Allah says listen from other night can we actually boon, the nation of solid were known as the mood but they will also known as as horrible hated the people of the stones because they carved those houses in the stones, one after the other has happened at Royal Marine 14 Jews. Allah says they belied the messengers, Tina, whom is in Africa

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and Juan Hammadi, then we send them our science, but they tend the way but can we add a tuna mineral cheaper lipo, youth and Armenian, but then they used to construct these wonderful houses in the mountains. Father, Tomasi had to misbehave. But one morning that screech in that scream came from the heavens. And in the eighth Jews, Allah says for tomorrow Raja, the earthquake caught them what was the net result? The lessons from other nanhu McHenry extra bone, everything that they possessed all the strength, all their wealth, everything, you know, when you go to Petra, it's a bit of a walk right? When you come to the when you come to the site, that is one of the wonders of the world. Then

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you have to pay everything in this dunya works with money. I mean, I could never understand you go to the mall. You shopping the shops are making a profit they paying the landlord the rent, but you must pay for the parking. So in this dunya nothing is for free. Only Yeah, go to the slavery get the toilets for free. You know, in the Middle East, you must pay to use the toilets.

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Now I'm not kidding. In the Middle East. You go to domesticus must've been ommaya now you can go because of the war. Friday, Juma time long queue, you think okay, maybe the toilets are busy. You stand in the queue come to the front of the queue. Okay, nothing busy. The man is sitting there with an old fashioned

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You know, the ones I used to use in the farm towns, it's still box open up is taking

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a small amount, but it's taking nonetheless. And it's not like the toilet is very fantastic or cleaning anyways. So in other parts of the world you have to pay to use the toilet. So in this world everything is about, it's about money. So when you go to Petra, you have to pay, then you walk down, down, down, down and you see all of the mountains you know, you see the thing we use one idle calf, do what is one house calf do great architecture. And eventually you come to one point where that's where they stop, most of the tourists come to that particular point in school, the Treasury, the Treasury. This is a massive house that they constructed in the mountain with ease to keep the

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Oakland they still a lot to go inside and see but then that's for those who are adventurous and want to spend couple of days in the mountains. But most of the tourists come to Iran day once after that, when I went to stay remain on top, I told the rest of the people you can go and not go to work to say the same thing twice, because when you come back, it's a steep, uphill walk. But nonetheless, the point I'm making is that they had a treasury there's so much of wealth that they had. It's not only as today when I was smart credit cards and eftps and all of those kinds of things. They had bugs, but Allah said fama and Homer can we accept or need help them nothing? It came to note. They

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had these wonderful rock solid houses rock solid houses. Today the house is getting weaker. You go to Australia everything's made of prefab a big size guy like me you don't even slip up but you go through the whole wall.

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So you have to worry like I was just checked properly. I was a diversifolia anyway because everything is like prefab that the front door in those houses if you close it to too hard in our house shakes when you walk down the staircases in London because houses are so small they made of their whatever they call it some sort of prefab. The whole staircase shakes. You say what kind of house is this like man? It's like those Dolly houses that used to have in the back gardens. But these guys had rock solid homes rock solid houses, but Allah says 90 inches for tilka boo to him how we atombeam Avada mo it's empty. It was deserted. You only could see the next morning after the

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earthquake in the screen from the heavens you were only seeing corpses upon corpses, corpses upon corpses. And the story of the mod is mentioned repeatedly in the Quran repeated in the Quran Why? Allah wants us to take lesson you and I may not be worshiping idols we may not be carving homes in the mountains, but we are also transgressing the limits of Allah and Allah is sending his science. Sometimes Allah deprives us of rain, sometimes Allah deprives us of sustenance. Sometimes these problems in the marriage sometimes these problems in the family. The Hadith says when this problem in your relationship, it's time to tackle this problem in your relationships with others. It's time

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to check your relationship with Allah. It means always like putting Baraka yet all of these difficulties and hardships. It's not bringing us back to Allah. It's not bringing us closer to Allah. We like to hear lectures about Jenna. We like to hear messages of hope, no doubt. But you know, gentlemen is also reality. The punishment of Allah is also reality. And Allah is warning us in the Quran. Allah is reminding us in the Quran, Allah is repeating the story over and over in the feed article Vicarage Khan, Allahu Allah. O Allah subhanahu wa Shaheed Lakota can also seem hyper attuned. How much are you going to live a life of heedlessness their negligence? How much are you

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going to continue to transgress and this obey the commands of Allah when the punishment of Allah comes? That's the lesson in all of these stories. We saw with no honey Salam restored hooray Salam. Now we see in the story of sorry honey salatu salam. It comes in the form of a scream it comes in the form of earthquake it comes in the form of a flood. It comes in the form of a raging wind, but the work of