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So don't worry more.

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For those of you on my social media I'm sorry I'm a little bit late. We were having a little bit of technical

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because the audio studio team had no problem

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no problem. And

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I tried to liquidate Allah He radically come to second one

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and haven't really learned how to hide anymore. So that was set up. Mostly, we're going to reconnect with Islamic q&a shortly in sha Allah, we pray that Allah Subhana Allah makes it something that is a blessing and comfort for all of us. After those of you who do have your questions while we're waiting to connect with the satellite TV Chatelet you can put them forward be in the back of the aisle and I will try to take them in sha Allah. We're going to resume transmission shortly in sha Allah so you're welcome to put those forward the evening back into Hana

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if you have questions I will be able to see them up on the screen inshallah

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and we will do our best with that in that

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then we could handle from behind

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so you can type out your questions as they come along

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and we will do our best to take them in sharp

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allotment Are you similar

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Okay, let's just see where we are at a

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little bit of a streaming issue with some of the other streams but hopefully it's

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coming in together in sha Allah

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All right we're gonna be going back to the studio short Dean Shaw

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in a lot more

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so we have a question if somebody enters into Islam without their family knowing

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and they

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Need to kind of hide it from them? Is that something that they will be held accountable for if they need to meet some of their players? And the answer is no. You will not be held accountable for that and shot by

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shot monk, you will not be held accountable for that. And what you can do is join the prayer secret bench. And then you can pray Booker in the house about a convenient time for great measure of

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time rather than five times it'll be just three occasions in sharp mind and as your Eman continues to mature as you become more independent as you begin making more independent decisions in your life you can kind of make those

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revelations for your family when appropriate in Show All right we're going back to Islam channel for those of you who are listening on my social media we'll go back 22nd

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countdown beginning now are there any numbers?

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I said I might even want to live here what I can do welcome back. It's your brother your hate Rahim coming to you live from Perth, Western Australia, to your homes and devices all around the world through the wonderful vehicle of Islam channel. And Allah Subhana Allah continue to grow it and use it for that which is pleasing to Him and help us all from that which is sinful and misuse of our blessings. I pray that Allah subhana wa Tada sends his light into your home to do your heart with your families, and that it carries us with this protection as we move forward in our day long. I mean, this is the second half of the Simon q&a. We had a few interesting questions thus far, we're

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looking to forward to more of your questions, calling in chat Long live data or sending them through the chat service that arrives to us and shut them off. While we do that we've been speaking about the importance of honoring the days of a lot in particular for the future that is soon upon us in the next four or five days.

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Because the light the health along mean, and we said that it was important to have the mindset that it's as if we are in touch, we want to connect with Allah, some kind of Montana and number two, we want to feel that we are going to contribute in a particular way and one of the best ways is drop knowing the authentic hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said at Corrado, you're one of the most ennobled the most honored, the most accepted to is on the day of Elohim. And that would amount of course some of them to the opinion that that is for those who are in alpha and many other organ that took the opinion that it is also for those who are away from alpha, that the DUA on the

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day of Allah that is a significant important moment, to ask Allah and to make more. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless us and bless our homes with the ability to continually and regularly asking for His mercy and to increase us in his favor above them and even so keeping that mindset and keeping our intention of worshipping more competent, and making bribe to Allah, in particular on the day about that is important. It is a sunnah of the righteous of people of the past that on the day of Africa that they would break fast, they would fast the day router, and it would break fast with other people with their family and their friends and their community. The day of alpha is a day that

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was known to be fasted by the prophets, I seldom before he made his farewell hedge and the prophets of Allah it was Sunday that would recommend fasting the day of alpha. And if it falls on a Saturday that he would recommend also in other Hadith to pass the day before it and the day or the day after. So if it happens that the day of alpha is on a Friday, it is normally not the norm for Muslims to fast on Friday. But if it's a significant day like that, if it's a Friday or a Saturday would fast the two days in combination, so you might have Thursday, Friday, and then Saturday, and the days of tertiary would soon come upon them. The 13th 14th and 15th are other days where we would fast in the

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month of the picture. But certainly the fast thing of the day of out of that, as the prophets lie Selim says its reason for the forgiveness of the scenes of the yester year and the upcoming year making your act to Allah in that state of fasting in that state of charity in that state where we look forward to breaking our fats with our family. Brent continues to apply

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If and elevate our deeds before the Know Before the sight of Allah subhana wa to add another important function in the days of the paycheck for those of us who are not able to perform Hajj is to give charity, the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he was one who taught us that a person who gives charity and looks after the needs of others, that their needs will also be met and answered by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada We ask Allah subhanho data, to allow us an increase in our wealth, and in our health and in our prosperity in our Eman in our knowledge in our practice of faith, on account of us seeking to help others in their regard, seeking to help others and materially, in

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their health, in their finance, in their joy in their happiness, seeking to do that is something that is a great honor that we bless ourselves with through the blessing that we provide to others. Now, it's important to understand that when we are charitable to others, we are not actually doing something that makes us above others in our estimation of Allah. Rather, in doing that, it is because Allah has facilitated for us a testing like Will we care for others or not. And if you and I are of those whose hearts are in the right place, and have good intention and given charity, we will be rewarded by Allah sadly, if we are giving a charity just to tick the box, and not out of a deep

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sense of love for Allah and love for the service of humanity. And it's just to say I did what I was asked that that's something that is lacking, and sadly even worse, if it is something to try to show off to others, our charitable myths look what I've given look who how much I've given in comparison to others. Look how generous I was last year and even more so this year, then know that this becomes a fault between us and Allah not something to be praised with. I want to share with you a terrifying idea of the words of the prophets. I send them something that can help you and I recalibrate our attention with Allah in the Hadith narrated by Imam Muslim and there are other narrations it's an

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authentic honey. From the statement of Mo Guerrero Yamato it really says Paula Hornell Ross, who lost myself and said the prophets I send them said on the Day of Judgment l when when to sow will be he will now the first types of people who Hellfire will blaze upon Raju loon Atal hula who aim a man an individual who is blessed with knowledge knowledge of the book knowledge of faith knowledge of right and wrong. But I lemma Wagner when I tap Allah who a person will not be the knowledge of the book.

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He learned and then taught meaning he wasn't just making it up he was learning he learned and he taught will follow as well and he mastered the reading of the whole app on the Day of Judgment Butea behave our Rafa will love when you're fat. On the day of judgment that person will be brought forward. And Allah will make known to that person that blessing of the knowledge they gain the blessing of the platform to teach about Allah and faith that all of that they will recognize that they were elevated and favored by Allah with their shared knowledge, Fatah fat man that not at least if he had will be asked what did you do with the knowledge that you had? What did you do with the

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opportunity to learn and study the Quran called Thailand to let you know as to what to pick up or earn? Oh Allah, I learned about faith and I taught it to others and I recited the Quran seeking you overlong ha like that Allah will say this is an untruth, it is a lie. It's not true. In Nikitha, limited geocoder anima you acquired knowledge so that people would praise your scholarship will tell you all authority, and you recite it to others so that people would marvel at the mastery of your reading of the Quran, that is the deserving theme, but OTV for Sahiba imaginary Allah which is ordered to be dragged and punished for his seeking to read and practice Islam and the faith of the

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Quran for other than sincere intent. We have our our caller on the line will continue with the rest of the Hamid inshallah I said I'm on it, call her How can I help

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My question is what is

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And what is your kind of insight on

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anything on

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your lunch

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and you weren't asking for which school of thought my brother.

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I also happen to be.

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Just like the Hadith of the prophets, Allah, Allah, Allah sent them and there's a number of Hadith in this chapter. That Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is he says her little Yahoo, they will not stop, that you should be distinct from other faith communities in how you adopt your attire, your clothing, and in particular, our facial hair. So the prophets of Allah he was sending them said that when you grow your hair out air for you have to leave your beard to grow and trim your mustache and Muslims are very unique. In that regard, you'll find that a lot of other faith traditions or a lot of other cultures, they'll have that you know, motorcycle, moustache and other

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things. And for their facial hair for their beard, it's something that they will grow as well. So that would have met Where have those who held different opinions about the length of the beard even early on amongst the sahaba. You don't find that this was something that was contentious amongst them, you find out the light of your model of your logline. He reported that he would trim his beard and some of the odema they would say that he would hold a hand span and he would cut from it. In other statements. We know that the prophets I set it up saw a person who came in and his facial hair his hair in general was even unkept state, the prophets I said that told them turn away and make

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sure that it's well adjusted, and well groomed the opinion of Imam Shafi is that the facial hair of an individual is meant to represent that which is in the ideals of their habit and in the ideals of their cultural surround. So you might have shot for a rock not to lie, and I did not hold a standard of length. He didn't hold that it has to be a particular length or a particular shortness and the mathematics whether is one way or he looked at the labia as being the node of hair at the bottom of it, and not necessarily on the sides of the face. And there are different various opinions that relate with that. What I would say, My dear brother in law is that the Sunnah of the prophets I send

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them is to mark ourselves with the distinction of being different to other communities, to groom ourselves so that we represent our masculinity, and that we do so seeking the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah as an act of worship, not just with male grooming. So it's not just for the sake of having a beard, but it's an act of taboo, it is an act of the worship of Allah. And with regard to what is cut from it, there are various opinions of it. Certainly shaving in its entirety, that one resembles a non masculine or a feminized version is something that is not consistent with the regularity of the tradition and the Sunnah of the Prophet size. And however, all of that comes

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into the realm of that which is men do that which is highly recommended. The statement of some of them would imagine that it is wagging that it is from the compulsory actions was in the representation of the distinction of growing the beard, not necessarily in the legs in the length of the beard, well, not with the either. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to complete many of the students over who comments a little longer It was said that some of course are more significant than others. As a recommendation as we were speaking a little bit earlier. Before your wonderful question is that hadith of the prophets, Allah Lagarde was salam.

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The second category of it is a person whom Allah has blessed with wealth. Or June Atal Lacombe, Jimmy Osnap. It man has been given well, that he can be charitable with wealth that is in terms of real estate and gold and, you know, you know, all the different kinds of wealth when I'm, yep, yep, took 711 11 for coffee and there wasn't a place that that person found, except that they could give charity events so they would give charity and on the Day of Judgment, Allah will bring that individual forward and say to them, have the angels question when do you know the blessing of the wealth that you have the ability to give charity? Thou rato, we have

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The power plant the person will acknowledge that great blessing from Allah, Allah commandments that we have. What did you do with that blessing? The person will say, Oh Allah, you know, what did you I met doc to Seville and I never left a path at a way that you want for somebody to be charitable in 11 philosophy, except I was generous and engaged. And I was very generous in it. And I did this for you Oh, Allah. Oh, look at that, it will be said that this is an untruth. indicateurs of Dr. ukata Joanne and thoughts that you gave so that people would say that you are generous and you are spending in the path of God. It wasn't because you were seeking the reward with Allah but you wanted

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the notoriety, the celebrity and the recognition of others perfectly, and that was sent to you that was your reward it was already given to you don't seek a reward in the next light for it. And it would be ordered that they'd be taken and punish. The third is a person who committed themselves to the defense of the land and to the defense of their families and homes in the community of believers. And they were martyred in the cause and in the fight for that which is just and true, inequitable, they gave their life in defense of those who are needy. And on the Day of Judgment, this Shaheed this martyr will be asked, you read HIV the blessing that you have been provided, they

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will say, I understand that the hammer that I've been given, man, if he had, he will say content to the survey that Oh Allah, I fought in your path, defending the word of truth, fulfilling the aim of righteousness, seeking to defend the weak and the needy, Chantal, I met my until I met my demands, and it will be said that you lie you fought in that way. So people would praise your courage. All of us, we need to think of the three lessons of the scholar of the generous benefactor and the one who commits their life for the minutes of others. All of those are things that are normally praiseworthy. But if the media is not true, it doesn't matter how you represent yourself on the

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outside, it's your heart that matters. We have another caller on the line. I said, I won't even call her How can I help?

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This question is a follow up to the previous question. Regarding the system to travel

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status. She's saying that she's looking into the issue.

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And she has reached a point of difference. Husband, a husband wants to remain in the area, but she wants to do what the SI had to do.

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What can she do this week?

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So now it's it's the question changing a little bit. My understanding was that the sister was, you know, seeking Betterment for her children. And this was something that she was kind of unilateral, making that decision. Anytime you're a family, unit, husband and wife, anytime you're a part of a greater part than yourself. These are things that always must come through consultation, mediation, and a loving and concerted effort and approach. Nobody will ever make life style changes moving from one server to another, if there isn't a thought behind that. And that's why I said it should never be a spiritual machine. It should never just be a spiritual decision, you must evaluate is this

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what's right for my wife, my children, my husband, my mother, my father. It's something that has to be weighed in. So my mind what I would recommend is, in business, we're taught something called a SWOT analysis about the strengths and the weaknesses. So kind of draw up a chart, these are the benefits of us moving. And these are the detriments and the weaknesses of us moving and kind of write it out, painstakingly write it out, put it on paper, and then stick with each other and you fill you fill the list. He can feel the list and come together and find where is the actual strength, and then make a decision to fall back and shut up. We have another caller on the line said

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I won't even call her How can I

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sign it?

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The question is,

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is there any positive teaching that can be accessed online? People contact you privately.

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So with regards to the method, well believe me, there are wonderful contributors in different parts of the world. One of the places that I would turn you to is a program called logical progression and it can be something that it's a weekly program that you can find them online. With regards to myself what I would recommend for you is to kind of see my

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A website, my personal website and look at some of the things that are there. There are new programs starting actually in the coming weeks in sha Allah, some of them in that are sort of pseudo and other things.

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But as Cabal, some kind of data to help us find clarity and guidance in wherever it is that we seek truth, and it's not necessarily about how much we know, or how much we study, but the endeavor of seeking to come closer to the prophets of Allah hadI was setting up with our hearts intent, and the fulfillment of our deeds with our body a lot of money. In the last couple of minutes I wanted to end up by just addressing the heart. Allah subhanho wa Taala he inspires me that he is a little Lombardi wrestler by saying

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that the Prophet says to us in Allah, Allah young guru, EDA, so the more that

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Allah does not initially look to your physicality, and to the makeup of your bodies. Well, that can be a little awkward.

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But initially, Allah looks into the depths of your heart, and then that actions that follow them. So the prophets of Allah or your Salam wants us to do any action that we do any any part of our body that we use or represent any statement we make any site that our eyes gaze upon, anything that we do, we should pay attention to what is the driving motivation for it. And I don't like the word intention when we speak about mija it I usually like to translate it as a voluntary determination that we make something we make voluntary, but we determined this is what we want to do. And every time you determine that this is an effort that will put your heart and mind and soul towards you

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will find prosperity and benefit from it in sha Allah and I pray the loss of pattern with Adam gives us all clarity and common happiness in the matters of our faith that we can grow in greater appreciation and fellowship with the prophets. I send them your brother Yeah, Brahim was on the left most certainly was it was a lesson Ed now.

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And maybe you know me you are early he was actually he was sending

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some kind of a loved one we hadn't been captured. Well that

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was Saddam Ali Khan.

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Welcome once

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we finished one

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does that move off it was ceremony