Mohammed Hijab – Sargon of Akkad Withdraws from Debate With Muslims

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the struggles of bringing Islam to people on the West Coast, including the high cost of living and the difficulty of bringing Islam to people in a different culture. They acknowledge that some people are unwilling to adapt to Islam and get "hammed" by it, causing harm. The speaker suggests that people in the West Coast are not likely to benefit from it.
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Now the truth is, some people are saying, why don't you debate him again? Most people are saying no, don't debate him again from this community to saying, debate this guy called Matt dillahunty. Yeah. Look, I haven't got problem debating Matt dillahunty. Yeah. In the first instance, there's another guy that was meant Sargon of akkad was meant to take this debate. Yeah, he dropped out. Right, he dropped out. Now I've got a question. Why did he drop out? Okay. Sargon of akkad has got a million subscribers on YouTube. Okay. He spends a lot of time attacking Islam. He's got videos attacking Islam. Yeah. My question is, did you look at the names? And I'm not pressing myself up on the loser.

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Yeah. But did you see that way? These guys know something about Islam. Yeah. And I don't want to put myself in that situation, where I'm being humiliated or being interrogated or being whatever it may be by Muslims who know something about their religion, who who are definitely going to have the upper hand theological perspective than me. Yeah. Why is it that people on alternative right on the right wing? They're very happy to do face to cam videos. Very happy to preach to the choir, but some of them and I give credit to cosmic here because to Alex, because he did come. Yeah, absolutely. show he, you know, showed some kind of bravery, actually, to be honest. But some other people like

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Sargon of akkad has no bravery, no backbone whatsoever, because he was happy to come. Yeah. on the basis that it was on another issue. I can't remember with it when when we tweak the titles, or whatever it is. He said, Forget it. Yeah. He actually dropped out. So why are you dropping out? Yeah. You know, I mean, to be honest, like, I can tell you from the past six, seven years of being involved in this Yes. And dealing with atheists. Most of the guys online like you said, credit to Aleksey came out at least.

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Yeah, but most of them wrote when the when the age of teleprompters and, you know, reading of scripts and getting help from others. And I think the Sargon of akkad is actually all that's all he does. Yeah. And because if you look at his videos, some of them don't even have him speaking to the camera. Yeah, he's actually it's just actually voice only. Yeah. Which you can imagine him writing something before someone, right. So which which is, which is good in a way because, right, you're preparing for you're doing, but it shows you really, that your ideas are so superficial, you're not ready to be probed on them. Right?

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But it may be the case, it's not his ideas, and it's someone else's ideas. And he's the mouthpiece. Well, you don't know what you're saying that's the case. But if they're not willing,

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I made a video about him. Yeah, I mean, I was afraid I made a video about him some time ago, because we actually assessed one of his videos that was talking about Islam and he made he made a blunder on my channel. Yeah, the blunder was that he he said that they worship Muhammad.

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Right. If something tells me the point, I think I would stop watching his videos and no, but the point is, he's got a million subscribers. He's got probably about 10,000 people liking that video. This Do you know what you're doing? When you when you present information like that? Yeah. What you're doing is you're dumbing people down in the society. Yeah, absolutely. You know, and that's why we when we encounter people in speaker's corner on the streets, they say, well, you guys worship Mohammed, what? What are you getting that information? You're getting it from someone who you respect and who is quite intelligent, but what has not done the research when it comes to Islam?

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Yeah. So this is the problem. The problem is people who are the biggest mouth Yeah, biggest mouth when it comes to Islam. They are they're unwilling or against the stem. They're unwilling to put themselves in that position. When they do. They get really stung. Like we've cosmics got he got me. Let's be frank.

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