Stories Of the Prophets – Nooh (AS) Part 3

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salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Salam ala rasulillah karimabad.

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So yesterday, we discussed how the floods commenced in the time of no hunting history to a salon at either morona or farrat and knew

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a lot about a COVID Allah says that water started to cash from the oven. And we explained that what had happened reality was that the water started to come from every direction. And in those days they used to have ovens in the ground in which they used to cook and bake the food. So the water had totally overwhelmed the entire ground and it was gushing forth, even from the ovens. And no Holly ceram was told to take one pair of male and female from every creation of Allah onto the ship, so that that lineage could continue after the floods and after the deluge. Then we spoke yesterday also about noakhali Serato serums conversation with his son. What was the son's name? Some say it was

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young. Others say it was Kenan when other nofo Nibbana waka and a female zil yeah buena, your Camana what are the malcare fluorine? He said oh my son get onto the ship. But the sun was you know, he thought he was clever. So he said Sir, are we in a Jubilee are Simoni minima or go to the top of the mountain and there the water and reach me what has been a human mode and then one minute massive wave came between father and son for Karen Amina makara teen and no Halle Samson then drowned. We also explained yesterday that not only surrounded make dua to Allah raba for cholera, in urbanism in LA

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or in Nevada, Cal Haku and Tasha mahaki mean because Allah had said that he would save the family of normally ceram so not only Sam said, Oh Allah this this this is my son, he's from my family. But Allah then reminded no honey serum that he was not a believer. Yeah, no, no who lays Amina Holly

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and then know how to use Salatu was Salam.

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put forward an excuse before Allah. Allah I won't ask you any longer with regards my son. And we concluded yesterday by saying then Allah issued the instruction. That was Elijah Dubilier, Hema Akiva sama achillea. He was he the Alma Rocco de el amor was stowa tile, Judy. So the rains from the heavens were told to stop the water. gushing gushing from the ground was told to stop and then eventually, the ship came to rest on the Mount of Judy, and the amount of Judy's between Euphrates and Tigris. Now, taking the discussion further, there is an interesting topic amongst the historians amongst the scholars, that this floods of no Halley's salatu salam did it engulf the entire planet,

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only to take place only in a particular area. And these two viewpoints and both those who have the differing viewpoints come forward with different proofs and evidences. But the majority of the scholars say it was not a flood that engulfed the entire planet. It was a flood that engulf that particular area, which previously used to be known as Mesopotamia. And no honey Serato tsunamis people lived in that area. And at that time, almost all of civilization when that area, because remember, not only Sam came after Adam and Adam. So it was still the beginning stages of the human race. They were not humans all over the planet, as we have today. So there wasn't really a need for

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the floods, to have envelopes and engulf the entire planet.

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So that's the one point of interest. The other is that it is almost as if humanity started again, because everyone had been destroyed except those who are on the ship with with with no had a Salatu was Salam. So from the animals and from the animal kingdom, as I said, they took a male and female, you know, from every pay, and amongst the humans who ever had believe it? No, honey salatu salam. So it's almost like no honey Salam is the second father of humanity, because every human that came after his lineage would have to go up to know Halle Salatu was Salam. And that's why I know how to use salatu salam is referred to as the second item, the second item, and some refer to him as the

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first machine on Earth. Because it's like humanity started over after the floods of Adam and Eve salatu salam, I don't want to go too much into the science of it because you see, there's one important principle we need to listen learn the Quran does not go into too much of detail. Because for from a loss perspective, it's not important way exactly took place. What was the nature of the floods. The core message is important that these people this obey the law and the punishment of Allah came in this particular form. That year was a center for Navy. But even though he was a center for Navy, when he did not obey the commander for law when he didn't believe in Allah, it could not

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save him. His own father big and never he could not save him. Last him aluminum

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you see there is no guarantee that if you are a Muslim your child will be a Muslim. If you are pious that your child will be pious you Creech will hide your mineral maggots mcritchie will make it a mineral Hi, Allah takes that which is alive from that which is dead and Allah takes that which is dead from that which is alive the various interpretations. The chicken comes from the egg and the egg comes from the chicken, or a Muslim is born from an N Muslim and non Muslim is born from a Muslim, Ibrahim Ali Salam was born from Azhar as it was an idol worshiper. And here you have no le salatu salam Sen, who is an idol worshipper refusing to believe in the oneness of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala. So the Quran mentions the story from the perspective of highlighting and driving home the key lessons, the Quran doesn't go into too much of detail. Now historians have written, it could be correct, it could be incorrect. So sometimes we share sometimes it looks a bit fairy tale like and then you leave it out. But I was reading the other day they say that, you know, some of these people are what we call them, those who excavate and the archaeologists in that Mesopotamia area. When they take the ground after a few levels, they actually come across a level of soil, which highlights that there was a huge flood that took place at that particular area sometime in the past, and the

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scientific detail as to why they specifically referred to it or referenced it to the floods of no honey Serato Sonam. If this is true for us as Muslims, it's no surprise because Allah has already said that it's true. I was saying today in the Juma talk as well, you know, sometimes you can discuss the whole story of use of honey serum. And the only question people have after that is, okay, so did use of medicine.

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You see, we like stories when we talk about marriage. Oh, what was the color of the Barack? And how long was the tail? And what was the speed of the porac? those details may be interesting, but the inconsequential. The reason is we grew up watching too many movies and reading too many novels. That's why when we listen to the story of no use of any ceram the key elements are what jealousy, right the jealousy of the brothers, the patience of Yusuf Ali Salaam, the forgiveness of use of Islam, all that we're not interested in we want to know did Marisa Marisa because we want to like now look for an Islamic version of Romeo and Juliet that all end all all's well that ends well. And

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they lived happily ever after. Some say they did some say they didn't Allah knows best Allah didn't mention it in the Quran. And there are contradicting narrations in in in the narrative of the historians, but that is inconsequential, whether they married each other at the end or not. And whether it's race Amitabha and became a proper Muslim or not. So even with the buraq What was the size of the tail of the Moroccan what was the color of the Barack and what was the exact speed of the Barack is neither here nor there. The lesson is what happened on the occasion of marriage. So where exactly this flood took place, some have written it cover an area of 140,000 square

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kilometers. But let's focus on the key lessons the key lessons that Imani is a gift from Allah, how much know Ali Salam would have wished for his son to be a Muslim? How much Ibrahim Ali Salam would have wished for his father to be a Muslim how much knowledge seldom would have wished for his uncle to be a Muslim. Yet Allah had not decreed for them to get a man you and I on the southernmost tip of Africa, coming from ancestors who idol worship was in India, our ancestors were Hindus, until the Sahaba brought Islam to through to the subcontinent. Yet Allah has privileged us and Allah has blessed us with Iman. And these are the sons of Umbreon the fathers of Gambia they were not blessed

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with the man. These are the lessons that are left about a katana is highlighting. There is also some difference of opinion amongst the scholars with regards the wife of no honey Salam. Was she a Muslim wasn't Shia Muslim. There are instances where even the wife of a nappy was not a believer. It's very clear and categoric with regards luta Hassan because then the Quran Allah mentions in Lambretta except his wife, she was the one who got punished because she refused to believe in Allah His salatu salam. So these days if your wife doesn't believe in your greatness, don't take it too personally. Don't take it too personally because they were they were ampere and their wives didn't believe in

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their genuineness. So if you think you're a cool dude and your wife thinks otherwise, tough luck, take it on the chin and continue with life. You know, something you can just stomach and and move on. Anyway, so this difference of opinion some scholars say that no Alice Trump's wife had passed away before the floods others say she was also destroyed in the floods because she was an unbeliever and some say no, she was a belief when she was on the ship after having a burst of the Allahumma Rice University and he says that after the floods No, Allison um, lived for another 350 years and humanity started over. According to him Nigeria no Holly Serato Sonam is buried in the Haram in

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Makkah Toluca, Rama and the people have not had Islam. Interestingly, just to wrap up the discussion on O'Halloran. urbinati salat wa salam, on the day of tiama Allah will ask No, Alexandre Oh, no. Did you preach to the people? Did you tell them that believe in only one Allah? Allah will say yes. And Allah will ask those people who did not believe in him that did your nebby did your nippy convey the message to you but out of the

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Right for the horrors in the torments of the Hellfire, they'll say no, they lie even in front of Allah. Allah is rockin alameen Allah is Allah Maha Bua Shahada. Allah knows everything. But even though Allah knows everything Allah puts in place a system, a system, so that it can be proven whether a person was correct or not correct. This is a key point. You know, sometimes we think, well, this is my kid, why must I worry about whether I can prove something or not? You it's always important to have a system you know, due process, even though you may be confident about something. This is what a lot of barakaatuh is highlighting to not be unilateral have a system so low, we'll

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have a system that will say okay, oh, no, who's going to testify on your behalf? Who's going to testify on your behalf that you conveyed the message and who will testify? It will be none other than the O Muhammad? Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Now the question could be asked that what does this one might have to do with the home of no Halley's Salaam. We were not even born at that particular time. We were not on the planet of Earth at that time. But the reason we will testify is because we have read in the Koran, way in we believe in waiting there is no doubt and Allah has informed us via when to be locked ourselves in a coma for Karla Jaco Marabou de la mala Manila in

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the euro area como la subida oberliga cumbre Salah therapy, Allah told us in the Quran that no Holly Salaam conveyed the message repeatedly and his people belied him consistently. So the oma of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will stand up on the day of the AMA, and give testimony on behalf of noakhali salaam, and then according to according according to other nations, not only for new arisa to Islam, but for many different mprt he was Salatu was salam, the owner of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will bear testimony Waka jalna, mutton wasa this oma is an omen of moderation. It's an unmarked balance. And part of that balance would dictate that we know what truly

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happened because Allah informed us and we will testify accordingly on the day of gamma. That brings us to the end of the discussion on the life of nahi salatu salam. inshallah, tomorrow if Allah has Well, we will commence with a discussion on the life of Idris or a Serato Salaam