Stories Of the Prophets – Adam (AS) Part 6

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Sanjana, Sahil karimabad.

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We discussed yesterday that according to the majority of the scholars, the Jin Wei in other Mali salatu salam resided, was the gender, the gender mentioned in the Koran, the gender which we all aspire to and aspire for. Although there are other opinions and it could have been a piece of garden Earth year on planet Earth, or it could have been another gender specifically in specially created for Adam and hawara Hema Salatu was Salam. Then we also mentioned that he believes had deceived them, he took a false oath. He told him that if they ate from the tree, they would get an eternal life in general or they would become angels. And if you look at the words of the Quran, you could

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see that it was not intentional. Allah used words like for the lahoma rule he believes deceive them for as Allah Houma shavon he believes made them slip and fantasy alumna, je de la isla, that other Molly's salat wa salam forgot there was no intentional kind of resolute decision from his side to break the command of a lotta Baraka without him. Now, taking the discussion further, and we concluded on the point that the MB Allahu Salatu was salam, Amma assume they do not sin they cannot send because they have to be role models for others. However, as humans from time to time they can, they can slip, they can commit an error, but not a sin, they will not intentionally break the

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commands of Allah Baraka without them. Now, the next question in terms of taking the discussion further, is where did Adam and Hawa AlLahi wa Salatu was Salam land when they come to planet earth? Now there's one important principle that we must understand here, that if the Sharia has not said something definitively, then we cannot give a definitive answer to these questions. So the Quran does not say we're at the mercy Salam landed in way however, the Allahu anhu landed. Allah just said that they were told me to mean how Jamia all of you out, or them, however, and obviously the police had already been rejected prior to that. And this was the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala. These

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this interesting discussion that took place between Adam Ali Salam and musala salaam on one occasion. So Mr. Harrison Um, no, we must understand, there was no disrespect here because this is now between fraternity brothers. This is one maybe speaking to another. So Musashi Sallam said to Adam and Sam, because of you, we came out of Jenna and we ended up on Earth. So Adam and Adam said, What must I do? Allah had decreed for that to happen so that insan could come on Earth. It was all part of the divine plan of Allah. So that man could come and live on Earth. So let's just say they were removed from gender in one

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element is mentioned as a man is some was created on a Friday he was born on a Friday, he entity gender in a Friday and he was removed from Jenna on a Friday as well. But there are some narrations as to where they came. Some narration say Adam Ali Salam landed in great India. I think they say this a specific spot in Sri Lanka. And that is where they even got a footprint Allah, Allah. And how are the Allahu Allah landed in Jeddah. When they came down from Earth, I mean from the heavens, and they didn't see each other for a very long time. And they were very regretful very remorseful, because they realized that they slipped up and they made a mistake. And they were seeking each other

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until they found each other way, on the plains of Africa. That's how I forgot its name. Meaning to recognize they recognize one, one another, they found each other once again, but all the while at the money salatu salam was making dua he was making blah, he was repenting. He was repenting. He was begging for forgiveness, but he was getting no response. No response. According to integration of Nicosia Rahim, Allah until one day he said, that Oh Allah, I asked you by the right of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to forgive me. And then he got a response. And Allah said, Oh, Adam, how do you know about Mohammed? If I have not created him yet? So Adam and Eve Salatu was salam, salam,

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O Allah, I don't know him or much about him. But I know this much, that when you gave me life, the first gaze of minds fell onto your throne. And I saw written and inscribed on your throne, La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah. And automatically it dawned upon me that if you put someone from your creations name right next to your own name, and they can be none in the entire creation, more dear to you than him. So I don't know much about him. But I didn't know this much that his name is written right next to your name on the Irish and the throne. So I'm asking you a lot by virtue of his closeness to you. Forgive me, and that is when a lotta bodycote Allah taught Adam and Eve salat

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wa salam, the words of Toba which we decided last night in the taraweeh Salah robina

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And Susannah, there our law we have greatly oppressed ourselves. Adam and Eve Salam made a mistake. It was not even a sin but look at the woods the woods of humanity. robina The alumna and Susannah Allah we have greatly oppressed ourselves. We're ill Lambton Filipina if you don't forgive us water hammer if you don't have mercy on us, Lennar, coonan, nominal cost serene, then definitely we are from the losers. Because if we knock on your door of forgiveness, and if you don't open these no door besides your door, that we can knock on seeking forgiveness, and when other money is Salatu was Salam made dua to Allah with these words when he repented to allow these words, then a lot of other

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Katana forgave him for his mistake and for his era. The scholars beautifully say that look at the police. He intentionally blatantly arrogantly broke the command of Allah when Allah told him to prostrate. Yet, when he was given repeated opportunity to repent, he did not repent. Rather, he asked Allah grant me a long life up to kiama so that I can play out my plan of action against the son of Adam, but look at other money. Sonam he did not commit a mistake. It was an error. He was deceived. He forgot, he made a mistake. But look at the humility. Look at the words, the lemma and husana Allah we have greatly oppressed ourselves. That's why even in Salah one of the jewels that

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you read right at the end, Allahumma inni the lamb to Nazi German casilla even though you're performing Salah, there's a great incident behind this one day obey the law when he asked for pseudo law, civil law he was sent him and he said he understood the law. What must I read at the end of my Salah. And then I told him this law Allahumma inni vallentuna see doleman kathira. Now this was Abu Bakar, the greatest Muslim after the ambia leading reading Salah, which is the greatest act of Iboga were invested in him behind whom Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam can you get the greatest Salah than that? yet? There'll be a full lie saying, Oh Abubakar, at the end of your Salah, say

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Allah have greatly oppressed myself, forgive me. Why? Because we can never fulfill your rights. Even though it's Abubakar performing Salah investieren lm behind Muhammad Rasulullah Salallahu salam, O Allah, we can never fulfill your rights. So we must always be humble, always seeking forgiveness for the wrongs that we do. And also seeking forgiveness for the deficiency in the right that we do. Even in our Ibadan, even in our acts of worship, there's always shortcomings either in sincerity or in execution or in some way or the other. So the humility of other allihies salatu salam will ensure that he will be returned back to Jenna and the lesson for us to learn khulumani at the mahatva on

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every son of Adam will make a mistake. Wilson Well, hi Rosa in a boon, but the best of sinners are those who constantly repent to Allah. Just a few points of interest. The scholars say that when Adam and how war came down from the heavens, they brought the Hydra sword with them. Also the first food that was given to other money cinemas wheat, and then he was taught how to plant it, and how to farm it. And he had to start working now. So it was a different situation altogether, as compared to general whether it was just relaxation, and enjoyment. Now he had to plant and do everything to be able to produce the crops. The first clothing that they want Earth was from the the wool of sheep.

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And then they started to have children. And the children used to be born in sets of twins, one boy and one girl at a time. So the first birth would be a boy and a girl. And the next birth would be a boy and a girl. And how the project continued after was the boy from the one set would marry the girl from the other set. And that's how the progeny of other money salatu salam started to multiply. We'll leave it there for today inshallah, in the future we'll continue to work with Allah grant us the understanding, so Allah He will be harmed the use of Chanukah, lava Mohammed