Omer El-Hamdoon – Naming of Quranic Chapters #14 Chapter of the Cave

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of different storytelling and punctuation topics. The story of the people of the cave, the story of the fitna in the dean, the story of the two people with the gardens, the story of the fitna of knowledge, the story of Al Qaeda Alay rights, the story of the "fitna" of the people of the cave, and the story of the "fitna" of the people of the cave. The series describes various portions of the story, including the importance of grammar and the use of the "ram" in the surah.
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a stain, most of us are more or less Ed.

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we're looking at today inshallah the naming of soret alkaff. The chapter of the cave, why was it named the chapter of the cave? Now,

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the obvious reason. And if I can see, the simple reason would be that the first story there are essentially four stories in a sort of telegraph. And the first story in this chapter is about the people of the cave, those young,

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young people seven in number, who went to the cave, to escape the tyranny of their polytheistic leader. And so therefore, by doing that they escaped.

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They were able to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they became a miracle in themselves, because our last pantalla caused them to sleep for 309 years. So that's the simple reason why it's called the cave. But when we look a little bit more deeper, we find that Allah Subhana Allah mentions in these four stories, there is lessons related to different trials and tribulations. The first story is about the fitna in the dean trial in the dean. The second story, which is the story of the two people with the gardens, and one had two gardens and he had lots of palm trees, grapes, etc, etc. and that his neighbor didn't have much that was a fitna and the tribulation of wealth.

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Then we had the fitna of knowledge with the story of al Qaeda with Musa alayhis salam. And lastly, there was a fitna of power and status with regards to the codename. So they're all about fitting. And if you look even closer you find that within each one fitting Allah Subhana Allah, Allah alludes and mentions the importance of grammar. When he talks about the people of the cave or a banner ad in MLA don't care. Our Lord give us from within you.

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The second story doesn't explicitly mentioned Rama but also there is an aleut alluding to that if you read it carefully in the story of Musa alayhis salaam he said

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for Judah have them in a bad dinner at now or Ramadan Indian so Allah mentioned that that knowledge that was given to him was a llama. And lastly, a little codename when he built the dam to keep your droge and Madrid out he said I'd have met on a rugby so all the stories show that there is a very important element of the amount of a loss of Hannah Tyler in the this in their stories in this specific surah It is called the cave and we know that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that when that Jan comes out, then the Muslim should know whoever memorizes 10 verses from sola telecasts then he will be protected from the fitna of the jack. Now some narrations say the first 10 verses

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Some say any 10 verses Some say the last 10 The point being is you memorize now better to memorize all of Swords gaff if you can. Why? Because you will be protected from the jail who spins the web or Phaeton that the jail will come with different filters as well. And you need the ram over las panatela so the bigger message is that when you have problems, you should go to the cave. See like the people of the cave they entered the cave to protect themselves and protect their Deen when you are in a time of tribulations and hardships and fit in You should also go to the cave was even in their specific mentioned they said fell in a calf, young shorter lock on rumble calamity. If you

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should go and find you should seek help and abode and you should seek protection you should seek comfort in the cave. Now that was their cave. But for you the annual Islam Where is your cave it is solitary calf. So it is named sort of kept as an indication to tell you that this is the cave that you should turn to for comfort for security when things get hard when difficulties arise and definitely when the gel comes out and that's a beautiful meaning and a beautiful secret of why surah Tez calf is named such a way it's not just about the story of the people. Okay, the whole surah is your cave if you like is your personal cave which you can go to

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Insha Allah to Allah when you find that there's any difficulties

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