Sulaimaan Ravat – Stories Of the Prophets – Adam (AS) Part 7

Sulaimaan Ravat
AI: Summary © The Bible describes the history of the story of Adam island, where a woman wants to marry her sister but refuses to give her sister to her. She goes on to marry her sister but refuses to give her sister to her. In a legal dispute, the sister is punished with a death warrant but refuses to apologize. A murder committed by Jesus is also described, along with a similar murder by Heather in a similar way.
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Santa Monica Monica De La Hoya Baraka

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this will aim

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to heal karimabad

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Previously, we had completed the discussion on the life of Adam island to be, you know, adding a soda to a serum, and our Mother, how well rhodiola Juana and we spoke about the dissension from Jenna to Earth, how they sought repentance from a lack of political autonomy, and how they will forgive it. But now that they had come to earth, the human senses and the human needs were activated, and then now started to lead lives of humans on Earth. At amali Salatu was Salam had to work the farm, he had to sow the seeds, he had to do what farmers do in order to be able to provide food for himself and his family. And we mentioned that a lot of our co tala started to bless them

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with children. And they used to have twins at the time, and each set of twins would have one male and one female offspring. And in order for the procreation to start, and for the human race to commence, the male from the one set would marry the female of the other set. Now, this brings us to the point of the discussion where we talk about the famous story of harville and kerbin.

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As the Quran makes mention of in the sixth, the Jews of the Quran, Karim, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not take or make mention of the names per se, but Allah makes reference to it. What La La him never happened, I will have to tell them, meaning O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tell them the story of the two sons of Adam through spring. So there are other versions of the story in the Bible. They talk about Abel and Cain and the other innovations. But Allah sync to the sort of lust of the law, honey will say to the people exactly how it happened, as Allah is telling it to you say to them. Now in a nutshell, we know the story that how bill was supposed to marry up in sister,

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because happiness was from the other set of twins and copying was from the previous set of twins. But the sister that was born in one womb with our bill was more pretty, she was more beautiful. So Carville did not want to follow the principle. Now he did not want to marry her bill system. He wanted to marry his own sister, the girl that was born as he stood, because he felt she was prettier, and she was more beautiful. And her Bill said, Look, this is the system of Allah, I have to marry your sister, and you have to marry my sister, although in reality, they were all brothers and sisters. But that is how the human race commenced. And in order to put a conclusion to this

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dispute, because our bill was just not backing down, he just didn't want to understand reason. He was not even listening to his father. At MIT, he stood out to some. So in those days, in order to be able to ascertain who was right and who was wrong, you had to offer a sacrifice. So you slaughter an animal, and you offer the sacrifice, and a fire would come from the heavens and consume the sacrifice that was accepted in the court of law, even the poor Barney that would hire in those days, they never had the luxury that you and I have, where you can slaughter an animal and after that you can take benefit from that animal, meaning that you can eat from that animal they never had that

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benefit. As per the first there are lots of other collaborations. If you're burnin for Taco Bell, I mean, I had the Hema wildermuth a couple minutes. So they both offer the sacrifice. Now what happened, how bill being the more Allah conscious, being the more pious of the two, he brought the best animal that he could afford. And he sacrificed it for the pleasure of Allah. And he laid it down. capabilities mentioned in the other generations, he brought the inferior animal, some duration, say he didn't even bring an animal he brought some crops, and he put it down as he sacrifice. And now they waited. And from the unseen from the heavens, a fire came and consumed the

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sacrifice of Erbil, indicating that he was in the rights. But you see, when a human is determined to fulfill his desires, that nothing can stop him. So his father ultimately ceram could not stop him. The indication that came from Allah could not stop him. So what did he do now? He said to her bill, listen, you are now the obstacle between me and what I want. I want to marry that woman. Even though you are the one who's eligible to marry her. I want to marry her. So he said laka Tula, Nick I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill you. Up to this particular point. There was no murder it was committed on planet earth by human so happy will try to explain to him and reason with him in nama

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is a tabula hominem attack. Don't get angry with me that your sacrifice was not accepted and mines was. Allah looks at that person who's on the rights. And I'm on the right here because I'm supposed to be marrying your sister and you

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Supposed to be marrying my sister. Now how bill took the moral high ground he said, la empresa de la de la Caleta de tourny. Ma vivocity ye de la Cali up to luck. If you want to kill me Go ahead. But I'm not going to do what you want to do. Don't think that I'm going to stoop to your level. And I'm going to try and kill you and say, Well, before he gets to me, let me get to him. Though you do what you feel you need to do, I am going to do what I know Allah wants me to do in a hurtful lava rock ballad. I mean, I feel la fatawa la hoonah. So

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Allah says, You see, the knifes has this amazing ability to justify anything, you can meet the most hardened criminal, and very few of them are willing to acknowledge that they did wrong without any excuse. Even if they acknowledge that they did wrong, they try and create some sort of justification. That's the nature of the knifes. So the knifes created for him and excuses and justification as to why it was correct for him to kill his brother harville for katella who, so he killed him fast for him in alpha serine. And he became from the losers. Not only was he guilty of murder, he now we'll share the equivalent sin of every murder that will be committed up to the day

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of piano because he initiated this practice on planet Earth. And that's why there's a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam men center so nothing Hashanah. If you start off a good action, and people follow you, you get the equivalent reward even after you are long gone.

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But if you start off an evil action, and people do it emulating you, following you in your footsteps, then even after you're long gone, you still get the equivalent sin and this is what happened to him. He wanted what he wanted that is what the person is desired us. Now he killed his brother harville he didn't know what to do with the body because no one had died from the time other men however came down from the heavens.

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So Allah says for bathala hora BM had to fill out the urea okay for your worries. So at the AFI salata Baraka with Allah, Santa Claus from the heavens and the crow came or as it was from the crow came and the crow starts picking into the ground, you know, with its big ticket into the ground, and that is when he got the idea that okay, I should dig into the ground, I should make a grave and I should place the body into the grave. So that was the first murder that was committed in the history of humanity. And it was also the first human that was buried, the first human that was put into the soil and put into the grave. Now there is still more details to the story inshallah we will continue

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in the coming days. We are lost about a quarter I grant us the understanding, so Hanalei will be handy so hanoch a lot more behind the kitchen.

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