Habib Bobat – Thikr The Contentment Of The Heart

Habib Bobat
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and hamdulillah

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when I was with him in Shuri and fusina woman say, Dr. Marina, my young

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when I said when

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the hula sharika when I said when Mohammed Abdul

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Amina shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Allah be the creator render he talks in lieu. So the

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honorable orlimar respected elders in brothers.

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The number one question on everybody's mind is

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where do we find it?

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Where does it lie?

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How do we attain it?

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People have spent the wealth,

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the monies, the lives, the efforts, the energies in pursuing it.

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People have attended conferences, seminars, workshops to understand it.

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We have made day and night into one to achieve it.

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To where does it lie?

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It lies in the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The contentment of the heart lies in the remembrance of Allah subhana wa Medina,

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physic render he talked to me.

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know and understand a life saving this verse, know and understand that it is in the remembrance of a law, your heart will find contentment

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everything else cannot offer you long lasting pleasure.

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Everything else will give you short lived pleasure.

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And where we are searching for contentment of the heart, Allah has not kept.

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Late Junaid Jamshed Rahmatullah Lamia law elevating stages in the after.

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At this turning point in his life, he was sitting at the feet of monetary Jamil

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and he says to him, Alana, I have everything what a young man can aspire for.

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I've got wealth, I've got fame, I've got status. I travel the world, I host the most successful shows. I'm a well known singer,

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but I'm not happy.

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I've got everything that a person can aspire for, but I'm not happy. I'm not content.

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And what a reply military gave

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the wound is on one leg and you applying the oil men on the other leg.

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Allah has never kept peace of mind and the contentment of the heart in material things never.

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True contentment lies in the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is the master of the universe speaking. The creator of the entire world is saying if you are searching for success, and if you are searching for the peace of mind, if you are looking for then it is in my remembrance that you will find it.

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Allah has not kept peace of mind in the careers that we pursue. Sometimes we are searching for success and happiness and the peace of mind in our businesses in the lavish lifestyles that we live. Perhaps if we go to exotic locations, perhaps if we fly down to another destination, we'll be happy. But Allah has not kept happiness in there.

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But basically lie to my boo boo.

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kidney to skin wahba Strattera Nam Kesava means carto PPR jetty Aram Casa this so much of peace, so much of serenity, so much of comfort, so much of solace in the name of Allah, that when you take the name of Allah, it brings inner peace and the poet says, then irrespective of the conditions outside of us, we are able to find peace even in chaos. So Panama

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Nene carto Pepe Raja Ram Casa su Panama. What peace

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To the Sahaba head, that in the thick of the battlefield, Allah says, You're overpowered by sleep. That's how much of contentment you had in your life.

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in the thick of the battlefield, the Sahaba were falling asleep. That's how much of contentment they had in their life. Nothing could shift them, nothing could overpower them. It was the remembrance of Allah in their life that shook the world wherever they went.

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Brothers, Vicar is the nourishment of the heart,

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food, clothing, shelter, all these things are the external needs of our bodies.

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And the zikr of Allah is the internal need of our soul.

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Just as we required food, shelter, and clothing to survive, in the outside world. Likewise, in the spiritual world to survive, we require the vicar of law. It is the fuel of our heart. It is the petrol in the diesel to our heart, just as the car cannot function. Just as the car cannot operate without fuel. Our hearts cannot function spiritually, without the remembrance of Allah. It is the food of our heart It is the food of our soul. methodology of Guru.

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Guru Raja method will help you and make it around Buhari. Do you want to know a heart that's alive in the heart, it's dead. Then look at that man's life. If he has the vicar of a law in his life, if he has remembrance of a law in his life, then that's a that's a loving heart. He is spiritually alive. And that person who does not have the remembrance of Allah, that man is dead, spiritually is dead.

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Victor is the Polish of the heart. In Nanakuli, Shay in Cipolla, we're in the second loop, the current VA.

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Everything has a Polish, everything is a polish.

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And the Polish of the heart is the remembrance of a law. When this hard gets influenced by the outside world, by the people it meets. By the lifestyle it's exposed to,

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then that heart turns away from a law and to bring it back on the right path is the thicker of a law as you remind yourself that Why? Why have Why have I been created in this world? What is my objective What is my purpose in life, and the vicar of a law reminds a person every now and then of his purpose in life.

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Victor is the most powerful weapon against the devil. I want you to understand this.

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Allah says he stuck with it he machine tone for uncertain the current law.

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The first thing that shaytan does, he does armed a person from the vicar of Allah.

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Vicar is a weapon and understand this theory. When you apprehend your opponent, what is the first thing you do? Hands up, push your weapon down.

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So now you know you are safe. You can do whatever you want. So long as that man has got the gun in his hand, he can pull the trigger at any moment and your life is at risk. And so you are saying to your opponent, hands up, put your weapon on the floor and surrender.

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Now you are fully in control. This is what shaytan does. The first thing he does hands up the remembrance of a law is stuck with a machine for uncertain the current law. The first thing that children takes away from the person's life is the remembrance of a law. Now that the man has got no decree in his life he can do as he wishes. Murder, nothing wrong, stealing nothing wrong. He can do as he pleases because who's the boss now? It is shape on where should the command victory law. Allah says she thought when he disarms you.

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He takes away the remembrance of Allah and then everything else falls away. A person is on sicker will perform sada a person who's on Vicar will read the Koran. A person who's on Vicar will remember a lot of the time even when he's in sin.

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Yusuf alayhi salatu was Salam. He stripped the wife of the minister is seducing him.

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What stopped him

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Lola oboro Hannah Robbie

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the remembrance of a law that thought of of

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word came so strong in his mind immediately stopped. It's a shield against shape on

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understanding. a youngster wants to watch *, he takes out his phone is about to touch it and he says, otherwise watching.

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It's a shield. It's a strongest weapon you can own

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is stuck with a machine. Concern Vikram law.

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Allah says she can overpower them and disarm them. And it took the remembrance of a lot of the life. And so the person was misled. And he went on to doing one Guna after the other because there was no thicker of a law.

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So brothers, Vicar is an important aspect of our life. It lives the nourishment of our soul. It lives the contentment of our heart, in it lies, everlasting comfort, and the amazing things that Allah will give us peace, even amidst chaos. I think you would all agree with me that we are living a stressful life under tough conditions, each one of us are gripped by some problems in our lives. And the solution to that is the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala because the Master of the Universe has said it to us in that way it lies.

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Vicar is not reserved for the pious people only.

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I like to clarify that.

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People are under the notion that you've got to be pious to make the vicar of Allah know.

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Allah has kept this for every person. For every person, Allah has kept the vicar of a law for the lay men for the Center for the pious for everybody. A law has kept the finger of a loss of handled either in our lives. Whenever you are in problems, whenever you are in difficulties, when ever you are finding it difficult to give up, a son of yours, turned to Allah through the remembrance of Allah and you'll see the fruits in your life. And what an easier

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what an easy Baba. It doesn't require any specific time. It doesn't require any specific place. It doesn't require any specific condition, you can be lying in your bed in the comfort of your bed and you can take the name of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Fukushima, the words of the Hadith, those who remember Allah in the soft bed,

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how is your life made it there is no restriction terms of the number Also, if you can manage 500 Alhamdulillah, if you can manage 50 times Alhamdulillah, if you can manage five times also Alhamdulillah

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Allah Allah to not be a hardship or camino. It's the nourishment of our soul. Allah has made it so easy for us so easy.

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With a lady named guru,

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Mr. Walker odawara juluca him, those who remember a law, walking, standing, reclining setting, in any posture, Allah has kept Victor for us. And the greatest benefit of Vicar is for guru guru.

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When we take the name of a law, when we remember Allah, Allah says, I remember you.

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If a person of status has to remember us, coming, he took my name. He took my name.

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This is a law taking our name, how sinful we are. Yet when we take the name of a law,

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a licensed member in us.

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People will forget the 99 good that you did to them. And they'll remember that one fault, and they will latch on to that. A while we'll forget the 999 must teach that you did the 999 evil deeds you did. But that one deed when you do flower, remember that?

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For Guney

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remember me and I will remember you know, when somebody sends us a gift, what do you say?

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How thoughtful of you?

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How thoughtful of you. Because you don't send a gift to anyone. You send a gift to a person whom you think about.

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When you think about someone, you send him a gift.

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And what do we respond? We say how thoughtful of you just remember me.

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So imagine the gift Allah gives us when we remember he

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What's the least we do when we think of our parents or somebody very close to our lives? What do we do? We give a sincere twofer that

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isn't. So imagine receiving a trois from Allah.

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Imagine receiving mercies from a law. Imagine receiving the Baraka from Allah. Imagine receiving the comfort and the serenity from Allah get a was a gift to us when we remember him

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and the sad reality brothers, woman, Rhoda and victory in Allahumma Dong

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Hee who decides to lead his life, contrary to my remembrance, contrary to my victory, I will give him a narrowed life. I will give him a constrained life. He will have everything but no peace of mind. As brother Junaid Jamshed May Allah for his new What did he say? I've got everything, but I'm not happy. That is what Allah is saying. When you don't have the vicar of a law in your life, that no matter how much of wealth you have, that cannot be you everlasting pleasure. It's ephemeral. It's short lived.

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Amaya Sharon Vickery. Rockman into Kalia glow shaytaan info padeen. Allah says, He who chooses to lead his life against my wishes against my Vicar in my remembrance, we will make shaytaan his friend, well known players who do in Oman is severely wounded and no more than one of us is such a pitiable state that men will think that I'm on the straight path. And Allah says in reality and be created and off the track had either an apology or like the baby obeying the cupboard and mushiya piety for being settled for him.

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Until the eyes of reality will open anyone say he was

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so brothers, Vicar, number one brings contentment to the heart. Number two, it's the nourishment of the soul. Number three, it's the Polish of the heart. Number four, a lot remembers us when we remember him. And when somebody remembers you do something tying towards you, and what more kindness can we expect from a law than to have his mercy in our life? kitten Nita skin was started in Palm Desert Nene car took a big hit around. Remember, Victor is not for the pious only is for everyone. anytime, anyplace, anyway. Make it your companion in sha Allah.

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Allah, maybe Almighty Allah give us this important element in our life.

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