Stories Of the Prophets – Adam (AS) Part 5

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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This Villa Hara

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una sola vasudha karimabad.

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Yesterday, we discussed the creation of our mother how one we mentioned that the Quran does not stipulate how she was created, the orange just indicates that she was created. And I mentioned that other Marley's salatu salam, even though he was in gender, he was feeling lonely, and that loneliness and that void was only filled. When a lot of Baraka with Allah created our mother. However, in as far as a woman being created from the rape of a man is concerned, that he is something which is mentioned in the Bible, and as a result it has become a common theory. The Quran does not stipulate that was mentioned that as such, but we did discuss the Hadith yesterday of

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam when a pf Allah says is those who have been nissa era that treat women kindly and leniently, because she has been created from a ribbon. And I explained that some scholars say it means she was created from the robe of other monies Salaam, and others say No, not necessarily. It could mean that the creation of a woman commenced from the rub that portion of the body, be there as it mean to talk about the rep and the crookedness of a rep is not in any way defamatory to the female gender or to the female sex, because crookedness is what is required in a rep to be functional, it is part of the speciality of a rep. So, similarly, what has been mentioned

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in this idea of Rasulullah sallallahu. wasallam is simply this, that a woman is created different from a man. So appreciate her for her difference to not to not approach in a way that you would approach a man do not interact with her in a way that you would interact with a man because that his position is different. So that is what we discussed yesterday. Now, taking the discussion further, when we say that at the money is Salatu was salam, when to gender, which gender are we referring to? Are we referring to the gender meaning the gender that we all aspire to go to, after tiama after rocketing, or is it another gender? There are three opinions there's a long academic discussion in

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the books amongst the scholars, they are those who say, no, it is the gender that is where the money salatu salam was, and the proof that they would give is one of the verses that we recited this evening, we are left with Allah says

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until was ojochal. Jenna, the word is used as agenda, meaning the agenda. So they say look at the Quran, the Quran talks about the gender Oh, Adam, you and your wife reside in the gender. So it's the same gender. But then others say no, how can it be that gender because in that gender, they were forbidden from eating that fruit? And in Jenna, you cannot be forbidden from anything you can eat and consume whatever you desire. Then there are others who say no, it was a separate gender that Allah created for them, or is Salam exclusively. And then there are those who say, No, it was on Earth. It was an elevated platform that was a garden a beautiful garden of sorts, but the majority

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of the scholars say no, it was the gentleman and that prohibition it was relevant to that time. Now, after the AMA when everyone goes into gender, then they will be no restriction. They will be no prohibition. So after Adam married hawala Salaam, as we discussed yesterday, they were told ozcan anthroposophical Jana wakulla, Amina Ratan, hi, Mama, do whatever you want, eat whatever you want while at Aqaba has a Shara. But this one three, don't eat, don't consume from there. Now, the devil had already shown his animosity against Adam, our history was Romany taken an oath for being the case and overlooked by your honor. Now

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I'm going to lead each one of them astray. That's going to be my attempt. So what happened for what's what's the lahoma shape on the basis that we decided this evening shape on prompted them he made was supposed to what Sosa is a whispering because one of the those scholars who say it cannot be the gender they say How did shaytan get in there to mislead them because shavon is not allowed into gender. But then those are Lama who say no, it is the gender as they say it was not necessary for shaytan to come in. If you have an evil thought now, it doesn't mean shaitaan is standing right here and telling you to do it. He like how today we with technology and the advancement of

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technology. It's easy to understand. You can be sitting here and you can be transmitting to another poor corner of the world. So shake hands was so sick could have traveled from outside of Jenna into Jennifer what's worse, Allahumma shavon now shaytaan duped them. He duped them. He told them that you know what if you eat from this tree, you will then be able to reside in gender for eternity or you will become an angel and akuna Molokini out akuna Minal Holiday Inn and in order to drive the point home he took an oath will cause some of whom are in Nila Kumar lemon in the business which we decided tonight coincidentally, so admati salam and our mother however, there was no intention to

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commit sin

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Remember, Adam was a Navy and the Navy does not commit sin. That's a default position of every Navy they do not commit sin. They are protected from sin. But Allah Himself explains it another use of the Quran that for nesea while m Nigella who asthma, Adam and Hassan forgot, and he did not have any strong intention to disobey, or to transgress the commands of Allah Baraka, Tada. At that moment, he forgot, and he got tempted by the thoughts that, hey, I can spend the rest of eternity Yeah, in an effort. akuna minal harradine. And on top of it, they could never fathom that someone will take a false oath. So yeah, the police was taking oath. wakasa mahoma sola says for de la Houma, boo boo,

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then he misled them, you know, with his with his deception for a Mazda shahdara when they took from the tree, but that lahoma so to whom automatically the clouds fell off, why did the clothes fall off the scholars right? Up to that point, the human needs in both of them and how I had not been activated, meaning that they did not have the need to relieve themselves, they did not have the need to be physically intimate with each other. Up to that particular point. They could have clothes on permanently, they didn't have to take off the clothes, but as soon as they ate from the forbidden three, then automatically the clothes fell off, because now the human needs became activated, but

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look at what is an inherent quality in a human for them. Mazda shujaa bathla Houma so atoma what is the finale? Hey Mommy, what is gender? They automatically started they read they rushed for the, from the for the branches and the leaves of the trees and they started covering themselves. So the Anima right that it is inherent, it is a natural quality in a human to be covered. Not to be open, not to display yourself, but to conceal, especially your private parts and your private organs. When are the Houma rocklahoma Now Allah proclaimed until Kumasi, Gerardo akula Kumar, that Didn't I tell you in the shavon, Allah Kumar mubin, that this devil is a manifest enemy for you, is the manifest

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enemy enemy for you, and now he's duped you. So at the money Sam did not intentionally commit a sin.

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And Islam does not say that it was the wife's fault that she convinced the husband The Bible says that but Islam does not say all the Quran says for what's worse than a woman shavon shavon whispered to them for de la Houma before he deceived them. And in the first juice for Zelda who misshapen shaitan is the one who made them slip. So if you look at the words that Allah uses for Zelda, Houma fantasy Yeah, he made them slip he deceived them or them forgot all of these words indicate that Adam and Eve Salatu was Salam did not do it intentionally. It was a slip up it was a mistake. It was an error. The MB ra was Salatu was Salam a protected from sin. Sin is where you intentionally break

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the commander for Allah but as humans from time to time they earned in the slipped up. So now Allah gave the command for both of them and how to be removed from Jenna and together with me please then also came to planet earth and tomorrow inshallah will take up the discussion from the onwards. Male after Baraka, telekinesis, the understanding, so Han Allah He will be hungry hispanica level movie hamburger, Chateau La la la