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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Ellen was silent woman haven't become Welcome to another edition of Sahaba profiles. We are discussing the life of Jaffa Vitaly brother lavon the brother of Albania Vitaly Baroda lavon, the cousin of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Thus far we have explained the scholars right that from the five people who resemble the prophets of Allah, and he was one of the most javelina. We thought he was one of them. We explained that his father Batali had a very big family, and on one occasion, a drought it struck and things were very tough economically. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam went to his uncle, our boss and said, Look, man, Columbus, your

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brother Batali has got a big family struggling financially. Let's help him out. You take one of his children into your care and I will take one of my children one of his children into my care. They went to they put the proposal to Batali he accepted he said, leave my son appeal with me and choose from the rest.

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So they took a bus of the loved one to Jaffa and Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam to Kylie and Oliver the loved one grew up in the house of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. And he was the first one amongst the youth to accept Islam. And Jaffa grew up in the house of a bustle the loved one, and when he became independent, he was young also at the time, but he was independently accepted Islam. In the very early days before the teaching started at that outcome, he married a woman by the name of a smart bintaro mace, she also became Muslim. They were part of the group who were persecuted and who were really marginalized by the Quran and they sought permission from Rasulullah sallallahu

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Sallam to make Aegina to a personagem to habersham and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam granted them the permission. When they came to them. They found that they were given sufficient space they were allowed to worship Allah freely, they were allowed to dedicate themselves totally to a Bada, they did not have to look over their shoulders, they did not have to worry about the lives, they did not have to worry about being persecuted or oppressed as a result of their beliefs. Until the Quran started to think that those who are gathering in a Brasilia one day they're going to come back and they're going to pose a problem to us. So they sent two very strong personalities to try

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and convince the joshy the Abyssinian King to send them back. The one was ama been asked and the other was Abdullah bin Abdullah Bian. Now taking the story further, when these two came to the senior naturally, there was a great degree of concern amongst the Muslims because they knew the agenda. But these two personalities were very smart. They were very strategic. When they came, they didn't go to the joshy directly, they sort of speaking to all the ministers of Joshi, the Royal ministers,

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the official priests, etc. gave them a lot of gifts until there wasn't a single person who didn't get a gift, expensive gifts, and then they asked them to set up a meeting with the Joshi. Now the Muslims were very worried and they had a meeting of their own, what will we do? And they decided that only Jaffa Vitaly will answer questions and only He will speak he would be the spokesperson. So the next day, he called them and when he called them, all the priests were there, they had the, you know, the religious books open these two gentlemen from the Qureshi with him. And these two gentlemen and put forward that accusation that these are rebels, they have forsaken the Dean of the

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forefathers, they have taken a dean which no one has heard of. They are troublemakers, send them back with us and we will sort them out. Now when he called them he asked them they told him Tell me what what's this that that you that you wish to tell me about this? This Dean, this new dean of yours. So, javelina, vitalia gave a speech that went down in the history of humanities at a un Malik Guna comb and Elijah Elliot in Abdullah snom one kilometer till four ish Wanaka dollar ham won the Civil War, a coup umina dive, or Burkina and Allah delicata bathala who Elena Solon Mina de fauna Saba, who was silica Hua Hua. He said, Oh, King, we used to be in total ignorance. We used to

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worship idols. We used to eat dead meat. We used to involve ourselves in shameful behavior. We used to cut family ties, we used to be, you know, abandoned our neighbors. The weak amongst us would be totally consumed by the strong amongst us. And we remain like that. We live like that until Allah sent us this profit from amongst us. We knew his lineage. We knew his truthfulness, we knew his integrity, we knew his just at him. For the ANA in Allah. He called us to Allah. Lino Haider, who wanna Buddha who wanna

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know about when I mean dooney mean Elijah when he called us that we must worship Allah alone. And we must leave all of these idols and everything besides Allah that we were worshipping. What Marana the Silikal Hadith, Amano Silla de la horsnell Juba, Welker final Mahara Mohammed Dima wanna handle for for wash, we'll call it Zhu li te maka film sonnet. And he gave a lot of examples. He said this Prophet he stopped us from speaking lies. He encouraged us to speak the truth in characters to fulfill trust, to entertain for a family ties to be good to our neighbors, not to harm our our relatives to not to spill blood. He prohibited us from shameful behavior from few times.

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Talk from usurping the wealth of often some accurate accusing chaste women. Well, I'm out on a Naboo de la hora de nuestra cabeza and most importantly, he instructed us to worship Allah and not to associate any partners with Allah, or unlucky masala to establish Salah what he has to give us occur when a sama Ramadan for South Dakota who I am and Abby, we accepted all of this, all of these essentials, and we followed him. But when we started to follow Him, our own brothers turned on us. For as the Buddha said they'll either be left in una andina de la vida de la said, our family and our friends and our very community turned on us and they tried to force us to go back to idol

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worship and to always, and that's when we felt that we were oppressed and we left and we came here and we found sanctuary and when the joshy heard this, he said Halma cache or mimma abena. Bu camarilla. Do you have anything that was revealed to your Prophet, and that's when Jaffa Vitali broke the law and started to recite from the opening verses of surah Marian, which talks about Miriam law, the law and how the mother of East LA salatu salam, and they say that Joshua cried until his beard was wet with tears, and his priests cried until the books were became wet with the tears and the gesture said in the head the Lady jabby jabeen. Abby, you come wonder the jumpy Sally German

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biscuit in Why'd he said this which was revealed to your Prophet, and that which was revealed through Isa Lee salatu salam, ala Joshua was a Christian, remember, and therefore you were so touched with the story of Miriam in the Quran. He said, what was revealed to your prophet which you have just read to me now? And what was revealed to Isa, the prophet that I believe in? It comes from the same Lenten. And then he turned to I might have been asked and the other man who came as the messengers from the Quran, and he said, the two of you can go I have given them safety. I have given them protection in my land. There's still more to the story. We will continue the discussion in the

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next Sahaba profiles for myself Sulaiman, lava cinema Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh