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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alamosa, Helen Omar haben become Welcome to Sahaba profiles. We continue the discussion on the life of a Buddha the lava and previously we explained his name was email when Malik Alhaji he did not accept Islam. Initially, he had a great he had a great friend who was a great Sahaba Abdullah bin raha, who explained to him repeatedly, but he refused to accept Islam. And then after the Battle of butter one day, his friend of the lemon law snuck into his home when he wasn't there, broke all the idols in his worship room. And when he came after his rage, it's settled he realized that if these idols could not defend themselves, how will

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they then defend me and how can I wish up that which can not even defend itself after he accepted Islam, he showed a great degree of regret over the fact that he accepted Islam late, and he tried his level best to make up for lost time. And we explain how he became so disinclined from dunya and so inclined towards excessive Iboga that he gave up during trade as well. And he focused just on worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala, after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had passed away from under the law and wanted to send him as a governor to the Sham region. He refused to be a governor, but he accepted that he would become a preacher, he would become a scholar, and he would

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teach people the poor and he would encourage them to do good and forbid them from evil. When it came to Sham, he was very disappointed. He saw that now because of the newfound wealth, as a result of expansion. And as a result of the newfound prosperity, people will become too comfortable in life, and they will becoming too negligent and he gave a very hot moving speech when he just came to Sham that reduced many people to tears. And then I also explained and we concluded the last discussion about how he saw people beating and swearing a person who had committed a sin. He said, No, if a person falls in the well, you help him out, help your brother out of the sin. What's the purpose of

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beating him and and swear to him? You don't hate the person you must hate the sin. Continuing the discussion One day, a young boy came to the law one we used to offer advice at the Omega Masjid in Damascus and said, Oh Sunni, Shia Sahaba Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the older man who has seen the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, give me some advice. So above the law and told him a few things and each sentence is so profound he said, remember Allah fissara escuchar Fedora. Remember line good times Allah will remember you when you have difficulties and challenges in your life meaning Allah will come to your assistance that he said here when a young Oh my son can

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Holleyman omata alleman almost a man

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that either be a scholar or otherwise a student or otherwise a person who loves the scholar and student and takes benefit from them. But do not become a fourth. Do not become a fourth meaning do not become an ignorant person. You are going to lead yourself to destruction. Then he said something very very important. Yeah Buddha Yeah. Oh my beloved Son, Leah Kunal mosquito beta Glenda mustard become your house. Let the mustard become your house for in Nice. amiata Rasulullah sallallahu. It was in the miracle as Alma surgery debate to call it the thinking that the massages are the homes of those who have Taqwa in their hearts. Try and spend as much time as you possibly can in the masjid

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and even when you have to be out of the masjid, let your heart be in the masjid. Why? Because the domina Lavazza gentleman can attend my surgery to boo Tahoma Roja. Mehta will Josiah Sarah elated when Eliza gel, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was told as those people who are having an established relationship with the masjid, Allah makes life easy for them, Allah blesses them, even the crossing of the pulsera towards the pleasure of Allah will become easy for them. Whilst abou de de de la Juan was staying in Damascus. While we have been abused, Sophia, who is the governor and later on became the middle momineen. He sent a proposal for a Buddhist daughter for the marriage of

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his son yazeed. He wanted his son easy to get married to a Buddha, his daughter, a Buddha refused. And people were totally, totally taken aback. The Do you have Malia is a savvy Firstly, but secondly, he's a leader. He's the leader, the governor of Syria and Sham and yet a Buddha is turning down the proposal. So when a Buddha found out that people were talking, he came to them and explained himself, he said that I don't want my daughter to get married. And then she goes into the home of a leader, where she will have servants Wish you will have luxuries. I don't want that kind of a life for my daughter. I would prefer that my daughter marry a commoner so that she could live a

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simple life rather than marrying yazeed. And then she would live to live the life of, of the leader. It is also mentioned that one day Amara de la one came to visit, he was the middle of meaning. And he was in the shower area. He came to his house, he found the door open. When he went in, it was totally dark. They were they wouldn't even candles, a Buddha realized that Omar was in the house, he sat him down, they were talking, there was nothing, no provisions in the house No, not even lighting. And after a while I'm gonna deal and could not contain himself and he said that.

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You know, why didn't you allow me to send some money to you to send some provisions to you? And the law responded and said Amen.

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forgotten. What have you forgotten that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, we should live in this world as travelers, as those who are just here for a day or two. When the Lord heard this he broke out crying, he broke down a weeping when he started crying about the desert crying, and both of them remained crying. Both of them remained crying until it was time for the full setup.

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Once again, simple lifestyle, but had a profound impact on people his mission in life was to educate people encourage people advise people, when he was finally on his deathbed, people came to him and said Martha sticky What is your complaint? He said, looby I'm worried about my sins. They said he, what are you what are you wishing for? What do you want? He says I for a B, I want the forgiveness of my ally and when May Allah to forgive me, and then he gave an instruction to the people around him and he said, Look, you know, Nila ilaha illAllah. Muhammad, Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, that encouraged me, you know, to make the turkey like you do for a person who's about to pass on that

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c'est la ilaha illAllah excessively, so that I can pass on with those words on my lips and I can meet my Allah, having proclaimed by belief in the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And having proclaimed that my Shahada, we can see that these great personalities were so well trained by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that even though everyone else was enjoying the trappings of this world, and everyone else was enjoying material benefits, they remained very simple, very focused, very dedicated, they knew that the true life is the life of the after, they knew what they had to work towards, and what would really matter at the end of the day, and what was the actual way of

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pleasing a lot of our Cortana and they remain true to that up to the end of the of the days, up to the last breath, may lottomatica with Allah grant us the understanding Sahaba profiles from myself Suleiman Rohit Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh