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The importance of choosing between good and evil ways to achieve success in life is emphasized, along with the negative impact of negative actions on one's health. The Sharia perspective explains that young people are too young to pursue opportunities in life, and the importance of knowing one's health and weight to manage one's health. There is also discussion of various health-related topics, including the loss of a member of a church, the use of money to benefit oneself, and the importance of time. The speaker emphasizes the value of living life to achieve goals and offers advice on how to do so.

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hamdulillah Hina hamato

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want to stay in Ohio on a study he want to start Fierro.

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One out of the villa Himanshu Rory and fusina woman say it Amina Mayor de la, la la la, la la fella had the Allah wa shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa salam, ala Coronavirus

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wa rahmatullah wa sahbihi wa Kappa kulu Manali half an

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why shadow anessa Donna Wahhabi benaco kurata Nina Mohammed de Abdo

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Leon de la vida de Nicola Wanaka calf Iran one okay Hamas recon Bella Larissa Allah, wa Amana

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haka Jihad Hata. Talia been passed on our therapy was la

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de la

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la la la la la parte

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de la familia Miss Carla Ratan Hira.

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Ratan sobre la la la la la

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la Takata y La Tomatina illa Anta Muslim on my bad. All praise Geeta, Allah subhanho wa Taala and praise be upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam testified that there's no god except Allah, Almighty. Allah testified on Muhammad is the Prophet, the Messenger of Allah, and I encourage myself I need to feed Allah subhanho wa Taala as Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran, who doesn't believe fee Allah Fie Allah. Fie Allah the way you should be feed and do not die unless you're in a state of Islam or brothers in Islam. Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed us with Islam, as Islam is the greatest nirma belltown Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon us all, and as Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions

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in the Quran, Karim and it continues to remind us in which Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, hola hola como tal hyah. Leah blower comm au comm Allah Allah is the one that created death and life to test you to see the best of

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the best of dogs in this world. What are you doing in this world? What are you doing this dunya What are your actions? What do you take advantage of? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one that created goodness, but we

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also believe

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that Allah subhana wa tile is also the one that created badness. Allah subhanho wa Taala makes it very clean for Allah Karim konkola colcannon Mandela, sigh, both good and evil about Christ from Allah subhanho wa Taala for good for you to follow, and for even a fee to keep away from. So on the southern water credit goodness Allah subhanho wa Taala evil is alive origin for the purpose of to see what you do with this goodness that you see in front of you. And with this evidence that you see in front of you.

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All coloman and della say both good and evil, about credit balance of Hannah Montana. It is a choice for you to make. which path to take in Nevada now sebelah imageshack Iran was a mecca for Alassane Ouattara, he says he is the one that had guided you. And he is the one that had shown you the good path and the bad path, the good path for you to follow the bad paths for you to get away from. And that's why Islam came to direct you. Islam came to guide you to choose goodness, evilness to choose the good path ever the evil path for the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he gives us an invaluable advice. A very, very expensive, a very, very precious

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advice and advice to be written by gold in which he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says in this hadith is Dunham Hobson kubla hums

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take advantage of fight before 5:10am Hamsun kubla comes take advantage of five before five Shabaab back kubla Harmon was the Haddock tabula rasa comic was the NACA cobla. fabric. What Barak tabla Schulich what higher tech problematic.

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So another advance of the problem Mohamed Salah Salamis is there yet take advantage of five before five.

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Take advantage of five positive things before five negative are not necessarily always to be negative. But if you want to compare them with the first one that can be perceived to be negative, take advantage of five positive things before five negative things ever take them.

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What are those five negative five positive things in the problem

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advices on any advices for us to take advantage of before five negative things take evidence. Number one the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says Shabaab Boko Haram if you use days before you become out, take advantage of your young days. The energy that you've got that motivation that you've got that strength that you've got, before you become old, and not necessarily again, that being out is a negative thing. On the contrary, it can be positive, but compared to the first one, in some aspects of the first one, it is negative.

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When you get out, you become less motivated.

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When you get out, you become less energetic. And that's not true. It's fine. Your hands were young now tomorrow we're gonna get old and we're gonna be less energetic, we're gonna be less motivated. But the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, he says, Take advantage of your use days. And when we say use what does the Sharia What did the Arabs define to be a youth? Not necessarily when we say youth these days, almost 16 1718 years old, maybe 21 years old? No. According to the Arabs understanding and perspective are used to someone from the age of puberty that can start from the age of 1213, all the way to the age of 47 from the age of puberty from 1213 1415 years old, and

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that's aligners all the way to the age of 40 and I could see some smiles on some of the brothers faces or they thought that Aldenham dilla tended to be on my side, are you gonna go back? Am I gonna say try to handle I'm young. And some people gonna start throwing this thing of a second life. You know what, I'm still young.

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So a youth is from the age of puberty at the age of 14, according to the Sharia perspective, from the understanding of Sharia, what does the Sharia look at some of our youth from the age up to the age of 40, because up to the age of 40 is too young and energetic.

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You still have the energy for you to mean for you to get for you to come for you to carry, you still motivated, enthusiastic, you still have that drive, you still have the energy. And that's why the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, take advantage of those days. When you have the energy drive and motivation before you become so old, that you don't even have the drive motivation. And you don't even have the enthusiasm minimum. No young, you could do so many things. When I say you could do so many things. Number one thing they could do for your asset or do something for you he after build your paradise, extend your agenda, get closer to Allah subhanho wa

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Taala you have that motivation. You have the enthusiasm, you have that drive and that's why you find the people and die young the hearts a lot more softer. But once they get older, the hearts become even harsher.

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As Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in the Quran, the Quran,

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Allah wa of them. A lot of hands on it says do not procrastinate and continue to procrastinate and say lighter, lighter, lighter, along the way and over the course of time your heart just becomes harsh. You young, your heart too soft, you can absorb, he can be motivated, he can be moved. So the Prophet Muhammad SAW some tools he take advantage of that moment. Take advantage of the soft heart before the heart becomes harsh.

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Your heart is willing to listen your eyes willing to embrace your heart is willing to be motivated but then later on when you get older, you have becomes less motivated. Take advantage of them.

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Take advantage of young days of getting closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala to be closer to

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Have you expanding your paradise as the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says in the Hadith, that every single human being Muslim or non Muslim, Allah subhana wa tada had created a potion for them in the paradise and the whole point. Every Muslim has a space and a place for him in the paradise and the hellfire. And every non Muslim, every non believer has a place for him in the paradise and the hellfire. But then the problem hamazon continues to say, but the believer will continue to expand on his paradise and expand on his paradise and take the portion of the non believers space and place in the paradise and reduce from his place in the hellfire. But the non

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believer will continue to expand on his place in the Hellfire and reduce from his place in the paradise. So now you've got you two portions, one portion in the paradise, one portion in the Hellfire, one place for you in the paradise one place for you in the Hellfire, take advantage of that, and start expanding on that in the paradise and the minister and get rid of it in the whole fun.

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Take advantage of a young days before you become old. When you're young. You can learn you can memorize the Quran, Allah Kareem you can be involved in the debate, you could educate yourself, you can establish yourself, but when you're going to establish yourself under 1617 I'm not saying that slide. But it's a lot more later than when you're young.

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Take advantage of young guys before you become old.

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And take advantage of young guys for you to establish yourself in this dunya

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if you're young, and you want to because Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't mean you disconnect yourself from this dunya thrive in this dunya in your education, thrive in this dunya in your business, thrive in this dunya in your trade, be the best of businessmen, be the best of educated people be the best of intellectual people, professionals and trainees. It doesn't mean that if I want to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala I disconnect myself completely from this dunya that's wrong. But the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says

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be eager and cautious and conscious of always trying to achieve and acquire of something that benefits you benefit yourself in this dunya and when you're young, you can establish yourself a lot more than when you get older.

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That's why the visa lottery focuses a lot on the youth days.

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Take advantage of the young days before you become old. Take advantage of the age where you have energy you have strength, take advantage of that day. Where you have a drive and you have motivation take advantage of it and use it for the best benefit of this dunya and the hereafter.

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The problem Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam What does he say? He says no sir to be Shabaab. I was supported.

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I was strengthened and empowered by the youngsters

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are supported by the youth. That's what the prophet Muhammad says. The vast majority of the followers of the province

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at the early stage and the beginning of the establishment of the dial have the problem homosassa youngsters we youth young adults are the ones who supported the Amazon.

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Amazon seller protected the Amazon seller defended Islam, defended the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam, the young, the vast majority of those who embraced Islam at the beginning of the of the problem homosassa young youngsters were youth from the age of 12, all the way to the age of 40. And that's why

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he says I was given victory by the youth. Allah gave me victory through the youth I was empowered by the youth. I was strengthened by the youth, the Sahaba of the love of Thailand, somewhere at the age of 16 and 17. They were willing to sacrifice their life for the sake of Allah and for the sake of protecting the problem homosassa

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when he stepped in the bed of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salaam,

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before the profiler is a lotto cinema graduate from Mecca to Medina. He slept in the back of the profiler is salatu wa salam and covered himself with a blank of the profiler is

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that this could be his last moment of him breathing air on the face of this earth. He was willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of Allah for the sake of protecting the problem.

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So the problem

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he says, Take advantage of a youth days before you become old, young

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youngsters, D take advantage of that.

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Don't take it for granted. But utilize it. Look our youngsters these days, that waste their time on PlayStations or waste their time on playing here and there. I'm not saying you shouldn't be doing that. No, but there is time for that.

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And it's time for something else.

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This time for entertainment, enjoy. But there's also this talk for education, this time for you to be the best of people in society. That's what time is about.

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And then the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, What's the Hajduk couple of sarcomeric take advantage of your health before you become ill. Now you're healthy, you're strong. You're energetic, you could do so many things. When you're healthy. You could go you could run you could walk, you could carry you could hold you could work. But then you become ill. One small, tiny Boris was struggling and you're in bed. You can't even lift a finger. So Pamela,

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one simple illness or disease, you'll be in bed, you can't even get up you need some assistance to get taller. You need someone to give you even a cup of water. You need someone to watch you. But so Pamela before the virus before the donors before that disease, you said energetic, you are going you're coming you're running, you could carry hundreds of kilograms of weight. But now you can even carry a cup of water. So

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I'm saying take advantage of your hope before you become a food.

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handler hamdulillah all of us. Allah subhanaw taala give quick recovery to every single person who is ill. But we are all healthy 70 things when we're healthy.

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So many things for us as Muslims for my hair after and for this dunya when I'm healthy, I could learn how to get closer to Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala aka prostrate

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But then one simple virus or disease He can't even prostrate anymore. And then when you have the opportunity for you to prosper to Allah azza wa jal he didn't know when he didn't even have the opportunity for you to lots of panel data you want but you can

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look what lots of panel data makes mentioned about those in the heat after

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the last panel

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descends in a way that searches glory and majesty everyone, including those who refuse to prostrate Allah subhanaw taala Juliana Geeta Allah subhanaw taala commands in this dunya though all want to prostrate Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Allah give this opportunity to prostrate to him and to those who are frustrated to him in this dunya and those who want to prostrate Allah azza wa jal in the hereafter when they refuse to prostrate Allah.

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Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala even give him the opportunity.

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Some narration say a lot of parents will make their back stiff to their feet that can be moved anymore, they can even bend anymore. Now you want to prostrate to Allah when Allah subhanaw taala commanded you to prostrate to him in this dunya refuse. Now when you want to prostrate to Allah, Allah will refuse your frustration.

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Take advantage of your health before you become you know your health and hamdulillah you are strong.

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You're healthy and strong and you could be so much take advantage of the you're walking, you're running you could carry you could go you could come take advantage of you hope dies before you become ill and he doesn't know him Allah subhanho wa Taala will strike with an illness with a disease. He doesn't know when you look at you.

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touchable Amit Subhana Allah one simple virus disease you will be in bed, if not temporarily, permanently. molars are protectors. But now it's an opportunity for us to at least appreciate what lots of panels are given us. And that's why a lot of the times we don't appreciate it.

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We take it for granted. Every single morning we wake up we come out of bed we got away with all our things but we never appreciate this moment of hope because one day I'm not gonna come out of bed or you can't even come out of it.

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So take advantage of your home and appreciate that. That's why NW Salalah they was telling me this from amongst the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala upon you that people are deceived with and do not appreciate it is the name of health. We don't appreciate it. We don't share lots of panels, no sign of appreciation they appreciate this whole day and

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we take it as it comes

00:19:23--> 00:19:31

naturally by default on healthy No. Yeah, hopefully because I want you to be healthy. And a lot of the times we do not appreciate what was

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given us and to see someone else who has a lesser status than us. When you see someone else

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in this position, but maybe one day you could be in this position. So appreciate this memo. My brother and Islam When was the last day you wake up in the morning I said that?

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I think a lot of xojo for the name and the blessing of health.

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When was the last day Allah subhanaw taala has given you the toll heavily bounties and mercy

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blessings of Allah Allah has given us that we take them for granted.

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thank Allah for the blessing of

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Allah subhana wa tada has given you your sight and your hearing and your tongue and your senses and your hands and your feet and so many so many 7970 bounces, but lots of panel data has blessed you with, that we take for granted that we don't even think

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if you want to calculate and quantify the number of bounties and blessings of Allah subhanaw taala upon you never ever reach a number. Allah has given us so much, but we thank Allah subhanaw taala thank you

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so much for the problem.

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mentions in the hereafter. Amen, that worship Allah subhanho wa Taala for 500 G's, martinis afar fees 500 years he was

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constantly obedience to Allah never disobey Allah until that moment.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't get to the gentlemen into the agenda with my mercy. So it says you're alone or respect to Your mercy but I worship God is waiting for this moment for me to enter the gender with my good days. So Allah subhanaw taala commands this girl to come forward.

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And Allah Subhana Allah commands a 500 years of worship to be put on one part of the scale and then allows the panel to Allah brings only one blessing from the millions of blessings Allah subhana wa tada has given him and Allah subhanaw taala commands that listen to be put on a part of another part of this kill. What's his blessing to Allah subhanho wa Taala commands to be born the other part of the scope the blessing of sight, see, or see, you see me? Allah subhanaw taala has given us eyes, that's one blessing. But saying with the eyes,

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saying What does ours is another blessing because a lot of people have eyes by them and see. So lots of panels are giving you a me eyes. But there are lots of panels on top of the art which is a good beautiful looking allows a panel data also given us the blessing of sorting we'll see each other so Allah subhana wa tada commands out a commandment to put the 500 years of worship on part of the scale. And only one blessing, which is the blessing of sought to be put on the other part of the scale. And then the amazing thing takes place in which the blessing of sight otherwise. Otherwise the 500 years of worship 500 years of watching my brothers in Islam is not enough to thank Allah

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subhanaw taala for the sod they had given me. That's one blessing, start counting.

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And I'll see you after 100 G's. Start counting how many blessings are lots of panel data has given me one of them is to be healthy.

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So take advantage of your health days, or your healthy days before you become ill

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take advantage of this health. The loss of Hannah Montana given you take advantage of your health and dies before you become ill take advantage of the strong and take advantage of these healthy days in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala to get closer to Allah azza wa jal before you become ill. And the third one was in a couple of take advantage of your wealthy days before you become poor. Now

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you've got some extra dollars in your pocket, in your savings in your bank, take advantage of that do something that benefits you. And there's something that will benefit me rather than you just wasting and spending your money and

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income because you don't know what's gonna happen. But a very thriving a very successful business, a good income, but you don't know what's gonna happen within a split second, you're gonna have nothing. So the problem homosassa I'm saying to you take advantage of your wolf before you become poor.

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You've got it in your hands. But you don't know when a lot of panels out take this wealth away from me at any time you don't know when.

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So take advantage of this was the last panel Donna had given you before he become poor. Take advantage of the extra dollar for you to benefit in solving this dunya he

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takes everything away from you. And then have pride just because allies are giving you extra words than others, but Humble yourself for the sake of alone. As a famous story we mentioned that one of the turbulent he says that when he was in Mecca, and it was near the Kaaba, those a man that walked into the Cabo into the bottom of the Kaaba, and it had guards around him, though pushing people are away from him and he was riding his horse or he was riding his mount.

00:24:36--> 00:25:00

And this debate he says, when I saw this scene, I was amazed to see someone having pride and a place where people humble themselves. He's on his mount surrounded by guards and pushing people away for him to do his job. And then is after the while he was traveling somewhere in a lot. He went on a tunnel or he went on a bridge platform. So he was walking on a bridge and

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So someone begging. So I looked at him and he saw his face very familiar. So you can see him I gave him some money. But I continued to look at his face. He continued to continue gazing a space looking at something that's amazing him. So this poor person told them, What are you looking at me? Why lucky, you're just giving me the dirty look, for example, do I know you deny me? He said, No, no, no, everything's fine. But you look like some other saying he's ago, he said that someone, the poor person is asking this survey. So he said, You remind me of this person that came into the hat on one day, he's a guy and he was on his mouth and he had people surrounding him and they were pushing

00:25:36--> 00:25:53

people away for him to do his job. So this poor mental that means that's me. And then he says something to him. He says, I had arrogance and pride. And a place where people humble themselves Allah forced me to humble myself at a place where people have arrogance and pride,

00:25:55--> 00:25:58

and arrogance and pride, and a place where people hung up on themselves and

00:26:00--> 00:26:00

the king.

00:26:01--> 00:26:15

But then Allah subhanho wa Taala forced me to humble myself at a place where people have pride and arrogance, and that's on this bridge. Outside the harem. People want to have the pride and arrogance. So lots of panels are hosting why because if you didn't take advantage of the problem,

00:26:17--> 00:26:20

take advantage of your work before you become cool.

00:26:22--> 00:26:24

And the fourth one, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says,

00:26:26--> 00:27:05

Take advantage of your time before you become occupied. Now you've got free time on your hands. Take advantage of the free time on your hands before you become occupied. You've got that free time. Take advantage of it, utilize it, capitalize on it, do something holidays won't pass will offer three four weeks. What did you take advantage of this three, four weeks? What did you do to benefit yourself whenever you ask for the benefit of knowledge benefit, you didn't have a family or you wasted or just sleeping, doing nothing. Take advantage of your time. Try my brothers in Islam is a Naima from Allah subhana wa tada de la SOTA promised us due to the importance of time. Otherwise,

00:27:05--> 00:27:25

Allah subhanho wa Taala even make this promise with time because of the importance of time. And time is valuable. The image services if I was to buy time with God or Buddha would go that's how expensive time is. But to us, Thomas for free. We don't even appreciate it, we take it for granted.

00:27:26--> 00:27:33

The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam he says from amongst the things that people are deceived with, and do not take advantage of and take it for granted.

00:27:35--> 00:27:47

You hope and there are two things that Allah has given you for free. What are the most valuable and expensive things that you have in your life after your religion say expensive, but because of free we take them for granted.

00:27:48--> 00:27:56

We don't appreciate them. And finally my brothers in Islam were high attack problematic take advantage of your life before you have delay living them.

00:27:58--> 00:28:09

What's the most important thing of your life and the most advantage thing of your life is that you're closer to Allah subhanaw taala and build your paradise before you die. And then the opportunity is taken away from

00:28:10--> 00:28:12

Rhonda you are living

00:28:13--> 00:28:27

right now you're living you could protect yourself from the Hellfire establish yourself in the paradise May Allah subhanaw taala in the hereafter Allah be pleased from you and aligns with who you are in the paradise rather than you learning and go to the whole point. This is your opportunity. You are living

00:28:28--> 00:28:43

one's life to you is love to me I knew a valuable thing. A valuable element, or is it just an hour I'm leaving because I'm living. I'm tagging along? No. Life to me is a great number.

00:28:46--> 00:28:50

Every single morning for being from amongst those who are living, and that's what I

00:28:51--> 00:28:52

used to always say.

00:28:55--> 00:28:59

Every morning is to wake up used to take a lot of panels out of a living again. It's a

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it's a bounty, a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala upon you, Allah subhanaw taala had granted you this gift, a gift called boy, a lot of people don't appreciate it. But we as Muslims, we understand and vary the concept of life. And that's why life to us is a precious element in our life. We think of lots of panels for every moment that we live. And we think about every moment that we breathe

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every moment that we step foot on the face of this earth before we go under the ground. Take advantage of your life before you join. Take advantage of this moment that you are living and you can do so much to please Allah subhanaw taala to get close to Allah before it takes us away from me. I'm gonna love the panel that takes us away from me. What are you gonna do when you stand before 900 again, and you'll say you're at your best date ever. Were you good deed What are you gonna say? You didn't take advantage of you. Why?

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Because one second, one second when you stand before Lorenzo's and he after one second of this world will make me

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thing to you see the second that just gets passed waste on so many wasteful things.

00:30:06--> 00:30:17

The second minute that gets passed alive that waste on so many foolish things will law he'll do anything in the hereafter to come back into this dunya for one minute just to worship Allah subhanaw taala

00:30:18--> 00:30:23

one minute will lie you sacrifice everything that you've got you're willing to sacrifice a lot

00:30:25--> 00:30:29

you're willing to sacrifice and ransom your children.

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Yeah mother and father for the sake of you coming back into this dunya for one second just to say so Pamela and come back again to the hereafter. What's life

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you know, it's just an ordinary thing. Just a normal hamdulillah I was alive yesterday. I'm alive today inshallah well off tomorrow. No. Life to me is a very precious thing. Very valuable. But the problem homosassa limb as he says, take advantage of it before a lot takes away from you.