Shaitan’s Deception

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My brothers in Islam,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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had created this human being

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Allah had created mankind, to honor him and her on the face of this earth

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and give them honor and success by them following the path of Islam, for them to acquire happiness in this world and paradise in the Hereafter, which is the ultimate success

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was part of the success.

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And as part of this honor, Allah subhanho wa Taala attaches to tests and trials in which Allah subhanho wa Taala will continue to test you from the very first moment you come into this dunya to the moment that you face Allah subhanho wa tada

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test after test after test and the biggest test Allah subhana wa tada had created and from amongst the biggest sub tests is your naps and the shaitan.

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Your enough's your inner self, your desire, your lust is a big test. And the shaitan Allah subhana wa tada has appointed and assigned to continue to whisper in your mind to persuade you and manipulate away from the path of Islam from the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala is also a big test.

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When Allah subhana wa Taala created Adam,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded all the angels and the creation and the beings of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the heaven to Prostrate to Adam, for Sergio do inlay please, every single Christ and of Allah subhana wa tada every single Angel, every single being had prostrated to Adam, as a response in obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala except the police

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except a police, the master and the head of Sharia clean, he denied, he refused to prostrate

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and disobey the laws of Hannah hautala Why? Because he said Holla

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you created this human being from clay, from mud from dust, and you created me from fire.

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So I am more honorable than this being of yours that you created from dust. So Allah subhanho wa Taala

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wanted to punish a police then and there and when in which Allah Subhana Allah died on it the costume in the hellfire. So he said

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to me, you know Allah, delay me the day, that you gather your servants to the day of judgment in which I will continue to manipulate and persuade this creation of yours that you made to be better than me.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him the opportunity to the day of judgment

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in which I thought will continue to whisper in which I thought will continue to manipulate in which I thought will continue to insinuate in the minds and the hearts of this creation, this human being to the day of judgment to make sure that this human being you will never ever acquire success, happiness in this world and never acquired achieve the paradise in the hereafter. So he's on a mission on a big mission. He hates you, he envies you. Why did Allah subhana wa tada favor you over him.

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And from the very first moment you are born, the shaitaan will come and poke you as the problem Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the Hadith.

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So from the very first moment you come into this dunya into this world, the shaitaan is a reader onto you, and He will poke you to make sure they will get the best out of you.

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And then you live over the course of time in this dunya and every single day, every single morning, every single evening. Every morning you wake up, and every night you sleep shaitan is always on to you to make sure that he persuades you he manipulates you to the joy away from the path of Islam

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to misguide you, to make sure that you disobey Allah azza wa jal because he knows that when you disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala you will never ever be successful in this dunya and you will never ever be successful in the hereafter. So Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quranic name, in the shape on Allah Kumar do one, but I do I do, Indeed, indeed. And verily the shaitaan is your enemy.

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sat down as your enemy. And we all know that by default, and naturally we all know that man is our enemy. But the problem that we have and the challenge that we have, are we taking the shaitan as an enemy? Oh, are we taking the shaitan as a friend?

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Because many times we continue to take the shaitan as a friend, we listen to the shaitan we pay attention to the shaper, and we know the shadow wants to destroy us. We know that the shadow wants to manipulate us to take us to misguidance and evilness. But we will continue to listen to the shaper and let the shaitan to get the better of us and continue adhering to what the shape on caused us to do or causes upon to commit

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and perpetrate.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala warns, and continues to warn in Napoleonic Karim in many, many different verses do not follow the path of the shape of lead that who taught the shape on a look how precise the words of Allah subhanaw taala

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do not follow the footsteps of the shaitaan.

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So when shaitan wants to get the better of you, when a thought wants to manipulate you, when the shaitaan wants to seduce you when she wants to entice you to do something, how long he takes it in steps. And again, he takes it in steps. If she don't want you to commit a major harm you will never come to you face to face society guy and commit this major harem gang commit Zina gang give me a adultery gang give me 1235 he takes it in steps he plans his strategizes he puts it into a plan and strategy and make sure that he takes it from one step to another The first step is the last step for you to ever think that one day you will reach to the may just tip

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he manipulates he's got that strategy and plan what you're putting an hour and two for Allah subhana wa tada

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the shaitaan is pulling 24 hours 24 seven in making sure that he manipulates you

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in making sure that it takes you from a minor step to a major step something little that eventually needed to be a disaster to be a major sin. It starts with something small and then unfolds to be something major

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it starts with a little little sin and sometimes my brother in Islam it's not even a sin it's might be something disliked unfavorable in Islam but it starts with something so minor so small then eventually it's to be something major.

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incentive for for America dollar anybody

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in there have a lot of blood I mean, the example that Allah subhana wa tada makes mention the Holy Quran, when the shavon tells this human being disbelieve in Allah subhanho wa Taala disbelieve in Allah azza wa jal and then when you disbelieve in Allah subhana wa tada when this human being this believes in Allah azza wa jal, when this man or woman disbelieve in Allah Subhana Allah shaitan straightaway washes his hands of them, and he says, I am innocent for what you have done, I feel Allah subhanho wa Taala shaitan fees Allah azza wa jal

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shaytani Chang, ifI alized origin, so what his problem, his problem is you, he doesn't want to see you successful in this dunya shaitan doesn't want to see you happy in this world. She doesn't want to see you content and satisfied in this world. What she wants to see is disastrous in this world set in, in this world, unhappy in this whole a failure in this world and make sure to be you are from the people of the Hellfire in the hereafter.

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So what do we do in return? We pay attention to the shaitan

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What do we do in return? We listen to the shaper. What do we do return, which I don't want us to do? 12345 we do. 1-234-567-8910

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and we know it's from the shape on

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weeknights from the shaper. But yet, we still surrender and given to the shaper. How many brothers always come up to me and say to me, Well, I've done 12345 I've committed 12345 have indulged 12345 Pamela it's the shavon Subhana Allah say, you know, it's such a fun, yes. So what did you listen to from the very beginning of a new exercise?

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Why pay attention to the shape, the shape and the shape?

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Now, of course he wants back for me. Does he want benefit or Humphrey? He wants her. Does he want happiness or sadness? He wants sadness. Does he want success or unsuccess? He wants on success. Then you fall What do you listen to him?

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What do you listen to the

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inner child wants to destroy your inner child

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wants to make you unhappy. You know, the shaper wants to destroy your life, you know, wants you to say unsuccessful. You know, I don't want you to be sad. So why do you listen to him?

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In the shaitan Allah Kumara Dhawan Fado dua shaitan is your enemy. So take the shaitan as an enemy return is not taking you as a friend. He's taking you as an enemy, so treat him as an enemy. And how do you deal penetrate an enemy you don't listen to them.

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He doesn't adhere to them. He then given to them.

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He listened to Allah. Allah, Allah you given to the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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shavon as Allah subhanho wa Taala repeats and emphasizes in the Holy Quran so many times do not follow the footsteps of the shaitan my brothers in Islam I mentioned to you before the from the very moment that you come into this dunya that shaitan is already on to you.

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Let me say unto you before you even came into this dunya from your grandfather as the mother is Salah

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continues to manipulate you, peace ye who is whisper in your mind, to make sure that you detour away from the righteous path and you're misguided so you could miss out on opportunities of success to Allah subhana wa Taala credit for you in this dunya me sir Ana paradise the last panel I had prepared for the believers.

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And I mentioned to you from the very beginning you are born all the way through the day of judgment.

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Even when you're on your deathbed

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you're on your deathbed my brother and Islam.

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You're on your deathbed breathing your final breath and shaitan comes to you while you're preparing yourself to me Allah subhana wa tada

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La ilaha illallah wa shadow under Mohammed Abdullah Saleh to be from amongst others that the final word is the Shahada. shaitan, who come to you.

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And I will say to you, in a form of war, he'll come to you in the form of your mother that passed away in a form of your father that passed away in a form of some or maybe even an emotion that you respected, who will come in the form and will say to you, son,

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daughter, brother, student, or dog on Islam, and I found to be Islam, the false religion. That's why you're on your deathbed.

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imagine the pressure

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imagine the pressure that you'll encounter during that moment that you're breathing your final breaths.

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And the last thing that you want on your tongue is a shadow Allah Illallah Muhammad Abdul Rasul Allah and he you are, you're confronted and encountered by someone who claims to be your mother and father say to you do not dawn on the stuff we don't understand when you found Islam not to be the real religion or the true religion. Allahu Akbar, big test. Big test. If you are not strong,

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if you're not impelled with a man, if you are not from amongst others, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran.

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Allah azza wa jal empowers those who believe in Allah azza wa jal and the righteous actions in this dunya in the hereafter with the power of Amen.

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What are you gonna do? Imagine that saying, imagine the position and state that you'll be in.

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Time is coming to you saying to you do not burn Islam, anything that your mother that you've been longing to say for a very long time, it's your father, they have our most respectful it's the chef they used to follow. Dawn, Dawn is the widow on Islam who found Islam to be the untrue religion. Big test.

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If there's not a man, my brother in Islam, you gotta buckle.

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If you awaken, you awaken your faith. And he befriended the shavon all along your entire life. You gotta buckle up, should you get a backhoe? Rather than you saying to Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Muhammad Abdul Rasul Allah, he might end up saying, I don't believe in Allah and I don't even believe in Muhammad.

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Was your Eman?

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strengthen your Eman right now you need a

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look at the shape on look at counting the shape one is able to shape on is it which

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tells us the story in what color shape on

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camera in Allah.

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Allah azza wa jal tells us what happens when the shaitaan enters the hellfire. And the followers of the shape on are in the hellfire. What the people say in the Hellfire everyone says the

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point fingers on the blind side thought it is because of you were in the hellfire. It is because of you mister on the Peridot, it is because of you are getting punished. So what does the shaitan say? This is a Napoleonic Karim. Allah had promised you the truth and Allah had fulfilled his promise. And I promised you, but I didn't fulfill my promise. Who told you I'm gonna fulfill my promise? You know who I am? What did you ever listen to me from the very beginning?

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And then Allah Zoda continues to say,

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American Ileana come in Sudan and Illa and out to come up to me shaitan Allahu Saito's ally saying to us what the shadow will say to the people when they stop blaming him and pointing the fingers at him. He says, I had no authority. Allah did not give me the authority. And he whispered

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to me manipulated, I didn't force you to do anything other than falsity funny guy. didn't force you to take rebar

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and force you to back boy or girl force you to lie or force you to do 12345 I only told you and he did. He should have not listened to me from the very beginning.

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And then a large soldier continues to say

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first to me, you responded to me after I've told you, fella Tallulah Mooney wallow moussaka. Don't blame me. Siobhan is saying in the hell fire. Don't blame me blame yourself. I have no authority.

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You blame yourself I told you any deed other and force you to do anything?

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Or you whisper then you listened other even tell you to listen

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to pneumonia?

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Don't blame me blame me so my enemy most recently calm. Obama and Toby masala. Hey, Tara is the guy that can help you know that you could even help me.

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My brother in Islam? Why do you listen to the shaitan?

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Why do you follow the path of the shaitan blame yourself

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and not want to be blamed except yourself?

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What do you even give any attention to the shape on when he knocks on the door don't even pay any attention. Ignore him be like

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when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says to him by Allah, if you take one path, the shaitaan will take another path

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does not even give the time of the day to the shape one, you should be like that. Be strong. be empowered with a man revolve yourself in good environments. increase your knowledge fee Allah be with Allah. Tiana turn against the shaitan and Allah subhana wa tada will support you