Yasir Qadhi – The Private Library of Sh Abd Al Fattah Abu Ghuddah (d.1997) Oxford Center for Islamic Studies

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker is touring a private collection in Oxford and is impressed by the large number of Abusers in it. They describe the collection as "has been donated by his one of his followers to the Oxford center and the library is now accessible. The speaker also mentions a large library of famous Alla claimers and a large library of his handwriting.
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I want to work at the brothers and sisters, I'm so excited to be standing in the basement of these Oxford centre Islamic Studies in the beautiful city of Oxford in the historic city of Oxford, England. And I have Chef Afifi identity with me and he is one of the great senior odema of our times in the English language, originally from Malaysia, but being based here in Oxford centre in the Oxford centre and also the University of Oxford for many, many years of Hamdulillah. He's giving us a tour of the private collection this is not accessible to the public, except with some special permission. And we have here the entire library of the famous Allauddin my llama, Shahab, Glyfada. A

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Buddha he is one of the greatest or them out of our times he passed away 10 1015 years ago, yeah, and of course, I mean, he was a very prolific author who wrote such amazing books, Gems, jewels, every book that he wrote, It is literally like an encyclopedia summarized into an accessible book for the layman And subhanAllah. He, his entire library has been donated by his one of his inheritors to the Oxford center. So we're going to take a look at some of it, we still have the original, you know, his handwriting, for example, by the way isn't just so cool. Look at this,

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shelf is going to be automatically moved and allows us access

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and take a look at the collection here take a look at how many at least seven or eight abusers will look this seven days, seven, eight days. So let's take a look at this for example. So this is the I'm just like, you know, picking this up. So this we find over here is a his famous book and Turkish you know, suffer. Hartman suffered Irma, the fame, one of his most famous books that he wrote, and if you just open it up, it's so interesting. Yeah. And he was reading this

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on a flight between Istanbul and Jeddah on 11th, September 1981. This is his boarding pass Subhanallah it's still over here with his notes on it, Allah how Muslim Han Allah. So this is, you know, what, how sorry, people, when a person gives that was dangerous a drop this when a person gives the original library, you actually find these tidbits and snippets unless people drop them on the forbidden shell is protected. And the original books that he would use are still over here. So if you open it up, you will find you know, this is his numbering on the sides over here, if you if you take a look at it, this is his numbering on the side over here, this is his handwriting on the

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side over here, you find over here that he himself would take time to write down you will find benefits at the back of you know many of these books in volumes. And now Subhanallah you know, the chef has moved on to the next life, which we still have access to his actual library and the notes that he has in there. And so this is just one of the things one of the benefits of our dilemma is that even when they have moved on Subhanallah their personal collections 10s of 1000s of books that have been preserved and the notes that they have in them and this is the reality of many Roma when they pass on that their books and their heritage is still left and preserved. We ask Allah subhana

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wa Taala to bless you have done Fatah and to give him to give him a agenda to for those and also we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless this center it's an amazing center so we have a lot of good work in shallow do another video about another aspect of the university

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