Deeds to Habit – Transforming Struggles into Gratitude

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salmonella Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah en el he was a happy human Wella and my bad As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. This is also done here with European Institute to bring you the deed of the day. So if you're a parent, like I am at Hamdulillah, then I'm sure you can imagine the bit of chaos that tends to happen in the house. I'm sure a lot of parents can imagine the messes that tend to unfold the arguments between siblings, the racing around the house that inevitably breaks your favorite vase. And so based on this struggle that I was reflecting on, I wanted to introduce today's good deed, which is how to turn situations that you dislike struggles that you're

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going through, into a gratitude in and of themselves. So how to take something that we dislike in the moment and transform it into a form of gratitude, you know, Islamically, psychologically from a mental health perspective and Islamically from a spiritual perspective, gratitude is something that is incredibly beneficial, right unless pans out or reminds us of it constantly the Prophet Komisar Selim reminds us of it constantly. And so looking for the good in different situations is very transformative. Shift Ignace a mean, Rahim Allah talks about the different stations that people can reach when they are afflicted with a struggle and something that's difficult. The first and lowest

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is discontent. The second is patience, the third acceptance, and then the fourth and highest is gratitude. Meaning being able to reflect on a struggle and view it as a source of reward. Knowing the Hadith of the prophets SLM, where he says that there's nothing that ever befalls a Muslim, nothing that afflicts a Muslim, except that it is a means of removing their sins, even if it's a smallest prick of a thorn.

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And so how do we practically implement this so that we're not just viewing the struggle as a reward? Right, but that we are also viewing the actual struggle itself through a positive lens that we can be grateful for.

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So I'll give you a couple of examples. The first is, you know, if you have been missing something in your life, and you've been constantly making dot for this something

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then transforming the sadness that you have that that dot has not yet shown itself in the way that you want it to. into a gratitude to all this past data for your ability to make dot thinking Allah's pancetta saying something like, I'm thankful that I have been given the opportunity to turn to Allah subhana data, that whatever is missing in my life has led me to connect with Allah subhanaw taala in a way that maybe I wouldn't be able to, if I did have that something in my life. So you're transforming what you are desperately wanting and feeling sad about into something to be grateful for. And then in the example that I gave earlier about kids running around in the house and kind of

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driving their parents nuts because of that, the frustration of a parent in a situation like that is absolutely normal, right? But if that can be transformed into a gratitude, where you are thinking about the fact that my children are able to run, how many parents would wish for this mess would wish for this noise? Because their children aren't healthy enough to do that. And I'm so grateful that I get to experience this despite the frustration that comes up with it because it means that my children are capable of doing this. These types of gratitudes can transform the hardest moments into something that brings you joy. And that can be really really powerful. So does that come love play

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it on? And in Sean I pray that your Ramadan is going wonderfully. I said I'm on a gonna have to load again.