Muhammad Alshareef – Taraweeh Truffles Day 6 Presenting Our Good Deeds to Allah

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a video about a teacher giving a math problem to solve quickly, even though they had previously solved it themselves. They also mention a teacher who said to a sheep that they had completed the good deeds, but they had missed the deadline and were accepted into the exam. The speaker suggests that they should be humbled by their good deeds and that they should be recognized by their partner.
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if you're in math class, and you know the teacher gives you a math problem to solve, and you solve it really fast, like it takes you like five seconds and you solve it, and you're like, I'm done. You know, as much as I do that you did it wrong, right? Anybody who just answered these questions really fast, you know, you did it wrong. But hey, it was easy. You finish up for your whole exam, you hand it to your teacher, you feel really confident. And then maybe a few days later, when everybody's getting their tests back. Some people worked harder than you did you get your test back, and there's a big F on your exam. Why is that? Because you have to understand that just because you did the work

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doesn't necessarily mean that you got it right. Just because you did the work doesn't necessarily mean that you got it right. Let's check out today's is what normally him never

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been helpful. If a power robber baron belimbing, a hottie Hema, unmute Mina

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Barnala oppo Toulon neck corner in namah. Bella who Mina dumpling.

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In this verse, Allah subhanaw taala tells us the story of the two sons of Adam Kaabil and havebeen. They both presented a sheep to Allah subhanaw taala. And then a lightning bolt came as a sign of Allah's acceptance, it struck one of the sheep, and then the other brother got angry. He was like, how can your sheep got accepted and mine didn't. And then his brother said to him the statement that Allah subhanaw taala recorded in the Quran, verily, Allah only accepts from the metalcon now understand this, that there are two sides to this doing good deeds equation, there is us doing the good deeds. And then there's the acceptance of Allah subhanaw taala there needs to be both. It's not

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just that we just do the good deeds, and then we're done. Because we might get that exam back, we might stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala and we did something wrong. Maybe we weren't doing it for the sake of Allah, maybe there was, you know, something messed up in what we were doing. So we always have to be humbling ourselves when we do these good deeds so that Allah subhanaw taala can accept from us. If you look at Ibrahim alayhis salam when he was building the kava with his son, now they weren't just like doing Hajin doing on this. They built the kava and when they were building and they completed building it ALLAH SubhanA data records what was on their tongue when they

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finished building the kava, Allah subhanaw taala says that they were saying, or a bene to Kabul Mina. Oh our Lord accept from us in Atlanta simulium. So indeed, they understood that there's two parts of this equation. They did the good deeds, and Allah subhanaw taala must accept that good deed. So here you are doing these good deeds, whether it's in the month of Ramadan, or after Ramadan, you have to realize that these are the good deeds that you present to Allah and you must raise your hands and dua to Allah Spano Donna. May Allah azza wa jal accept it. And actually, here's a really interesting bonus point for you guys. Have you noticed that on their Eid day when everybody

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you know they finish the prayer and they go around and they bear hug everybody? What are they saying? They're saying to Kabbalah, Allah minuman May Allah accept your good deeds from me and from you? And that's what it's all about.

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