Guidebook to God #26 – Prioritizing privacy with Allah

Yahya Ibrahim


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Having a private life with Allah, what does it mean to have previously between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala? Well, intentionally, it's that you are extra careful with a law in your privacy, then you are careful with what people see of you in society. And one of the things that we and I have as a habit as human beings, is we only want people to see us on the best foot in the best circumstances and the best clothes and the best attitudes, and of course of handle law, that this is something that is even more prominent with our Instagram generation today. There's a curated feeling of how we seek for people to see our life. Nobody wants to be seen in the horror that is, they're

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waking up and going to sleep, no one wants to see them at a moment of distraction when they're not ready to be viewed by the general public. But most people May god forgive us are uncaring of what it is that is observed and seen of them, by the one who fashion the made them created them give them the opportunity, the life and, and and the health and the wealth that they share with impunity, and withhold from other people. And therefore your private life becomes one of the clear criterions of your sense of guidance and righteousness that you seek to curate between yourself and a lot. And I want you and I to kind of be deliberate when we think about our privacy, I'm not telling you that

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you should now have an audaciousness and say, Well, I'm not gonna hide my sin. I'm gonna sit in front of anyone. You know, if I can hide it from God, I might as well show it to everyone. Is that what you're trying to say? The answer is no. The answer is that as you care for what people see of you, at least have some regard with a loss of Hannah, what to add, I have a sense of humility and purpose and determination to do better, to just do better with my private life and your private life. And there will be always moments in our life where we have lapses now that they have this really simple formula. They say, I'll slip my baby Neko avena law, if you are able to fix your

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private life, your Saru, with Allah, yesterday, Allahu Allah neotech. Allah will assist you in your public sphere and domain. You know, many of us we worry about what people think about us. But really, if we were to be careful with what Allah sees of us, along with suffice as and build with us in the character, that would not bring us downtrodden and humiliation in front of the general masses. And therefore, when you kind of consider Who are the people that we seek to impress the most, they're not usually people who live amongst us. And therefore some of the people that you don't have the same concern with, you might be more concerned, for example, with what your friends

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think of you than what your dad and mom thinks of you, you might be more concerned with what your work umaine think of you than what your husband or wife thinks of you if it's applicable right? Now, we are more concerned with those who are outsiders than those who are intimate and embedded with us. Why? Because we've taken them with familiarity which has bred within us contempt. We haven't thought that this is something that we should hold ourselves accountable to. And therefore I want to reignite this conversation with myself in you to begin inwardly What is your privacy with yourself? When it's you yourself? Me, myself and I What are my thoughts? What are my inclinations? What is the

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West west side of myself to myself not the West west of the shade on the whisperings of the shade on what is enough subtle amount or whatever? What is that sinful impulse in my soul? Remember, your soul is affected in three ways. One soul May Allah protect us from this isn't necessarily a matter of a soul that inclines invites crave sinfulness. Next is a soul May Allah elevated past this stage, which is enough solar warmer, a soul that makes a mistake, but blames itself holds itself accountable. I could have done better, I could have done less from this sinfulness. And the third and elevated state is an episode of mine, a soul that has reached a place of serenity, contentment,

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tranquility, with Allah, Allah Houma. dynamin heya Minami Allah, may Allah make us of them who have this elevated standing and soul between us and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, but that very debased soul is the one you and I need to be careful of, and the way to treat it. to elevate ourselves from being a soul that inclined says sinfulness, it's only way of cure is to protect ourselves in our privacy from excessive sin.

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That you combat the times of your isolation from having the impulse to do what's wrong. From resisting the need of looking at what's hot. I'm listening to what's hot, I'm thinking of what's hot, I'm indulging in that which is sinful, that you fill that gap with that which is pleasing to Allah.

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And how do you know that you're connected with a law is that your private life between you and Allah is full of righteous, rather than immoral condemnation and conduct, that what you view and what you hear and what you say and what you do has a greater measure of elevated spiritual status than not. And I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives you an eye a spiritual awakening that in my heart, in your heart in our privacy and what is indeed in here, that the taqwa that we seek and show in our private life is of greater worth and value and practice than what we seek to show and demonstrate in public, in our public portrayals of our obedience to Allah. How do I increase my privacy? Well stand

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in prayer when other people are unaware and that's why the night prayers to head your prayers. Clear moonlight is a powerful way even if it just to Raka wake yourself up a little bit before you pray to God before you sleep in shop. Pray, you're a shop maybe with your family or in the masjid and then go home and pray just to lock it in the isolation of your room that nobody knows about it that increases your private awareness and your connection with Allah. Well, suddenly Allahumma wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Habiba whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam your brother you have Rahim Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh