Replenish Ramadan #05 – Giving charity isn’t easy!

Sajid Ahmed Umar


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Let's be honest, giving charity isn't easy. Yes, we know the reward. We've heard the Hadith, but sometimes there's something that just stands in our way. So we need amazing videos, powerful material, and even inspirational stories. Here's an inspirational story for you. A sister once ran into a live television appeal, and said that she would like to donate 1339 pounds and 79 pence. Now normally people would call and donate 50 pumps, 100 pounds or even 1000 pounds, a rounded figure. But with this sister, she gave such a precise number. Why? She said it was all she had in her account at the time. Subhanallah and she was prepared to give it all for the sake of Allah in

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charity. This story Brothers and Sisters in Islam isn't an anomaly. You can find countless stories of generosity like this both in our time, all the way to the age of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam This is the highlight of our ummah. And with this, I want to offer a benefits for giving sadaqa number one sadaqa helps cure illness and affects death. Number two sadaqa eases hardships and removes calamities. Number three sadaqa is an investment in this life and the hereafter. Number four sadaqa exploits our sins number five, so that is one of the gates of Jannah number six sadaqa will be our shade on the day of TM number seven sadaqa purifies the self and helps us achieve

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righteousness. And number eight sadaqa is a way to earn rewards after our death. Remember, these eight benefits when you're not sure about giving sadaqa remind yourself that it is like transferring money from one account to another from your account in this life, the dunya to your account in the next life, the era where the deposits of that account are multiplied. And when you realize this and fully comprehended, you will never look at Charity the same way.

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