Replenish Ramadan #02 – What are you looking forward to Ramadan over a Matyr!

Sajid Ahmed Umar


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If you were to ask some people what they are most looking forward to in the near future, depending on the circumstances, of course, some would say their graduation, the day they get a new car, or perhaps the day they move into a new home. A lot of young people would say, the day they get married, and others would perhaps, say, the birth of the child. But how many of us would answer that we are looking forward to the next month of Ramadan? Not many, right? And yet we find Subhanallah from the Hadith, that a person who has lived to see let's say, 50 Ramadan, and then we have another person who has observed 51 from Avans, they cannot be the same. Now what does this mean? Well

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imagine one man dies in the year 2000, as a martyr, and the other day is just a regular death, but one year later in 2001, with both experiencing the Ramadan's diligently throughout their lives, who do you think enters paradise first? You'd think it was the matter right? But the answer is actually the man who died an entire year later.

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Strange. Well, one died a martyr, and the other simply lived an extra year. But because of that extra year, that man was able to fast and pray and do good deeds during an entire added Ramadan. That is why Brothers and Sisters in Islam the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the difference between the two men is greater than the difference between the heaven and the end. So now that Allah has allowed us to be alive to witness yet another month of Ramadan, let us apply the famous adage bohart or go home.

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