Sajid Ahmed Umar – Interview – Setting a Vision for Your Life – Muslim Life Hackers

Muslim Life Hackers presents this exclusive interview with Sheikh Sajid Umar on visioning. A wise man once said, a candle illuminates but light focused is a laser and a laser cuts through steel. This is what the vision does, it focuses us. It tells us who we are, it tells us who we are not, it tells us why we do what we do, why we do not. Having vision is very addiction. Once you get it, you will hate to live a day without it. This is what makes a visionary different to a person who isnt. Sheikh Sajid Umar Questions Asked: Can you define what it means exactly to have a vision for your life and setting a personal vision? Why is it necessary to have one? How does it benefit us? What sets apart a person who has a vision and a person who doesn’t? What if a person has a vision of simply making it to Jannah (the highest level) and so paves out their life with that in mind. What are your thoughts on this and how would you be able to merge this with the vision setting spoken about here? Can you tell us how you were inspired when creating your own vision? How long did it take before it was crystal clear? Was it ongoing process that you tweaked over years or something you wrote up in one go?

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