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Eid Lecture/Khutbah

September 14, 2016


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The importance of acknowledging and praising people for their contributions to the message of Islam is highlighted in the "will" of Islam, which relates to actions and actions. The "will" of individuals is also discussed, including the "will" of individuals and actions. The "will" of individuals is centered around honoring the culture and finding honesty. The transcript describes the confusion and misunderstandings surrounding actions and the importance of honesty in media coverage. The "will" of individuals is centered around finding true honesty and staying with truthful people.

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Sri Lanka Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salli wa sallam Alma Rosa rock metal RME Nabina Muhammad Ali he was having a woman named Tiger we had a

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love and affection vikita bill Majeed, Bernie Hill Hamid

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Aparna rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim what's beautiful kitabi Swami in the muka naka de Palma de Vaca. Nora, Sudan, Libya, Papa tada was gonna fill kitabi Brahim in

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the funding via so that the lovely lovely, honorable scholars respected brothers elders and the esteem listeners of radio Islam International, as humans, every one of us without exception by our very nature and temperament, we love to be appreciated, acknowledged and occasionally complimented. I often say it is easier to help a grateful human daily than an ungrateful human. Occasionally, a person who acknowledges appreciates reciprocate. You don't mind doing the man a favor daily, but a man who doesn't reciprocate and acknowledge it's a tall order to help him once a month also, it's a hobby came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said, Oh Prophet sallallahu wasallam I

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often engage in prayer, motivated by the pleasure of Allah. But when I perform my prayer, people compliment me and while I enjoy the praises, look at how candid how honest they were, I pray for Allah I prostrate for Allah. People make the odd comment Mashallah brilliant, amazing, great Salah, and I enjoy it. Is this a whisper of my Eagle or is the spine the messenger sallallahu Sallam said, till garaje lu bush.

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That is the advance glad tidings of a believer in this world, that people are pronouncing profound and positive statements when you're not motivated by that praise. And let me sound A word of caution here the difference between the attribute of a prophet and the trait of a devil, a prophet is one who finds it within himself the courage to acknowledge others, even if they are he they Julius. So between the two prophets Musa and how to Masonic Salam was a more senior prophet of Allah. But his brother Harun was more articulate. So he was quite open and bold, he said was he Haruna who upsample Mini lisanna my brother Harun is much more profound and articulate in speech. But when it came to

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the trait of the devil, is an unassailable meaning, I am more superior and noble to the devil. We live in a world dominated by the passion of fame. Everybody wants to become famous. And social media has only escalated it. It's all about how many hits how many retweets how many follows congratulate the man, as if that is the real world. Today we speak about the man and from his life, we derive a lesson that if you and I and the 1000s that converge and congregate in many that you're over the airwaves, if we can internalize and imbibe and I'm gonna change stripes today, in the lead up to this day we've heard in the Juma lectures, and at this very venue, we've heard the actual essence of

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the slaughtering, some change in focus, but on the life of Ibrahim alayhis, salaam, among these many supplications one of his daughters, wah, wah Lee leaves us with a thin film, Philippine, oh my lord, post my demise, Grant me great fame and recognition that people may even speak about play. Let people talk about my legacy, decades, centuries of lapse, and Ibrahim is so alive he is so alive, that even if you close your eyes and you go to Makkah, every breach of the cover will stay you and it will be Ibrahim. He is so alive that there's no other topic that suits this day other than the life of Ibrahim alayhis salam, the Arabic poet said, but Morocco Oman Oman Matata mockery Mohan was

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a common thing Nancy, um want to do. Some people have died a physical death, but their legacy has kept them alive for centuries, and others are physically alive. But daily 1000s are wishing for their death. You make the cold who's alive and who's dead. Some have died a physical death, but after centuries also they are alive and others are alive and people are afraid a so and so died, took him longer. I've been praying for that man's death from a long time I've been praying for a long time. So the Quran says regarding the legacy of Ibrahim

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oufit dunya

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dunya we compensate

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To him in this world, and the remuneration of Africa is separate. The Quran is replete with the accolades the achievements and the feet of Ibrahim and a Salaam 63 different verses across 25 different chapters. Let me just speak on two verses and it focused exclusively on my topic.

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Allah makes reference to Ibrahim in one verse is the Pilar la hora boo Aslam. This is a synopsis of the submission of Ibrahim in the Quran. A father tells his son or brother tells a fellow sibling, you do me a favor, is like, it depends what you ask me. I can't give you a blanket. Yes, husband tells his wife if I tell you something, when you get offended, when it just depends what you're going to say. I can just say yeah, I don't know. No, but now he's itching to say, as when he's itching to say something or vice versa. He wants to say he wants to split it out. And his wife is like, depends how it's going to go. I make if you make buts. Allah told Ibrahim, will you surrender?

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He didn't say it depends what you ask a lot. It depends what you tell me. I've surrendered a lot. Because I leave my child I'm happy because I put the knife on my child. I'm happy. And let me let me make a statement here. That will never say the most supreme sacrifice in the annals of human history is not the killing of oneself, but it is the claiming of the life of one son, if I hypothetically, lie to tell Abraham kill yourself, Scotland stellars that's milder between the two. Although there are very few to oblige to that command, the verse of the Quran, the fifth chose

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Allah him a nipple to do and forsaken. And if we had to ordain upon them to claim their own lives, very few would have surrendered. But if Allah had to impose this command on Ibrahim, relatively comparatively, it was milder, why? The thought of killing yourself is a painful exercise. But once you slit your throat and you claim your life, it's over. But the thought of killing your child is a painful reflection from the time you receive the injunction, you execute the injunction and the years beyond, hence the most supreme sacrifice. So today I share with you two things from the life of Abraham and his smile, my opening comments everybody's searching for fame and recognition. Allah

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gave me primally some fame like no other fame beyond our eye in our mind, to things with which the Quran identifies father and son was good Phil kitabi. Ibrahim, no Mohammed Salah is and tell them about Ibrahim, everything of him was amazing. But if the Quran highlights something as salient, he was a very, very honest man. He was a very, very truthful person. Honesty is out of the window today my brother, the messenger sallallahu Sallam said in Tama Lila speak the truth and instantly you see calmness in your body. It will give tranquility to your body, what innocence

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and honesty will lead to virtue and virtue will take you to paradise. What in hell gives mareeba and live a life of hypocrisy of inconsistency of lies and deceiving and deceit in camouflaging and disguising. And then what happens instantly, there's anxiety, there's depression, there's uneasiness, and then it takes you to vice and ultimately it helps you into hell. This con is tell us we appreciate the profound nature of a command and the gravity of an offense in relation to where a lot features in the Quran about academic language. But let me put flesh to the theory. What La Ilaha Illa iya and your Lord has ordained that none be worshipped but him. What if Sunnah, and be dutiful

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to your parents? So the scholars say the importance of servitude to parents is so profound that a lot of couples it's mentioned with mono theism, that the doctrine of one Allah when Allah is speaking of super important things, worship me. That's the time Allah say be kind to your parents. When it comes to the utterance of a lion sutra, Hydra sutra has 2 million Muslims gather annually and May Allah accept everyone's had. But how many of us are honest, how many of us are sincere? I'm only focusing on this attribute of Ibrahim and Allah will give us respect in this life and in the life to come. The life of Israel if time permits one quality from his life as well. A brother said

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to me, we were about to strike a deal. My partner took me to the Kaaba, he swore allegiance. He took an oath in front of the Kaaba, I'm going to be honest in my deal, I'll pay you. He says a decade has left the man hasn't given me a cent. a white lie in front of the Kaaba. When it comes to lies. The Quran says budget enable Regina semifinal our son, watch attorney bucola Zoo abstain from idol worship and

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Coupled with that, Allah says abstain from speaking ally. Allah appears lines up with idol worship, the most despicable deplorable detestable offense. The Hadith in Bukhari Sharif, the messenger Salaam writes a letter to the Roman Emperor. At that time it was soufiane in his caravan were there. The Roman Emperor asked the people president any one of you knows this man, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Abu sufian said, horrible, nasty, nasty on behalf of module. I know this man very close. He says to the translators sit him down I want to ask him in cuisine and engaging regarding the life of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. If we want to contextualize the nature of this interview, it

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is probably the biggest media house interviewing the most hostile infidel at the most sensitive moments in our history regarding the life of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, Abu soufiane spearheading every anti Islamic campaign hirakata Roman Emperor, the interview is regarding Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam What does abuso fiance look at honesty my brother in law he low level higher mean a through a cabin in the Caribbean? Whoa. That was the one day in my life. I was tempted to lie. But I had to make one of two choices. This is a non Muslim, by Allah the two millions that gathered the Kaaba, even if one 10th of them gather but they are honest in their dealings sincere in their actions, the

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destiny of the samba would have been different, the landscape of the super would have been very different. By Allah I was tempted to lie so that the king is not impressed on the legacy of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, but then I will have to contend with the stigma of a liar. And I'm afraid I cannot take and blemish myself. A lot of the employees impressed and accepts Islam and nobody refers to me as a liar. He started the interview cave Vanessa woofie come tell us about the lineage of this man Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Abu sufian said Well, I must be honest, I don't like the man but he has a very very noble lineage, who was seen as less severely Mohammed bin Abdullah bin

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Abdul muttalib been harsh in bin Abdullah bin per SE BIN killer bin more Robyn cap in a bin hardly been further been Malik the number of bin Keenan have been Jose mob in Madrid COVID in the US, with mother Vanessa have been added on we don't learn the lineage and ancestry of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how can I mean he was the king or a monarch in his ancestry? No, as often as he

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who follows him? Is it the prominent and the elite or the simple the simple people held content that will give me a call? Did the man ever uttered a lie once before Prophet would? This is no you know, I mean, I must be honest, he hasn't spoken alive. Okay, well, then the interview is done. What do you mean the interview is done? If the man has not spoken a lie to fellow humans in 40 years, he's not going to get up one morning and start lying against Allah. If a man never spoke alive for 14 years, what's going to tell him to get up and convinces the prophets?

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Etc. Abu Sufyan said this was the only niche I found I could infiltrate. This is how media can sensationalize. The truth is that Mohammed says I'm never deceived. But because there was this resentment and hostility in my heart, so I was manipulating, and I was playing with the words and the semantics. So what I said, Listen, the man hasn't yet deceived. Heaven knows what the future holds. Anyway, he said, If what you said is the truth, that man will rule over my land that the just jump to the car. I will do everything within my reach to wash his feet, whatever. So to answer the way he Abu sufian said, I exited from there. And I said Lockard Amira, Abu Dhabi CAPTCHA.

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Many companies in the face of Mohammed has prospered that even the Roman emperors are trembling in their boots came the conquests of mankind expediting the very Abu sufian due to his honesty, Allah bless them with him on and he became a Sahabi the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim on the day of the arm of mankind in its entirety will be subjected to three horrors you observe unnecessary artificiality. The focus is the life of Ibrahim the highlight is on the state. The outcome of that is recognition and fame in this world and in our setup, and if time permits one quality of the life of his smile is Salam.

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So people will come to say to them, Listen, we're in a crisis. Can you ask Allah to start accountability? Well, Raja cumulocity abiko doesn't try your luck elsewhere. I earn eight from the forbidden tree, because of which I was expelled and, and subsequently, my children and my offspring were expelled from gender. What I can do new and go to new

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In the creation in its entirety in the scores in the multitudes will come to you at a salon down to LA. I made one curse the entire Earth was wiped out. This is not my my courage and my strength. try your luck and go to a salon. Then to Ibrahima, a start up the entire creation will come to Ibrahim the hadith of Bokhari, the man whom Allah said is studied. He will say, listen, listen, you people have come to me, and I appreciate you presented the request. But I spoken three lives in alumni life. On three instances I spoke alive. I don't have the courage. And I will explain to you briefly This is not a lie. It had a superficial flavor of a lie. It had an external flavor of a line, but

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this great Ibrahim alayhis salaam despite his many accolades, feet and achievement, he back steps on the pretext of a supposedly you and I speak white lies my brother, how will we say before a lot, how will we present ourselves before Allah? What are the three lines what the three suppose it lies of the prime minister and because of which he will backstep in the team, the entire nation is going out for a festival. Ibrahim join us Let's go. No, you know what brothers, you guys carrying on man? I'm not feeling good. I'm feeling unwell. The word Arabic in the word settimo in the Arabic language means physically unwell. Whereas at that time satana Rahim was physically sound he was emotionally

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unwell. So, we are not distorting fabricating. But yes, there are two different meanings. I am referring to emotional, you know, emotional not feeling well, and they assume you need to be physically unwell. In Arabic we refer to this as tolia does simulation in English when the messenger salario son was going for a job. Abubakar was with him. There was a price on the head of a salon. People don't know who's this man. He said my guide He's my guide. People thought he's guiding the path. Abubakar reference meant he's guiding me to paradise. So that's fine. That is the real initiative. I'm sick. You guys carry on. They go. They go. In the interim, a primary Sam comes to

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the idols and he breaks them up. chop them into pieces, while a confessor furuno cubby and he hangs the x on the big idol when they return our loom and voila, Allah has Avi Idina Tina in Abu levinas bonemeal who has the audacity to do this, who has the audacity This is ludicrous. This is preposterous. This is bizarre. Oh, there's a young boy and they call him Ibrahim.

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Ibrahim, some Eb some Ibrahim, call this Ibrahim and the Quran says todos semi certain he was a young boy, he was a young boy, if only our US can channel the US objectively. Mr. Mohammed says de la Hasan

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is an

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alcoholic Bharani and easy diplomats Allah Allahu Khan in the law school, you have sharp attorney Casa de de Lucia whom in Italy and during the Kabbalah Mullah. Mohammed says I heard from Hasan Who said I heard from his mouth is Who said I heard from Natty and Bhavani. Who said I heard from Mesa. And yes, even a mesa said that Allah says Oh, young men worship Me occasionally. But restrain your ego. You and my melodica will rank equally my eyes. Bring Ibrahim in front. Ibrahim is someone and he's brought in front and

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center. Brian, we need to talk to you. This is not on. You didn't join us. And when we come back, the angles are broken. put two and two together. Hang on. Have you been operating here? And did you do this? Look at the psychology of and maybe look at the wisdom of an OB primary Samson. Wait, let's just hang on. Why don't you speak to your idols? Ask them first. Probably there was some mutual rivalry happening here. And the big man decided to dominate and take the stage. You can see the x's on his neck. While you're asking me speak to them. The words of the Quran first alone in Ghana.

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First alone as your idols. Now look at Brian's wisdom, his vision is fortitude. They like what the defeated don't deprive, you know when our gods are still not talking.

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Ibrahim In

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your opinion, these are the words of the Quran.

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Look at the menuki Suhana Ooh, see him? They dropped their heads down. La da, da da, da, da co prime. I mean, you don't you don't need to rub it in man. Oh Gods on top. Maybe one day we'll get there but for now they don't speak. Ibrahim said well, with one breath you say they don't talk and with the other breath you still worship them or silicone

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Silicon Valley.

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To you, you confess the feebleness of your diety yet you prostrate to the same item object in an easy way is your logic ways you're sensitive. Then your primary salon said Ben fabula who kabiru Hamada, those big idols, this big idol. And in the footnotes of Jelena, it's written so beautifully, it's academic language those who appreciate Arabic will comprehend it. For in mela Yaga nuptse e

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ke for yet federal OBD II and

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for in amandla yet an F C, E and K so yet

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the idol that cannot take out an axe from its neck, where is it going to avert a tragedy from it's supposed worshiper?

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So Ibrahim pointed to the idol and he said the idol did it. That was the second line. Because the truth is a bright man is an updated again the scholars tell us this was a superficial life. Let's not lose focus. We speak in on the aspect of the honesty of Ibrahim on the day of the armor. This is no no not me, not me. Ally refer to him as honeymoon a wahoo, Mooney, honeymoon tolerant our one or two he says it has 15 meanings. Mooney, one who repents to Allah perpetually cannot own a nation in submission. shukran grateful we can just count and count and enumerate. So they refer to this as is not the majority, that when the prime minister said the idols did it, it's just like an employer who

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dismisses an employee due to betrayal due to non performance. And after termination of duty. What does the employer say? I didn't dismiss you dismissed yourself. A student who was non compliant, which results in his expulsion, you expelled yourself. He's like, What do you mean? I explained myself, I'm begging you to enroll me Why must I expel myself? Well, your action resulted in your expulsion, and this is precisely the metaphorical reference. Ibrahim made this idol deeded meaning this idol provoked me to do it. Now, what's the Arabic what's the English proverb? When the debate is lost and slander becomes the tool of the loser? When the debate is lost, then slander becomes the

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tool of the loser. And in Arabic, they say as pseudoscientific inanity Balu, the last arrow in the King scobys, I will kill you. Oops, look at the time I haven't even gone on to the life of his mind at least. Anyway, now what they do, let's get him into a fire. So they drop him into the fire. Look at the 20th juice of the Quran for Makana, Java, Tommy, Ella and Kanaka todo

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la mina na, they prepare this fire and they throw Ibrahim and they catapult him into the fire. But this is an amazing explanation into the uncouth into serious money. They earned him into the fire. It can be quite a daunting exercise, if you want to, you know what flogged someone or hit someone and you're trying to inflict injury, and that person is smiling at you. You know, as a teacher, sometimes you want to show and he's given you a straight look. So it can be quite an uncomfortable where you want to flex your muscle and he's got a bit of more clouds you show in your mind and he's smiling, and the kids are having a good laugh. You throw him into the fire. He's like Thank you,

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brother. It's lovely. I'm having a good time. But look at the steadfastness of an epi. After they do what they wanted to they exhausted they depleted he comes out of the fire the Quran says to India Jews May Allah give us steadfastness what Allah in don't mean don't lie outside my word data benei conceal hypotonia he resumes the dialogue of the wikid which had started before him been hurled into the fire, which resulted to him being held as soon as he came on. He said continuing with the discussion that I was telling you people that you mustn't worship idols Allah, Allahu Akbar, you know, you should not leave them now. They want to burn me now. We must move out No, no, and they'll

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be continued his mission mission, May Allah give us that strength. Coming back to the focus of honesty, you might ask how do we achieve honesty? Well, the simple answer is my brother. Stay with honest people break away from groups and networks and social networks, where people lie when it's a norm to lie. You come home, you lie to your wife, you go to work your life you lie a job, you you speak lies throughout your days break away from such people that the incident of the Quran loudly explains the taboo. The messenger sallallahu wasallam exhorted the Sahaba to come in their numbers. And they come they were five categories. Those Sahaba who responded immediately, there was a group

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of Sahaba who were hesitant and subsequently oblige, and Latina terbaru who Hisashi nostra membaca de marca de Vaca, Luba Sarita Minho. Then there was a

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third group of Sahaba

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who did not participate but they were excused. They didn't have funds they didn't have means. Then there was the fourth group of Sahaba 10 Sahaba, not 310. Many people think there were only three that is allowed in omega murghab in Ruby and can't be married. They were three whose Toba was put on hold but there were 10 in total

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fubu became harder to

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win the Navy returned and this is key my brother my focus from the life of Ibrahim is honesty. When they returned when they return from the book, then Allah tala for one reason the Manasa t not going to come and they're going to make a host of lies to you tell them we don't want to listen to your lies. And oh Mohammed sossaman Oh the videos even if they flew you and even they impress you with your lies, and you get happy I am still not happy with them. Remember my brother you can convert No, no, I took a custom I said this to my partner. I said this to my boss. I said this one lie held the Quran and I convinced him the Quran said for in Dhawan home for in love Allah.

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City. Those who speak lies. Regardless of how you hoodwink avail people, you can go to bed knowing your allies unhappy with you. That's the unequal vocal declaration of the Quran. So when they return, three Sahaba seven had repented immediately three had repented. Subsequently, they Toba was put on hold momentarily. Ultimately, they Toba was accepted. But when Allah accepted they Toba, Allah gave them an injunction. Allah said, I have accepted your Toba. But now in future, I want you to be with honest people. In future I want you to stay with honest people. I want you to sit with truthful people why? I've wrapped up your Toba. I've accepted your Toba and when Governor The olana

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was performing the future player after 15 nights and labs

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in La Jolla. And we ask Allah to bless us with that moment. And he says I was in such that and I heard someone saying she reacted beside Rio de la la comunidad como dub you couldn't have a great day, three minutes whoops. You won't have a great day than this day. And that is Allah has blessed you with forgiveness and Allah has accepted your Toba. And that was the day of acceptance. Now why did Allah tell them to stay with the truthful, two explanations given amongst other owing to the lack of time, I will restrict myself to this tool. What is it the motivation wellness, it's that with the honest people, the first explanation given those Sahaba that were genuine and sincere and

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honest, but did not participate. There's a subtle reference in desire, your non participation was due to closeness and proximity with liars. Because you set with this modality in some capacity. It had a negative spin on your life. And that's how you also stayed behind. Otherwise you are sincere, my Sahaba you are truthful. But you're hanging around inadvertently the Sahaba were too pure. You were hanging around with people who lie and they distort for them lying is a trade that is there. they pride themselves what lies so in future disassociate, break away from liars, those who live a life of lie and distort in corruption. And the second thing is,

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remember, you were rescued because of your honesty. Governor of the Atlanta said in Nima and Johnny la Medina, the city, we're in them in Dover de la Ilaha, Illa Zipcar that Allah rescued me ultimately, it was because of honesty in the end, okay, I went through a tough period. What they say in English lies is like a painkiller. It gives you peace for the moment, but it damages your pancreas and it kills your kidneys. And speaking the truth is like a surgery. It's a painful procedure. But ultimately you recover from your surgery, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to bless us with this quality of honesty that was found in the life of the prime minister in the life of his

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smile, I wanted to speak on the quality as the Quran says saw

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that he was a man who honored his worth but time has not allowed us on the note of kermani I leave you with a reflection and then I conclude inshallah and then the prayer will commence. We use the verse often Leonardo da Lu Maha Maha we're lucky enough to climb into a verse of the 17 judahite Allah says the blood the flesh the meat of the animal doesn't reach Allah, but it is the sincerity of your heart. This is my humble explanation that I often give in my dogs and in my lessons, and I share it with you You're

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a father takes his kids out. Let's go nowadays it's difficult because each one is on himself. But anyway, let's assume the family is all together. Boys hop in the car we going out of goes the dead. Okay, it's a day out. What would you like you want the candy yours again you you like a chocolate lovely you you want to ice cream. Wonderful. That advice for each one. What they want

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Hoping to the guy and the dads driving back. And he's like, okay, who's gonna give me a bit of a chocolate? I just want to have a bite? Or can I indulge in the ice cream? And that one is like, my ice cream is finished. My chocolate is not so tasty. and other one is all dead. You don't need a snack. Take the old Beckett, man. Take the whole back end. And the dead is like Listen, my kids, I don't need to ask you. I bought it for you. If I wanted, I could buy another one. I don't need to ask you. Well hang on my allies saying I don't need your flesh. I don't need your car. I don't need your sheep. I don't need your lamb. You belong to me. Your money belongs to me. The animal belongs

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to me. I only wanted to see which child responded when I said who's giving me the ones that hear from me. Well I give you more my baby I don't want I bought it for you. Alliance, a lady and her love and Omaha

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when I said slaughter I just wanted to see who springs up allow him up I'm ready. I'm doing it all keep it yourself slaughter you feed the poor people. I'm happy I'm happy. That's all my allowance to see. And FICO will play Bochy, Marcus Upton and Zippo Minh play Bertie maka septum ami mas Regina communal art. I am doing you a favor to accept have the courtesy to give me the best Alliance buy us all are suddenly Lughnasa demand