Dear Sisters, this is for you – Shawwal

Mufti Menk


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The speaker discusses the importance of fasting during the menstrual cycle and the need for cover to ensure proper use. They suggest that cover should be in the month of Shawwal, but cover should not be in the month of Shiva. The speaker also encourages people to grant themselves goodness and to not be saddened by cover.

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Now my sisters, the question is what should I do first? Should I do my leftover fasts? Or should I do the chawan? Fast? There are several opinions of the scholars, it is preferred. Obviously, some say you should do your Kadar first because that's fine, it's compulsory, and then you can do your Chawan later. And some say that for as long as you've done the six fasts of Chawan, you have a leeway to do your alarm for several months, it doesn't your cover doesn't have to be in the month of Chawan. So if you connect those opinions together, I think you should try to do your at least six fasts within Chawan which would be the six months of Shiva and try and make up as many of the kava

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that you have. But if you haven't made up all your kava Inshallah, well, don't worry, you can make them up as soon as you can, inshallah. So may Allah make it easy for us, I thought I'd clarify this because they are other opinions, we respect them. But this is something that I found would be much more practical much easier as well. And there is nothing to say that your cover has to be in the month of Shawwal. Okay, but the six months of Shawwal have to be in the month of Shawwal. So from an evidence perspective, it would be more appropriate to say exactly what I've said. Now, the people who say it's compulsory to do your QA first, they base it on the fact that, but QA is fourth. But

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then again, cover you've been given the leeway to do it up to perhaps even the next Ramadan, in some cases, or at your earliest convenience. May Allah make it easy for us. So this is why I'd say, my sisters, don't despair. Don't be saddened, Allah make it easy for every one of us and grant us goodness. And it's something that really needed needs to be addressed. And here I have addressed it. You do have that's not a leeway. That's an instruction from Allah Almighty to say, Hang on, I don't want you to fast. You say Oh Allah, if you told me not to fast, I'm not going too fast. And I know I will be rewarded for obeying your instruction because the reward is for obeying Allah's instruction.

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May Allah make it easy for all my sisters going through the menstrual cycle or any other issues those who are pregnant and expecting those who perhaps have other health issues, whatever else it may be those who are mothers who are breastfeeding, may Allah make it easy for you, my beloved sisters, and May May we be from among those who are more conscious of this type of, of the people who go through all of this