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So now I can recommend to library Academy directors and sisters Welcome back to the first shorts. We are going through the lives of some of those individuals who we only have a few paragraphs about but they have lifelong lessons for us but the light Allah to not just honor them, but also to better our own lives and Charlottetown be more pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala So, last time we spoke about the law of injection of the law of data and a famous commander, someone that goes down as the first Emir in Islam, which is a lofty title someone who is very beloved to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and someone who that we don't have too much information about we certainly can see right

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away how notable he was and of course we spoke about his sister have not been rejection or be the love and jack who is famous for you know, the other incidents and Abyssinia and I want to say from now that Xena bint jahsh will be alongside and how we will have a long episode about her in season two inshallah. So the reason why I'm not speaking about her here is because it is a rich biography. But in the night Tyler, and we will have a long episode about Zainab bint Joshua will be allowed to Anna, who would of course go on to be the wife of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. There's this one individual and I could not really decide whether just to include him in the other episode without

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the law or to speak about him as an individual. And I decided to speak about him as an individual for the reason that he really is distinguished and that he is sort of known as within the Sierra the other blind companion. And when I say that, that in some of the narrations about our beloved McCune, it'll be a lot of data on how this companion shows up as either being there, or the same ions that were revealed in response to our beloved or McDormand or the Allahu taala and who are applying to this particular companion. And he's one of the first as well and his name is ABD even Josh also by his Kenya by his name nickname Abu Ahmed. So Abu Mohammed add a bin jash or the Allahu taala and who

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the brother of Abdullah bin Josh or the Allahu Allah and who we spoke about last time, now he is a very interesting person Subhana Allah so let's let's sort of go through the basics number one, like his brother, he's looked at as one of those who converted on the hands of abubaker. So the equal the Allahu taala and who so as a family now, they are converting to Islam and they are making the hidden images how narrates he says kind of a woman holiday, a little Habesha Mahajan, Abdullah brijesh had if any of these jumps, he said that the first person to go out and migrate to avicennia so when you talk about the first of the first here, the first person to migrate with the migration, the first

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migration to Abyssinia was the love and Josh who was a head IEF Of course had his allegiance to Benny on the chumps. And he said that he took with him early he he he took with him his family and his brother and he was a boy adamant about the long term. Well Canada in the HU l 30. I didn't be Sofia, and with him was unfairly I didn't be Sofia, or the Allahu taala and her so Abu sufian daughter by the name of Al fattier was married to a boy I met while the alarm of Thailand also while the alarm tada and home and another daughter of abusive Yan, who you don't hear about much at fattier, it'll be a lot of time on her. So it's interesting because you have heavy metal the law on

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her the daughter of bubble Sophia, who of course would go on to marry the Prophet slice. I mean we have lots of information about her, but an fattier interview Sophia Modi a long time and he is the wife of Achmed injection of the Allahu anhu. And they were the first batch of people to go out to Abyssinia and to migrate for the sake of Allah Subhana was is only think about really a first of a first you know, the the fact that these were the first people that were escaping persecution and undertaking the first hits. Now what this spurs is what gets very interesting here. So how is it that I met, who is a blind man marries the daughter of Abu Sufyan. This was for two things that we

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can see. Number one, it was solidifying the allegiance of the jash family to the tribe of Sophia. That's number one. Number two was the wealth that the jash family had. Okay, so let's let's go through these things. inshallah. So one of them is the tribal Association sort of solidifies it. The second one is the the wealth that they had, when we talk about,

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he doesn't appear to have been born blind. The way that I've loved no MK total the last time and it was, however, very early on, lost his vision. And one thing that he was known for that's mentioned about him is that he used to be able to go around Mecca without any support and our house was very hard to go to it's

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to its hilltops to go to its mountain tops to walk through its valleys with absolutely no help. The lady caught it. And as he would go around Mecca, he actually had this this poem and he says hubbardton Mecca Mecca terminology that what a blessing what a beloved Valley Mecca is be highly rewarding. It hasn't it my family, my my guests, my visitors it is it is those people that that come back to me and I go back to them so what a beloved place Mecca is and how beloved to it is me how beloved it is to me for it has my family, my people are there in Mecca. And he says, Be her torso for attardi, we have um she de la Hardy, he says my roots are there in Mecca. And in Makkah, I

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walked without any guide. So it was very interesting to people to see of walking with Olivia lhota and him being able to walk around Mecca and maca is not an easy surface pauwela and do so without any help whatsoever without any guide whatsoever. So he was known for that. Now what we find what he's most famous for is actually his house.

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a blacksmith will be a long time who had a home within the high within the place where all of the Jack's family had their homes, and their homes were precious homes. They were looked at as the most valuable homes in Mecca. And we see one narration where Abuja and requipment Abu Dhabi I went there and they took the homes of the jash family once they heard that they went to Addison in Abuja had went into a home that belonged to them and he started to take the belongings within that home and he started to sell it remember the whole thing about the caravans and what took place without the love and actually a lot of time on home. And that particular rate you know, the first people to have

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their belongings stolen and then sold off were this family and so when the profit slice of them saw that it bothered of the love and jackal the Allahu taala I know what happened to him. He said to him, Allah total blah, and you're all to Allah who be had doubt on that agenda. Are you not pleased that Allah will give you a home in paradise for the home that was taken from you. So the prophets lie, some was comforting the the family because they were the ones who were having their home stolen first. And so they were guaranteed a home and paradise for the home that was taken away from them. But what really bothered me in particular was that the man who stole his house was his own father in

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law. josephian. So Abu Sufyan took his house and he sold his house and everything that was in it, and he kept the money and this used to bother a black middle of the law town and her for his entire life. And you know, so you then have sort of this long period that passes by where there'll be a lot of time and who moves to Medina and spamela, the way that Allah subhana wa tada would planet, he would be the one that would outlive all of his siblings. So it was sort of understood that he was the one that was most in need amongst his siblings, but he would be the one to outlive all of his siblings, he was not able to go out and battle and fight due to his condition. And so the famous

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narration of Abdullah matomo, the Allahu taala and, and the Quran excusing the disabled, but at the same time, those with disability are given the same reward. It is mentioned in some of the toughest series that this was in regards to both of the loving omec tool as well as a lot of the a lot of data at home so it doesn't fight in the battles. He's excused. He lives in Medina, he outlives our beloved Joshua obviously outlives obey the law and Joshua died and Abyssinia and when Zainab bint jahsh on the Allah tala and her marries the Prophet slice alum. He gets to serve as the Willie of zenodo, the Allahu taala and her in marrying her to the Prophet slice lm. So this is a beautiful

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honor to have as well, that he gets to occupy in doing so. And you can see, by the way, and there's a reason why I'm trying to group these companions together. There's a close relationship here between the family of Abu Sufyan and the Jewish family. Right. So we talked about Habiba and Avaya, and here, you know, we have a very similar situation here with where he is actually acting as the Willie of his sister, and marrying her to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So he had that honor, as well. And he lived throughout the entire period of Medina, he comes back in Makkah in the conquest of Mecca. And one of the things that one of the instances narratives are very painful

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incident, that look, I mean, he was still very upset about his home being taken. So we know that Abu Sufyan at that point had repented. He was from Tula thought he was from those that were granted amnesty. And you know, Bygones are supposed to be bygones. But he was still very hurt over his home. vagina, you'll you'll see her so he went in front of the camera, and he started to shout when she will be law. Yeah, Benny Adam enough. He said he started to call out to Benny optimum enough, and he says healthy, we're on Sheetal Billa. You have in your abdomen, enough daddy. So I'm coming.

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planing about Benny optim enough I'm calling out calling you by Allah subhanaw taala reminding you of our allegiance reminding you of my home of any of them enough. And he particularly, you know authored these these long lines about other soufiane about the regret that he would feel for the property that he stole from him. And the profit slice I'm sorry, or if mom will be allowed to an animal to Akhmad and he said something to him. So I walked him out of the alongside and he got down off of his camel, and he sat with the people and they never heard about that home hunter luckily a lot until he met Allah subhanho wa Taala once again, so obviously there was some comfort that was

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given to him that look, you know, this is something that has been done. And this is something that was done in the past, your compensation is with Allah subhanho

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wa Taala the Allahu taala and he lived a long life and Subhanallah we see that he would actually outlive his sisters ain as well the alone time. And in the falafel vamana raha pub, or the Allahu taala and who we actually see the emotions of a blacksmith, or the Allah Han who going to his sister's body. And he, he insisted on being one of those that would carry her body to the grave and almost all the time and one to relieve him from having to do so from having to carry her body to the grave, and somehow analyze the people crowded to try to take you know, the caffeine or take the the the body of zenodo the law and have the janaza obtainable the law of tanana, he insisted to be the

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person that was holding on to it. And he said, this is the woman by whom we obtained every neram all the buttock of the blessing that we obtained through her by her marriage to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that comforts us from the pain that we are feeling so almost all the time who allowed him to be one of those that was carrying the janazah of his sister, our mother, Xena, conjectural, the Allahu taala on her. And that was where almost all the a lot of Thailand who then descended into the grave and they took the body of Xena mindjack she will be a lot harder on her and he led her janazah May Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with them all.

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Or the Allahu taala at home, would die sometime after that we don't know the circumstances of his death, but certainly Subhana Allah to have another companion like our beloved Nomex and while the alongside it in the sense that you can see the honor that he occupied the the way that Allah subhanaw taala assured him through his difficult circumstances. And we see here as well, the way that he got to be amongst that first group of people that made his run for the sake of Allah Subhana what's Adam a loss of hundreds I'd be pleased with him and reward him and his family, and Chatelet to Allah. The next time we're going to be speaking about Zainab bint hoceima are the Allahu taala

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and her Xena conjecture the Allah and her because as I said, Xena Josh we will have a long discussion on her but with Xena Benzema will be a lot of time and we don't have as much information and we'll see you next time how she is related to this blended family and how our mother Xena Benzema is also an example for us. I'll see you all then inshallah. Does anyone know Hayden listen Ahmad ecom Rahmatullahi wa barakato