Abu Eesa Niamatullah – How do we respond to Fitnah

Abu Eesa Niamatullah
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of belief in trials andulations in their lives and how it is crucial to not be overly pessimistic. They also mention the role of Putin in settling trials andulations and encourage individuals to make sure they are ready for them with a template that can only be accessed from clubs.
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A Muslim the promise of life seldom said method.

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But the example of the believer is like a young lady is

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that the wind will continue to blowing, but it will blow with it will bend over, and it will keep swaying back and forth back and forth. While there is a limit when you see we will develop an unbeliever who is afflicted by trials and he takes it as they come every time one comes to take and we say, Well, nothing when I have an example of that is like surgery when I was like the big heavy tree,

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zoo. So Danny, it will soon as it comes soon as the trial comes as soon as the wind comes, it approves it boom in one go. This is the role of Putin in our lives, trials and tribulations they come they make us stronger. But the real strong believers The one who actually has such a foundation, but yet understanding enough flexible enough to be able to negotiate these trials and tribulations every single day. This is the

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this is what we're going to teach ourselves to understand and identify these trials. And then make sure that we're ready for them with a template that can only come from the from

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the clubs

Look at this tree, and look at the poster for this new Tafsir class. Which hadith does it represent in how we respond to fitnah?

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