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Said Rageah
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a culture where Allah was asked about his birth and a local theater or su de la he was watching a television program. The speaker warns against using logic to convince someone to bring evidence and emphasizes the importance of finding one's own truth. They also discuss various topics related to Islam, including celebrating events, a new mayor, a race of horse racing, and a woman who wants to hurt the speaker. The importance of evidence and finding one's own truth is emphasized, as well as the need for comfort and history to achieve their goal. A messenger named Jesus suggests that a woman should not say anything until she learns more about the situation, and a woman should not say anything until she learns more about the situation.
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It means celebrating the day the birth of the public.

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The Messenger of Allah was as a Muslim,

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was asked about Monday.

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And he said that was the day that I was born. That was the day that he received a revelation.

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And he used to fast. Monday's one of the reasons it was the day that he was born the day that he received the revelation.

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So if anybody would like to celebrate the birth of the province of the law of the birth of the or the Modi than the visa law, and he was and now let him fast or her fast, Thursdays and Mondays

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when comes the yearly event that we have fasting, I mean, celebrating the birth of the puppets in the long run, he was suddenly

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they are there are eight different opinions

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on the day that he was born, the famous one

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is Robbie 12, and a one

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There's also 27 of Ramadan.

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There's also fourth of Raja

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there's also a 12 for Ramadan is also Shabbat. So all these dates,

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they have, you know, evidence some of them may be strong, some of them may be not.

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But what is more important than that? is

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said, kinda local theater or su de la he was watching hustler. Indeed you have in the messenger overlocked excellent example

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and allows me

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to obey Allah and obey the messenger of Allah

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and the messenger overlords in the long run, he will send them he said, any condition that he

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or she didn't hold on to my tradition, the addition of my coda, in a handy mean authentic, aided by even a Tamia, the messenger over lost and adding condition that he was sitting at the authority, hold onto my center and the center of my family, even though they may say the hustle, hustle.

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All of these are hard even if they are indeed detailing us and showing us how we should follow the messenger overlords in the long run. He was sending them

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I'm asking the boss who's sitting in the masjid

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Is there any proof? any proof that the messenger over lost celebrate his birthday?

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If you say yes or no.

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Is there any proof that aboubaker

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the Messenger of Allah instead hidden Buhari mean Howdy.

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Ibiza, Aiden Hold

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on. No, come to maciejewski then honey.

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de la, the

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melody of a buck. You say the people that I can never repay them back. One person can never repay him back is our bucket of Cindy. Then he said Welcome to Motorhead and

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if I were to take honey that to her to Buckingham in our pocket as 100 as the most the most beloved one, what I can say he will call honey

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bucket in his celebrated version of the messenger overload. Now, anybody can claim is that anyone who can claim that we love the messenger overlock more than Abu Bakar?

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No, none of us.

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Now if they didn't celebrate, all of them did not celebrate ashampoo Machina celebrate, then we should not follow any other method with any other party because they are the best people to follow. They are the best people to follow. I'll tell you a story.

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When comes to Sharia, when it comes to D

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You can never ever take anyone's opinion other than the opinion of the messenger overlock.

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A young man hurt this young man

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Was Abdullah Abdullah even Ibis he overheard Abu write a saying and listen to the Hadith anyone listen to it

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over what I say?

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Sen Torah surah lies in the long run He will send them a

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message set enough

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messenger over the last set why they should report it? What How did you say hey?

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He said naipu from everything that fires been touched

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a young man by the name of the light in the long run

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he said Yeah. Are you telling me I should make whoo, whoo, are a food that is hunted for me in the book of Allah. Yama huayra Why should I not be pulled out of honey?

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If If you bring ice

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and you warm that ice with fire with flame?

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Well, that ice was touched by fire.

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So his understanding was a young man his understanding was well, if I make water with that water, I was you know, you know, was the size that was melted because of the flame. That means I had to make Udo from that

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era dinner party with this young man. He went down to the ground.

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He grabbed his

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little pebbles, rocks.

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And he said, sin will be added he had I swear by the number of this little rocks that are happening.

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In the cemetery Torah sold on the long run he was suddenly pneumonia *. What must Saturday now make blue out of everything that has been touched by touch by five.

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And then he threw the house up.

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And he looked at the young man.

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either had to come

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over Luckily, enough in how large the us with this young man, either.

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When I tell you something about the messenger Overlord, don't use your logic.

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The Messenger of Allah said we make will go out of this deal.

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The whole of Russia Don't do this. We don't do it.

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We have no evidence because it's an act of rebellion. It was done by them. We don't do

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Anything you should say on how to

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bring the evidence if you're telling the truth. If someone says we should celebrate and this these are the evidence, and I am worthless.

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We will take it no question.

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No question.

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Some kind of law. I'm also sharing

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you know the word

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tribe from Yemen.

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And they had something on the messenger overload when he realized they work together on a human he was an admin No, he said they are off me. And I am what do they used to do? When a father comes when you know drought or hunger or famine or anything comes they used to bring whatever they have in the central point. Everybody would bring food This will bring this just to bring brightness will bring you know meat and then they will cover it and then everybody will put their hand under the cover and take something

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and that will be enough and the mission your own law was so impressed with these few said they are on me and I am over there. I love that.

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He went to a mustard

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mustard promo.

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When he went to the masjid he found halaqa

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another circle, third circle, fourths or big circle.

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And then he saw people, one of them he has the have the little hustle each one of them wanted that right.

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And they have

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a they have someone who is instructive and he will say a new mayor or say that either in the law 100 times and they will say no in law in law

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law in the law 100 times, then come to me and say tell me about

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He knew There's an artist in town as a scholar,

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and in the presence of someone of any being in town, you do not speak.

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So, they went,

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they went

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and he went to the house of upper abdomen or the lower

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and he went, man came out. For con.

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Man, I have seen something unusual in the midst

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of the rock man, he covered his faith.

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And he came to the mist and he saw what the people were doing with his own eyes, because nowadays we have MK T's who will give a tear away by just hearing things that is not even true. Not even true.

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But he wants to make sure and be certain of his verdict.

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When he came, he served in the Hannukah and then he uncovered his face for

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what are you doing?

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They said yeah,

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we are doing

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one law

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one of the two Either you are better than Amazon the law while he was settling and his companions or you are opening gates, or the strip or fitnah Korea

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one law he meant other than

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say what

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we what our intention is good. Winner committing Zilla in domestic winner, gamble. Winner drinking winner backbiting any one winner cheating, we doing Vicar of Allah? How could that be wrong?

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Color coming, moody?

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How many people have good intention that they never achieve? Do you think these people go to the church every Sunday?

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Every Sunday and these Jews people go to the synagogue every Saturday? Do you think they have no class?

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Do you think these worshipping cows? They have no airfloss?

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Do you think these people are worshipping a using angels? And they have no influence? They have? They have a lot of times more in laws than a lot of Muslims. Do you think this missionaries who will go to Africa go to Asia and learn in extremely difficult life to spread their religion? Do you think they have no it was for the D they do.

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But they missed a target.

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For the D to be accepted we need two things.

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And mutanda

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we have to have evidence from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we have to have sincerity.

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Iman is like any these two are wings for the deep bird cannot fly with one wing. No bird would ever fight with one wing. So you have to have them both.

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So these things equity

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are things that we must have evidence from

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from the form and only then we can implement and no one loves. Aristotle likes a lot of money. He was like

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no one, when I'm going to be asked once upon a law in the Battle of bed.

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When he or sola can line up, line up, get ready for the fight to get ready for the enemies. And then some had a lot of sweat. He you know, put a chest forward. He just put forward

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and the messenger will go back and he poked him

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so lucky.

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You're hurt me

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and the messenger overload and they say oh no sort of law. A law sent you with the truth.

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And you hurt me I wouldn't mind.

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I want to hurt you like you hurt me. I want

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some hands on law

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and visit your overlord. He gave it to him. He said okay.

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He said I also love you poke me in Exposed Area, direct skin contact, you covered yourself. Lift your hands up and be lifted up. So the lower I leave, and then he can cause that he brought his belly and he kissed

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he kissed and then he said

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hamanaka What did you do this? You say? Do you see the enemy? I don't ever get a neat. I just wanted to be the last thing that I touch your skin. Yeah.

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I just want to touch. Once I've been

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sad when an idea, or the alarm on the man who said to him, I'll give you one of my Well, I'll give you one of my wife when he in the back of the messenger overlock condominium

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and one of the Sahaba he jumped. And the messenger overload. He said, when you find him

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code level in naresuan, law.

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Messenger overlock is giving it and he's asking you kafer wadjet alhaja.

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And then, this man who was searching between the dead and you know, and the people were killed, you know, is flipping every movement, every move, you know. And finally,

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he said, If sad being a lesbian is still a life, he will respond to this call

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for Korea, sad, you raise his voice.

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In normal school of law, he suddenly in a panel, he say or sad messenger. Allah sent me so I can talk to you. And he said I heard extremely weak voice. He said hoonah and I'm here because you're the messenger.

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I came to him and the man is almost ripped into pieces.

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I said I went down on my knees and I said in another solo la

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casa por cada

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uno de Kamp. Did you find the promise of your Lord?

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Yes. Well, unsolved is a terrible unsolved

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looks upon Allah is dying. He's never like, you know, I want you to give this to my wife or to my children to my family. He said goodly unsolved. Now.

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In the law. He said, You have no excuse in the sight of a law. If some harm gets in the mess in your overlord with whom

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he says you want to use still as an idol.

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And some harm comes to the Messenger of Allah, you have no excuse undesirable.

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That is true.

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Also have a look missing your overlock like that and more.

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After his death, they bury him and fall tomorrow the last one that came to the family. And she said yeah, unless your nerves allow you to vary the messenger overlong under the dirt. He said we're lucky if we could. We kept what can we keep him between heavens and earth. But Allah is the one who revealed to your father min.

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Where he had no real woman hand only you can tell

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is a for the love that we have. This is what we could do.

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BIT bit too. We've been there from attendant Giovanni shokan. Jeff Padma peanut

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allergy Obama era. Yep. We know that. In Canada, denier legal nippo. for FEMA, well, you know, when

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he said every time that we remember the law, our hearts bleed,

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and we get sad. And the memories of yours is about to kill us. But the only thing that gives us comfort or gives us comfort is the will remember when we remember that it was it was difficult for you to speak to us to meet you in this life, that we will meet you on the day of your Sunday.

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So if What if we learn those people who love the messenger overlock that much they did not do this. So for us to do two lovers to log in is to follow is D is to follow when he left Abdullah

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Abdullah him in the Roma and then sneezed in his presence for conda and handling that and Abdullah even Ahmed said your hammock a lot and another man who was still alive and he sneezed on and

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was selected

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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didn't see

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the man said,

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Man, and because the knew they were the Sahaba

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and perhaps there is a big chance that the deal would be accepted. He said, Yeah, man might be brother. he sneezed. And he said, and you said him, to him your hammock a lot. I sneeze. And not only that, I say that but I said, was Salam ala rasulillah.

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He said, we were taught what to say, when the ones that sneezes says.

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And we were taught what to say, when someone mentions the miss the name of messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, but we were never taught what to say, when these two are mentioned together.

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Do you see how you know? critical? They were about the Dean of the law? Say I don't know. I cannot say anything. We will not told him these two were combined together. We were not told what to say. Therefore, I'm not gonna say anything.

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I won't say

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as that is what we should do if What if

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I'm the lucky winner. Masaru yeppoon.

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who adds suggest brings takes away from the dean overlock anything from the Dean of the law. He claimed that the messenger overlock the trade the message, he did not give the complete D

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Why? He said because Allah Khan and human acumen to the convener were summoned to

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what led to Islam Medina today I have perfected your religion.

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A co2 narrated me now I'm sorry in the month

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of no

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matter the way now read it.

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I'm gonna go hop off when he said when he when he hurt the eye, he cried.

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And the messenger overlap among Yukiko yahama. For Yasuda, la Nisa back within the committee.

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He said why don't you have to hear that I? He said because nothing after perfection except perfection. So for us, what do you feel that we should not or should not add? take anything away from the deal. leave it as it is. And that is if the Sahaba did this. We should celebrate

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more than we can ever imagine.

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Concerning this, we should not say anything.

A lecture about Mawlid by Sheikh Said Rageah at Masjid Al-Rawdha on April 6th 2013

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