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Important Question & Answers On Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed in Malaysia


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of focusing on one's actions to avoid becoming a virus and regaining strength. They stress the need for a focus on one's actions to avoid becoming a virus, and encourage the audience to pray for their parents. They also discuss the concept of ego and arrogance, which is a disease that causes people to fall in love with something. The speakers emphasize the importance of reinterpreting one's love for someone and finding a balance between giving and giving, as it is crucial for one's health and success.
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Okay, we have a, we know, one person's question is probably another person's question. I do not have a timer. So it will be great if the organizers can time me and let me know if Time's up. So one person one question only

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know, one person's versus another person's question. So ask whatever you want to ask. You know, I'm delighted to Yes, Bill has kindly agreed to answer your deepest, darkest questions that you really want to ask. We don't get her much. We don't get her here in Malaysia often, and we hear you on YouTube Alhamdulillah.

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Okay, so anyone

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out there? Might you have to come to the main point here, you?

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It's not my effort. It's not my effort.

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You know, are you Do you have a question? Okay. All right. No problem you can.

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So now, I

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mean, just to tell you amazing to have you here.

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My question to you is,

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I don't know Allah created us extremely weak. And there are times where we have struggles, we know that God can help us. But we can always have a boosting session like we had today. I mean, at that particular moment, when you have no hope, or you just tend to because we we tend to forget that what insane is, how, what is the formula you can use at that particular time at that particular instance? which will give you the strength you're talking about? Because that's what human beings do they tend to lose the strength. How can we regain back that strength? How can at the time of problems, how can we regain back that particular strength, you're talking about

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See, this is what we oftentimes forget.

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If we want to be close to Allah, during our hardships, we need to be close to Allah during our EAS.

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The problem with human beings, like the sister said, We are very forgetful, we are very impatient.

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And we can easily get distracted. So what we do is when things are easy, when we have the ears, when things are going the way we seem to want,

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we turn away from the remembrance of Allah or we slack in in it. We don't do as much vacation, we don't make as much. We don't remember him as much. So what happens as a result is our heart gets farther away from

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now the calamity strikes and our hearts is far away from him. This is why we have trouble when it strikes. This is why we don't respond properly right away. It's because when we were in ease, we slackened and we got distracted, and we moved away from him. And we felt like Oh, good, I'm safe. I don't need to make as much da I don't need to read as much. And I don't need to, you know, my prayers, I'm not really focused as much.

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That's the problem. But if we were always having that regimen of staying close to Allah, always having that, that that dose of Vicodin of remembrance of aim of knowledge of your worship, then when the calamity strikes,

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it's much easier. You see, because our heart is with Allah, our heart has is already near him. And when you're near a law, the calamity is easier to take. Even when it's really really heavy. If you're near a law, it's easier to handle. Our problem is we don't stay close to refuge. We leave the refuge as soon as we see the storm leaving. We don't realize that we're always in need of that refuge. Okay, so the key here is focus

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On a law in your ease, so that in your hardship, it's made easy for you. It's the same.

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It's the same lesson with our prayers. By the way, a lot of times, we feel like, I wish I could focus better in my prayers. I wish I could have more for sure. I wish I could have more humility and focus in my prayers. But when we don't realize is that if we had more focus on Allah outside of our prayers, it would be a lot easier to focus on him inside of our prayers. Because our heart is the same. You know, all of a sudden transform your heart, as soon as you say Allahu Akbar and start praying, you're the same person that you were two minutes before you started praying, you're gonna have the same concerns and the same focus. If that focus was a law all along, then your prayers,

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it's going to be a lot easier to have for sure.

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Next question.

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Have the answers

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that are mildly common?

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I'd like to start off by thanking you so much. I mean, I really love you for the sake of our live the times I said I love you for the sake of Allah like uncountable. Okay.

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Sorry, I just, I had to mention that. For whose sake you love me love you.

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Okay, um, I wanted to ask concerning. I mean, if, like us, we were ones not. I mean, very good Muslims. And then now we are in hamdulillah. But then for the non Muslims. I mean, throughout life, I've met people who are so good, but then are Muslims. But we're so good. And then I'm lucky enough I want it to be good. And I have Allah and Allah had done. So for the non Muslims who don't know Allah and want to become a good person. And we're so good work even better than the Muslims out there. I mean, how are they judged? Would they end up going to hell?

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This is

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the question of the question of who's going to hell and who's going to heaven is for Allah to, to answer not for me, what we know is that Alesis paddle dial it tells us that he does not accept COVID he does not accept ship. And we know that we need to, as Allah tells us why letter mutanda illa, Anto Muslim, do not die except in a state of submission to Allah. So that's what our goal is, is so that we and helping others try to only die in a state of La ilaha illa Allah, but in terms of who specifically is going to hell and who specifically only ally knows, only Allah can see the hearts anyways. And only Allah knows what that person state will be at the time of death. Because we are

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told in a Hadith, that there may be people who spent their entire life doing the deeds of the people of Jenna. until right before they're about to enter it, they're an arm's length away from it, they do the action of the people of jahannam. And so they enter. And on the other hand, there are people who spent their entire life doing the actions of the people of Gehenna until they are an arm's length away from it. And so they do the actions of the people agenda and so they enter it. What are we to learn from this howdy? Two things never lose hope.

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Never lose hope because you never know what will happen. Maybe Allah will guide you guide that person and at the same time, never become complacent never become so overconfidence.

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That Oh, I'm, I'm going to heaven for sure. Right? Or Yeah, my heart is guided. You know, I'm good. Never ever, ever become like that, because even the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the drive that he made most often was Yeah, that ponderable kulu. cesspit fluvanna Allah DNA Oh Turner of hearts and the word pile means that which turns by its very nature. Oh Turner of that which turns the heart. Keep our hearts firm on your D this is Prophet Mohammed sigh send them how can we feel like we're safe?

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The hearts turn. And we're told that it can be that someone wakes up in the morning as a believer and by the evening they're a disbeliever

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and the other way around, can be a disbeliever in the morning and

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believer by the night. This is how the heart can turn. The lesson here is never lose hope but also never feel overconfident and, and always seek Allah humble with humility. The moment you become arrogant, and this is a warning to me first and you, the moment you become arrogant in your religion, and think that you're better than others, or think that what you have and what you do have you're a bad that is because of you is the moment that it gets taken away from you is the moment that Allah will humble you in one way or another. So be very careful. Be very careful of self righteousness. Be very careful of arrogance. Be very careful of looking down on others. Be very

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careful of signal I'd never do what that person did. I'd never be like that. Be very careful of taking credit for your own guidance. Always think Allah and be humble and always realize that at any moment, your heart could turn and we asked a lot like the Prophet so I send them young Oliver kulu said that phenomenology.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. My name is Mohammed, a friend from International Islamic University Malaysia. I have a question and maybe this question is out of context, not a bit by lot.

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You got to hear this first. Okay, one of my non Muslims, one of my non Muslim friend asked me, Do you believe that your God possess the ultimate power? Yes, we believe so. But then he asked me, Why does he create an angel to help him? Meanwhile, he can do anything he want. And he can do anything he is by his own? So why does he need help from angel? Hope? You're going to answer this with logical thinking, because no one can give me an answer that I can satisfy to it. Thank you.

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They didn't answer but I'm not satisfied with that.

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Bismillah I'm not really sure why he can't find an answer, because it's a very easy answer. Allah doesn't need the angels. Simple. Allah subhanaw taala. First of all, one, one correction in the question itself. The question says, your God,

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your God, guess what?

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He's your God.

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He is the God of all creation.

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That's first, second, he is eligible, a he is the most rich, the self sufficient. A law does not need anything. A law does not need anyone. And the fact that there are angels who do things, by no means meet the by no means is that because Allah needs them to do it, what do they lack? That would completely contradict the definition of who Allah is.

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I might be able to, and I'm perfectly able to get up and get myself a cup of water. But I still asked my kids to do it for me.

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And Omar is high above any analogy.

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But the point here is very makes no logical sense. The question makes no logical sense. Because that would mean that every time I asked someone to hand me a cup of water, it's because I am physically unable to do it myself. Does that make any logical sense? It doesn't follow so this person may need to reconsider their own logical understanding.

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It's not a proof the fact that I asked someone to do something for me, but that's not a proof that I can't do it myself. That's a jump and it's not logical.

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To love ricotta. Firstly, thank you so much instead of for your speech, really inspiring? Well, after I actually stood here, you actually sort of answered my question while I'm standing. But since I'm here, I would like to highlight a very important issue you actually talked about, which is ego and arrogance, which is I think it's a disease.

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The society around the world, especially our brothers and sister we face to a level that we give ourselves the right to judge each other. I mean, unless parents are that is the law for him.

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And everyone does mistakes. No one is perfect not mean that you're not no one in this hall. In fact, profit, sometimes mistakes. And arrogance was always a reason for being forbidden from a region

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like Virgin Atlantic and Africa.

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But yet people do change people improve, yet we give ourselves the right to get them. Oh, no, she did this before. Maybe she did that. Oh, yes. So she's bad person and so on. Now, what is your advice or your steps on your tips for us to take away our arrogance from us? Thank you.

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You know, like I said before, and I'll reiterate this,

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every single thing that you have every act of worship that you did, every good deed is not a gift from you to Allah. It is a gift from Allah to you.

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Allah is gifting you by allowing you to stand up and pray. If you for one moment think that you're doing a lot any favors by praying, then you have a serious problem. Allah is doing us a favor, by allowing you to pray. And it isn't because you're better than anyone else. It is because Allah is so merciful. And the Lord loves to give gifts. And so he gives us gifts, not because I deserve it, not because I'm better. And if I think that it is because I deserve it, and I am better, it will be taken away from me, in some form. Were told in a hadith that when you ridicule another believer, or your brother or sister

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of something, you will end up falling in the same thing. You have to be very careful of looking down on others, not only because it's an expression of a disease in you, but because it will come back to you and you will be humbled. You know this, and you probably have experienced or observed this, that anytime a person was arrogant about something or looking down on someone for something that they did or didn't do. time You know, it comes back and that person ends up falling as well.

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This is the son of a lot to show us that it was never because of me it was because of Allah. And the moment a lot takes away his gifts I collapse.

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If Allah leaves us to ourselves, for the blink of an eye, we collapse. The Prophet size lm used to say yahaya para Matic esta v falletta. Kill Nila nuptse. For time, he used to say do not leave me to myself for the blink of an eye. And he's Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam.

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Be very careful about relying on your own righteousness, your own deeds, your own efforts. Never ever think it's because you are something and other people are lesser by no means it is a gift and you should every day thank Allah for it many times a day, thank Allah for it, be grateful because Allah says, while I in Chicago, as either naccho when you are thankful and grateful, he will increase you. But when we're in California to the end, nada de la shaded, but if you are ungrateful, then his punishment is very severe.

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The result of ingratitude is that Allah takes away the blessing.

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Santa Monica,

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my question is about Taku I have a bit I have a lot of confusion in this. And basically, Allah, how Allah gives help in various ways that we could sometimes you could never imagine. How do do we refuse help from everyone because we just want help from Allah. But what if the help from the people is actually the help of Allah? Thank you for taking time today.

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To clarify,

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to clarify, I said that we do not reject the means. Remember, I said that we do not stop acting and putting an effort remember, but the problem is when are different

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attendance is on the means. Do you see the difference? You might take medicine and go to the doctor. But you know that it isn't the medicine or the doctor that cures you?

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Do you see the difference? Yes, I have a headache. I take medicine.

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But the medicine itself is not what cures me. The medicine is a tool. A law is a chef is sheffy. Allah is the one who cures a Shafi He is the one who cursed me.

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When I want prevision doesn't mean because I know Allah is at rosov, Allah is the provider doesn't mean I don't work, or I don't look for a job.

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No, you work, you look for a job. But you know that your provision doesn't come from your job, your provision doesn't come from your boss, your provision comes from Allah and your job and your boss are just tools. They're just means we use the means. But we don't depend on the means to understand the difference. We use the means we use the tools, but we don't depend on the tools.

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So yes, you cannot seek the help of a doctor seek the help of a friend seek the help of the people a counselor, but you realize where the source of help comes from

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Salaam Alaikum ccsp. Being here. Now, sometimes when I think about

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repenting, or when I think about a lot, it makes me sad. And I cry, for example. And I've got comments from friends who are also Muslim or non Muslim who see me crying, and they feel that I'm always tied, for example. And what makes them the impression is that this relationship with Allah is always making me upset. How do I convince themselves fully as and as a result of that they sometimes postpone, reclaim their heart because they want to feel happy for the moment. So how do I

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convince others that now, reclaiming no others besides myself, but now, by reclaiming my heart, I can attain the greatest happiness?

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You said, You said it. Here's the thing.

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We think that we see with our eyes, right?

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We don't see with our eyes we see with our heart

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and soul, the heart is the actual lens of how we understand the world.

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Just like any lens, if it's dirty, you're not going to be able to see things properly. If it's worked, you're not going to be able to see things as they really are.

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If someone hasn't worked on reclaiming their heart and giving it to a lot and working on purifying the lens, they are going to see black as white and white as black. Because the problems with the lens.

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That person who has not cleaned the lens is going to see a person who cries to Allah as being depressed.

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The person who cries to Allah as being sad,

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and does not realize that it is in those tears to Allah is the greatest happiness. That's the real happiness.

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ebook for the line was called Alba care.

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He was called Alba cat, the one who cries a lot. It's an exaggerated form of the word, the one who cries a lot, oh mother, or the lion had marks on his face from how much he cried.

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Moreover, one of those who are given the shade of Allah on the day when there's no shade, but Allah is the one who cries to Allah in seclusion.

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How can we possibly say that there isn't the greatest happiness and the greatest honor in crying to Allah. This is the legacy of our prophets, peace be upon them.

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We have a problem if we think that that sadness, you know what sadness is. Sadness is when your heart is so hardened, that you can't even cry.

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That sadness, you want to know sadness, that sadness.

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And you think that happiness is in eating a good meal?

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You think that happiness is in getting some fancy new clothes, or that happiness is in driving a certain car? That is sadness?

00:24:46--> 00:24:52

Because that's not the happiness of a human being with a heart. That's the happiness

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of an animal who eats and drinks and reproduces and that's the happiness of an animal that

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Happiness of a human being is the higher happiness.

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And that's the happiness that comes from giving your heart reclaiming your heart and giving it to Allah.

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The the heart that is that is farthest away from Allah is the heart that is hardened. And when the heart becomes hardened, as in North Korean Rahim Allah writes, then the tears, then the eyes become dry.

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When the heart becomes hard, like a rock, the eyes become dry. That's what we should fear. That's the real sadness and death that we should fear because the heart is dead.

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Cell armonico.

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Okay, I read your blog says they asked me and I've read on this, why do people have to leave each other topic? And that brings me to this question. Okay, as as time goes by, and things happen, such as our parents age, or something happens to our spouse? So I would like to find out on how do we handle a situation like this a sickness in a family member, or loved ones. And you talk about false attachments? How do we detach ourselves from such bonds? bondings and yet remain remain being familiar as a filial wife or a daughter?

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Yeah, that's my question. Thank you.

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Mrs. Miller.

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A lot of times, people,

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a lot of times people confuse attachment, false attachment and love. They're not the same thing. In fact, they're completely different.

00:26:57--> 00:27:18

True Love is never based on false attachment. Because false attachment is actually about dependence and fear. It's about fear of loss. It's about the fact that I am dependent on you. And so when you are attached to something in that way,

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you become needy. And in fact, that type of attachment is selfish. You know why? Because it is not about what I am giving to you. It is about what I am desperately in need of you to give to me.

00:27:37--> 00:28:02

When someone is too dependent on the creation, it's like someone who's starving. The person who's starving isn't giving away food. The person who's starving is begging for food and constantly wants to take, do you understand the problem? That it's about taking attachments are about taking

00:28:03--> 00:28:33

love for the sake of Allah. True love, not based on attachments and false dependencies is about giving. Because you know what, you're already full inside. What fills you inside? Is your relationship with Allah. The one who is filled by Allah can keep giving and giving and giving, even if they're not getting anything back from the creation. Why? Because they're getting back from Allah.

00:28:34--> 00:28:41

That's the real love. That's the healthy love. That's the unselfish love.

00:28:42--> 00:29:21

So we have to really redefine, because sometimes people think oh, detachment means that you're going to be cold hearted. No, it means that now you are the most generous person with your love. Because you're not giving like a beggar anymore. You're not a beggar anymore. So who's always trying to take but instead you become rich, inside, rich, rich inside because you're filled by Allah. The one who's filled and sufficed by Allah is the most rich person. And what do rich people do, they can give and give and give.

00:29:22--> 00:29:44

Except here, the source is unending. Allah is the source and Allah never runs out. So you're always rich inside, you're always full. If the source is something else, that's why you get empty. That's why you burn out. That's why you can say I can't give anymore. I just can't give anymore

00:29:45--> 00:29:47

because what's your source of fill?

00:29:48--> 00:29:52

Your source of film is the creation so it runs out.

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

True, true. You know, the best of wives the best of husbands the best of sons.

00:30:00--> 00:30:22

The best of daughters, the best of parents are those who are not dependent on their family, but are dependent on a law. And then when they love their family, it isn't that selfish love anymore. It isn't about taking, it's about giving, because they're rich, and they're already filled, they're not starving.

00:30:23--> 00:30:40

It goes back to the idea of the needy friends, remember, you have the needy friends, the needy, you know, family member or whatever. And then you have those who are just, you know, you have that relationship, and it's just kind of like, really for the sake of a law.

00:30:41--> 00:31:03

And there's none of that, Oh, you didn't call me and I'm mad at you. And you did this. And it's like, constant drama. Right? Do you do notice that those are the unhealthy relationships, the ones that are based on independence, and neediness and attachment. Those are the ones that are not healthy, and they're like very full of drama.

00:31:04--> 00:31:34

Whereas the other relationships where it's not like that those are the stable ones, am I right? And those are the healthy ones. This is how we should love in yours in the situation where there's a hardship and you're asking how to deal with it. Turn to Allah. Make the increase in your remembrance, increase in your supplication and ask the Lord to take care of you and your family. And you'll be able to feel peace. The more that you turn your heart to a law, the more peace you will have inside.

00:31:37--> 00:31:46

hamdulillah see many people leaving it's a bit late now. Let me see how many more people I can allow to give to ask questions about

00:31:48--> 00:31:49

one more. Yeah. Okay.

00:31:53--> 00:32:37

Thank you. Councillor Montero Hi, my name is Nora. I am the assistant to student from University of Malaya. Well, as a student there are going to be a lot of assimilation the I, I need to sit for. Well, every time I step into the examination hall, I will pray that similar tokoto La La La La quwata illa Binda in early and unseen. And after finishing insemination, I will set out from the admission Hall and say Alhamdulillah but let's say that it's only about 80% from the question that I can answer in a very well manner. But how there is not a 20% that is going to be not so well that I can answer. But

00:32:38--> 00:33:24

well, this, this 20% really make me feel that after submission that I feel like Oh, why are you done? And are that time? How can I make myself seem better that I normally talk to all over you have done it? How can I am feel that our dependent stole Thank you. So I think what she's asking about is what happens essentially when you put in a lot of effort. And you say I'm depending on a law but then the result is not exactly as you want. And that happens a lot in different forms. true dependence on a law means that after you have done your part and at the same time, put your trust in Allah Yeah.

00:33:25--> 00:33:56

And at the same time, put your trust in a law you accept whatever the result is as being what is best for you. This is key. It isn't just that it happened and you have to accept it No, except that it is actually best for you because whatever Allah chooses is best for you accordingly however was stopped for a while you will come in number four Allah Subhana calobra ham definition one that Elijah and Mr. Khurana tubo a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.