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Musleh Khan
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How do you diagnose some possession? Number one? So how do you diagnose this problem? Number one is you have to determine a good deal rocky can determine the type of illness that that's there. In other words, it's either gin possession, or it could be black magic, or it could be iron, or something else. The point is, is that that that person should be able to determine exactly what what is happening to this person. Now, how do you do that? We're going to talk about that in a moment. So that's the first thing when it comes to diagnosing. So if a person says to you when you go to them, and you ask them to do Rukia, on you, and they say to you, Okay, no problem, you don't have to tell

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me what it is you want me to do a little doodle? Yeah. And then they just start reading. This is a person who doesn't know or is not experienced in the field of Rokia. A good deal, Rocky will start to ask questions. So that's why number two of how to diagnose the problem number two, is that you should have some background info about this patient. In other words, if they're married, then you can treat it very differently, as opposed to if they were single, because if they were single, that already paints a picture of their lifestyle, okay, a lot of the times they're going to be alone. So they're going to be more vulnerable to do things, or be more vulnerable to dangerous situations. And

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you know, and just as a result, I mean, the process I sell them discouraged person to live by themselves unless there was a reason for it. So you can start to paint a picture like that for yourself. If they were married, then obviously, you're going to start asking questions about their home, about their husband or their wife, how many children they have, what happens, What's your relationship, like with him and her and you'll start to paint a picture of their background. And that sense, same thing, if it's a female as opposed to a male, if it's a female, you're going to treat the situation that's exclusive to her as opposed to others. So you're going to ask her crucial

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questions like, are you a full time? hijabi? You're going to ask the male do you go? Do you ever go to the masjid and pray in gemera? Do you prefetcher on time, all of these crucial questions that's exclusive to them. So background info. Number three, is the questions that should be asked to the patient itself. What are the questions that you should ask? There are a number of them, let me give you just have what they are. The questions that an exorcist should ask you is, number one, what type of sicknesses do you have? Whether it be medical or spiritually? Did you ever have a possession like this before? Do you have anybody in the family that's got possession before? So he starts to build a

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little bit of background information about you, then they would ask you specific questions about yourself? Are you sick? Like do you have any if you've been diagnosed with any problems, or diseases or cancer or anything like that, so you need to know about those issues as well. Number two, the second type of question that should be asked is the exercises should ask the patient what kind of dreams they've been having, at least within the last three days, at least within the last three days. But even more than that is fine. So are you seeing yourself now what kind of dreams are relevant to possession? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained this to us a number of

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things that you see in a dream that indicate a possession. Number one is that if you see a black dog, if you see a black dog specifically, this is a jinn. And this is Bill EMR, there's a unanimous consensus about it. Some scholars differ if they if this if this dog was any other color. Some scholars said it also includes a brown dog as well. Other scholars say it doesn't matter. The Black Dog and this is the one that I also agree with as well, is that the Hadith mentions a black dog is this a jinn but it doesn't exclude other colors. So the way that you understand this hadith is that a black dog is the worst form of a jinn. But other colors could be other levels or other strength of

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the shale teen engine as well. So inshallah we'll continue with a couple more of these.

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So we continue with some of the questions that should be asked, and we are at number two, which is or B, which is the dreams experience. We mentioned that a black dog is the worst of them. Also, some of the animals that you see is a snake in your dream. Any color snake, black, blue, green, doesn't matter. For us, I sell them I'll also mentioned this even some of the Sahaba has had this issue as well. Any type of snake that you see in a dream is a jinn itself. So if you see yourself being followed by

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Snake, if you see yourself being bitten by a snake, all of these things determine a gene is there. Now, whether this gene possesses you or not, we're going to come to that shortly. Another animal that's seen in a dream or object is a scorpion as well, Scorpion, again, a specific Hadith regarding this of the person who sees a scorpion in their dream. There are other headings that are questionable, some scholars differ on it if you see a horse in your dream and things like that. But these are the three main animals. There's also another animal, which is the Crow, the black crow, if you see that in your dream, it's also counted as a gin as well. So the good rocky or EXO system will

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ask about these types of dreams. Now, if you see yourself scared and upset and crying in a dream, this is not an indication that you have a gin or problem like this. Okay, so that's extremely important. If you see yourself running away from something that may be following you. It's not indication of any gin. Now, the dreams is important. It's a crucial question to be asked. Because what the orlimar have gotten from this is that, generally speaking, if a person has seen any of these animals in their dream, then generally speaking about three to four to five days later, their possession will be known. In other words, if you see these particular animals in your dream on a

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regular basis, so it's been happening consistently each and every day for 234 or five days, then that's a good, good chance that there might be a possession that would make itself known after a few days. So let me give you an example. A patient once came to me, when I asked him this question. He says, Yes, I saw a snake. And yes, I saw a scorpion. How long ago, three days ago. So three days ago, he sighed. Three days later, he was actually in, in the masjid. And he heard a particular verse, the verse of the sale, what type of method to share with Leonardo multifilament. So you heard this verse, and immediately in the Sala itself, the jinn made itself known. So you see that one

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particular verse ignited this and made itself known. So this is a really, really strong, crucial, crucial sign of a possession itself is what kind of dream the person has.

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See, or number three, in terms of the questions to be asked is

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the level of remembrance of Allah azza wa jal, how many times or how often Can you remember Allah azza wa jal? Are you even able to remember Allah azza wa jal at all? And when you do remember Allah, how do you feel? Do you feel good? Do you feel strong? Do you feel confident? Or do you feel lazy? Do you feel like you're always pushing yourself? Do you feel drowsy? Remember this is on a consistent basis. This is not for the person that may have days that are on and off. So for example, if today, you felt like oh my god today, I wasn't remembering Allah. And then whenever I had to pray, I felt so tired and lazy had to force myself doesn't mean you're possessed. This is something

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that's been going on for a long time. So how do you feel when you remember Allah? So a junk deed or a number for pain movements in the body? This is another question that should be asked, pay movements in the body. So your joints now here, these are the areas where the exercise should focus on is your joints in the entire body? Do you feel like your joints are always cracking? And if they do crack? Is it painful or not? Do you feel any stiffness in your chest or stomach area? This here is the dwelling or the sitting area of the gins themselves, whenever they possess somebody, this is the dwelling area itself. So one of the first ways whenever you have to deal with this is you're

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going to look to see if you can find that possession anywhere in these areas itself. Allahu Allah, I don't know the wisdom, why they dwell in those areas. So you're going to ask for those things.

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A third.

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A third indication when it comes to the movements in the body is you're going to look for any stiffness or numbness in the body. So this is anywhere throughout the entire body. Generally speaking, if there's just a stiffness, so you might be walking on the street, and suddenly you can't feel your arm. You're just out of nowhere. It just suddenly you feel stiff and it's numb and you'll be pitching, pinching yourself and you can feel a thing. Then two minutes later it goes away. Or a fourth sign is and you feel as though ants are walking all over your body. It's as if you feel the

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shivers are something, you feel like there's something crawling on you. And when you look there, there's nothing there. But you can feel it, there's something walking on your body. This is again another sign of jinn possession. As a matter of fact, with the crawling of the ends. This is something very specific that is found in the in a couple of narrations amongst the tab your own, that they would describe that whenever somebody was possessed. The way the possession began, would begin when the person would feel that tingling sensation on their legs, as though there were ants crawling on their feet or on their legs. This was the beginning stages that a person was possessed.

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Now the question here is, we're going to add this to the the same D or pain movements in the body. How does the jinn enter the body? How does it enter the body? It enters in the private regions of a human being. So this is how a gene enters. This is why it is so crucial whenever you use the washroom. This is why we have the Dora Allahumma inni our ob kameena homeopathy well, haba is or Allah we asked you protection from the whole booth and The Hobbit is from the evil and the filthy, and any other filthiness that's inside this washroom area. We asked you to protect this, some of the orlimar they said that the filthiness that you're asking a lot of protects you from is the male and

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female sheltering the dwell in the washrooms remember that washrooms are a dwelling area. It's basically what I call it's their chill spot is to chilling room. This is where they like to relax and just, you know, stay and dwell throughout their day. If you close your washroom door, it doesn't mean the shell tin can get out. Because some cultures they have this they the you know, the mothers and fathers are like, make sure the washroom door is always closed. And on you know, I remember even growing up I used to hear this all the time. Remember that the jinns Allah azza wa jal gave them the power that they can go through the pores of your skin to your heart, a crack through the door is not

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going to stop them if they can do that. So just keep that in mind. Now, why is the washroom a dwelling area of the shell team? For obvious reasons. That's where you know, we will have to remove certain garments, we take a shower there, and we're exposed. This is why it is disliked amongst the or the man, it is disliked for a person to spend long periods in the washroom. That's why when going in the washroom with newspapers or your cell phone, all the things, all of these things some of the rlms said it's hot um Why would you Is it a place to seek knowledge you're going there and you're you're you're reading the newspaper and catching up on what's the what's happening in life. That's

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not the place to do that. Right? And what happens is that for a lot of people, they get carried away. So you might be caught up in like an article and before you know it, you finish doing your business and that's it and you're just stuck there. Again, this is a vulnerable vulnerable situation where shale to take advantage of this. The more you can expose yourself, the more vulnerable you are to the shale teen. That is why I say especially for a woman the way that she dresses supine, Allah is a shield against the shale, teen and virgin, it's a shield literally in and of itself.

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What is it he or number five? From the questions that should be asked is the exorcist should ask the person. Do you ever cry for no reason? Okay, this is a very, very strong indication indication of possession if a person cries for absolutely no reason.

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F or the next point question is tightness in the chest specifically. So you we talked about that, you know, the possession area, but a strict tightness or restraint in the chest area, again, is also a strong sign. The next question that also should be asked is headaches. Now, these headaches are not just your normal average head or natural headaches. No, these are the headaches that after taking the title or the Advil, nothing is working, you still have that pounding headache in you each and every time. This here is also a sign of possession as well. And this one, the last one, when it comes to the questions that should be asked is for the woman is of course any menstrual

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irregularities. Okay, so if her cycle is irregular on a consistent basis, and a woman she has to know this, the exorcist is not going to determine that he's just going to determine based on what she tells him. So if she says to him that every single month I am off by three or four days, three or four days and it just keeps changing on me all the time. There's never one time where it's off by just one day or so it's never like that, three, four, sometimes five days. And she might even say sometimes I don't even get it at all. I'll get

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ended like the month after or something she skips a month, then in all of these cases, these are strong irregularities that have to be mentioned as well.

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The practitioner or the exorcist at this point here should be able to determine the following. After asking these questions, they should be able to determine what the problem is. So is it Sahara? Is it possession is a dying or is it anything else? And at this point, they should also be able to diagnose the problem quickly. So asking all of these questions right away, the exercise should be able to start giving you some answers. So may be able to say to you, well, you know, what, we need to do a little PR right now. Or they'll say to you go and see a doctor, or they'll say to you, there's nothing wrong with you. More than half the time, it's going to be the third answer. More

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than half the time a lot of people who think they're possessed, are really not possessed. Right. Also, at this point, the practitioner should also be able to determine

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whether he or she, meaning the, the exorcist himself, at this point, after going through all of this, he's going to be able to determine for himself

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if he's confused or not.

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If he says to you, I have no clue what I'm supposed to be doing right now, or I can't tell what's wrong with you. This here is going to be determined at this point. Okay, which is I mean, more or less, not really, his, his fault at this point, is just that the lack of experience in his field is just caused him that he can't there are certain cases he can't determine. I it's happened to me all the time. When I used to do the job. There were certain cases presented in front of me, I didn't know what to do, and I would, I would politely have to refuse and that was it. So having said that, we want to move on to the witchcraft discussion as well inshallah After a few moments,

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