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AI: Summary © The first president describes his manners and behaviors as being good, while the second president describes his manners as being a good man. The speakers discuss the importance of manners in Islam, including being a believer and avoiding false accusations. They also touch on the manners and behaviors of the first president, Congress, and the second president, including the man who wants to pray and gain the edge of Islam. The speakers emphasize the need for patience and courage in order to stand in front of someone.
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Net hamdulillah

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no matter who want to stay in who want to stop Pharaoh

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when are we lucky? mysuru Liam fusina woman say Tia Medina.

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Maria de la Hofer who will monitor the woman usually fell into je de la jolla murshida

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watershed Wanda la sharika

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watershed Wanda Mohammed Abu rasuluh

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Johan Lavina Rena mana choco la porta potty

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Illa one two Muslim moon

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yeah yohannes otaku, Baku, Lady holla Takumi, Neff. sinuata

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wahana caminhar zoologia We're back the min humare john and Catherine one is

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what's up aloha lady Jessa Luna v one or ham in aloha Karina de Kumara tema?

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Yo yo holla Dina Armand otaku en la havapoo Colin sadita yesterday Allah Kumar American way of philippou Baku woman hawara Sudoku photographers. fosun Avi man.

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I'm about about the law.

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No more kurama kurama la

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Haji Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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We shall know Morimoto de tu Hakuna Matata tiene VEDA wakulla.

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my topic won't be as funny as she asked him and Hakeem.

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It is indeed a serious one.

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And he won't be what my brother in law had announced because what I've seen lately I change base of what I've seen in a notice recently

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not in Kenya, but among the Muslim regardless where I go.

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Today I want to talk about a subject that is extremely crucial and important.

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Especially for those of us who live amongst Muslims.

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And this is the topic of manners and Allah.

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I want to start by saying by mentioning

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what the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was all about.

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And you remember when Allah subhanho wa Taala

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sent His messenger messenger of a law had already received the respect of his community and society.

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There was a lot of things that Allah could have mentioned about himself Allahu alayhi wa sallam because he was a perfect human being.

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In terms of his personality,

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he was the best father, the best husband, the best brother, the best friend. He was perfectly human being.

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When some of the people used to come who never met him a lot while he was setting them and they stand or sit in front of him. They used to chunk and also to lie he used to say how would

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he said Take it easy, take it easy. In the morning, and evening rotten can attack we'll look at the P Mk. He said Relax. Relax. Indeed, I'm a son of a lady who used to eat simple food in the city of Mk. I'm not perfect. I'm not especially this is the messenger over loss of love while he was alone.

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But look, when Allah subhanho wa Taala was talking about the messenger overlong but he didn't talk about the way he looked. He didn't talk about the beautiful recitation the beautiful voice that he had. But he talked about one thing which is his manners. What in the UK Allah Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Oh Mohammed, indeed you possess the most perfect manners, perfect manners. So why did Allah Subhana Allah Allah did not say you have the perfect body. You have the perfect shape you have the more you know you is so handsome Mashallah, I have not created anyone like you. Allah did not say about the messenger overlock anything as such, but he said indeed we're in NACA Allah Allah. Hello, Tina Alvin. So let us talk about nanners today because what I've noticed

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a lot of non Muslims when they see Muslims

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themselves. They don't want to become Muslims.

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We push them away because of our manners and behaviors.

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So what is manners?

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About the law,

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as a Muslim as a person is really what shapes

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This is your can, this is who you are.

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And that's whenever you're Sol Allahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged the Sahaba encouraged us to have perfect manners.

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And he says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I want you to listen to this, Heidi, he say in a heartbeat Camila Yeoman piano wakaba Camila imaginisce a hacer una kumala. He said the most beloved ones to me on the day of Yeoman piano and closest to me in a sitting because on the Dave Yeoman piano, perhaps it was sort of life's a long run he was suddenly him was sitting in a similar gathering but our last panel with to Allah knows that gathering, and then the Sahaba of Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, and the sorry, when they would be close to the Messenger of Allah based on the nanners.

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So the messenger overlays the closest ones to me, and the most beloved ones, to me, are those who have perfect manners.

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So Allah is really crucial. Not only that, as a movement as a Muslim,

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with your symbol manners, with your law, you can reach the level of those who fast every other day through their life, those who stand up preeminent every single night, and that's whenever your son Allahu alayhi wa sallam said in is indeed a believer will reach the level of those who are fast, and those who will stand up hopefully Amelie based on their manners.

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You may not read the Quran all night long. You may not fast every other day. But if you have good manners, with that reward, you can be that level.

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And guess what?

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On the day of Yeoman PM, when you're really crying and screaming for symbol

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for one symbol has Center, the heaviest thing on the scale from the DS that you have performed? Is your manners. Now you can never use a lavalier he was telling me upon ma she Manichean f confini Zani min Yeoman, Tim and he said nothing would wait on the scale of one when on the day of your multicam then his manners is Allah and his conduct, which a lot of us as Muslims nowadays, we really don't have it we lack and we need to understand yet about the law and maybe use some of the law while he was certainly encouraged us to have that matters because with that matters, we really can give that power just by having and possessing those manners.

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The Messenger of Allah as a matter of fact he put on an award and a reward and he said listen to this hadith and navy Salah law while he was gonna Anna's even debating fear about iljin limitada Camila wallow can our incana

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see three things he said? He said, I guarantee your house in paradise was the beginning of paradise. If you lead argument, knowing that you're right, you have an argument with your Muslim brothers. And you know for a fact he's wrong. And you're right. And you said because of the battle brotherhood between us, I'm going to give in to whatever you want. So what do you want? I think this should be here, or that should be here. This Mila. I'll give it to you. If you do this, then the Messenger of Allah say I guarantee your pals at the beginning of Jenna.

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And then he says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were beaten. He was suckling Jenna, and I say a house a palace in the middle of Jenna lemon Tora kariba one Ocala Mazda for those who are avoid lying, even joking.

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If you avoid lying, they unlocked the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying I guarantee you a pounce in the middle of Jannah on our beaten the

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Lehman has

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an a palace in the highest level of gender which is for those who are Allah, for those of you who have good manners, not not for those of you who perform hajj, after Hajj, after Hajj, or you know go out to the to the harem for Ramadan, everyone Milan or travel to Mecca for every three months known for those who have good manners.

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Good Allah.

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Very important.

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If you studied the seer of nivia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you will see that a lot of people accepted Islam because of the lack of nimbyism the law Ronnie Hughes because of that he didn't give them that he did not you know give them free DVDs and CDs he did not bring them to Jay you know journey of faith conference and say come I'll introduce you to use of assets and introduce you to new revert is his name is Abu sama daddy or introduce you to this No, no messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam should

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listen to this.

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One of the people who kill 70 of the Sahaba him and his tribes, they kill 70 of the

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70 not one, not seven, the seventh. And they were the best 70 so half of that time one of the some of the best of the Sahaba messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he started teaching Sahaba Koran. And he started teaching them soon. And the first seven to graduated from the University of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were sent to give Dawa to these tribes.

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And when they got there, those tribes gang against those 70 so hard and they kill them.

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So once once, after that,

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while the Sahaba were patrolling around the city of Medina, they captured this hobby, this man by the name for Mama.

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They didn't know who this man was. So they brought him to the message.

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Now he's a prisoner.

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He's a non Muslim, who's fighting against Muslims. He must be near but they didn't know his name. And he's from burning Hanif. So they bring him they brought him to the message. So the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam comes, and he looks at this so hard this man for Atlanta man, how do you know who this man is? The Sahaba say no, you know, we know he's not one of us. And we know he was in the wrong area. This is a mama mama.

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So the messenger overlock came to him for karma indicator, ma'am. He says, Hey, Mama, my mom, what do you have? for her to hide in Dr. Mohammed? He said only half radium Mohammed. And then he you know, he admitted what he did for cada Mohammed in tuck to talk to me. He said if you kill me, you kill a guilty man I killed 70 of your companions and guilt.

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And if you pardon me, then I'll be grateful to you. If you want wealth, if you want me to run some myself, just as the price and our pay. So the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he turned to the Sahaba. And he said to them, the good to him. We got him. Now he's the prisoner. The Sahaba whenever you saw long while he was selling them, they used to, you know, deprive themselves from eating and drinking and bring food this man because the Messenger of Allah said, the good to this man. The never use of the law while he was selling, assign us a hobby to know. Then profits, camel said the long run he was selling and bring that milk this man, he's a criminal. He kills 70 of

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the Sahaba. And the next day, the messenger overlocking tin carnamah. And what do you have? Allah hydronium Mohammed, I've only heard if you want to kill me, I'm guilty of that. If you want to forgive me, I'll be grateful to you. If you want money, then let me know how much so the Messenger of Allah once again, he said to the Sahaba still be good to him. The third day some of the lohani he was sitting, he asked him the same question. And the same reply was given to the Messenger of Allah. The Messenger of Allah said, Let him go.

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You're a solo law. This man is a criminal. He killed 70 of the Sahaba 70 of the fall. He said, Let him go. So they let him go.

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To Mama, he went out of the mystery. He took a shower. He called he changed his clothes. He came to the Messenger of Allah, for Allah am Mohammed, a man and now a shadow and La ilaha illallah wa shadow under karasuma. He said, Now, I bear witness there's only one God and you are the Messenger of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. The Messenger of Allah said, Why don't you accept it as someone I offer you? Or when I spoke to you? He said I was afraid that people will say, I accepted Islam out of fear. But when you show me your manners, and your lack, you were he said before I was brought here, you are the most distant

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buys hated person in my heart. But today, you the most beloved person, because the way you treated me, this is the lack of nimbyism, the long run he was. I guarantee you, if we all go out today, just go out and love Islam with a beautiful manners with a beautiful love. I guarantee you people in Kenya would accept this. I guarantee you that because you never use Allahu alayhi wa sallam, when he displayed the manners, the saw how the people used to accept Islam or the law.

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The other story that I can tell you from the manners of Rasulullah sallallahu.

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Even the way that he used to deal with a Jew Han, people who didn't know do not know much about us. Now, even the Muslims nowadays who come to the message, who don't know Do not don't have much of Islamic information, you know, we treat them like a second class citizen, a sister comes to the conference, or she comes to the hijab and Mashallah, maybe she's not just the way she should just maybe she's not wearing niqab. Maybe she's not wearing eye buyer. Maybe she's not wearing jeans, and you see her she's coming to the conference with tight jeans. Mashallah symbol t shirt, she wants something she wants to know something about Islam, what do we do to the to those sisters? How do we

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treat them? You see brothers, Mashallah they come into the conference, and some of them may not look like a perfect Muslims. And how do we treat those people? We treat them again, like a second class citizen. So brothers panela What is wrong with you? You know, one of the massages that we were in the masjid in the city of Toronto, and this young man Subhana Allah, he just came to the mist. He has no wobble. I don't think he even took she you know, even purify himself when he used the washroom, you know, and he wanted to pray. But he has tattoo. He has tattoos all over his body. He has tattoo on his neck. He has a two on his fingers. He has that to allow them were everywhere else.

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And by the way, the funniest thing is when a black person puts tattoos on Toronto,

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who can see that tattoo is useless tattoos.

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Regardless, this man is in the masjid, he has all this statue, he's wearing his earrings, you know, but he wants to come to the must. There's a reason that why he's here. And then a common was called Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And then the Imam said Allahu Akbar. And this rather, he's looking at the people who's next to him, and he wants to do exactly what they do because he really don't know what to do. And this older brother, Mashallah

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before he says, Allahu Akbar, he looked at this brother. And he said, I wouldn't be near him. And he instead of Socrates,

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net, Allahu Akbar.

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In on this one, he knew the meaning of the village because his parents were Muslims.

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So he comes to me of the salons issue is it allows a person to say, our beloved before Tocqueville.

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And he told me what happened. See, this is wrong. This is not how we treat the people come to the Islamic events, those who come to the masjid, because they want to know, the reason that they here, they're hot. Let them here. Maybe they had a friend who said, Listen, why don't you just come and listen to what these people have to say. And maybe because of them, their lives would change one life and more will lie, the first journey of faith that we did in the city of Toronto.

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We had a young man who came.

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And this young man he was no he was not a Muslim. And he just came because his some of his friends that said, there are the Islamic conference, and we want you to come, he came.

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And Subhana Allah when he heard the speakers, Allah open his heart, and he became a Muslim.

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You know, the second year, and third year, and every year after that, he was one of the main volunteers of the conference. And not only that, he went back to his family, and he started giving down and Subhana Allah is this just became became Muslims. His brothers, his brother became a Muslim, and his mother became a Muslim.

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Now, what would and you know, he had a funny hairdo, and he had, you know, tattoos? How do we push that brother away, he would never, ever accept this.

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Look how the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam dealt with the johannah or simple Muslim of the Sahaba

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you remember more as being rejected or the yellow one very young man. You know, half

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The Canadian mental Kalani memory so much are on. You know, he used to be so keen and eager to sit next to the messenger overlock and learn from him, but he was also the local Imam of his midst.

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So he wants to pray and gain the edge of Salah with the Messenger of Allah and then run these local Masjid and lead the Salah.

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So one day for salata nation, he prayed with the messenger over law, and he went back to his local mist.

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Now the answer, which some of them just came back from the farms, you know, they came back from the business, they want to you know, they've been working all day long. They want to just pray, go home, eat, take it in, it's something unsleep but man has been rejected. He did not do anything all day long because he was sitting next to the Messenger of Allah. So when he went when the eucommia was called, he said, Allahu Akbar. And you read the fact that after the father he said, olive, lamb in Delhi, Calcutta, Aguilera, Murthy, Shiva, Surat Al Baqarah. This is one of the answer who was right next to him. He waited for this young man to make Rocco. He said make America so he got tired. So

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what did he do? He walked away, broke away from the gym, ah, he prays he by himself and he went back home. He said you Mashallah continue to select and Virginie Shall I don't care? You know?

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So this is a habit some of the people who are sitting in are praying, they told the Imam guess what happened. So on so he broke away from your Salah. So more artists upon Allah, that could be an action of a munafo, I will report him to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And the same people they told this young man that this one man's going to do to you, he's going to report to the Messenger of Allah, that you broke away from the salon, and that couldn't be a sign of the nice aroma. What does this young man do? He went to the Messenger of Allah for higher Salalah more ad he leads the longest Salah he leaves he Mashallah The young man he saw and I don't like praying with him. And I don't like praying behind the

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Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he got so upset. And when more ad came, and the messenger over last summer, his face made the physical rasulillah turn red.

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And he pointed to mark for calling a turn anti

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affair turn on and are you causing fitness into these people's d? are you creating fitness? And then he said to my admin agenda, and by the way, he loved my ad so much. He was and he said if you want to pray by yourself, pray as long as you want. But if you leading this people pray with short sword. Because behind you, you have someone that has had someone who's old, someone who is ill, someone who has something to do lead a Salah according to your congregation. Then look what the Messenger of Allah did. He turned to this man who broke away from what had been rejected. And he said, What do you do in your Salah? similar question for Karla jasola. Now look what this man going to recite in

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his salon. He said Yasser Allah in my salon,

00:23:28--> 00:23:41

a Chateau de la ilaha illAllah I say that a shout. And I asked Allah to grant me an agenda. And I asked him to protect me from jahannam an essay Salam Alaikum Salam aleikum. That was his Salah.

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No, Fattah, no, no. He just has a shadow. A shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. Take me to Jenna. Protect me from jahannam as salaam alaikum, salaam Malik, that's the soldier of the Sahaba Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his listening to this young man. And this young man said jasola law of koden dynatech word and

00:24:09--> 00:24:50

he said, Well, I don't understand your singing or the singing of modern German to him or anything. Because you know you have to you know, beautify your voice and there was a teacher. He said, I don't understand your yo yo singing or the singing of my advantage ever. But this is what I do. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he did not tell him you are ignorant person. You've been praying like this all your life. Your Salah is not valid. You should make Toba. go pray to Allah and ask Allah to forgive you. But rather he said, You know those words of yours. These are the words that we repeat in our singing. Not to complicate. Then this man said to the Messenger of Allah

00:24:51--> 00:24:59

Yara Salalah more ad caused me Muna one law when the time comes, I will show him who is a more natural, more natural

00:25:00--> 00:25:19

Which means when this jihad, I will show whether or not he will know whether I'm a man or a woman Subhan Allah, so appoint Allah subhana wa Taala about the enemy, against the meaning. And there was a war between the Muslims and non Muslims have Mac

00:25:21--> 00:26:08

when everything was done, messenger or messenger overlord called Matt forgot a Mr. Mirza and asahina He said, The man who call us you know, we do then then, you know, what did he do? He said, yada Salalah he was killed in that battlefield, and then had been injured. He said, he cried in Seattle, Salalah en la he spoke the truth, and it was not truthful about him, which means I was wrong about this habit of the alarm. That lesson is not for us to hear the story even though it's a beautiful story, but the lesson is to know how the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know how he dealt with the symbol people symbol sahab the other famous his story I will conclude soon be

00:26:08--> 00:26:18

in the last panel with Allah is the symbol man who came to the midst a man who accepted Islam and he's sitting in the MR sitting in a halaqa imagine mercy that,

00:26:19--> 00:26:23

you know, someone's giving you some assists or chef.

00:26:24--> 00:26:37

He's giving Hannukah Imagine that. This messenger of Allah is giving halaqa and this hobby, he gets up and he goes to at the end of the message, and he started urinating in the must

00:26:38--> 00:27:24

now with that happening Mr. Rama, someone is going to go Mashallah give him his Shahada, Nila will take him to genuine we take it. The Sahaba they wanted to do exactly the same thing. They all got up to beat this guy up. They want to beat him up. So the Messenger of Allah, Allah says Marisa, don't cut his urine let him finish. Let me finish jasola is generating in the mystery. We pray right here. This is the place of Salah. This is a place of purity, but he's urinating. He said, Let him finish. When the man finish your reading in the message, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Bring water and pour over the urine. So they did. And he said come. So the Sahaba came. He

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said this place is not for such a thing. This is a place for Salah for a bad this habit of the long run. He liked how the messenger overlords approached him. And he did not like how the Sahaba the alarm approached him. So after shortly after that, the man raised his hand. He said you're Allah, have mercy on me and Mohammed or no one else, Masha Allah, take them to jahannam I don't care. And not just me and Mohammed, Sal, Allahu Allah. He was the Messenger of Allah. He didn't say you're ignorant. He said,

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America, he said, You know, there was a wide open door, and he made it so narrow, narrow and tight, and let the hammer over law which all of us, this is the way of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. This is how we used to, you know, teach this, even the non Muslims. Some of them were very arrogant when they talk to the Messenger of Allah, on a sort of line sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was very, very patient with them, very kind to them. And he will treat them like that. Remember, the man who grabbed the soul, you know, of the Messenger of Allah, to the point, the color of the soul was a little low on he was selling soap left mark on his neck, and he turned red and this man, he's

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shaking the messenger overlong and what he's saying, he said, Give me from that, well, this was not yours, or your father gave me a phone that might have been a hot dog who wants to draw his sword and cut his neck, you know, have been worried he lost his mind. How can you touch the Messenger of Allah? And as soon as I say, No, let them go. Let him go. Let him go. Come with him. Say you come with me. Come to my house. He took him to his house. He let him sit the best place in the house of the messenger over law. And he said serve him food. So the pizza so how the wife of the Messenger of Allah, they serve him food. And then he said, I'll give you this much. Are you happy? is annoying

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Mohammed I'm not happy. He said whatever this month is a I'm seeing her happy. So what about this month? What about this month? Now is enough Dr. Mohammed, now I'm happy. He said Yeah. Are you happy is I'm very happy. Thank you very much. And then he says, Now let us go out until the Sahaba that you've been treated well, and you please so they won't have anything towards you in their hearts. So this Avi, he comes and he says however may Allah be working with

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On the long run, he was sending and pleased with him. This was the man of the messenger of this man, he was the number one back these people, and what did he tell his people? He said, Oh my people accepted Islam, except this religion for life, I have never seen any religion like this one. And all his people accepted this, because of because of the manner of interviews on the law while he was some

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brothers and sisters in Islam, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of good manners is it is so crucial. It is really you who will push people away from Islam, or invite them to it is your manners is your lap. We live in the West, and we meet non Muslim every single day, we meet people who occurs the messenger overlord who occurs Allah who was talking about about the nimbyism, the law, what he was sending. And we can do the same thing I'm talking about about them about their faith about their religion. But that's not what the Messenger of Allah taught us. And the law is he told us to be patient with them, to have suffered with them and treat them well. Not because we weak or because we

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are afraid of them. No, because they don't know better. Now, if you want to have them follow, you need four things. You need four things, and I will conclude these four points. You won't have manners of the messenger overlays talking about you want to be amongst the people who will be the highest and highest level of Paradise have these four things. One,

00:31:44--> 00:31:45

have some

00:31:47--> 00:32:10

you have to have patience. Because in Nevada come in asmin omo as soon as you say I want to be a Muslim, along with test, and you will see people who are so arrogant and they will be on your face in your face. And they will talk bad about you and your religion. And Allah and His Messenger asked us to have something that's number one.

00:32:12--> 00:33:00

To always hold higher ground alpha. This is an attribute called if you don't go to that level. This is different from having some having an F is always when they see you they have to see a dignified purse. They don't see a person who you know goes and left and right. Someone who says Masha Allah, Allah, I do like the guy who called me Mashallah Baraka, Lama good Muslim, what do you do, Masha? Allah, Allah, I commit Zina feasability love for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada, you know, now, if you commit a sin, and you say, No, this is the lowest of the low, and you want to give down to that person they will not accept. So you have to have your F, you have to have that dignity that

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Islam is called. Number two, you have to have shujaa

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you know, Islam. Now you are a shujaa you know, having manners in Islam does not contradict being having courage. Why? Because admitting you wrong is from personal. And it needs courage for you to stand in front of someone and say I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's my decision, I wronged you, that is a shujaa. And that is part of

00:33:33--> 00:33:39

this is what is so crucial in this matter. fourth point here about the law and AD.

00:33:41--> 00:34:15

You got to be just, you got an add on. You can say hello, but you you you prefer someone over someone because he's from your race. He's from your, you know, country is from your people. No, and Allah, Allah, it is as a matter of fact, a pillar and this is what it will pay him and Josie mentioned in his book modalities and it's highly keen. This is a crucial for us to know, you know, just like Kamala Harris was a panelist on my cell phone. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.