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Let's try

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I think shot Allahu Taala we're good to go

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Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah he was solely

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Nabina Muhammad wa ala early he also asked me edge mine

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before we go any further

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I just want to make sure that the live stream is working

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if I'm just gonna get confirmation from someone who's watching it

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Yeah, it's working

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maybe audio is a problem. It just is it enabled on there.

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Yeah. Is coming through on there. Or is it muted?

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Not on the screen. Is it coming through?

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All right. Yep. Audio is okay as well. Very good.

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Very very good. Next thing we have to do is connect to the girl site. Give us a moment to do that in sha Allah so for that

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let's try that one more time.

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Gaisano coming through for you

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girls stand up coming through for you.

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There should be a call coming through for you to answer. Okay, that's good. Sounds right.

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Try one more time for the girls

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Yeah, that's it. Okay. All right. Very good. hamdulillah we've got everybody connected. And we're good to go. We're good to go. Good to start with the class. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah who was truly Nabina Muhammad wa ala early he was actually here ah, mine.

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I don't know.

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I don't know is that is the sound of the microphone key on the girls side. Can you hear me from

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Okay, very good.

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Today, I want it to be the last class that we're going to talk about in sha Allah Who to Allah.

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When we talk about the manners of a Muslim, we've been talking about different things that make up the manners of a Muslim. You guys remember we've been talking about that for several classes now. And inshallah today we're going to finish off our discussion on that topic with some of the things that we haven't spoken about so far.

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So one of the things that I want to talk about is I want to talk about patience, a sovereign

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from the boys who can tell me what does patience mean?

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Standing up is not going to help sit and put your hand yes Mohamed.

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If somebody does something by mistake you forgive them. That's kind of what we talked about last week being highly being kind and and overlooking people's mistakes and allow for just letting go things go. But what's patience?

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Let's see. What you think.

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Patience is

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not worth

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it might come into here. So being patient is not

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like what you

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want to eat straight away. Oh,

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Not wanting so I like that not wanting something straightaway not wanting something straightaway

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still it there's more we could say it's good there's still more we could say about it there's still more could say yes

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waiting for something to come okay waiting

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for something to come

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still there's more we could there's more we could say what are the girls think girls? What do you think

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Okay, the question was what is patience? Being patient? What does it mean

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for the girls

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yeah the answers already gone from the boys about 10 times we had the same answer waiting for something to come for you

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what is patience is harder

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if I said to you

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that patience is holding yourself back

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would that not be a good

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that's that's kind of what the word that's kind of what they say the word means

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coolamon habitat Shay en for cod savara. Everyone who hold themselves

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hold themselves back from doing something. This is

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and he kind of the word patience. So what they say is they say that patience is holding yourself back from rushing into something. That's one of the meanings of patients. But actually patients is patients is three separate things. All of them are mentioned in the Quran. The first thing that we mean by patients is we mean patients in doing good deeds. Girls, can you tell me what does it mean to be patient in doing good deeds?

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Being patient with her or too good trying to good try but not quite so good try girls. Yes. Moving on. Do you think

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you get your rewards?

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Repeating what you do nearly nearly you girls came close with repeating what you do not quite repeating what you do. Yeah, I like that one. Being consistent in doing good deeds. Let me give you an example. We pray five times a day. How many days of the year do we pray five times a day? All of them every single day of every single year of your entire life. And from the age of seven years old or a little bit more than that? For your whole life every single day. Whether you are tired, whether you are ill, you still pray five times every single day.

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What more lacquer be solid it was staalbeer Allah ha tell your family to pray and keep consistent and patient and regular all the time. But I had a question boys, you put your hands up too early? Because I haven't asked you the question yet. And that's never a good idea. Because you don't know what the question might be.

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The question is, I said patience is holding yourself back. But this is not really holding yourself back. Is it because you're doing it you're praying How is it holding yourself back? What are you holding yourself back from?

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If you're praying every single day, what are you holding yourself back from? Yes, habibi.

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From D Okay? That's a different topic. I'm coming to you. Okay. Keep that idea. It's good. I'm coming back to it. Yeah.

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That's coming. Also, you too can sit together and tell me the same thing at the same time. You're both right. But you're both early. It's not quite right yet. Yes.

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Oh, that was very deep movie that was so deeply

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nearly drowned. Now it's very good you're holding yourself back from the hellfire. Excellent Mashallah. Very good, Anna's?

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Good. I like that. That's the best answer we had so far, holding yourself back from laziness, and you have to be regular in your prayer. Your soul is 10 federal, federal. Now, I just go back to sleep for a bit. Yeah, you will have to keep on getting up for federal time.

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And that's holding yourself back from laziness, holding yourself back from leaving what you're doing. That is the meaning of what Allah azza wa jal said Rob bousema wa T will argue on eBay now Houma five Boo Boo

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Boo who was Star belatedly a bad at Health ilm, Allah Who semiya

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worship Him and keep on regularly worshipping Him be patient be regular in worshipping Him.

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So you have to be really patient. When it comes to worshiping Allah. That's one type out of three. One is done. Okay, one is done. There is

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two left Zakah O'Hara one is done there. I was trying to hold up three fingers I was holding up four fingers I couldn't figure out how to hold up three fingers.

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Three one is done to our left.

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The two that are left one of them is holding yourself back from doing the Haram

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that's easy to understand. Right? What am man half about karma? Robbie wanna Hanif sinal hella, for in nogen Netta heal network, the person who they are scared of the day when they're gonna stand in front of Allah. Or they're scared of Allah because of His Names and his attributes. The person who's scared of Allah and they're scared about the Day of Judgment. What did they do? Their neffs is telling them to this

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to this haram to this haram What are they saying to their neffs?

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No, no, no. How many days? Is there enough telling them to do haram?

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Every single day? How many days does the shaytaan take off in a year and go on holiday?

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shaytan never takes a day off?

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Well I had a few Ramadan not even in Ramadan was a clever answer movie you're doing well mashallah, you're giving me clever answers, but it's not quite correct. I tell you why. The meaning of the shaytaan being changed in Ramadan is not that it goes away completely. It either means that the big shaitaan is chained or it means that shaytaan is less powerful but he still doesn't take a day off and I'll give you the evidence for that in Ramadan to all the bad things in the world stop. No, I share time is still busy even in Ramadan but he's just tied up in Ramadan. He's working but his own hands and legs are tied up so he can't do very much like he can do in the other months. He doesn't

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take any days off. That means you have to be patient in pushing shaitaan away every single day of your life and you have to be patient in

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pushing your neffs away what's your neffs girls What's your enough's?

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Okay, close sort of

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Yeah. And put your hand up

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yourself girls got it right yourself, yourself, your soul you. You are always whispering to you, you are whispering to you. You are whispering to you.

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You're inside yourself inside is whispering to you and saying it's it's pretty good. Shall we do it as to once Shall we just do it once? Can we just do it one time, one time, one time one time. You have to keep telling your neffs No, no, Allah said haram. That's it. No.

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Shaitaan is telling you should do this one time one time. No. You have to be patient in that. But there's a third type of patients one second I'm coming to. I'm coming. There's a third type of patients.

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And this is patients when something bad happens to you.

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Because Allah didn't make this life gender. Are you agreed? Are we all agreed we're not in gender right now.

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convince anyone think they might be in gender? No, everyone agreed we're not in gender right now.

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Okay, this life is not gender. That means that this life sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are sad, right? Sometimes you have good days and sometimes you have really bad things happen

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when those things happen, you have to hold yourself back. Now here's the question for the voice. What are you holding yourself back from? When something really bad happens to you? Don't stand up, standing up will not help you. Putting your hand up will help you but standing up will not help you. Go on

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anger I like that good. Yes honestly

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I get you about saying bad things about Allah. Excellent. So we got anger saying bad things about Allah

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from bad things, give me some example trying give me an example of what what bad things like very good answer. He gives anger. Like you don't want to get angry when something bad happens. You don't want to be like oh, you know I didn't get my grade or I didn't get that present I wanted and you're getting angry. And you don't want to say bad things about Allah. What else are you trying to hold her back from? What do you think

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okay, so how will you how will you behave like how will you will you be angry will you be How will you be

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you can be sad you can be sad being sad is not a problem like being sad is not wrong. But what is wrong is getting angry saying bad things about Allah girls did you have something

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okay yes

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don't don't worry about preventing something but we'll come to it we I want to I want to talk about what does it mean to hold yourself back when something bad happens? Yes

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and you're not doing it he will get mad.

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Yeah, okay.

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Okay, I like to answer so good answer. For the girls I like to girls answer they give a good answer. What was the answer? Girls remind me you just said no. Not being hasty not rushing, you rush on never going to get it it's never going to be good. I'm never going to be happy never ever ever ever ever. And you get you rush you get upset and you rushed to fast

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After all, if you just get a get up and get who needs to move on move.

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We move in you for your own benefit and don't worry, inshallah we're not upset with you. We move in you so you can concentrate

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what was I saying? Not rushing. You feel when something bad happens? Don't you feel like what do you feel? You feel like it's never going to get better? You feel like that's it my whole life is ruined.

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You are 10 years old. who ruined your life you're fine. You just need a couple of days couple of weeks inshallah to get over it. Before you 10 years old has something went wrong my life is finished out. There is nothing good ever gonna happen to me. You rush and you get too upset. Yeah, so what do you think

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yeah, you shouldn't you shouldn't hold you should hold yourself back from doing something bad but that's what we talked about earlier. Yes.

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Like I said, example like if you lost you lost a friend, or even any bad thing happens to you. Don't get angry. Don't say bad things about Allah. And don't be rushing and thinking things are never going to get better. That's the type of patients Okay, if that's what we shouldn't do. What should we do? What should we do when something bad happens to us?

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Now be patient that's no answer. Girls. That's not an answer. Because that's we've been talking about that. I mean, what does it mean to be patient? What should you actually want? Okay, don't get angry. Don't say bad things about Allah don't.

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What should you do? Okay, the girl said, Go slowly.

00:19:46--> 00:19:52

And he give it time. Let things work out give it time. What else should you do?

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So say good things about

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Allah thing goods. Okay girls came over the excellent one say Alhamdulillah he Allah Houlihan all praises to Allah for every everything if I'm having a good day Alhamdulillah if I'm having a bad day

00:20:16--> 00:20:26

Alhamdulillah if I'm having a terrible day Alhamdulillah doesn't matter what my day is like Alhamdulillah Allah coolly hell I praise Allah every day yes happy

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so you calm down Yeah, calm down take it easy. What else can you do make dua I Scala to help you ask Allah to make it easy for you. Yeah, ask Allah to make it easy for you. What should you be thinking about? Think about Jenna. Yeah, don't think about this life. Okay, this life you lost somebody but inshallah to Allah you will find that person. If you don't find them in this dunya you will find them in the next life in sha Allah. And let let everything Calm down. Don't get too excited. And try to be happy with what Allah chose for you. Because Allah doesn't choose bad things for you. Now, when you listen this carefully, because this is hard, okay? Listen, put your hand down. Listen

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carefully, carefully. Allah doesn't choose bad things to happen to. Allah chooses tests for you. Okay, Allah doesn't want you just to have a bad life. But Allah wants to have you to have a test. So if something bad happens to you, it's not because Allah wants something bad for you. It's because Allah wants to test you. Now you have a choice. Either you do something good out of that something bad, or either you do something bad. If you do something bad, you broke that you lost the test. And if you do something good, you pass the test. So don't see the bad things that happen to you that it's a bad thing. But instead of seeing it as a bad thing, see as a chance, see as an opportunity.

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Allah has given me a chance to pass a test. So if something bad happens to you, what are you thinking about? I'm thinking this is a test. Allah has given me a chance to pass on a chance to fail. Okay, what do I need to do to pass say good things Be patient don't rush Don't get angry. Don't get upset sale hamdulillah more than that, what the prophet sighs I'm taught in a bus

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he said

00:22:38--> 00:22:39

he taught to he said

00:22:41--> 00:22:43

no not to I'm not Abdullah ARBUS.

00:22:45--> 00:22:52

Not Abdullah is not the Hadith. Abdullah is another Hadith. The Prophet slice LM taught the companion he said

00:22:54--> 00:23:02

we're in a far better shape than if something happens to you. What should you say? Called dot Allahu wa Masha I thought

00:23:04--> 00:23:14

it was a last decree. And Allah does what he wants. Do you guys know that Da da da Allahu wa Masha file.

00:23:15--> 00:24:00

It is Allah's decree. And he does what he wants. That's what you say. When what happens when something happens to you that's a bit difficult for you it's a bit it's a bad thing or something hard for you. You see a cut down Allah Who am Asha five. See, I tell you today I came I put my cameras and my equipment out. I realized number one, I forgot the recording drive. So I can't record it. I say no problem. The recording drive is not here. We will go live anyway the live stream is here Bismillah there is no live stream. The live stream key is not there. Okay, what do we say in the situation called dot Allahu wa Masha file. It was Allah's decree. And Allah does whatever he

00:24:00--> 00:24:22

wants. In sha Allah, I'm going to be patient Hamdulillah I sent a message to the home, they sent me the key again, we put it on and hamdulillah the livestream started Hamdulillah. So don't get upset about things and don't panic about things. There's one more thing you should do. One more thing I want you to do when something bad happens show up. When something bad happens. There's one more thing I want you to do.

00:24:24--> 00:24:38

And that is don't worry about what you can't do. only worry about what you can do. What do I make who can explain that to me? Who can explain it to me yellow Habibi explains

00:24:41--> 00:24:50

it doesn't mean be patient. You're right. But explain it to me. What does it mean worry about what you can do. Don't worry about what you can't do. Yes. Have you been in the back

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Okay, excellent. Very good. Let me explain that to everyone as they probably can't hear you. But it was very, very good what you said, there are some things that you can do. For example, today I told you, my camera didn't have a recording drive. They forgot to drive. Okay.

00:25:25--> 00:25:54

Can I get one? There is no shop that sells one here. Can I drive home? I will miss the class. Can I do anything? No. Okay, live stream is not working? Can I get that? Can I message somebody to get the key? Yes, I can send a message to whoever is at home and say to one of them, can you bring me the, the key? So the point is, there's things I can do. And there's things that I can't do. What what people do wrong is they spend their time worrying about all the things they can't do.

00:25:57--> 00:26:39

The drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, to drive to drive, where's the Drobo? I can't do anything about it. So there's no point in worrying about it because I can't change it. That's what it is. I can't there's nothing that I can do about that. But what I could do, I did what I could do, I did so when something bad happens to you worry about what you can do. And ask Allah is help. But don't worry about what you can't do. There is no benefit in you sitting death worrying and panicking over something you can't change. only worry about what Allah has given you that you can do and everything leave it to Allah. Leave everything to Allah. That's

00:26:39--> 00:26:47

what we call tower call putting your trust and your reliance in Allah subhanaw taala yes happy

00:26:55--> 00:26:55

and like

00:27:04--> 00:27:13

you can change it you can change your feeling about something by taking your mind off a bad thing that happened to you and concentrating on using your day for good. I like that yes movie.

00:27:16--> 00:27:18

If you have an anger problem,

00:27:19--> 00:27:25

the sunlight gives lots of suggestions for getting rid of anger, the best thing to get rid of anger.

00:27:27--> 00:27:41

The Prophet slicin One day he saw a man and this man his face was red and his vein was popping out. Like you could see the veins popping out from anger. The Prophet sighs them said, I know something if this man said it.

00:27:43--> 00:28:30

Whatever has got into him would go away. Our rules will be Lehi Mina. shaytani R rajim. That's number one. Number two, if you're standing up, sit down. If you're sitting down and you're still angry, lie down. This is also from the Sunnah. Some of the scholars mentioned hudl it's not a hadith, but it's also good and he will do is also good. It's not a hadith to the best of my knowledge. There's no authentic hadith for it, but it's also good for you to make wudu when you get angry. Yeah, remember Allah in the Latina taco either Mr. Hometalk a formula shaytani kolu for his or her mobile, Ceylon. Remember Allah when shaytaan makes you angry? Remember Allah subhanaw taala.

00:28:30--> 00:28:32

Now, yes, heavy

00:28:34--> 00:28:37

sometimes, I think sometimes don't.

00:28:38--> 00:28:40

Don't, don't happen for

00:28:42--> 00:28:44

for management, I've seen

00:28:45--> 00:28:47

I've seen a few

00:28:48--> 00:28:52

days goes on without work. So some missteps. And they were begging the

00:28:54--> 00:28:55

deal back in the day.

00:28:58--> 00:29:36

Very true. Actually, to be honest, everything in life is like that, but we just don't see it. That Subhanallah we get angry, you know, Mr. Plane, the person missed the plane, and they get so angry, I missed the plane. I look at this Life is so unfair why this happened to me, and they get angry with Allah And subhanAllah when the plane crashes, they say Alhamdulillah Allah save me? Yeah, the thing is, you laugh at that person. But actually your whole life is like that we get angry at things. We don't know why a good is for us. And we don't know where the bad things are going to happen to us. So it's not just I mean, that's an extreme example of the plane crashing. But actually in your whole

00:29:36--> 00:29:48

life. You go through things like that, you know, you say, Well, why can I not go outside? I want to go outside. I want to go outside. And you don't know what could happen to you if you went outside, but a person has to trust in Allah xojo Okay, listen, I want to talk about

00:29:50--> 00:29:58

I want to talk about a couple more points. I really want to talk about a couple more points. I want to talk about bravery.

00:29:59--> 00:29:59


00:30:00--> 00:30:23

Want to talk about Shuja? I want to talk about bravery. So who can tell me? What does it mean to be brave? Now what is in the Islamic? I want an Islamic answer for this. I don't want a non Islamic answer any being brave means, you know, fight the guy at school. I want like, I want to know what does it mean to be brave?

00:30:27--> 00:30:44

Girls had yella to only trust in Allah. That's to be reliant on Allah but brave. I want bravery. What does it mean to be brave? Muhammad, you're still standing up? If you sit down and put your hand up. I'm gonna ask you sit hand okay. Yes, Mohammed?

00:30:51--> 00:30:52

Hold that thought girls. Yes.

00:30:55--> 00:30:56

Somebody asked

00:31:00--> 00:31:13

my religion. Okay. You gave the same answers to girls. Both Muhammad and the girls gave the same answer, which is about speaking out about Islam. That's a kind of bravery.

00:31:15--> 00:31:31

I think there's some rules to it. It's not every time you speak out. Like it depends on the situation. But I still want to know what bravery is before that. Not an example. I want someone to tell me what does the word bravery mean? Shuja, what does it mean?

00:31:33--> 00:31:33

Oh, shujaa.

00:31:35--> 00:31:38

What does it mean? shujaa. For someone to be

00:31:39--> 00:31:40


00:31:41--> 00:31:42

What does it mean?

00:31:43--> 00:31:45

Who have I not heard from for what? Yes.

00:31:50--> 00:32:03

To fight for Islam, that's also good. You gave an example. You gave an example. But we still didn't get to the basic meaning we went, You gave a good example. And Muhammad gave a really good the girls give a really good example.

00:32:05--> 00:32:39

Okay, girls who got the nearly knee, the girls, they said put your hand down. They said, doing something when you're scared to do it. That is a really good answer. The scholars, they say * that we'll call be idle bass. That when things are really bad, or things are really scary, or things are really dangerous, you are steadfast, you're your firm, your heart is firm. You do things even when you're scared. That's what bravery is. Because, for example,

00:32:40--> 00:33:00

who is when you say this person was brave, and this person was a coward. The brave person stayed and did what they had to do the coward did walk run away. Yeah. So bravery means to do the thing you need to do even though you are scared. That's what it means.

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00:33:06--> 00:33:17

They say that in Islam. It means to be willing to do something that you're scared of, or something that you dislike when there's a need to do it.

00:33:20--> 00:33:36

Why do we say when there's a need to do it, because sometimes there's no need for something and people just rush into it. I'm being brave, you know, like, he's fighting somebody in the street. He said, He could have just said to him something and you could have just turned around and walked away why you you don't need to get involved.

00:33:37--> 00:33:51

So you have to have a need to do it. But that's what it means. It means to be willing to put yourself into danger to put yourself into something you dislike, to put yourself into something you're scared of.

00:33:53--> 00:33:58

And to do that, when there is a need for it

00:34:00--> 00:34:02

when there's a need for it very good.

00:34:05--> 00:34:10

Who can give me example of bravery from the CEO of the prophets Lysander

00:34:13--> 00:34:14

or from stand up

00:34:16--> 00:34:20

or from the Companions yes moving if you've got one for me

00:34:28--> 00:34:46

being willing to sacrifice yourself if we change it and say for Allah, it's better because for people you love it sounds like it's not sincere. But like for Allah to defend people you love is good. Yeah, I like that that definition is a good definition. Yes Muhammad.

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

Like in the Battle of better when they were only a small

00:35:00--> 00:35:00


00:35:02--> 00:35:08

And they saw the people to be double their size when actually they were even more than that.

00:35:09--> 00:35:52

They were even more. And they stood firm, and they fought. And they won that battle the prophets I send them. And his companions are the Allahu Anhu. That's an excellent example of being brave. In other words, normally, what would you want to do if you see an army that's three times bigger than you, you want to run away like that's what normal people want to do. We're not saying it's not normal, any normally you want to run away, but the person who is brave is the one who they stayed firm, they stayed strong. But now I want to come back to the definition that girls gave at the beginning. Because bravery is not only about fighting, it's also about being brave enough to say the

00:35:52--> 00:36:12

right thing at the right time. But again, there has to be a need for it. Sometimes people speak out and they say things and there isn't any need for it. And it's the wrong thing to say at the wrong time. That's not bravery. But bravery is when you speak out for something and it's the right time for it the right time to speak

00:36:13--> 00:36:30

just like fighting at the right time at the right time to fight his bravery speaking at the right time to speak is also bravery but fighting at the wrong time and speaking at the wrong time. That's not what we call that's not what we call bravery

00:36:31--> 00:36:31


00:36:33--> 00:36:34

yes moving What did you have for us

00:36:39--> 00:36:44

okay, just like a love halen you're completely right, Elia very right. Okay.

00:36:46--> 00:36:47

There was one more.

00:36:50--> 00:36:53

There are so many, but there are just one more that I want to cover

00:37:00--> 00:37:11

the one that I want to cover is and the last one I think I'm going to cover out of our selection on Manus is I want to talk about having high aspirations and big dreams.

00:37:12--> 00:37:21

Okay, motivation is what I want to talk about what we call him being motivated.

00:37:23--> 00:37:25

Who can explain this to me girls.

00:37:57--> 00:37:59

Okay, good, the girl said.

00:38:00--> 00:38:16

The girl said setting yourself a high goal, working towards it without being driven off course without losing your way. That's a really good definition. What do you what the boys think? What do you think? What do you think?

00:38:21--> 00:38:42

Being inspired by someone or something to have be motivated to do something. Now we're not talking about the world. We're not talking about this world. We're talking about Islam, right? Religion and our religion Islam. So what does it mean to be motivated in Islam? What does it mean to be have to have a high dream a big dream in Islam?

00:38:46--> 00:38:54

No, I'm gonna say to the girls, you're wrong about that the girl said paradise. And I'm going to say no, you're not right. Specifically, there's a reason for that.

00:38:55--> 00:38:59

Why? What do you think else? What could be? What could you correct about that statement?

00:39:06--> 00:39:23

Okay, so yeah, the highest levels of paradise. Why? Because Paradise has many levels. There are many. And the difference between the levels is like the difference between this world and the pond paradise in is a big difference between the heavens and earth big difference.

00:39:26--> 00:39:28

So why would you want to aim for

00:39:30--> 00:39:35

something very, very low, when you can aim for something very, very high.

00:39:37--> 00:39:59

So it's aiming for the highest you can achieve in every part of Islam. Let me give you an example. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said either Sal from Allah will Jenna for sulfur dose. If you ask Allah for Jenna asked him for alpha dose. What is alpha dose is

00:40:00--> 00:40:05

Fill dose for in allel Jenna it's the highest place in general.

00:40:07--> 00:40:09

And it is the best place in Jenna.

00:40:12--> 00:40:19

Woman Waterford Jolla, and her otter, federal and HARO, Jenna and from it the rivers of paradise come.

00:40:21--> 00:40:26

As some of the narrator said the prophets I seldom said above is the throne of the Most Merciful

00:40:30--> 00:40:35

YouTube says everybody for two minutes left the class, you either okay, go go have it go that way.

00:40:41--> 00:40:55

If you ask Allah for Jenner, ask Him for what? Alpha dose what you ask him for? Alpha dose ask him for the best place in gender. Why are you aiming to be like the last one in the door?

00:40:56--> 00:41:30

If you want to get knowledge of Islam, aim to have lots of knowledge of Islam. Why are you aiming to just have a little bit I just want to know how to pray. No, that's not all him but that's not what we're talking about. I just want to know how to be a good Muslim in a simple way. No, it's not only talking about I want to read all the books in this Masjid. I want to get as much knowledge as I can. I want to act upon all the knowledge I have. I want to be among the people of knowledge and might have big dreams don't have little dreams.

00:41:31--> 00:41:55

It's a dreams I just I wish I would just know how to make whoodle That's a little dream. have big dreams in Islam. Now the thing is in in the world people have big dreams if I ask you now I want to be a pilot I want to be engineer I want to be millionaire I want to be a businessman. I want to own this I want to own that I asked you about Islam you're like I want to know how to pray

00:41:56--> 00:42:06

Why is it if I ask you about the world you see I want to be there I want to be this I want to own this I want to have 10 houses and 15 cars and I want to own a private jet and I want to ask you about your religion you're like

00:42:07--> 00:42:43

I want to come to a class every week. No it should be the other way around this world doesn't matter. Doesn't matter how many of you have one house so you have no houses or you have 10 houses doesn't make any difference you can only ever stay in one place anyway. What makes the difference is your dean your religion have big goals big dreams. Yeah, tell us you got a house wherever you live. Anyways, it's it is what it is Yanni. But the point is you want in Jana, you want to have 15 houses. In general you want to have palaces in general you want to have

00:42:44--> 00:42:56

the biggest space you can have the highest place you can have Don't be someone who has big dreams in your worldly life. But when it comes to your religion, you don't have big dreams.

00:42:57--> 00:43:01

That's a problem. Do you all understand what I meant? Was it clear what I said?

00:43:07--> 00:43:15

How can you achieve that? That's my next question. How do you achieve having big dreams and high aspirations?

00:43:24--> 00:43:28

reminding yourself that this world is only temporary and it doesn't matter. Very good.

00:43:29--> 00:43:36

Very good. How else can you stay motivated? How do you keep motivated How do you not lose your energy

00:43:38--> 00:43:41

good girls are doing very well remember the rewards

00:43:47--> 00:44:04

read the Quran Okay. Read the Quran and read the Sierra read that read the stories of the people who achieve big things. You know, when you read a story you read about the prophets. I said let me read about the Sahaba you know, this was a tiny group of people who conquered a whole huge part of the world.

00:44:06--> 00:44:16

When you read about you know individual compiling they did this they did this the Battle of birds of the Battle of a herder. You reading these things, you feel like I want to achieve something in my life.

00:44:17--> 00:44:22

Don't think Oh, my goal is to beat my friend in this video game.

00:44:23--> 00:44:33

You're reading about Simon ABI Waqqas who the who took over Persia, the whole of he took over Persia. And your goal is to beat your friend in a video game.

00:44:34--> 00:44:57

I know you read about the when you read about these people you feel and you feel like you want to achieve something in your life. You feel like you want to do something amazing in your religion. So that's another good way reading Sierra. The stories of the people who came before you. That's a really good idea. What else can you do? Stay motivated. Remember the rewards that girls set? Very good.

00:45:00--> 00:45:01

Yeah skills

00:45:03--> 00:45:14

remember the punishments okay so you're thinking about the rewards for things you're thinking about the punishments for things how do we know rewards and punishments motivate people

00:45:18--> 00:45:19

for what you think

00:45:22--> 00:45:28

how do we know how do we what do we how can we prove it? Guaranteed god

00:45:45--> 00:46:03

you're right but I want to know a proof someone says to me I don't believe rewards and punishments work you should only ever reward someone just keep giving them sweets and candy and they'll be they'll be motivated. I want to prove prove to me that it doesn't work the only thing that works is rewards and punishments together

00:46:05--> 00:46:10

so very easy answer when I tell you the answer you're going to be shocked that you didn't give me the answer

00:46:12--> 00:46:14

go on Mohammed yada yada for

00:46:21--> 00:46:24

think about the question then put your hand okay yes unless

00:46:27--> 00:46:33

you're very close Alice but nearly you're like you came very close very extremely close.

00:46:35--> 00:46:39

extremely close when you said the Prophet Muhammad sighs LM gone

00:46:42--> 00:46:42


00:46:44--> 00:46:47

the answer is too easy for me the answer is so simple.

00:46:49--> 00:46:50

Allah in the

00:46:51--> 00:46:52

in the

00:46:54--> 00:46:58

you know you give the right answer you don't know you give the right answer? Yes.

00:47:03--> 00:47:03

Go on

00:47:05--> 00:47:20

in the Quran. Alhamdulillah the whole of the Quran is full of rewards and punishments. Jenna Jahannam do this and you'll get Jenna don't do this and you'll get Jahannam do this. Allah will be pleased with you do this Allah will be angry with you. The whole of the Quran

00:47:21--> 00:47:46

is is built around the idea of rewards and punishments, rewards for people who do good and punishments for people who do bad. So if that is what Allah azza wa jal told us in the Quran, it has to be the best way of doing things, rewards and punishments. That's how people stay motivated. Okay, girls do we have any questions from the girls side before we wrap up today

00:47:50--> 00:47:51


00:47:55--> 00:47:59

no questions from the girls side yellow boys. Boys the boys got questions

00:48:00--> 00:48:00


00:48:02--> 00:48:03

go on

00:48:10--> 00:48:34

you were born in Ramadan Okay, that's better we don't need this word. bursty you are born in Ramadan. I was also born Ramadan apparently. But I actually don't any I don't entirely know if that was true because I only have the digital calendar the i My parents were not Muslim so I can't ask them was it Ramadan when I was born but as far as I know, I was also vulnerable.

00:48:35--> 00:48:39

But we just we don't celebrate our birthdays. It doesn't make any difference.

00:48:40--> 00:48:43

hamdulillah and nobody asked me how old is

00:48:44--> 00:48:44

he Allah?

00:48:47--> 00:48:49

Allah Allah we started the topic. Yes.

00:48:53--> 00:48:55

What are gifts if it's not celebrating it?

00:48:57--> 00:49:18

What is a gift? A gift is celebrating it. You can't celebrate your birthday. You can't get presents for your birthday. You can't get cakes for your birthday. You can't dress up for your birthday. You can't wear a party hat on your birthday. Your birthday is the same day like every other day of the except that you're a little bit older than you were before.

00:49:21--> 00:49:36

Well, you really only increase by one day that that will that will do. Okay. Okay guys yella that's what Allah azza wa jal made easy for us to mention and Allah knows best wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala early he also happy edge marine