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Hey, are

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you ready? In a similar setting?

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When we talking about marriage

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we usually like to talk about it from a different angle

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which is encouraging young people to get married.

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And I remember the statement of my beloved brother, Allah.

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When he said by the, by the end of this session all of you will be will be married. I don't know but after my session, you know, all of us have had some divorce and whatever.

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Now, I'm not gonna sugarcoat

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I'm gonna give it to you as it is.

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I'll start

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with how does if you say hello, how are you a Muslim Watanabe

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with unkempt hair

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came to the city of Medina on a cam

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and then when he reached the mercy of the Navy summer Maharani, he was telling them

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he got off his camera.

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And he released the camera.

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And he walked to the minister and he stood at the door of the mystery

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for Karina Hush.

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Where's this man?

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He's talking about Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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the Sahaba out of respect.

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They look towards the messenger over loss on the lawn, he will send them

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and the messenger over law was reclining.

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And he said,

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I'm right here. I respond.

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And then a man came

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walking over the shoulder stepping over the shoulder of the Sahaba.

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And he started from the messenger over law. And he said to him,

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Are you the one that I'm looking for? He said yes.

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And it's

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for in the silo. I'm asking a question.

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What should they do? But I'll be very stern, very harsh.

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When I'm asking question when I'm addressing you, I will not speak softly to you.

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So did not find anything in your heart towards me.

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So the messenger over life, smile. And he said proceed. Go ahead.

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So he asked questions.

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The reason that I quote this hadith is

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I am not gonna shoot a call today.

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And I'm gonna be harsh. I'm gonna be hard. I'm gonna be realistic about marriage. So he want to cry? Or do you want to complain? Or if you're too sensitive, Lee, if you're a man, and you can handle it, and be seated and keep smiling,

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keep taking it.

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the title of this lecture is, are you ready? Am I right?

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You're not ready, I'm telling you that you are not ready. For those of you who are single, you're not ready.

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Most of you are not ready.

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being ready, what does it mean?

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It See you guys,

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all of you. Number one.

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You see this marriage thing as a fairy tale

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happily ever after, in one of those movies, you know, or disney world which shows that all he will fall in love with her and then she will fall in love with him and the little problem happens and then they will separate from one another and then she will cry and he saw writing a poll and bottom of the list and then all this and then later on he comes and they meet once again and they you know live ever, ever happily ever after. This is not married.

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This is not how marriage is going to be. I am telling you.

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I have been married over 17 years. And whatever Hollywood tells you is a lie. So take them

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number one.

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Are you ready?

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See how do you know whether you're ready or not?

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You will know if you're responsible

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and you are responsible of yourself, then I will say, perhaps you can take the responsibility of someone else. Because marriage means you are self sufficient first. And then you go out of your way, and you take a responsibility of someone else. And you will be able to handle the responsibility of yourself and the responsibility of someone else. If you only take want to take one wife, if you want to take four wives alone, what do you majority Sevilla, don't call me when you're drowning.

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the Sahaba of the Messenger of Allah, listening to overlocking and the people who are running the messenger overlong they were all young

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Zubaydah now

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as debatable now,

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when he accepted when he was next to the minister in your overlock, he was 15 years old.

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When his best friend accepted Islam don't have been obey the law. He was 16 years old.

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When sad when it was sad, when everyone comes when he came and he said, I am supporting your mission, your overlock he was 17 years old.

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kingda keep that in mind. I mean,

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now everybody we know when we studying the spirit of the messenger overlong

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that the Messenger of Allah did not trust Hamza

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did not go to the house of a bunker Cydia

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did not take his students to the house of our party. But he trusted our company outcome. And he took his students

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to the hospital outcome outcome because he knew this young man is responsible. And guess how old was our company?

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16 years old.

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When the messenger overlaps, and I'm bringing the whole oma to you to your house, and no one should know about it, and no one should speak a bomb. And everything that we say stays in this house. And your house is the shelter that will protect the oma you know, who did he trust? 16 years old kid. And

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then I will because he was responsible.

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He was a man.

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Imagine that now 16 years old kids nowadays, what do we do with them? We babysit them?

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We babysit them?

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We tell them did you do your homework?

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Did you find it and do it? Why not? I was busy.

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What is their concern? The biggest concern that they have is blackberries.

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You know, I'm texting asking someone.

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I'm busy with my friend

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16 years old.

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When I was responsible for the oma and you want to call his house was the CIA of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I mean there was the Intelligence Center of all the information used to come to the house. And

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the Messenger of Allah wants to do something in what happened in the house of this young man was 16 years old.

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Because he was he was responsible now.

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They've been

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they've been a fan.

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You know, he carried his song.

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And he, you know, put on his arm.

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And he went to the Messenger of Allah

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talking to them who died in the bottom of bed before they need and he's getting everybody ready. And they didn't grab it. He says I'm ready on messenger Ola. And he looked at it was going he said he auto sold a lot. I cannot be missed today. I want to be part of this.

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He said you only

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go to your mother.

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And then Jake comes leaves that he'll leave the messenger of the law. You know, in his head. He's dangling between his shoulders. He's you know, dragging his sword in one hand.

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AMS armour is dragging his teeth walking towards his mother feeling that he's disgraced because of messenger overload, nothing that he is responsible enough. And then he went to his mother crying, and it's a mom. You know, my mother say the messenger overlord rejected me.

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She said, Sir,

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there are other ways that you can support and help this

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isn't like what? She said, Can you write what can you do is I can't wait a week, he said, what you should sit on the messenger overlock and write down the right

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13 years old?

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Was he ready to write down the Koran?

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Coming from a law degree

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in the hands of 13 years old kid responsible. This responsibility.

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He said, You know what, I can also learn language, and you learn, and you hear people. And

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he said, I don't want anyone to tell the messenger overlock or to translate information from the other people incorrectly. I'll be there.

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And she said the day that you ready, you're

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13 years old now. Now, as a 13 year old kid, is you ready?

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Is he ready to write the code on that is already preserved? There's no mistake. If he asked him to copy one page from the other side in

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child abuse, you know, one page every other follow him is a child abuse.

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mentality, a completely different.

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Dynamic. I'm

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14 years old, his brother, no 13 years old. They were big. The king. He

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said, Where are you going? He said, I'm going to LA. He said, What do you know, come? Who did they kill?

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I mean, that was the theory.

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It wasn't like, you know, a simple guy

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was a camel by himself. I mean, the guy was huge. It was big. And then when they realize and

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obviously these two little kids on my side, and I'm thinking, oh my god, I need someone more stronger. You know, as soon as I turn my face away, from this case, somebody is going to come from this stature attack me. I need someone to protect me. And all of a sudden, I'm saying this to myself. And this is one of the cases Yeah.

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Do you know

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I sent him a

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young boy, when you come from Abuja. He's the chief of the boys. He's the owner of this oma, you know, what do you want from him?

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He said, I'm gonna kill him.

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So Pamela, you 13 years old kid. And he said, Why? He said, because I heard Not that I saw that. I know for a fact. I heard that he used to install the messenger overlock when he was in Mecca, salamati he was, I want to do this for the messenger overload. 13 years old kid.

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He said as soon as that boy was dumped with me, the other boy did the same thing.

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Our kids

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are they ready? For responsibility? The answer is no.

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Are they ready? Are you ready for marriage? The responsibility is heavy. The answer is no.

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Do you know that? Um, Robin asked when he had his first baby born his son. You know how old was he?

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How old was he? 11 years old.

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He was a farm by the age of 11.

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He tells his kids Why don't you mind your little sibling? Your brother Take care and I'll be back.

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If the war is not being you know, put in the microwave or in the dryer of the water that child is mad that you should feel hungry laugh that he kept his saving a life

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till hamdulillah

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see kids nowadays, you know, the Dark Ages 2018 1925 they not ready for marriage.

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They're not ready. Look at the girls looked at this.

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Masha Allah,

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she's willing to dress up for the occasion.

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She's willing to come out dress like a full grown lady. You know Mashallah red lipstick. lipstick is not available, you know, chopsticks, chopsticks, not available, Vaseline from dollarama is available hamdulillah if none of that is available, she come up, you know, we're all making all this and she she goes and she buys you know high heeled shoes from Payless shoe price and he comes now,

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she physically she may be ready. But is she mentally ready?

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The highest divorce nowadays in the Muslim countries and in the West is worse.

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You know, in Kuwait is 79% 79% Do you know what the mo was? You know, presenting Saudi? Can you imagine that?

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You know, everyone was trying to be like to be westernized. They're the percentage is high in the wealth, Mashallah sisters and brothers, they get married a year or two, a long walk What? She's reciting someone else, and he's recycling another lady.

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Why? Because the responsibility is not

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there the day that we think the responsible using you responsible is the day number one that you take care of yourself, and those who are around you.

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That day, that you don't have to, you know, you don't need someone to say, you know, clean your room. Fix your bed. Clean your home. Oh, by the way, yeah, cut your hair, this Afro of yours. That Mashallah, if you hide, if you want to hide a wild cat, you can hide a wild card there. If you want to go ahead.

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You know, the day that you become responsible, is the day that you say to yourself, the day that you say to yourself, I can take care of my family. I can you know, my father is getting old. He's been driving, you know, taxi, you know, 12 hours a day. You know, I finished my school, and hamdulillah you know, I am going to work full time. I'm going to say to my father, just relax.

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We've been working for 18 years, for 20 years for us for 25 years from today. I am the man of the house. today. I am your son. today. I'll take care of you. I'll take care of my mother. I'll take care of my siblings. I'll be the first one that you will be proud of. I'll be this your son that you always want to relax. Do they do that today?

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As a matter of fact, you know, at the beginning of the month that dad was my you know, but past

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29 years old, go get a job.

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Who's gonna hire even more to hire you? 29 is what do you have? Well, I'll be watching all NBA Finals. I've been doing this you know