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There was a experiment recently done with a group of people and well known city in America. And what they did is they presented to people two different kinds of cakes.

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On one of the cakes, they had a sign $15 on the other cake and how to sign $55.

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And what they would do is they would try to see what people's reactions were when they had this type of cake. Which one would they prefer and why. And they found that they would first give them the $15 cake, the people would say things like, Oh, this is so dry, doesn't have enough frosting. Oh, it's not moist. I think the ingredients are cheap, and so on and so forth, then they would give them the $55 cake, the sign that said it had $55? And when they would eat that cake, what do you think they would say? Wow, what an amazing cake. This is the most moyses most blasted cake I've ever had. Some of them said this is the best cake I've ever had. And then they would ask their feedback. What do

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you think we should do? Should we sell? Which one should we sell? Or what's your general criticism and feedback? They would say for sure don't even sell the $15 cake. Why would you do that? I mean, if you're making a cake, that's $55 Why would you even waste your time. And then they were given a bit of information right after that,

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they would be told that the cakes are exactly the same. There's no difference between either of the cakes, they're made with the same ingredients and the same oven at the exact same time with the same level of frosting, everything is exactly the same. The only thing that changed is a sign right over the cake. One says $15 the other one says $55.

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Now something even more peculiar. Some of the people literally said You're lying.

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I can't believe it. I actually physically taste

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that the $55 cake tastes better than the $15 cake. And what they found in the psychological experiment is that human beings, when they value something, they have more satisfaction with it. Psychologically, physiologically, when you find value in something more than another, you will intrinsically convince yourself even even if it's not, that this will make you content and happy as you This is exactly how creation of the human being was made. That when we are told, look at this thing, the $55 cake, it's probably made with better ingredients. That's why it's $55.

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Or maybe the maker of the cake is some chef in some world renowned French institution who made the cake or some other value that crosses in your mind even though it may not be true.

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You find more satisfaction in that because of the value that you gave it. You find more satisfaction in that and therefore you find more contentment spot Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala warned us of this factor within ourselves. Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke about this, and how this one facet of what we give value to may drive humanity away from what gives true contentment and true happiness and a loss of power that describes this in the conversation that shavon had with Eliza Jen and how shavon would try to deceive human beings in this conversation in the forum. Last Friday describes the power of conversation by saying that an alarm will call that Ducky then I mean a body cannot

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sleep through long will only learn no moto Omen Nia no Mana Mana home for you back to

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Allah? What am I

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on? Oh, what do you mean? dooney la Hasina who slonem Oh been lost, says

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Satan is cursed, far from the mercy of God. He said, when he found himself astray. And the only solution he has for himself is if you can't be saved unless take others with me. He said, I will take hold of a certain num number of your servants. What will he do pay attention? He said I will certainly mislead them and delude them with false hopes.

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false hopes there's more value in this. There's more value will make you more happier. There's more value in this other person that you're not with. You'll be more satisfied with them. There's more value in this other faith than Islam. Why are you on this this level of

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diluting false hopes is what shape on promise to busy us with trying to find value in things that may not give us contentment or happiness. And he continues on saying, and I will order them and they will slip the ears of cattle. The scholars mentioned What this means is that human beings will actually change the creation in order to try to please themselves. What does that mean? If you look at the food industry today, what is the leading cause of many of the cancers that we are going through? It's the unfortunate change in the food production industry. They found out that all of the steroids and all of the hormones and all of the things that we've done in order to fatten up those

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cows and those sheep and those chickens, where they literally can't walk, to the point that you're consuming poison in your own body.

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find it funny, but takuna Donilon, they will change the creation of a Lost Planet Allah and he continues and says, What a moron no further you lay your own Allah, and I will commend them and they will change the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. One is animals the other change because of lack of satisfaction, and what we value is within our own selves, the number one

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surgery in America is not heart surgery is not because removing tumors is not anything related except to semi permanent operations to make your figure change, and better, they will change the creation of a last panel of data. And this is one of the most asked questions that we get shift. What is the ruling on Botox? What is the ruling on changing lips? What is the ruling on plastic surgery? What is the ruling on making me different because I don't find value in how Allah created me. Or I'm not trying to fix something that was deficient. Rather, I'm trying to seek value in the eyes of others thinking that will bring me contentment or satisfaction. This is promised by shape

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one last time that I says whoever takes these hopes and these false vain desires that are brought by shavon then they will be of those who went surely of loss, they will lose themselves. They will lose their families, they will lose their meaning and obviously more importantly, they will lose the idea of what it means to be content and happy. One of the most beautiful things is that the Quran was directed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in bringing about solutions to things before it was directed to anybody else. Allah subhanaw taala directly speaks to the prophets I send them about how to deal with this. How do you find value in things? And how do you not strain yourself and

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chasing things that you may think give you happiness? The last part that I assess too is profit. What

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can I deny in a Kayla?

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Madonna be he as well? Jamin homes a hotel hayati, dunya, Lina Tina houfy, what is what because

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I lost to the prophets I said at first, Do not strain your eyes, and longing for things that have we have given to some groups of this world. And this world. The splendors of this life and the joy and the world material gain, which we test them with. Don't strain your eyes. Don't strain your eyes chasing what somebody has, and you don't, don't strain your eyes, chasing a figure that someone has and you don't Don't strain your eyes chasing someone else's

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spouse, that you don't

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know even more than that the final level, Don't strain your eyes and even another faith that you don't have, and thinking that it's better than what you have. Allah subhanaw taala says about this, the provision of your Lord is better and more lasting. So how do we find value in things that give us contentment? How do we find value in things that give us contentment? And last part that it also describes something very interesting. He talks about how the duration the time of the prophets I said him, what was their pride? What did they boast about they're not much different from us. They're still human beings. At the end of the day. They still boasted about their Tesla's right. The

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kurush Tesla, you heard about that one. But the last one speaks about they used to be prideful and boastful of their riding animals, their horses, that now some of them equal up to $50 million in our time. So what about that, and these red camels that each of them now I think the last one sold for $45 million in the UAE or something crazy. The point being is they boasted about their rights, they boasted about their wealth, and they boasted about their children who had the most. And Allah subhanaw taala says when the prophets I sent him a came to them. And he was a man who was of status in this in the society, but he didn't have any of this stuff. You know.

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They said we'll call to Lola Luciana harden, who, Alhaji middle Korea taneous Lee

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They said why was the Quran not sent down upon a great men from one of the two cities? MacArthur live? A man who has status a man who has cars or horses and animals a man who has wealth? Why this man why not from Mecca and

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Medina laws? He says, Well, how would I my second call human slavery Salat munsif Sharif for URI Illa de la Julian Sharif. He said that these methods are killing these poor people. They thought that a status of prophethood and being a messenger is not deserving except to a person who's honorable, but they said the one problem was, what did they consider honorable? What did they value? He said they valued a nodular Sharif who Olivia kulu Cathedral manual

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that the one who was honorable is the one who has a lot of wealth and status and children.

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And this is what led them astray. Allah says a homie oxymoron. amatola big. Are they the ones who portion the mercy of your Lord nanoka sam Nabina, whom marisha to whom Phil hayati dunya, It is we who proportion out between them their livelihood in this world. So they may employ others even we give them that much wealth, but because of the mercy of your Lord is better when what they amass what a hammer to rob because hieromonk

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what Allah has proportion, and what Allah has given to you, is greater than what people are mass thinking that their value is in it. And this is why it's interesting. One day, I'm gonna have a lot of walks in on the Prophet Sawyer

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and he says that he saw an era salatu salam, sleeping on a straw mat, that left marks on the skin novel Halle Berry sauce was

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this great man or whatever, who is present presence when he walked in scared people. This man who had a strong demeanor, this man whose presence in Islam is known as El Faro. Today, his presence is victory. But when he saw his heavy rally sought asylum, his beloved sleeping on a straw mat that left marks on his skin. And his pillow was animal skin that was stuffed with Dr. date palm tree branches or leaves. And underneath that was a rock. Not a sleep mattress bed, not a memory foam pillow, a rock literally underneath animal skin.

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model the Toronto started to cry

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being so affected, and he said Yasuda la the kings of Rome and Persia have better than this. And you are the greatest and most Beloved of Allah subhana wa tada and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Matata Hakuna Matata. vilanova very powerful lesson. He said, Yeah, our motto elfi shakin until you have no support. Do you have any doubt? Oh, son of a hapa look at the question. Are you doubtful? Because your prophet is sleeping on this? Are you doubtful of faith? Did you think just like polish that wealth and status is what brings contentment. Did you doubt for one moment that just because we may be in this state now that we're not on the truth? Are you in any type of doubt

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over this? And the most beloved of a law so the law audio salon slept on this? And he said la Sato salam wa ecoman Rajaratnam Paiva tofi hayati Julia. As for those people,

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they are people whom the enjoyments of this world and the next were hastened only in this world, they will only get the enjoyments in this world. I'm not no I'm a total da da da mo dunya Wanaka Yamato, Aren't you satisfied? Aren't you happy? That you might see them as kings in this life, but they will only have it in this life? We will have it in the hereafter. What was the value given? What Allah put value in?

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What was the contentment in what Allah put contentment in? That's why the prophets on a low audio cinema said to one of the companions, men Canada dunya hameau Falchuk Allahu la ummah. Whoever makes the world their most important matter, you're chasing it constantly, Allah will bring their affairs in disarray.

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Allah will bring their affairs in disarray. You won't know when you start worked. When you end work, you will know when your loan ends and when it finishes, you will know when you have the payment that you have to pay and the payment that it starts from the next week.

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When you make the world their most important matter alone will bring their affairs in disarray and make poverty appear before their eyes, and they will not get anything from the world except what has been decreed for them. But whoever makes the hereafter their most important matter a law will settle their affairs. Give them peace, give them contentment, give them happiness, even though they have all of these things.

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They live a peaceful life and

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make them content in their heart and the world will come to them. Although they don't even want it. The world will come. positions, status, righteous spouses for your children.

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honor and dignity.

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Allah subhanaw taala gives that promise. So what are some of the main issues that we have of not finding some of this value that the companions were taught by the prophets of Allah? So, number one, comparison, comparison, we constantly compare what we don't have with somebody else, you bought the new c 300. The next year, somebody else is gonna get something better. You bought a house, someone's literally one of my friends, he said, I bought a house It took me it took me blood, guts and sweat to get this house when we invited some friends over. You know what they said to me, this is a nice starter house, Mashallah starter house. He said, this is a starter house to you.

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Look at the concepts that we have. Look at the perception we have of wealth. Look at what we find value in. He said this is to me is like I made it I'm hungry love how wealth welcome that I worked in sacrifice for someone downplays it by saying, Look at the starter house.

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And the comparison we make don't end.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in that statement of at least, that he will constantly make us want vain desires of what we don't have. To the extent Why do you think there's so much adultery in our community?

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Why do you think it? Why do you think it is? Because we're constantly seeking something we don't have, you know, what the prophets I sent him, I said, he said, if you're attracted to something on the street, go home, because what she has is the same as what that woman has, or what that man has is the same as what you have at home. Look at the perception change. Meaning the physical push that you're having has no value or no merit and the contentment and happiness that you're supposed to put in and invest in that relationship. You know why? Because we're constantly comparing socially, social media has exacerbated the problem even more. One of the people that I know, he asked me to

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help him find somebody to marry. And I'm like, I don't do that. I don't, that's not my thing. But after like five years, he kept asking me, and I finally said, Fine, let's, let's help, let's see what we can do.

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So we would send you no potentials. And he kept saying no to like, 15 different women. And I'm like, there's gotta be some problem. Right? So I said to him, give me an example of somebody who might be interested in so that we can figure it out. It took 2.3 seconds for an Instagram account to be sent to me.

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2.3 of some supermodel. If you look at the person, that's not a human being. I said, you don't want a woman you want a person with a full time photography crew, and a full time editing squad. And not only that, they work out six months just for one photo shoot to look like that. And not only everything is that's not a human being in the cemetery they put in their faces.

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So the perceptions of contentment and happiness, even in potentials of our spouses has changed because of Hollywood and Bollywood, and God knows what else, Instagram and all of this stuff has affected all of us in many different ways. Constant comparison. That's why Stanford psychologist Sandra lubinski. Not that we need her. But she said focusing on our own personal achievement, instead of comparing ourselves to others leads to greater satisfaction leads to greater satisfaction. Not only that, forget her and the VA slothful said I'm said look at those who are lower than you don't look at those who are higher, so that you will not disgrace the blessings of

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Allah on you, you will disgrace yourself, you will disgrace you will literally could potentially a person, if they're constantly seeking what they don't have, might destroy a relationship that someone built with love seeking a valueless physical connection that ends in two minutes.

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That ends in two minutes. And the regret that seeps in because of that comparison. Another reason is our forest priorities. Our false priorities the prophets I said Emma said, Terry sab the dinar, what did humbled workato camisa in ocho de la mujer de la mujer, la misma miserable is the one who worships money.

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Miserable is the one who worships the gold and silver coins. The one who is after the velvet and long clothing, the newest thing is out I gotta buy it. $500 shoes, I gotta buy it. $5,000 purses I got about, be happy, be rich, but chasing the world to have the next thing is a problem.

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Chasing the world to have an want and always be that

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person is the problem. And that's why the scholars they taught us listen, have the best of this world, but keep it in your hand not in your hearts.

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And the prophets, I said, I'm finished it by saying, if they are given of them, they will be satisfied Meaning what? What did he tell our mom? Do you think that satisfaction and faith is when Muslims are the richest, to some Muslims? It is, Islam is not good enough. Why? You know, I wish Islam changed a little bit, I need to be happier, more content, if only Islam allowed me to buy as much with interest as I could,

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you know, just let's change that, I'll be more happier and content, if they're given, then they will be satisfied the profits, look at what the satisfaction is value of material gain. And if they are not given from them, they will not be pleased. And lastly,

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the pain of consequence, the pain of consequence, some people don't understand when the prophets I sent him a says, Be pleased. And the best person in this world and the treasure they can have is the one that wakes up in the morning content. We don't understand this. So guess what consequences we do understand. One of the consequences we may understand is when we keep chasing what we don't have, for example, an element of pornography. Do you understand how many health problems have caused from people chasing these things, to the extent that they can't have children? dysfunction,

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in sexuality with a woman there went to the extent people come to us and ask the first night there, they cannot have intercourse with their family. Do you know why? Because their mind is so programmed, that the chemicals they send for pleasure has been programmed only for

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porn, not a real woman in front of them.

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And the consequences of that are everlasting. You will see people who don't have children because of this, who have to result into other forms of of looking, because of these kinds of things. And not only that,

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a sister recently, she said something very powerful. Today, she said five years, I'm sober today, for five years, my brain hurts a lot. Honestly, it's hard, harder, perhaps, than when it was new and novel, when I quit drugs, thinking that this will give me value, or position, or social clouds. Three things only keep me going. My loved ones are happier, I refuse to flush all this effort down the drain, and I don't want to die as an addict. That's all I've got. These are the things you found value in Finally, you know, we're not putting value in brothers and sisters, we're not putting value in the investment of what truly matters. And that is our relationships that are everlasting. That's

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what this woman found out. When you value the one that you found as a spouse, when you value the hard work you did to find out when you value

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your own self image, not chasing a fake image, but rectifying some of the things that you need to work on. I need to work out, I'll be honest, right? It says about 1020 pounds.

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Some of the people here too, it's okay. But let's be honest with ourselves, be happy with who you are, don't change everything, thinking that contentment is there.

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When you value those things, then the satisfaction will come. And then investment comes.

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And the prophets I send them I said about all of these things, that

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the person when they're constantly engaged in these, you know, bombardment of materialism, without basilic lower your gaze, you know, lower your gaze and not just physical By the way, it's lower your gaze from wanting all this materialism. Lower your gaze from that status, lower your gaze for wanting social clout. Lower your gaze from teaching your children be a doctor be an engineer for the status, not because they want innovation, not because they want to help people, but you want to give them a status, you're teaching your children value status, you will be happy.

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You're not teaching them how people you're not teaching them. Be innovative as an engineer, but the status that we value, lower your gaze from that. Lower your gaze from other people that you you've been with a woman for 2030 years 1510 even five or a men invest in that. That's what the prophets I said, I said lower your gaze from the dunya

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Sofitel in

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Los Altos de la Loma San Diego so you know, whenever you know hamazon aloha Adios.

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One of the greatest scholars in real time he said a shuttle full photo although well, his photographer will hurry fl canera he said dignity is in humility. Don't walk on this

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Without temps you fill out the model Ha. Don't walk on this earth. Like you own something. Somebody owes you something entitlement. I am this from Benny phoolan. Benny, I learned this is what police came with. I'm from this tribe. You're from that tribe. I'm from this nationality, which the country was literally 80 years old, versus your country, which is literally 105 years old. What does this matter? and honor is in righteousness. Honor is in righteousness and freedom. Freedom is in contentment. Freedom truly free is when you're content with who you are, with who you're with, with what you have, and seeking everything in the way that pleases Allah subhana wa Tada. And that is why

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the prophets lifetime every single day. He would make a job every single day. He says it'll lead to Allah Hilda obon, Islam, Medina, Mohammed, Mohammed, someone said, whenever I am pleased with a law as my Lord, and Islam as my Dean, and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is my Prophet, and the prophet SAW some also taught a DA to help us constantly be aware of what the dangers of seeking value in other than Islam teaches us. The ultimate outcome. gents, let me narrate at the prophets I sent him I said the prophets I said would constantly make this draw. He would say aloha mania I was mean really mean lanpher woman Calvin la yaksha one mean Neff sin, la Tasha woman Dara what Tina used to Java, nice

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Tasha Buddha Allah I seek refuge in You from knowledge that does not benefit from a heart that does not entertain the fear of a law from a soul that is not satisfied from a soul that chases the $55 cake from a soul that keeps wanting what others have In comparison, and from a soul that won't learn from the consequences of the pain of indulging in yourself from a soul that is not satisfied and this application and that that is not answered. That's close enough that is to bless all of us anatomy alumni as it is now an alum of Philadelphia but I mean Aloma to gardena ohana motel yada but I mean well she Madonna was one of the muslimeen what Hamiltonian hammer I mean, a lot of African

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American a lot of affinity Philistine a lot more 100 dimensional upside but it's just 100 mattoni along a lot of human era but I mean, along with American anonymous left office Omar afraid or fearful if it was thought of Ebola was wondering if you have on a standard amount of anatomy, one sort of one and I must not have enough is seen what the Kashmir yarrabah allow me to but I didn't know what does it mean? What does it allow me now the becoming element Nyan woman Alvin la yaksha. Woman nefs in Latasha, woman darwaza now uses Java or safilo eco for Sofitel. No

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welcome so

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while you're standing shallow, the announcements I forgot to make. Tonight inshallah the mothership Institute will have a class that I will be presenting called succession the rise of a worker nominal, the old town I know. It's about the life of a worker normal.

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It will be at 7:10pm. Seven to 10pm. Today inshallah, and then Saturday and Sunday as well at the IOC extension, and then the machine is doing a youth trip to Knott's Berry Farm tomorrow. Saturday. If you'd like to buy tickets, please visit the office or

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