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Brother You shot emails from a city in Illinois, in which there's only one Masjid recently built. And he says that they do not have a full time Imam. And so the hotbars are given by selected people within the community. However, they have disagreed amongst themselves regarding the language of the hotbar. Some people are quoting and then he mentioned the name of a famous scholar who has a detailed treaties in English, stating all of the evidences that it is obligatory to do the hotspot in the Arabic language. And this scholar, I'm not going to mention names, has said that this is the majority opinion of the Islamic schools of law and he says that it must be done. However, he allows

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a lecture in the local language, that shall not be the hotbar and then the HOPA be given in Arabic and then the Salah in Arabic, the brother usually says other people are saying that the whole debate should be given in English so that most of the people can understand. So Can I comment on this controversy?

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so this controversy, again, this goes back to early Islam and there is a famous treaties written that you have referenced I don't like mentioning names for no reason. So this is a scholar that I respect and admire immensely, and he definitely is one of the greatest scholars of Islam alive today most revered and respected and he has large followings, especially in the Hanafi or Deobandi school tradition. And he has written a treatise about the fact that Jumeirah the chutzpah, oh Joomla must be done in the Arabic language. And I have read this treaties multiple times, actually. And it is a very scholarly, very erudite evidence packed treaties, it is available in order to English and

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Arabic. And this treaties is the standard, because of which so many of our brethren have that have that particular strand, they insist that the whole tuba must be given in Arabic, even though they allow a ban they call it before that in order to do or in English. And so the people can listen to that, but the hotbar must be given in Arabic. And the main evidence they have two main evidences or summarize their main evidence number one is that the Prophet salallahu it who was setting them always gave the hook by an Arabic and he was the one who said pray as you have seen me pray. So because he always gave it in Arabic, we must also give it in Arabic. And number two, they say this

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is the majority opinion of our earlier scholars. And they have a long list of scholars and this is many of the pages of this treaties are about Shia so and so says this And Imam so and so on. Lots of aroma of the past, you know, beginning from the second century, all the way up until our times lots of aroma have indeed said that the whole debate should be given in the Arabic language and this esteemed scholar who is one of the primary references of the Hanafi school. He also claims that the Hanafi school has been misunderstood and that the Hanafi school has always said that Arabic is the default for the whole Baba and it is not allowed in any other language. Okay, so this is what our

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this esteemed share has said. So the fact of the matter is that the controversy over hookah and the language of the hood really goes back to all of the four Sunni schools of law. And it is true, factually, it is true that the majority of lemma did say that in cases where even one person can speak Arabic, that the hotbar must be given an Arabic this is a majority opinion. In fact, so much so that the majority of the magic keys and the humbly said that even if none of them understand Arabic, the Imam can just read something in comprehensible in Arabic to him and whatnot. And that is the default that it should be done. A second opinion says that if everybody in the audience is non

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Arab, they don't understand Arabic If everybody not a small minority or a vast majority, if everybody in the audience does not understand Arabic, then in this case, the whole book can be given in non Arabic in any language other than Arabic and this is the default position of the Shafi school and it is also some of the humbly scholars of the past. And the third opinion is that it is Muslim

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To give it in Arabic but not to condition and if the hottie wants to give it in any other language, then he may do so. And this is allegedly the position of Abu Hanifa himself and some of the Shafi schools now, our esteemed scholar of the Hanafi madhhab says Imam Abu Hanifa has been misunderstood. And that is his right to say he has been misunderstood a factual point here. Lots of Allama have understood this from Hanifa. So if our great scholar wants to say that all of these other might have misunderstood, that is his right, but you should be aware that when you even read a no Louise books and other scholars and the people who write compendiums of filth, even modern companions of the way

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they have understood about Hanifa Rahim Allah Tala is actually pretty clear. And they feel that Abu Hanifa Rahim, Allah Tala did allow the Holy Spirit in any language. So that's their position. And again, even what Abu Hanifa how what he said can be interpreted in different ways. Nonetheless, the default position of the majority of schools is that it should be given in Arabic, this is no doubt that's a factual statement, however, is the majority position, always the best one is the majority position, always the better one to follow. And this is where if you have listened to my q&a, throughout all of these, you know, hundreds of companies that have done, this is where I've always

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been bringing up this idea of I mean, the term a lot of people get very concerned when they hear it. But in reality, if anybody listens to my talk, there is nothing to be concerned about. When I say reform in understanding our times, right? I've used this phrase multiple times, perhaps there is an intentional shock, you're not intended, however, those people who either want to create controversy or don't understand, they read way too much in when I talk about rethinking through faith, this is exactly what I'm talking about these types of issues, where there is no explicit commandment in the Quran and Sunnah. So the fact that you know, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave it in Arabic

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throughout his life, I mean, that's factually true. But just because he Sallallahu s&m Did something throughout his entire life in a certain way. It does not make it obligatory and binding on us, especially if he did it, because it was the culture of his timeframe. What if somebody said the only reason he did it was because that was his language. He was born into it, and the people spoke Arabic. And by the way, it is also factually true to state that for the bulk of Islamic history, the majority of the OMA understood Arabic they could have been bilingual, trilingual, but they understood Arabic as a default. So if somebody were to say that the Prophet system did not command

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us give the heartburn Arabic, and he himself said, Islam will spread east to west, he himself said, I saw this whole world rolled up in front of me and Islam spread to every corner, he told us that Islam would reach the Roman Empire and other empires, he told us this, but he never said that make sure the Hotbird will remain in Arabic. What if somebody were to say that to derive that it is obligatory to give the hotbin Arabic is a huge derivation, the max that can be said it is Mr. Hub, and it is the default language, I agree. But to make it binding, such that you will now say to a group of people who do not understand Arabic, and they're coming to the masjid one time of the week,

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that's the only time they come to the masjid. And you will say to this community, that I'm sorry, but because our classical Lama said a majority of them, by the way, not even all that it should be in Arabic, that we will give it an Arabic, we will say this is what I'm thinking about when I'm saying we need to rethink through just because a large group said it, we have to look at our context and look at our situation. What is the goal of the hotbar Allah says in the Quran, Oh you who believe they are to the nominal, when the call for Joomla is given, leave, buying and selling and common listen to the remembrance of Allah. The remembrance of Allah is not in any one language, it

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is in the language that they understand. As Allah says, In the Quran, we have not sent any prophet except that he speaks the language of his people. We have not sent any prophet except that he speaks the language of his people. So those who are following in the footsteps of the Prophet says every hottie when every chef and every item following the footsteps, they should follow that verse in the Quran as well, that they speak to the people in their own language. And by the way, here is the irony and again, I always preach tolerance and respect and I respect the position that should be given only in Arabic, but I gently gently without any attempt, I will do that to mock or ridicule

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push back and I say, you have said that you want to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by keeping an Arabic okay. But you have also instituted to hot buzz you might not call it a hot but you can call it a ban. But in reality, there are two hot bus taking place separate and distinct. You have the ban in the local language, and then you have the whole

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But in Arabic were is following the Sunnah of the Prophet system there he did not do so. In fact, one can point out that there is an authentic hadith and a Buddhahood in which our prophets of Allah who I sent him for bade gathering in the masjid, for any communal activity before Juma, you may gather individually praise salah, there should be no communal activity of hydrocarbon and knowledge and whatnot, it should not be done before the hotbar our scholars say because we want to concentrate on the hotbar therefore, don't have something before the hook. But this is a Hadith do not have Halaqa before. Juma meaning don't have you know, circles of knowledge and whatnot and more ever

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before the hope because attention span is limited. So if you're going to get give a 30 minute lecture before the hook, then you're going to have the hook but nobody's going to pay attention to the hook but But see, our brothers who want to be strict on the sooner very literal, in order to be strict. They had to be non strict. They had to institute something that goes against the Sunnah and actually contradicts an explicit Hadith in certain Aveda would and this shows us that really, it doesn't make any sense with utmost respect. I'm not trying to be dismissive here, but to be so literalist in this regard that just because the majority said it, no, even if a majority said at

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times were different places were different. We now have a crises going on. People are barely praying, they're barely coming to the masjid. They come only for Jumar some of them don't even come for Juma. They're going to come for that 1520 minutes, the only time they have to be educated and because you want to stick with tradition, and that tradition is manmade, Allah did not say the hobo must be in Juma the process of did not say it must be in Juma. It is something they have derived that derivation was contested from day one. Earlier scholars some of them said the whole book can be in any language. And that's the position that I'm advocating as well. So when I say we need to

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rethink through books, this is exactly what I mean. We are not bound to the opinions of earlier people just because they said them. We live in different times in places. And as I have said many times, we find an entire spectrum of people in our times, some of them are ultra literal, and and sticking to what their schools taught them. And I respect them. And I say that I understand their concern. But that's not going to help Islam. Sometimes they will make Islam dogmatic and fit will become dogmatic. Others on the flip opposite the far left, they want to rethink through everything. And these are the progressive movement of Islam. They don't have any attachment to the tradition.

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They don't really care about the Sunnah very much, that is also a destruction of Islam. I have always said that, myself, I am with the middle group of scholars. The wasn't the type of scholars that they respect the tradition immensely, but they are not blind to the realities of the world we live in and they contextualize and they discern and they think more deeply, and they say okay, why did our previous scholars say this? Was this something Allah and His messenger said? Or was it for reasons that we can now rethink through and when it comes to the language of the hookah? I think it is obvious that the Quran and Sunnah does not restrict the language of the hookah and this is

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exactly what the vast majority of that type of scholarly community has said. The Mejlis the most beautiful, the merge Mark 50, which is the merge mark that I quote The most often, which is following the Robitaille argument study one of the largest bodies of Muslims in the world, that they gave their their fatwa in their fifth annual meeting, this is back in the early 80s, many 35 years ago or something. One of the first meetings that they had, they said that the hotbar of read and the hotpot of Jumeirah

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in the lands in which people do not speak Arabic may be given in their local languages, it is not necessary that the hope will be given in the Arabic language, it is not necessary that it be given rather it should be given in whatever will facilitate them learning Islam, it should facilitate their learning of Islam. And even the translation of the Quran may be said during the whole debate in their local language, but of course the Quran should be recited in Arabic only. So and this is their fatwa that even when Quran and Hadith is quoted in the hotbar, is not obligatory, they're saying to mention it in Arabic it can be done. It can be done in any language, but they said that

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obviously the when you recite the Quran that it must be in the Arabic language. So this is the fatwa from Mark 50. And also the heads give out Roma, which is the Federal Council of Saudi Arabia, which is generally under stricter side in most issues. In this issue. They said there's no evidence from the Quran and Sunnah to restrict the language of the Hooda and it can be given in any language that will be the most benefit to the people. The same goes for the Egyptian Council and the Jordanian council. So basically the default of the majority of Muslim councils of the world they have

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said that the whole debate can be given in any language. It is really primarily our Hanafi brethren of today. And of course, this is the irony, and I'm not a part of that, you know, movements. I'm not qualified to speak too much. But I will say that it is obvious to an outsider that the earlier Hannah fees were different than the modern ones in our homelands. And there's market differences in many fatawa. And many of the earlier Hana fees would allow certain things that later ones do not allow. And this one seems to be the case that Imam Abu Hanifa and Allah knows best, it seems that he did allow him to buy in any language. But he said it is better to give it in Arabic, but later a

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half. They said it must be given in Arabic, and this includes some of the students of Abu Hanifa. Nonetheless, even if that is the Hanafi school, it is one school and the other schools are more open in this regard. And this is what I mean, when I say we need to rethink through filkin Our times we need to reform the books of fact not the Allah's, surely we cannot change Alessia but it is not Allah Shetty that the Hotbird must be given an Arabic this is something that later scholars have derived and therefore, dear brother, you shall who asked this question. I say that it is my humble opinion, which is the opinion of the majority of fifth councils in fact, dare I say, I'm not aware

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of any global fifth council I repeat, I'm not aware of any global field Council when I say global, I mean, composed of Roma from multiple countries who have given a fatwa that is anything different than what I have said, which is the whole debate should be given in the language that is of maximum benefit and therefore here in North America, perhaps 10% understand Arabic 15% understand Arabic whereas pretty much 99% If not one or 2% in some communities understand the English language. So we should give the whole tuba in the language that people will understand and this means that it is completely allowed to give the hook up in the English language and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada knows best

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and what that is shallow Tada. We will stop here for today and continue next week. Until then, cheers Akuma Lokeren Saramonic rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh wabarakatuh.

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