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Hola Nikita

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we have recited your book and at the same time

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we do not know the meaning one idea

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then Moriarty

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with a movie that is somehow be in the car. What is the meaning of this? How could we say your hola take the people of North to jahannam

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take the people off Ibrahim, who does believe to jahannam and do likewise for ISA and Musa Sudha. Eman Adele rude. When one idea the aloha is not known to this ummah and they said Arnica

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is that shame on us?

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As the messengers of Allah, honor this ummah,

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called them and said Here Allah I trust this OMA to Muhammad, Allah Allahu Allah He was

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to be my witnesses and we don't know anything.

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Now from the book of Allah know from the Sunnah of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa salam what are they

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what is the now Hooton Zilla in OB Allah to me know be in Medina you in

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cobbly commonly in our youth

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room and in the car is so well known Subhan Allah in Canada And subhanAllah in Canada, Florida, if we don't know the word of Allah, this Holanda Allah subhanho, wa Taala wieviel into 23 years.

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In any stays, so we can understand and learn what I are out of time. And we implemented our life and then we go as a rule.

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Honor on the day on your multicam What a shame on this.

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And I know and I know for a fact you have heard similar words from other teams

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are you reading a book

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or you watch a DVD? What a higher Telamon tuna de la caja smarter Hagen

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was smart or smarter, no, no data higher. Working now higher Telamon tunity.

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To do what I can enter tempo in them opponent

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for that confer in declutter meaning

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once you fill

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your own

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journey, you're on the yellow one.

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What have you.

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So, when you are in

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journey, Allah is Allah Bhagwati he was sending them when

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he came to LA Allahu Allah, he was salam. And we were sitting in the masjid won't count him in and he saw

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needy people. They did not have much of this dunya The only thing that they had was in that they will learn yet he came to them some of Guwahati he was

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a Yukon, your one year old world in both Hana our

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which one of you would like to go to go to

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which was a marketplace but outside of the city of Medina. I want to be inside the city.

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On a tip now 14 Cola me he said you will gain to straw strong

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fat camels got a new lady it's mean

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with Are you committing ism haram

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No kidding, a kinship because of that deal. Which one of you would prefer doing this? On?

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Your own soul? allah

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sallallahu alayhi wa salam Yara saw the law when love that. Imagine two camels.

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You got the beginning of the day. Two the marketplace and you come back with his two camels. If you're a car dealer, you go to the car dealers or you come back with two vehicles. If you're a businessman, you close two business deals. This is how we can relate to this. And then you come back where you like that the Sahaba of Louisa Yeah. Hello. So Allah we have this sofa, one

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and two camels

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For every single day, we will love that for us on the Maharani he was

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I found out he had to come. And the way that Masjid a prayer to Allah

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is a one one of you love to go to the masjid

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and read to or learn to IOPS read or learn to is from the Kitab

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or the Highland Mina Patane. What got us on Hi, Ron.

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Well, hi, Haldeman.

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Oh, come Ohana some of what he was. He said that is better than gaining Two camels,

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three camels, four camels or the number of camels compared to the idea that you will learn to learn the end. You would have not bustled the Allah.

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Jihad, VENA Masjid. What's the name of him?

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What was sunnah? He said the best of jihad. Is you stablishing a masjid a place of worship, a place of rent and you teach people Quran and Sunnah in the the salah Lord rally he was

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defeated Allah.

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Allah in this hadith

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mentioned camels or we know does not camels is equivalent to one is this dunya is that equivalent to one Iron Man one.

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What about to sign

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up because

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not a single iron? Naira dunya whatever it contains, can be equal to one single

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on home equity Fila villa. When Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna was talking to Sulaiman

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and they when they were trying to show that they are grateful to Allah for the Neerim that they were blessed with. So they man, the man who had control over the gin,

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so they married their older son and father father, who inherited from one another and Munawar were Inman Woodman. Yet, when they were talking about the name of what did they say? Welcome, Tina, who there was Serena in 134? Kathy Remini Eva the other cathedra mean?

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What did they mention? Do they mention that Allah gave them the authority over the when

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did they didn't mention that Allah gave them the authority origins? They didn't mentor mentor Well, he didn't mention any of this no more he they mentioned

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Well, what is the sort of?

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What is the what did he heard from the who that is? On an end now

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and his genius? What if Allah

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will not come to your life by listening to a hug

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or while you're driving and you're enjoying the ride, playing a CD or listening to a tape, it will not come to your life into my life? If this is the approach that we take and learn this deep? Will not.

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It is in the hands of Allah that Roy is capable of making you on him in a very short time, however the desire and the knee has to be there. What if

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Allah Allah,

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Allah Allah here in the deen What's up Allah toquilla Or who matters most of the cluster hero in North Hall Rahim.

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And hamdulillah

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was Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Kareem say you didn't know whenever you know Muhammad

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what? Ernie he will be he or Jemaine

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What if

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not also Allah HIPAA. Risa.

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What have you learned? How could you have the headquarter Holyoke

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what do you think