Should we follow Umm Al Qura or Islamic Finder

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We have this big, big issue in America here. You know, we have these religious organizations, each one tries to,

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you know, basically establish their authority over the massage it and they do it through the times of saho the time of start. So we have two famous calendars here in America, Oman, Pura,

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which goes with Mecca and so forth, but we have something called Islamic finder, which more into calculation and, and really becomes an issue, isn't it? I don't want to, I don't want to name anybody you know, but because you know, we try to be politically sound here. But any rate?

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They you know, they there is a big time difference once it comes to your site. So what is your take? What is your advice on this? Well, I was like, Okay, I can't judge this issue, because I haven't been there. I haven't studied it thoroughly. But what I can tell you out of experience that a similar

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Rao, a similar dispute was initiated a few years back in Saudi Arabia regarding Omen, aura, calculation and calendar. So some say it is 15 minutes early, it should be late. And I know that in UK and elsewhere, they even go, one of my day brothers there says that budget is two hours, or an hour and a half earlier than omokoroa, which makes life unbearable to the people of the UK. So I posted and I have a senate it. I posted this question to share Mohammed bin Zayed Al Majid, the founder of Islam q&a, may Allah protect him and

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preserve him. And he said to me, she asked him, I asked the same question to shefali and Suzanne, one of the great grand Allah of Saudi Arabia, and he said, My son, I personally went to the desert to check whether the true factor is in accordance to omokoroa calculations or not. And I spent the whole night just at the time of the break of dawn, which I can see visibly horizontally coming in the horizon. it coincided exactly with the calendar of omokoroa. So this is not from someone who heard it from someone who heard it from a friend. No, it says right from the

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source of shared solid foods. And so I believe that trusting this methodology of phazzer zohore answer and memory of oma Cora is totally valid arratia you should not trust that

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because they fixed in O'Meara, Asia to be an hour and a half worldwide after sunset, which is not true at all. It can be 50 minutes, sometimes it goes to 70 minutes an hour in 10 minutes, but it never goes to an hour and a half. Yeah, and he only round despite the seasons and but the other four prayers are awesome and Marib they're all legit inshallah.