Saad Tasleem – Top 3 Fiqh of Chillin’ Misconceptions

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses three misconceptions about a seminar, including the idea that children are only interested in young children, the relevance of the seminar to younger generation, and the idea that the seminar is not about teaching children how to chill out and finding a balance between their deeds and their beliefs. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between their deeds and their beliefs in order to achieve a loss of data.
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said, I'm on a commitment to love you. But I got to my top three misconceptions about the flip of children. Number one, they felt like chillin is only for young people. I don't know why I guess maybe because of the the poster design are the title of a class called the fit of children. A lot of people, they hear that and they think, you know, it's only for young people. And the reality is that this seminar is not just for young people, it's actually very, very relevant to the older generation as well. And that's for two reasons. Number one, the topics are actually very relevant to you if you're if you're older. Number two, for a lot of parents, it's it's actually even more relevant

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because they get to understand some of the issues that their children are going through. So for them, it's it's a really good opportunity to understand these issues, from maybe the perspective of their children or from the perspective of younger people. I quickly I want to share with you a story regarding this issue, one of the locations where I taught the fickle children, there was a brother there taking this taking the seminar, and I would say he's probably in his 60s or 70s, you know, a little bit older gentlemen, and Mashallah, he took the whole seminar. He was there on Friday, on Saturday or Sunday. And then on Sunday, he comes up to me, and he says to me, says, You know, I have

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an issue with you. And I was like, span a lot, I guess it was bound to happen, someone's bound to have an issue with the seminar because until that time, I hadn't heard anyone say anything negative about seminar, at least from people who have taken the seminar, right. So he comes up to me says, I have an issue with the units. Okay, what's the issue? Let's hear what the problem is. And he says to me, he says that I'm upset at you. I'm like, okay, like, why are you upset? He goes, I'm upset because he says, There are people who he says they're my friends, people of my age group, who heard the title of the seminar, and they saw the poster like the orange with the chucks on and all that.

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And they didn't take the seminar, they thought they thought it just for kids. And he said, I have benefited so much. And I feel extremely sad and upset that my peers didn't benefit. So he tells me, he says, Can you change the title of the class? And I'm like, you know what, I can't really do that. It's not my like, it's not, I'm not in control of that. It's not my decision to make. So that's number one, first misconception that the class is only for the youth and younger people completely not true. Number two, people think that this class is going to be a list of photos that I'm going to come into the seminar. And I'm going to be like, this is how long this is how long this how long.

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This is, maybe Hello, but probably how long, right and they think that's what the seminar is about nice palace, somebody actually tweeted me. And they said, I take the seminar, except I don't want to all of a sudden find out that everything that I used to do, and everything that I still enjoy is now how long and you've had a law once again, misconception, the seminar is not about Feng Shui, it's not about me giving you some photos. It's actually very rare in this class or the seminar, where we discuss the ruling the specific rulings of issues, this seminar is more about taking these issues and looking at them in light of modern society looking at them, in light of us as individuals. So

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it's not just about the hokum. It's not just about the ruling, it's about how we deal with these issues of living in modern day society. That's number two. Number three third misconception is that people think that I'm going to teach you how to chill out a lot. I'm not going to teach you how to chill. And I often say that, I would imagine that most of you probably know how to chill better than I do. Right? Once again, this this seminar is not about me, teaching you how to chill. This seminar really is, is about finding a balance in your life. It's about balancing your dunya and your deen or your dunya and your asset or your life and your afterlife. It's about it's about finding that that

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balance when it comes to your religion, and the daily things that you deal with, on an everyday basis. And so really, if I were to retitle this seminar, I would actually call it the fact of life because this is real life, your entertainment, your recreation, things that you do on a daily basis, finding that balance between your your your deen and your religious life and your spirituality. And at the same time, find find the balance with with all these other issues that you deal with. And that really is what the seminar is about and this is why inshallah down if you attend this seminar, the goal is that by the end of the seminar, you'll have a clearer picture of how to lead your life

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in a balanced way. And inshallah tada the the bigger goal and the more major goal here is that we really get closer to a loss patata through the seminar, and this is why a lot of people actually call this a Tezuka seminar purification seminar where you end up getting closer to a loss of data. So there it is, my top three misconceptions there are many others trust me, but my top three misconceptions about difficult chillin was set on Monday comm what happened to lie or what I got to

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