There Is NO Such Thing as True Love!

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I said, I'm on a Cold War, I have to worry about a cat too, and welcome to another raw vlog. Today, I want to talk to you about our perception of love and how our perception of love is sometimes molded and affected by other people or other relationships. And I actually want to talk about two kind of extremes are two ends of this discussion. First of all, I want to talk about those people that you may come across, whether it's on social media, or even like in person, and they have a very pessimistic outlook towards love there. They may be very jaded, maybe it's like an older couple or an older person or someone who's been married for a long time, or someone who's been through a few

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relationships. And the way they make love seem is that there's no such thing as real love, and all relationships end up failing, and you always end up you know, hating your spouse, and you always get sick of the person that you're with, and so on and so forth. Now, not to discount everything that this person has to say, right, because it's important to learn from their experience as well. But understand that they may have gone through things in their life. And like I said, they have a very jaded, and a pessimistic outlook towards relationships. And this perspective is actually dangerous. Because when someone is newly in love, so let's say, you know, keeping your head out, someone just

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got married, and they have like those butterflies in their stomach. And those you know that those initial feelings and you feel like you're on cloud nine, that optimism is actually important to this relationship. Because what optimism does is it helps us overlook other people's flaws and their faults. And in the beginning, when you know, two people get together, you're basically taking two worlds and you're crashing them together. And there's a lot to get used to. So that optimism, that willingness to forgive and overlook that helps the relationship and it helps it develop and grow together. Now, we don't want to go on the other extreme as well, where people believe that love

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conquers all that as long as you found the true love and there's no obstacle that you can overcome that even if you're completely incompatible with someone that as long as the love is true, that this relationship will last. And that's the other extreme. And that is I would say extreme optimism where we overlook serious in compatibility issues. And that is seen as well a lot of times on social media,

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especially from the younger crowd, you know, posts about love and so on and so forth. So someone who sees something like that they may not realize that this is a little bit of a fantasy because there's no such thing as a relationship that doesn't have its ups and downs. There's no such thing as a relationship that doesn't require work. There's no such thing as a relationship that doesn't require sacrifice. And if we think that love is just this fairy tale, then we're gonna cut and run as soon as we see some problems and as I said, the reality is that all relationships have problems so this is the these are the two extremes right? It's important for us to be balanced in all matters and

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specifically for the purpose of this conversation love as well that we have a realistic approach towards love but at the same time, we're not we don't become too pessimistic where we think that you know, there's no such thing as as real love. But as always, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this topic as well. Leave your comment below. I'd love to hear from you. I'd love to hear about how you feel, obviously number one and number two, as I always say if you have any experiences that you would like to share, please share with us inshallah tada and hopefully we can all benefit and until next time, illustrata knows best take care of ceremony. komak the light