Saad Tasleem – Why Lex Luthor Hates God

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the claims made in a previous panel about a character named Lex Luthor, who hates Superman and is trying to get rid of her. The speaker argues that Lex Luthor's motivations are clear and that he is trying to the to be the a god who is all good. The speaker also discusses the importance of evil and good in our beliefs and how it can lead to problems.
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It's not about leaving the plans. It is about understanding that if a loss penalty, Allah has decreed something for us, then it is definitely part of the bigger picture. And that there's no such thing of a life where we're not going to go through difficulties and tests and trials. And indeed, those difficulties. And those tests. And those trials are part of the plan of a last panel of dialogue. And, you know, interestingly enough, and I apologize that I'm going to do this for the second time in one talk.

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But I need I need to talk about comic books again.

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How much of the NASA gentleman just walked in? It's gonna be awkward, I'm still gonna try not make eye contact.

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Those of you who saw

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Batman versus Superman, right, and I'm not encouraged.

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Why would you bring them? Okay, first of all, I'm not I'm not going to defend that movie, right, even though I believe is it was a, it was awesome, right?

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But actually, I will defend a part of that movie. So one of the one of the one of the criticisms of that movie, is that the main villain in the movie,

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he is he's a lacking character, right? his motivations are not clear. And usually when it comes to storytelling, it's an important aspect of his storytelling that when you have characters that you understand their motivations, and they have a story, arc, and so on a character arc, and so on and so forth. So a claim that is made, by the way about Lex Luthor, who is the main villain and if I've completely lost you, I apologize. I'll be done with this analogy in like three or four minutes in general.

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But these there's, there's a claim that he doesn't have. There's no what like, his motivations are not clear. He just hates Superman, and he's trying to kill Superman and trying to get rid of him. But in actuality, those of you who saw the movie and I'm not encouraging you to watch movies or watch that movie, you want to make that clear for all the parents and uncles that was in the house.

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But he actually makes his motivations very clear. In a particular scene, there's a scene where he's standing on the rooftop, it's called it's called, like the rooftop scene, where he has Louis lane, the love of Superman, and he throws her off of the the building, it's a very high building anything he throws her off, because he knows Superman's gonna come and save her. And that's why it does that and Superman does common saver and then he comes in he he faces Lex Luthor, and then Lex Luthor at that point, explains to him why he hates him so much. And he says, Look, I learned a long time ago. And this is not an exact quote, but it's pretty close to what Lex Luthor says. He says, I learned a

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long time ago, that you can't be all good. Sorry, you can't be all powerful, and all good at the same time. Right? If you're all powerful, then you won't let anything bad happen. Right? So if God and he says this, in his speech to Superman, is that if God is all powerful, then he cannot be all good. And if he is all good, then he cannot be all powerful. I figured out way back. God is all powerful, you cannot be all good.

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And he is all good. And he cannot be all powerful. And neither can you be.

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And he views Superman. As his as as you know, he cannot obviously Lex Luthor can't go after God. So he can go after a quote unquote, when they read the bill, ah, God like being right. So you've used Superman as a god like beings

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on top of everything else.

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Because that's what God is.

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for Joseph.

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So he says, Listen, I want to prove to the world that you're not a good person, that you're not good. Because if you were good, then you wouldn't allow any type of bad or evil to exist. They need to see the fraud you are

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with their eyes,

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the blood on your hands. And now this had a lot this issue. And by the way, that's his motivation. Right? For those of you like he doesn't have a motivation, or it's not clear, like why does he hate Superman? That's why he hates Superman, and obviously has a history of child abuse. We learned in the movie as well, that his dad would beat him. And as a child, he would think, Well, where's God now? No man in the sky intervened to deliver me from daddy's fist and abominations.

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Like, what if God is all good? Then how come God isn't protecting me from my father hitting me? Right? So he came to the conclusion that God can't be all good. Now, this is what we call a shubha a doubt in our aqidah in our belief, we understand actually and I just

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Sometimes I think all someone needed to do was to sit Lex Luthor down and give them a lesson nap at the end maybe he wouldn't hate Superman so much he wouldn't be trying to take over the world. But the point is that it is part of our apt to believe that a last panel with data allows seemingly bad things to happen. But there is no such thing as pure evil or pure bad, because there is some goodness or there is some there is goodness attached to everything, whether we see it or realize it or not, and that my brothers and sisters is the essence of our token on Allah subhana wa Tada. Then when matters are getting hard matters are getting difficult when things seem to be evil and bad. We

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trust in the in the bigger picture in the larger plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So when we go through illness, which from our perspective is evil or bad, we remind ourselves that there is some goodness in this bad, right for example, we know that sickness is one of the ways that allows parents removes our sins. Difficulty as a whole, is one of the ways that electronic data removes our sins. So lost credit to Allah puts us through difficulty, to cleanse us of our sins to to to raise our rank with a loss penalty. And that is why if we look at the lives of the prophets, all of them every single Prophet, went through tests and trials and they went through immense difficulty.

(And Superman)

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