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The CD in Islam is viewed as a source of pride for the United States, and it is crucial to discover the CD's meaning and find the best time to explore it. The CD is seen as a source of regret and pride for the people of the United States, and it is a reference to a woman named Amala Apollo. The speaker suggests that people should use the definition of "immediate of the Quran" to appreciate its significance.

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Mr. Earley in such good training, there's brothers and sisters that the shape is just on his way. So in the next five minutes I will speak briefly about the virtue of the CD in general.

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There's one eye on the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala spoke about wisdom Pinkman.

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The Companions understood Allah's use of the word hikma to refer to this subject of the spirit of Quran so to Allah subhanaw taala said, you can Hekmat me well maybe you can check my other Ooty are higher on Kathira Allah's frontline has said

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that he gives a command to whomever he saw wills and whoever is given hikma he's been given a tremendous amount of good.

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This is who knows what Sora is in?

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Who knows? What is this? Surah is it?

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Come on brothers.

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Settled in London. Angela said Al hikma here refers to the CEO of Quran

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that whoever is given to share of Quran Allah is saying has been given

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all at a higher on Kathira abundant amount of good. Now bas also mentioned something else he said that you see the Quran, the pious as well as the Empires read it. Yeah, both types of people read it. And that gives us an insight into something. Because what if their boss or the latter animal was saying is that look, everyone reads the Quran.

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Everybody knows that being a Muslim entails reading the Quran.

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So the seer of Quran is more than just what everybody is doing. Yeah, he said that the pious as well as the empires, both through the Quran. So what he was referring to is that look to see

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is a level above and beyond simply reading the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And that is to know and understand what Allah is saying to you.

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That in a very basic, simple way, is what to see is it is to uncover the meaning behind the miraculous words of the Quran as intended by Allah subhanaw taala.

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One day in our bus was this is an unrelated incident. He was walking and he saw this is when America was the Khalifa of the Muslims.

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And America was thinking about the affairs of the Ummah and how mighty they were at that stage. And he said to himself out loud that how will this OMA ever, ever divide an argue amongst itself, when its book is one?

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Its profit is one.

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And it's Puebla is one, however, have a look at our unity.

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Now Barcelona allowed Panama overheard him and he said to me, I mean,

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we read the Quran, and we understand the revelation there in

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the generations that will come afterwards, they will read it, but they will come up with their own array,

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they will come up with their own understanding.

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When they come up with their own understanding, then they will begin to differ with one another.

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And when they differ with one another, then they will begin to argue and when they argue they will begin to fight one another.

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I'm gonna hop out when he heard that he wasn't happy, because he was rejoicing over the Muslim unity.

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So he told him they were about to go away. Then later on over a pub called him back. And he said to what you said was true. That is exactly how things will pan out.

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And that points to the virtue of deceit of Quran because it is to retrace how the Companions understood the Quran, and is to read the Quran to try and uncover those meanings that have not been said. We understood.

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And those were the meanings that you might add them all together and gave them that inspiration to become the greatest of all people. Okay, so the Tafseer of Quran really, the importance of it cannot be overstated whatsoever.

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And some of the scholars said that the virtue of any knowledge

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It is known by what that knowledge seeks to explore.

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Therefore, that the fear of the Quran is the best type of knowledge because what does it seek to do? It seeks to explore the words of Allah subhanaw taala the actual words of Allah, Allah Allah. So therefore it is the best time for the knowledge.

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And as Tamia Rahim Allah said that, you know, towards the end of my life, even though I've been teaming on him, Allah was, you know, an astounding scholar in so many different sizes on the Quran. After spending all of his years teaching people about Islam,

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and becoming a master of so many sciences. He said, Now towards the end of my life, I am full of regret.

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What is he regretting? He said that I spent

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much of my time with the Quran. In fact, I read over 100 books of the seed, or nearly every eye of the Quran. However, I still regret not spending enough time with the Quran Subhan Allah, any that gives us a deep insight into the amount of benefit that comes from having a close relationship with the Quran. So just to conclude,

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I remember many years ago, Jeff Haytham, he was living with us in Dallas.

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And he mentioned an ayah in the Quran, which really took me aback.

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He said, There's an ayah in the Quran in surah Asad. Allah said Kitab when Anza nungwi Laker mobile Roku li a double

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T while Yet Allah Cara oral Al Bab. Allah said this book.

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This blessing book has been revealed why?

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Allah didn't say it was revealed in order to be read.

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I never said it was revealed in order to be shown special treatment and respect. Allah said that we gave this blessing book to you, Leah to Deb burrow, in order that you may ponder and reflect over the meanings behind my words.

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Okay, and so part of the what took me aback is that it's true. What we our relationship with the Quran for most people, is mainly

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one of just showing virtue,

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to the pages, the pages and the book itself. By never goes beyond that, when it comes to the words themselves and the meaning behind those words.

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And Subhan Allah, Allah said about the munaf your own

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that if Allah Tada Barun and Quran to the moon, half moon, this is not to the believers.

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Oh Manasa Kuhn, do you not make the double of the Quran?

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Amala Apollo beat him up a third her is it the case that on the hearts is a lock.

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Now when I heard that IR I thought Subhan Allah, the double of Quran to understand his basic meanings, is even possible for them on Afia.

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What then be the case of us believers, you know, Subhan Allah.

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But Allah subhanaw taala is saying to the magical that makes double of the Quran. So the Quran is not beyond the reach of us believers.

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The deeper meanings of the Quran is something known only to the scholars of the field.

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But if the Mona Lisa Cohen can read it and understand it and take benefit from it, can we not also do more than that? Of course, we can fly you to the Bruno Quran Amala Kurumi. Aquifer, one that Allah said, the reason they do not benefit from it

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is because on their hearts is a lock.

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In fact, Allah didn't say that on the heart is a look. Allah said the M Allah Kulu.

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down every single one of those hypocrites,

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is a lot on the heart.

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And it's a seer of this particular these particular words. They said that Subhanallah look how Allah is saying that their hearts are locked up.

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So the Quran and the light of the Quran cannot penetrate inside of that heart. Because when it comes to enter, there's a lock placed on that door

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and anyone who has a lock placed on his heart

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cannot benefit from the Quran is the worst type of person and he lives the most miserable life and that's why Allah Allah Allah Allah said, that woman Allah decree in Allahu Marisha 10 banca the whoever turns away from my vicar, my remembrance, then ultimately, the only life that he will live is marriage at a bunker is a miserable, narrow, constricted life.

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So then turn it around. Imagine the life of someone

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who is always turning to the kind of Allah

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who is always going back to the very words of Allah subhanaw taala to try and understand them, to implement them and to even call other people to them. What type of life will that person live?

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Yeah, just something to think about inshallah. So just a few words early to allow us to appreciate the significance of these lessons with our chef, and we asked him as part of that to continue to benefit from his book, and to make us of animal for an

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article article.