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Certainty I

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In that time that Allah Nakamoto who was studying or who want to stop

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when I was a wee lad he mean surely I'm fusina ltr Melina, when you have the level of Allah mobile Allah, one minute little fella howdy Allah will actually

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ilaha illallah wa de who luxury Allah wa shadow Mohammedan abacha who wore a suit

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my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I welcome you once again to

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three benefits from Salatu Fatiha and this is part four, the three benefits which we decided to address

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out of sort of Fatiha one of them is pertaining to the development of horseshoe which is the presence of the heart and the mind in the salon.

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And this can be triggered

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simply developed through that conversation which we all have with Allah subhana wa tada when we pray, and when will your sights or artifacts you have when we say a hungry leg or a blind I mean based on this formula? Precisely my Muslim Hadith could see.

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A law sees my sleeve frees me

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up the law will say my sleeve has exalted me, Maliki Medina, Allah Hussain, Majid ne RBD my slave has

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magnified and glorified me. Yeah, cannot Buddha can stay in Allah who will say it's between me and my slave and my slave will get what he's asking for. He did not sell off almost akima sarafa Latina naantali will not go daddy mala ball lean mean, again, Allah will say this is between me and my slave on my sleeve, we'll get to what he's asking for.

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The point here, brothers and sisters in Islam when we feel this conversation in the salon,

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when we stand in the salon with the pleasant heart, pleasant mind, and feeling that you're actually asking Allah for things and Allah subhanaw taala will give it back to you. Certainly, this will

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add to your horseshoe and masala and I think we addressed this in in two, part one and part two, if I'm not mistaken.

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Part three and Part Four.

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We spoke about I think this is part five if there is a mistake there.

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This is Part Five. Let's correct that. So those who are following can keep up with us. Part three and Part Four.

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we talked about the hate how sort of unfair to

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point out though he because of the one verse right in the middle of the soul, he aka Buddha can stay in and we mentioned that colavita Allah the statement of Allah v alone we will ship or law and the alone we ask for forgiveness.

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That is the essence of why you will create it is to worship Allah subhana wa philologie Now we'll insert ilaria Buddha and I have not created unchain mankind, but to worship me. And we mentioned multiple times that the whole revelation, the 104 books, based on the statement of passion, and basally was summed up in three books at the law and the Psalms and the Injeel, the gospel of Jesus at a Salah. And then they were summed up in

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the Quran, and then they were summed up in Fatiha and all of his affair, they had all of the Koran, all of the three books, all of the 104 books were summed up in that particular verse, a Nabu, what a nice time, the alone we worship Allah. And we mentioned something linguistically, which is very interesting brothers and sisters in Islam that when you place the object ahead of the verb in the Arabic language, this is called caging, a yakka z you alone or Allah, we worship that means you cannot ask

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Another object you cannot add another object when you place the object ahead of the head of the verb in Arabic You cannot add another you cannot say and and you could say I worship a lovely Villa that's hypothetical and and but when you say Allah alone are you warship that means you cannot add anyone afterwards. Yeah Can Abu where you're gonna stay in we spoke about

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you know sort of when Fatiha introduced the concept of worship that it is based on the knowledge of Allah. And that is why it started with the Lordship of Allah that He is the Creator, the true owner of everything, the provider, the Sustainer, the knowledge You're the one who rules over everything because he created it. And this is just in howlite Allah Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen and then a rock mannerheim medica with the names and attributes of Allah subhana wa. So both of these are

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called at the head a Lamy al Hubbard Huberty

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that are hate which is pertaining to the knowledge of who Allah is and that ignition of who Allah is. But that knowledge must lead to certainty and must lead to

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compliance to action. And that's why immediately you said well, he cannot Buddha, yeah, can study. A lot of people have the knowledge out there. Like I will tell you, for example, he had the knowledge of Allah and never complied. You know, he were, he was certain Actually, he actually said something while at the Allium to nadina Mohammed in who failed very yet Idina. I knew that the religion of Muhammad is the best religion in the face of this earth. But he never complied. He never

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said La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, He never said he cannot Buddha yaquina state, you could tell that, that knowledge of Allah at the very beginning when you say hamdu, lillahi Rabbil aalameen and you're reflecting upon this, Oh Allah, you are the creator of everything. Everything else beside you is created, Oh Allah, you are the true owner of everything. Or a law you are the nourisher the provider, the one who takes care of what you created, or Allah you are that the server you're the owner, or Allah you are the

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one who rules over everything, you know, the one who who rules over things, because you created so hence you you tell us how to deal with your creation.

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Level 100 poem Allah Allah 101 ammo because he created them he tells us how to deal you know, luckily aided me then it's like the one who made the vanilla is methyl Allah The one who made the car, he tells you how to maintain the car. He gives you a manual likewise, Allah subhanaw taala brought down the revelation to maintain our bodies to maintain ourselves and so forth. For right away economic and immediately brothers and sisters in Islam. You admitting that you cannot do this on your own. That is why immediately you're saying what? What Yeah, can I stay in and you alone be alone, Oh Allah, we ask for your help for your support to be able to do this, to do this. Something

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amazing about this. A lot did not say yakka. Voodoo. Allah did not say that, in the singular form. No. yakka, Nabu in the plural. That shows your brothers and sisters in Islam that one of the means to be steadfast on the religion is to join the right community is the route is to be with the Gema of the Muslims, but make sure that you are with the right team was fair enough. Second alladhina, the owner of the home builder that you will actually use

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one or the other IE NACA and home to reduce the natural hierarchy dunya. So you have to write the right you have to find the right environment brothers and sisters in Islam, and Salatu Gemma was given a lot of significance in Islam.

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You pray the same Salah. But in a congregation you received 26 times more and another word in 27 more than the person who played who prays by himself for sought after the fact he has contained the two parts of the hate. It's a hidden element how very What are evil Amelie,

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that are hate which is pertaining to the knowledge of Allah, the knowledge of His Lordship, the knowledge of his action, the knowledge of his names, the knowledge of his attributes. That's until when molokhia will be

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The second half is he cannot do what he cannot study. yakka Nabu yakka nesta in V alone we will ship and be alone we ask a dinner sell off almost up in this is a dilemma led practicals though he does, they call it Sometimes though he will hear you see the first brand of the middle of the first category which I just named. Sometimes they break it down into two types of a glass metal sofa, the names and the attributes, singling out a lot regarding his names and attributes you believing that no one is like a lot or equal to Allah subhanho wa Taala once it comes to his divine essence once it comes to his names, attributes and actions, and the second type which is the healer will be at the

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Lordship of Allah, that you believe that Allah subhana wa Taala the one and only creator, no one else created beside him. For sometimes they call this a toe heat and he will have it and sometimes they break it into two halves. They say this is the middle as well so that and it doesn't matter brothers and sisters, these are all techniques and how to teach the heat to the people and there is no such a way that you know it's just a way a method of teaching it to the people. But look at the second time Hello What are hidden Oh Buddha, though he delivered the worship of Allah subhana wa Taala or the actual though he that you singled out Allah with your action that you all you worship

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Allah subhanho wa Taala that you do not associate others in worship with Allah subhana wa Tada. So this those are the first two benefits I can review them because I know we have some new faces who will be watching this. And I ask you kindly to go back to parts one, two and three and four. I detail this but I wanted to begin today in sha Allah and there will be one more part and I will be done with the series. The third benefit which I want to cover is

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eliakim certainty and I cannot rotate here.

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You have seen brothers and sisters in Islam is one of the ways to get your answered.

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There are multiple Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam First of all, it is an extremely important

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element of Islam

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to the extent that Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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one day he said,

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Well, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Buhari met

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in Doha, who are they bad? Indeed, the invocation of Allah, the calling of when Allah subhanho wa Taala. The supplication is, the bed is the worship. Why? Ask yourselves Why Why not? Salah, why not does occur, why are you not?

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Is he Muslim, sometimes may do Salah may dues occur, may do fasting, may do Hajj, which are acts of worship. But the essence of the worship is not there. What is the essence of worship, is to break is to humble yourself. Once you raise your hand like this, brothers and sisters in Islam to Allah, that shows that you're weak, that shows that you need Allah subhana wa. And Allah loves that. Why brothers and sisters in Islam, the closest you can be in Salah is when you place your forehead in the ground, when you place your forehead in the ground. Why? Because that's when you humble yourself. Why fasting is the best time of fasting is towards the end of the day when you're really

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thirsty and hungry. And you feel that weakness you feel that humility and humbleness. Why and How'd you end up wearing those two garments for almost three, four days to the extent that they get dirty and, and and and dusted in a new shoe that you know you're you're breaking, you're breaking. You see, that's the essence of the worship is if the worship doesn't break you doesn't humiliate you in front of Allah, not in front of the people in front of Allah. Sometimes Allah Subhana Allah get you through the sin.

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that a lot of people when they worship Allah Subhana Allah, they don't break their hearts is not humble. In front of Allah Subhana Allah Allah gets them the sin will break you. That is why you need to, to simply brothers and sisters in Islam. You need to be able to break during your Salah in sha Allah. Do I who want a banner ad who will a better and for you to have that presence of the heart when when you pray. You must when you make dua, you

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Must have certainty

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and this is one of the conditions of an accepted

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as the appeal.

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certainty is one of the conditions of an accepted one.

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And this was mentioned the Muslim Imam Ahmed Hassan is a good shade of narration

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of the light nominalist is the one who narrated this he said Boo Boo.

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Boo ha Oh happy about the hour I mean that in that either has to LA has agenda yohannes fest Alou who want to move in Oh, Nabeel Jabba.

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The Prophet said the hearts can be conscious. And some hearts are more conscious than other hearts in the Salah. When you call upon Allah when you ask Allah be certain that Allah subhana wa tada will answer your door. You see the problem? A lot of us sometimes we need God and we say was not answered, You know what the problem is? Is you're skeptical when you're making this law with our lives when answered or not. You see, you got to have that certainty now, how will you have that certainty? Here it is. There is an authentic hadith out there. Have you found the line not best, which I quoted earlier out there, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was told by gibreel

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Ali Salaam that Muslim Hadees have lived our best love the Alon woman. While jabril Ali Salam was sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, another angel came down. And

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the first time this angel comes down into Earth,

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and he's bringing in Fatiha and the last two verses from Surah.

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In one word in Justin Fatiha about the Hadith included in one word in just the last few verses of Surah Al Baqarah, about the Hadith included in Fatiha in any ways, but here is what

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this angel came down. So an angel who never been brought down to earth before for the first time he came down with that revelation to that door, which got open for the first time if ever this door gets open. This angel comes down.

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Then gibreel Aryan Salaam tells the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam absher the beautiful rainy ot Tahoma I want to give you the glass siding of two lights you will be given right now. Let me show you the home lamb lamb yoke the home and the union public. No Prophet was given such lights before you there they have to look at Surah Fatiha walk our team or Surah Al Baqarah and the last verses of Surah Al Baqarah. The last two verses shorter Dr. Len Takara behalf in min Houma. Illa or three that you will not ask Allah subhana wa Taala using these tools with certainty now unless Allah will give it to you. So imagine when you say Alhamdulillah Allah Allah made a rough man over a medic, he only

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did he cannot do what he can to study. He did not set off almost a team. Imagine this brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah will give you every single thing that you ask for. When you say that I've been allowed to kidney at the end of sort of

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Robin, Robin Allah

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wa for I know a Filipina or Hamlet and then I learned on sadhana, Allah will give you all of this. So when you know that Allah revealed a particular Hadith, when you recite surah, to refer to her in the Salah, and when you ask Allah to guide you to worship Him alone, and you ask Allah to support you to do this, and you ask Allah that you do this with the congregation, and which congregation, the right people, the people who, whom you're pleased with, and you bestowed your favor upon the Muslims, the people who follow rosvold who obey Allah and His Messenger, not the people who earn your wrath, not the people who are misguided. And at the end, you say, I mean, certainly brothers

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and sisters in Islam, certainty would be out there an element when you pray, and hopefully Allah Subhana Allah will give you this, we'll have one more stop with the last benefit, which is the third which is certainty.

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Once it comes to that why because all of Surah Fatiha is a drop in the light Allah will address it next time there's a common law Kayla, so panic alarm or shadow Allah Allah heyland istockphoto whatever. Welcome to Lego.