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Take heed of the signs Allah sends you after sinning

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Abu Bakr Zoud

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A person might sin, a person might sin, Allah azza wa jal immediately sent such a person a calamity, or a reminder or a warning or a message. What is expected is that you wake up. And you say in humbler that Allah azza wa jal has woken me from my heedlessness a stone for Allah wa to LA and you put the commitment in your heart never to return to the sin if you fall again, refresh again once again, all the way like even a Chopin regime. I still feel hola hola to La Playa La Katene do some kind of good deed and refresh that relationship with Allah azza wa jal, right, this is what you're supposed to do, because everyone sins. However, there are certain people

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they are tested with sins, sins once and again, and a third and a fourth time. And fifth and sixth, until his heart becomes black and sealed. Such a person he chose the path of misguidance for himself for the Mozelle as Allahu pudo boom. When they chose the path of misguidance Allah is guided their hearts, right? This is what happens. Allah gives you chance and then you don't take by this chance and you continuously feel to reality him Yama Hoon, transgression, after transgression, blindly, not caring about the revolution that's between your hands.

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And that's when a person becomes a friend for shape on then he's proven his loyalty is worshipped. He's a baby once, twice, 345 times 10 100 times, no doba in between those forgiveness nothing. It became a friend who's loyal now he's worshipping Him is obeying Him. Allah azza wa jal said Allah, Allah Maha delay Camilla bunny Letta boo Sherpa. Didn't I say to you do not obey him. Put your faith and this is how a person becomes an ally of a shoebox.