Importance of Dua for Palestine

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he will find the well known wala Samadhi camera lubricated everyone who is joining us, and everyone who is listening later as well in sha Allah, I want to begin by making dua for our brothers and sisters in Philistine. We ask Allah who has the data to help and protect the people of Palestine, we ask Allah to ease their pain and their suffering, we ask Allah, the Bestower of mercy to bestow his mercy upon them, and ask Allah who has kind of data to bring healing

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and health to their sick and they're wounded and they're suffering, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to have mercy upon their dead, to accept them amongst the shahada, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant the people of Palestine, the strength and continued perseverance We ask Allah subhanaw taala bring a swift victory to the people of Palestine, we ask Allah to destroy those who are seeking their destruction, when indeed Allah subhanaw taala you are capable for all matters. But brothers and sisters,

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you know, one of the things that I have been making continuously in my personal life, but also in terms of what is happening in federal state and what has continued to happen now for you know, 70 years 70 some odd years, but especially now is one of my favorite dies taught to us by the prophets civili send them and this is mentioned in southern episode in which the prophets I send them Tada to say actually, we were supposed to say this every morning and every evening. And to do is has to be Allah, Allah is sufficient for me has to be Allahu Allah, Allah who Allah is sufficient for me there's nothing worthy of worship except him. I know he delicate, I have placed all of my trust in a

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lot, who will actually tell them he is indeed the Lord of the majestic throne. And this the art for me, is significant for me and brings relief and comfort and peace to my heart. Because this this dua like like all the other dies from the Sunnah of the Prophet seldom really goes to the essence of our like, what is what is the, what is supplication for us, supplication for us is the is a manifestation of complete surrender and humility before Allah subhanaw taala complete trust in Allah, admitting humbling ourselves and saying that Allah is the One who is in charge. And if it if Allah is in charge, if Allah is capable over all matters, then Allah is sufficient for me that

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regardless of what is happening around me, regardless of the challenges that I'm facing, regardless of how unbeatable the odds may seem, as to be Allah, Allah is sufficient for me because Allah is capable over all matters. And also the relationship between our faith or Eman and the more complete our faith is the stronger our to our will be. And that is why one of the ways we get close to Allah is through the prophets. I send them he said, Do

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who will do is worship and the purpose of worship is to get close to Allah Who is penalized to Allah is to be humbled before Allah who has passed on. And that is why dua is one of the strongest things we can do in worshiping Allah and getting close to Allah. And that is why if we look at all of our acts of worship are the major acts of worship, they all have in them, whether it be our salah or prayer, fasting, the hijama look at all of our acts of worship, we find that there is an integral part of it, because it is always bringing us back to our relationship with Allah who's kind of like that Allah and that is why Subhanallah you look at it we talking about da and strength of iman, that

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when Allah has pointed out the challenges when Allah tries that people and Allah allows suffering to take place. One of the things we find for the believers is that Allah may test them with all types of things much you know can be taken away from them, their livelihood can be taken away their safety can be taken away their own family members can be taken away their children can be take away taken away, may Allah protect us. But we find that the people of Eman that as Allah tries them one thing that not only does it not get taken away, but it grows and strengthens is their Iman and their connection with Allah has kind of led to it. So if we're looking for those to look up to those that

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will be a source of strength for us. And in our data. Those will be motivation for us and our data. Look at the people at Philistine regardless of what is happening regardless of the unimaginable suffering that they're going through. You never find the people of Philistine ever losing hope and Allah who is trying to attack, you never find them wavering in their data. Not only the people of Feldstein but all of our brothers and sisters around the world. You can take away everything from them but you cannot take away their connection with Allah who is kind of like data, and rather than enemies of Islam, this is one thing that is their destruction, that they can take away everything

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and they can try and destroy our email. They can try and destroy our faith. But the more they come against us, the more they the more strength they show against us, the more they they try to destroy us. It only makes our Eman stronger. And that is the beauty of our faith and this is why the prophets of Allah sent them regarding this section of our Ummah, the section of our Ummah, that we may look upon as you know those who are vulnerable, those who are suffering, the prophets, I send them considered this section of our Ummah to be one of the most important section of people amongst our Ummah, people who are suffering people who are weak or vulnerable, regardless of where they are

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he reminded us in a youngster, Allah who had the Ummah be the IFP Allah who's kind of a child, that the prophets I send them tells us that Allah who's kind of to Allah brings help to this ummah, as a whole, because of the what the vulnerable amongst them, meaning we have a debt owed to our brothers and sisters who are suffering. Why why is that the case the prophets of Allah sent them he said, be be, be be there our team was solid to him, What if law see him? Why because when those were vulnerable, those who truly feel truly, truly in their heart and their being they feel and they understand, that has to be Allah, Allah, Allah is sufficient for

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me, nothing else, I don't need anyone else like Allah will take care of me, that even if mankind humanity has has is not there to support me, a person who feels that Allah is sufficient for me, their level of there will always be at a level that is much higher than everyone else, when our life is going well, when things are comfortable. We feel sometimes not consciously, maybe subconsciously, we have this feeling of you know what I can take care of myself, but a person who is in a situation of vulnerability, a person who feet who feels like everyone else has abandoned them, and that it is only Allah who's kind of like to honor who's their helper and there's a lot that was sufficient for

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them, their level of doubt will be at a very, very, very high level. So the prophets I send them said, Be there at him that Allah has finally Tiana helps the Ummah because of their because there is at a whole different level was Salah at him and their salah, and you know this and I know this, when we truly feel that we need Allah who's pinata, Anna, when we truly feel abandoned by the people around us and we turn to Allah and say, Oh, you're the only one who can help me now. Our Salah is at a different level. And the prophets I send them said what if law see him with their sincerity, that sincerity in which they turn to Allah Who Subhan Allah to Allah is at a completely different level.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that this this section of our OMA Allah preserves, Allah protects Allah brings victory in a young sword Allah.

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Allah brings victory and help to this ummah because of them. And so my brothers and sisters that for us in this time, as we begin to, perhaps have feelings of helplessness, perhaps, you know, sitting 1000s of miles away, we begin to feel the Shere Khan was priestess and it makes us feel like we can do nothing. You know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said in just a nurse managers. He said, The most helpless person is not the one who has the least resources is not the one who has the least power is not the one who, you know, mainstream media has turned against not the one whose voice is being drowned out, not the one who is being misrepresented and gaslit on a daily basis

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know, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said in it as a nurse, the most helpless person is the one who becomes helpless in their dua, because that is when we have left the means of victory, which is Allah Who Subhan Allah to Allah, as long as our iman is intact, as long as our Eman is strong. A believer never, never gives up hope. We never ever feel that our die will mean nothing. And subhanAllah you know, as we see tragedies happen around the world, especially being in America. Every so often we see a school shooting and so on and so forth. We see these tragedies happen. One of the things that gets said a lot is the term is expression, thoughts and prayers. And now

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Subhanallah at least in American in the American context, a lot of people have begun to make fun of it. They're like, Oh, you can't do anything. And all you all you can say is thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers. And I think Subhanallah how how this is in complete opposition to the idea of a believer because for believers not just a statement that we make. For a believer This is the strongest means that we have to bring victory and help to this OMA to us it is not thoughts and prayers to us. This is our faith. This is our updater This is our creed, this is who we are, this is our identity. When we make this is the essence of our Islam. This is this is what we're doing here.

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If we are not growing closer to Allah Who Subhana Allah through our da then there is something wrong in our understanding of what is happening around the world today. Our brothers and sisters, if we are going out to protest

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which is a good thing. If we are standing for hours and hours in the sun in the heat in crowded areas, and we're protesting out there, but our hands are not being raised to beseech Allah Who Subhan Allah to Allah then there is something wrong. My brothers and sisters, if we are out there that we are protesting, and we're doing this, and we're writing to our congressmen, and we're posting online, which is all good stuff that needs to be done, my brothers and sisters, but we are not getting up in the last third of the night, and making dua to Allah who's panel and Tyler. And there is something wrong, there is something wrong in our understanding of, there's something wrong

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in our worldview, there's something wrong in our understanding our relationship below who's kind of like data, rather than sisters. When I say last third of the night, it doesn't mean that we have to stand for two hours in the night. It can mean that simply we wake up five or 10 minutes before Fajr. And in that Mubarak in that blessed time, where Allah who's kind of like to Allah is closest to us and ours such that when Allah is closest to us, then we beseech Allah who's panela to Allah, I know you have been hearing that the OMA is one body, and indeed, the OMA is one body as a Prophet sallallahu Sallam has told us and yes, when it comes to talks and lectures on Philistine, and

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anywhere else, our brothers and sisters are facing persecution and suffering and brutality we hear the is one body, brothers and sisters, when it comes to our da, do we feel that the OMA is one body? Do we make God for them the way we would make the art for ourselves that if one part of the body is hurting, the rest of the body activates itself? Are we activated in our, the way we were activated for ourselves? So my brothers and sisters, this is an opportunity, a blessing from Allah Who Subhanallah to add that Allah has given us the opportunity that perhaps perhaps Perhaps Allah will give us somewhere close to the level of our brothers and sisters who are facing this brutality in

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funnel state, Perhaps Allah will grant us the level of sincerity and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us a level of sincerity, the level of Salah, the level of dua of our brothers and sisters in philosophy. And indeed, my brothers and sisters, that is what it means for us, that we are indeed one body that we make the offer them as it is our own body that is being hurt. It is our own body that is suffering and is our own body that is in pain, that is the level of our dog. So I ask Allah who's kind of touted to give us a tow vehicle, the ability to continue to make the art and I know that many of us if not most, if not all of us are making law. But I want to remind you to never,

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ever feel helpless as long as you are making the art and this does not mean as some people say or some people think that is thoughts and prayers, meaning we don't take any other action except thoughts and prayers for us part of our action part an integral part of action of doing something whether it be charity, whether it be giving anything else that we are doing to help alleviate the suffering of our brothers and sisters that policy, this is part of the equation and if it is not part of the equation, our brothers and sisters, we need to reconnect with Allah subhanaw taala so we asked Allah azza wa jal to give us that Sophia can the ability to continue to persevere in our dua

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in our beseeching of Allah subhanaw taala hada Allah Allahu Allah, Allah Subhana Allah morganatic a shadow and stuck Furukawa to relate