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Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the spread of deadly diseases and disobeying advice, as well as the importance of finding a common ground between Mahira and Oma to stop the spread of Mahira's stance against the Prophet. They stress the need for an agreement and cooperation between Mahira and Oma to stop the spread of Mahira's stance against the Prophet, as well as avoiding political misunderstandings and the use of "has" and "has been" in relation to actions and intentions. They also discuss the importance of avoiding political and tacit approval towards certain groups and finding individuals who shaking their grave and become a pristine individual. The segment also touches on the concept of fear and the use of "has" and "hasn't" in relation to actions and experiences, and how they can be used to express their views.
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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier seldom, we stopped at the end of the eye or the end of the surah inertia Nia aka who will arbiter that this individual is the one who is cut off. This individual begins to blaspheme or criticize or say bad bad words to the Prophet Muhammad, Salah Larisa, this individual has been cut off, that there is no respect to be given to this individual inside his dunya. And inside Kira, and all of those individuals who follow such teachings or practices of insulting the Prophet Muhammad Allah Allah silhouette been cut off. And the theme of

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this cutting off or staying away from such individuals continues into the sort of Surah Al khair. For your own assumption Katie said his theory mentions when Allah mentions in the Shani aka Whoa, and after that Allah, Allah dissolve is cut off from this individual. Now the total dissolving of people of Cofer and disbelief, because that could be just an ishara from a distance that that individual has been cut off. Now let's prove that makes a kpop clear, a clear cut speech to all of these individuals cool yeah, uh, you will care for your own. The old you disbelieving individuals, we have cut dissolved ourselves from you, from your belief and your practices that is totally

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separate. And you had ample opportunity that warning was given to you. And if you look at the the chain of disorders, whether it be Sorrell Homosassa, I'll feel then Quraysh, then a maroon and co author. If you study sewers, you find the linkage between the sewers, in certain homes a yes or no ladder who he thinks his wealth is going to make him live for eternity forever. So Allah's kind of begins to speak about these elite individuals who think that money that power, that some form of authority will give you time to live will extend your life. Wealth doesn't by you your time span. Every individual has an Agile has an appointed time between destined for every single individual is

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never delayed and ever bought forward. The time when individuals to leave this dunya. So while it isn't give you a longer life, power doesn't give you a longer life, when your time comes, you're going to be taken. This is the cause of the frog enter the Faroe Islands, who believe that his wealth and his power will extend their life. And they went further than this. They believe that when even when we die, we leave this dunya the treasures that we buried inside the pyramids, they buried him for what intent, then we go to the next life, the journey to the hereafter, when we go into what they claim to be paradise, our treasures will be there for us will be displayed for us and we begin

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to carry on what we used to have honor inside this world and have it inside an IRA then Allah makes that sort of field to give that warning to the Quraysh that if you think that we cannot destroy you, we could destroy even were to remain behind Yattaman see gene for our Salah in Pyron AbuDhabi we set them flocks of birds upon these individuals destroyed them. And we mentioned that is contagious disease. That this is one interpretation is that Allah can destroy humanity. By this a small disease are beginning to spread amongst humanity is not a concept you need weaponry or warfare to dis destroy mankind. Plagues existed before the Great Plague inside this country. Other nations have the

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great the Spanish Influenza, the flu, study how many 1000s of people that were destroyed by such plagues and diseases and a profit. So he warned us if there's a role it is a plague, do not enter into that village or that city don't leave that city. And what we find in today's world that people travel freely carrying these diseases or this disease from one place to another place, and more more people begin to get contaminated prophecies of the prophet Elijah have some centuries ago. Likewise a fine habit to soda that we find the data that the seed the black seed that we find that not medical evidence is proven to take these substances and it begin to become a form of protecting you

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from all these chronic illnesses and diseases. We find around us Hadith inside Bukhari have been sold out by kills every single disease except for death. More than they scientists are studying non Muslim scientists are studying the take up substances to how to defend your immune system. It was mentioned centuries ago, but look at some of us most of Dakar Filene, this is something non Muslim, they show sometimes more respect to his words, Salah and they show more respect. Or they try to hide these words because they know the truth about his words they know that he is a Prophet from Allah Subhana Allah. And these these signs were given to Quraysh look how we destroyed the people as

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horrible field. And the blessing of the prophets. I'm coming some 40 or 50 days after the destruction of Abraham and his army is the birth of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, then Surah Quraysh begins to remind the Cornish about we've given you this honor being the supreme clan, the supreme tribe, we gave you this rank and his dignity we protected you then sort of my own begins to speak right

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ready you can do between the person who's been given wealth and power isn't a person who rejects the last day isn't a person begins to oppress orphans and scoff at people and push people away in the pursuit of wealth and power. It shows kindness and humility to subjects around them that are Kosar, as we mentioned of rejecting the prophet Elijah to Islam and now ample opportunities given to them. Now the time comes to dissolve from these individuals that we do not worship what you worship as many relevant tifosi they mentioned that many of us we think this give and take situation inside the world given take situation so the world is in more Amber Alert. In business transactions dealings

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that you find a person can give and take. There's no giving and taking in a car in between Alko for what, Eman? There's no concept of trying to find a balance of disbelief and belief to find a middle ground with people who disbelieve in Allah subhanaw taala. Does that mean that we oppress people or we take away their rights as some people might begin to do that people who are usually Cofer, that we begin to oppress them, we begin to take their wealth, their property, their rights away from them, that's not the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that's not what he shouldn't is, but a moment inside his Sunday inside his teachings, that a fine line has to be drawn. There are people

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who disbelieve in Allah Subhana Allah who show animosity and hatred towards Islam towards Muslims, you have to draw the line. This isn't Christianity, as what they claim exists inside the Bible of a person slaps you have one cheek on the right cheek offered the other cheek to them. Islam doesn't say that. Islam doesn't say that somebody slaps you in the cheek that you turn a blind eye towards it. It's damaging a passive way of life isn't a passive religion isn't a soft religion. It has rules and regulations. That times Joe, he didn't prefer Almunia for him. At times you have to strive and struggle. So this surah is is Surah Al Bara dissolving the concept believe it is only one belief

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that a person needs to develop inside the life towards Allah subhanho wa taala. So let's talk about MUSAWAH. This, this surah doesn't accept any form of any justification or agreement, whether it be something small or something great in terms of acquired in terms of belief, personally to dissolve themselves for people who disbelieve in Allah subhanaw taala the Surah Al khair FuRON ethnocracy says the name of the school year your Cafu Naga Imam Bukhari is that is Sahih Bukhari, this book of Tafseer added relevancy, this name is Surah Surah ikhlas. As I shared a lot I mean, if that is the serum in favor of Josie as well called Surah Al khair floon surah. Allah has twin it with surah and

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Ella school who will never had because both of the sutras are Surah of excellence of sincerity absolving yourself and only to worship Allah subhanaw taala other relevant unit the title or the Sefa or no kasha, the surah that dissolves, it wipes out a six out that says the same title is given to Surah atoll but as well as sifts out the hypocrites, those people who don't really believe in Allah and FET Surah eight have a class of sincerity Surah Adeem of Al Bara old title the surah of a cat through that we find kuliah your calf erode and you read the reason why the surah was set down as a limited facet of collected Imam so up, we find that the Quraysh they saw that people are

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entering into Islam. So you find the hot headed individuals just like in today's world, who openly abruptly to speak against Islam that Abu Lahab and Abu jihad, you live hot headed individually didn't have much intellect how to tackle the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, so they would come out abruptly and speak against him. But people are unbelievably Mahira and OMA even heard of and other individual Mata Farsi that they mentioned. They saw that if we don't stop him, his message is going to spread we need to come from a different angle. We need to have some form of agreement, some form of agreement with the Prophet some that he begins to worship our ideas for maybe a year, then we

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worship His God for a year because they're going to lose money. We're going to lose honor and dignity because the way that he's messages carrying on, more and more people are going to begin to believe in Him. And don't be surprised people are Abu Sufian, Abu Lahab, they Abuja they knew the authenticity of the Prophet and some you find in some narrations, or some wording, you'll see that we find that Abu Abu Lahab and Abu Sufian used to listen to the Quran. They used to listen to the Quran every time the professor would say outside the Kaaba recite the Quran, they would come and listen to it. And then when they left in the beginning of the morning and they bumped into one

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another, they said what are you doing here? You know if the Quran find that you are come here to listen to the Quran, people are going to believe so they made this vow that tomorrow. We're not going to come again. But they came again the following day because Enderlin Qurani hanawa The

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Quran has a sweetness, they were pure Arabs, they understood the Arabic language they knew. This is beyond poetry. This is beyond prose. This beyond similes. This is divine injunction revelation from Allah subhana, Allah READ THE END OF SUTA najem, the 53rd Chapter of Quran. That way, when you find Fabu worship only Allah and the other worship Allah was to do go down instead of frustration, you find the whole of arratia day listening to these ayat, they all fell down in frustration except for one individual. That was the magnitude of the Quran. So they decided we need to come to some agreement with this individual with the Prophet Muhammad says we need to approach him, just like the

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world today. non Muslims come and say we need to come have make some form of agreement. Whether it be let's agree on tackling radicalism inside our society or terrorism inside Society of common this grand common ground. But through that common ground, they want to infiltrate and destroy, dismantle Islam is just a facade. It's just a display that we have your interest at stake. We're worried about you. We want to help your society. This is a fallacy that there is no hoping of society that did that they believe it is about dismantling the Society of Islam. So we need every Mahira and or even holiday approached apostle from this angle Imam su T mentioned they said look, if you want position,

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that will make you the leader of Quraysh if you want money, we'll give you all of our wealth. If you weren't women and prestige and rank and didn't you will give that to you. But let's come to some agreement that one year, you worship our idols, showed him some reverence and some respect. And in the following year, we're going to come and give respect towards your deity Allah Subhana Allah this is what they want you to present. So the Quran response this was the question they request karate school yeah. And you are Catherine coulomb, rasool Allah, or mercy of Allah say to these people, Konya, you are Kaffee rude, and he Dahlia How would I say to these individuals, the idol worship

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what you worship, we're not going to compromise. Islam doesn't compromise about Tawheed about belief. Islam compromises about our own faith here about Islamic injunctions thick he rulings about maybe how a person may offer their prayer, how they break the first open, the false how they pray about Zika we are tolerant towards this. There's what many young individuals fail to understand they're not tolerant towards this. They're not tolerant that this is the these are the United Colors of Islam, there are many Fukasawa existed, that just because you believe that your opinion is the right opinion, you should not use such words as earlier mentioned that this is the right

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categorically the right view is not allowed to do that. Or they may have even said even bourbon to Harima even something is haram. You see something as haram, you have the evidence that this is haram, you should be careful to say to some another individual, this is clearly haram, the word it should be an IRA I see that is more close to something being prohibited according to source and the text of the Quran and Sunnah. And this is categorically stated in the Quran. But we find zero tolerance inside our society that people take these Tertiaries issues and build an empire around them and they show allegiance to this that whether a person doesn't ruffle your deen inside the

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Salah with a person move their finger to certain speed or certain degree, this shows a one hour Baroque, this is unwell our bra. This is not what it is. A girl bra is filled according to the belief that your your algebra is delayed subhanaw taala, a person is very mild, very tolerant towards these are our fifth year around them. These are debates not just 400 years, 1000 years fuqaha been debating them. When it comes to Turkey the person shouldn't be tolerant, that even some people start to say they said, well let people come to the graves. Let them come to the shrines. It's not really sure what you mean it's not really shipped. It is just like a thin line between them

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from Tauheed leaving to read and entering into ship. The whole concept Why did the messengers come for well cut birth now if he couldn't do material sooner, and it Boadilla was terrible to hood, we send amongst every messenger every nation a messenger call to Allah and worship only Allah Subhana Allah. So these, Moses Liam's these shrines, these graves, these points of reference that even Muslims say, oh, there's no harm if people show reference to a grave window against the grave. We know Against The Dead individual, he is far better than all of us. We're not questioning that, that he said you're blasphemy against him. What we're questioning? Is this, what the prophets have

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encouraged us to do? We're not asking or maybe some early Ma said there's no harm in booties, great mozillians of the shrines of the shakes, and his religious clerics. We're not discussing that. We're discussing what did the Prophet at some say? What did he do? What were his actions? Put that aside for a point if you believe in the Quran and Sunnah, that's what it means, but amongst his final words,

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A lot of Hadith a document was leaving his word. He said to olive oil. If you see any grave above the hand span, desecrated, demolish it, break it down. What is he referring to? If it's something that we say this is aspects we this is the culture of Islam. This is a religious tolerance of Islam that we have these great big five foot mozillians 10 foot most of the dead individuals and people come there come to the shrines is nothing but Catholicism is Christianity doesn't even know Muslims to get confused that you talk to me about the belief of the oneness of God, but for co2 fill our travel through the lands traveled through the sub continent before enshrines an unmarked grave

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admission or play in Arab oil that you've enshrines a day trade reverence towards these dead individuals who are purpose. These are ways of our culture heritage is not our culture is not our heritage, it is a fine line of leaning Tauheed entering into shape belay. Subhana Allah, this is read Surah Noor that a see the sort of how these individuals took righteous people and began to praise them and worship them. Islam dismantles any element of human praise. There's supposed to be no human praying, if you praise an individual, the Prophet said, Have you broken his back, you throw dust in his face, because overpraise may need to individually become full of themselves, become

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proud of themselves. That means something I'm an entity, I'm an identity, I'm an individual. It's not breaks all of that is not wants you to worship only Allah subhanaw taala to give praise and reverence to only Allah subhana cool upon only Allah Subhana Allah. That's the whole message of Quran follow through Quran is Tauheed 1/3 of Quran is nothing but calling to Allah subhana wa do you find every other idea? Every other verse is speaking about Allah's cantata, either the Sefa or a smell laced with panel data, the names the attributes of Allah Spandana had done I'm saying the 5060 had some of the most I mean, 80 parables or the Quran studied the parables, the old parables about

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Coheed and schicke, about Coheed and kufr. That's what they are based upon for what purpose? Why is Allah subhanaw taala? If I can use such drumming inside the Quran again and again about belief in Allah, why for what purpose? Is it something other than that we take as players amusement that world is about enjoying yourself, this, this culture, heritage was building of an empire in the Muslim world that we find it means nothing. It may give you some comfort, some peace and show the world that look we are powerful individuals and we are well from property, but people are not searching for that. People are searching for the Oneness of Allah. They want to see that. They saw that with

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they saw that with the Companions, they saw that these are these are people of God. These are people speaking about the worship of the one entity, only Allah Subhana Allah so Konya, you will carefully rune say to these individuals, to these individuals that some other individuals take offensive to use the word Alkaff rune. The Quran in general speaks about disbelieving individual but this moment in Quran Allah says clearly dissolves, speaks I suppose it shouldn't feel upset why the Quran says our disbelieving individual, the Bible is full. The Torah is full read the Bible read the Torah. But the type of word you can use about a Gentiles Hi refers to

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non Jewish individuals, or first two other individuals, hey, do karate just say those who disbelieve and that's not a derogatory term inside the Quran, or even the Arabic language because I'll cover it goes even some realm of linguistics in Arabic let me speak about Kapha even goes back to the English word, to cover, cover cover Katara to cover something to hook the hook. You cover the truth, the linguistic meaning Arabic language of Cafe is the one is filler is the former because a farmer covers the seed in the ground, covers it up hides the seed, and that's what the disbeliever does. You have to tell her he covers the truth because deep down inside their souls they know that Allah

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is One. They know that in program, Allah says to Dara unless to be Rubicam Kalu Bella, Allah said to all the souls when he brought them out in front of him subhanaw taala and he said to old souls, all of our souls, he said to us, allow us to be Rubicam. Am I not your Lord? All of us have this this modern world this word of a chip is placed inside our bodies is inside our bodies, but newbies have corrupted it. It's the inside our bodies and that's to be Rubicam. Am I not your Lord call you Bella Shahidullah. They all of us, we said that in front of Allah. Yes, indeed. We testify You are Lord. Less you say on that day in kuna and her the coffin in look at how Allah kind of mentioned less you

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try to come on the day of judgment and say to me, we were unaware. We didn't know there was Allah. We didn't know there was one God, we know where to worship Allah Cantana don't they are rare entities or people who live

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A Fatra in a timestamp with a message of given to them that's very, very rare. And Allah has spoken about that. Other than that, we find Islam in a prophetic tradition will enter into every single home, a mud home or a brick home or straw home, it will enter inside it via might by a power of our ease. Look around us at the moment how Islam is spreading that we find whether we are doing a task to help that or not. Islam is spreading because this is the likes of Anna Anna because people are searching for that oneness in our belief towards Allah subhanho wa Taala and as we find that these individually to make this compromise, let us make this compromise just like today most of you may

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say thing let's make some form of compromise. When a nice is a political world in a politics is a dirty game. As a Muslim should be very wary that when you enter into politics, you also have to tacit approval towards LGBT with other religions when against other religion test a belief la comme de Nukem Alia Deen but being a politician, it means you have to give tacit approval to certain things that you have to you have to draw a line. How far do I go some Muslim don't seem to see they seem to it's all allowed that is his tolerance inside society, tolerance in in speaking ill of Allah subhanaw taala and this is what Mr. Alou sees or Rouhani begins to speak about this is what the

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Quraysh they wanted, that this this form of amalgamation of is bridging a gap between us and between the profiles of that we begin to have this form of ease between our early duality expose this presents a problem that we should do this, that this should be the agreement that we should come to inside of the beginning of Soto Catherine that we find Konya, your ruler Abu Mata Abbadon and even before that Allah says We mentioned the beginning gave all these individuals chances after chances at the beginning of Quran it begins yeah your nurse who Takara back home or mankind fair your Lord. Yeah, your nurse or Buddha Bakula? The halacha con when the demon kaboom. Rhonda kumta code is the

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beginning of total Bucher is a beginning of Quran. Allah didn't say oh, oh, non Muslims, or Muslims or believers. Oh Quraysh are Arabs. Oh, all your hood, our NESARA Allah is a beginner Karanvir dividers. Allah Yeah, and you are nurse so boo. Allah says all mankind obudu all mankind worship your Lord, Who created you and those before you that are looking at the code, you will come pious individuals. That is the first almost the first first command inside the Quran. Or Buddha Allah worship only Allah. That's how the Quran begins. And how does the Quran end? That if you read the beginning of Quran to the end of the Quran, the answers given you've had ample opportunity to

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believe to see the signs of Allah and Allah now comes to absolve kuliah, you will get through the Buddha Mata Mouton, I don't worship what you worship. There's a there's a clear distinction. The Prophet Allah is saying, I don't worship what you worship. You have your your statues, your idols, your Demi gods, your people, your ancestry, your lineage, your wealth, your power, whatever it may be, I don't worship that. I only worship Allah subhanaw taala when I ultimately do nama output, and you're not dying to worship I worship. So hey, the Quran is giving his promise as Alma tifosi dementia, those individuals, those two, three or four individuals who attacked the professor, who

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made this agreement, try to make this agreement read the Sierra, what happened to these four individuals. They never entered into Islam. They all were destroyed all they were killed this American. So as we come to Surah, Al Masjid Allah hub, this individual was living, he was a living individual. And he was attacking the professor, he just had to pretend he's had to say to the college look, I believe in Allah and I believe in a messenger. And he would have falsified the message of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, but he never did that. He never he was living in he never did that. And that's Allah placing the surah downwards is living, that this individual is not

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going to believe. Likewise, these individuals will be doing a mock up, but you're never going to believe or worship that I worship that Allah know that certain individuals will never ever believe it's not for us to to judge a Muslim, but non Muslims should be categorically clear. A person who shows no intention of the shahada, or testimony of faith or expression of faith, then the golden rule is this individual is a disbelieving individual. You don't make excuses for them. You don't chew your words and say, Oh, maybe he's a good person, or she was a good person. They may have been a Muslim. No. If there is no clear cut evidence, they are disbelieving individually Allah when we've

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judged him if there was some exception to the rule, but it's the opposite for Muslim that every single Muslim is a Muslim by default, this concept of fear. This concept of people are understanding the source very quickly and individually even. So even if you see a Muslim, bowing down to a statue or bowing down to a grave, you should not give a verdict. That's what runaround

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I mentioned you should not give a verdict, because this could be just a one off occasion of ignorance of practice. And they're done. This is not a habitual ritual practice of a Muslim. And when we open up such doors that people take the text of the Quran, and we open say, another Muslim is a cafe is a disbelieving individual. Because he said this, we done this, or he was in with a in a in a we're in a meeting with Western empires or Western politicians, or whatever a priest or clerics or with a rabbi, or with this individual, that is a make you a cafe. How does that make you carefree by being in a conference meeting with other individuals, they show the lack of understanding of no

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source, the professor he engaged with non Muslims, he borrowed from non Muslim, he was in a state of death debt. He owned a Jewish man money. So if they're supposed to be this hatred towards non Muslim, why is he dealing with them? Why is he pulling money from them? Why is it living with them? So this concept that some Muslims try to portray inside society, there should be a zero tolerance towards Muslims as well. This is what needs to succeed, that everybody around you the world is a disbeliever. And everybody who's associated with that individual becomes a disbeliever. Till eventually, you're the only one that's left. This is what do you find is a kid of Hawaii is that by

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default, every Muslim who aligns himself with another Muslim, we claim to be a disbeliever is a disbeliever. And you don't dispute the interval, you're a disbeliever. And a vicious circle, it continues until you're the only one the Forsaken individuals left in this world. The golden rule is no Muslim makes tuxedo not a Muslim, no Muslim, has the right has the knowledge to make the creed of another Muslim except for olema, who were placed as judges in such society. They're placed in that role in that rank, they will dissolve a person's Islam, they will dissolve that person Islam and say now, the Imam does not prey on this individual. He's not buried amongst a Muslim. Other than that,

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for us, the average individual to walk around freely. And if we stretch that further, people who can freely say, Oh, this is a person of innovation, he's not going to go to paradise. Extremely present, who the * are you anyway, to say to another person, you're never going to go to paradise? Who are you to make such a bold statement that this person, maybe they innovated? Maybe they've done something wrong, maybe understand what you understood. So now this individual is going to be punished, is going to remain in * for eternity. And like what people have to hear a message go that strongly to them. Just start you find people have shaken his grave, and he shines his new cause

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of Tawheed. Because I'm a person of Tawheed, I won't be punished for my sins, because summer to to heat the fruits of Tawheed. I'm a pristine orthodox individual. So if I tell you at my house, he was the new if I carry on since then I'm not going to be punished who said you're not going to be punished? Why do you believe that belief, and I can't confirm that because I know what it is all of a sin. We should be wary about our sins, we shouldn't become full of us, because I know what he did. That gives me a free license to do what I want to do inside my life. Because my motto he would wipe out my sins. That's a sickness. We're living in a world at the moment as well. Just like in the

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subcontinent sickness of graves and shrine, we have that if I use the word opening in the Arab world, we know what he does, where people have the language. We don't do what these people do come to gravity shine, but you do but Eagle, you worship your knifes you worship your soul, you worship your money, your property, you worship it. That's what worship means. That you will all * will break loose, to protect your empire, your throne, your kingdom, your people, your family, your lineage, all * breaks loose, and you will muster every single person around you, to give you to give you those religious verdicts that we have every right to do this. And we ever did speaks about

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this. This is not what Islam is. Because many non Muslims pose this question that you speak about this clergyman doesn't exist inside Islam. But what's this in the world at the moment? What's this empire that every other Muslim nation of 53 or Muslim countries they have their own people their own family? Don't entourage their own kingdom ship? Where is this from Islam? It's a simple basic element. We preach about this Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala but yet we're surrounded by Demi gods. We because we don't want to address this door he is dismantling everything that gives us We began with reference to any entity or identity besides Allah subhanaw taala Allah Tada repeats this what

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are we doing a Muhammad then you individuals are not going to worship what I worship Him because He decided to sit he mentioned his past and present that previous is there's not going to be people are going to worship what Allah Allah is telling the Prophet, son to worship and likewise the present moment in time and likewise even in the future as well. There's going to be individuals who do not believe and submit to Allah Subhana Allah or the Ramallah Imam Shanti is at the CD men's disability crore. This is the final Quran has repetitious nature to repeat certain words or certain themes or certain words, that we should study these themes inside the Koran whenever ALLAH is gonna repeat

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certain things, or certain words is an emphasis for us to begin to delve to begin to ponder over this wonderful facility mentioned this is nothing about the nothing we're just about

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They just have this negation of the negation establishment after establishment atoki by the domain dokie and affirmation after affirmation be coolly asleep, and nothing was just a motto key all the formats of Arabic linguistics, of use of negation of establishment are used inside this surah to send home the message that is a sort of

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a pseudo of Dino worship only Allah subhanaw taala and then we find whether an Arab we do matter but I'm not going to worship I'm sure not worship that which you are worshiping then Lacan de Nukem Walia Deen that I have my way of life and you have your way of life. Remember the Quran whatever uses such wording so the Quran isn't a tacit approval that people are free to worship what they want to worship is a form of Toby. For sofa, Nora, we're going to see what the real belief is, whether it be inside his world in Santa Clara. There's so many other matter facilities that this verse is similar. I remember you mentioned because he mentions la creme de la con la comme de Nukem I'll

00:30:56 --> 00:31:38

cover for you you have your disbelieving way of life while you're Dean A my dean is the way of an Islam as I'm Baja Baja. He mentioned that he allowed me Cassie in study to see if I'm sad in sadita City mentioned this verse is similar Kowloon Yamato Allah Shatila, te, se, se to these people, everyone, let them do according to their own wants, or their own needs, or whatever they want to do for a book of animal B man who does sebelah and your Lord is all knowing of who is going to be on the right d guided path, the right path of Allah Subhana Allah, because he also mentioned and tombery una mimma Malou I am free, that you are free from what I do or what I worship. We're on a

00:31:38 --> 00:32:18

very minimal time alone and I'm free I dissolved myself from from what you worship because of Burr, dissolving oneself of what these individuals have their worship towards other than besides Allah Subhana Allah. In other places no Quran Allah mentions, as if I'm suited, many studies to see called as Ira later Moroni, Buddha usj alone. Are you commanding me? Are you trying to engage me a usj? Who every individual that I should worship something else besides Allah subhanaw taala turned to something besides Allah and Allah welcome, Elijah, While the lady Dominica Baker, the instructor batana Amma look, it's been revealed to you this message of the prophets and those who came before

00:32:18 --> 00:33:00

that I've used to associate any partners with the loss conda Allah, then Allah will wipe out cut off your actions. When the CUDA nominal cost serine. You're going to become amongst the losing individuals. Then Allah mentioned Bonilla Farbod akumina shattering This is where a bird that is that ballet Faribault? Worship only Allah's patter. akumina shacharit Ashoka Rila be grateful show. That's why COVID is the opposite of sugar. The meaning of COVID is that you reject Allah, you don't show you don't display the blessings of Allah Spandana that what is a shift biller and Tatiana Lane need to know who halacha that you associate a partner's to God to Allah He's the One who created you

00:33:00 --> 00:33:40

that a person says that Allah doesn't give me wealth or doesn't give a property Allah just give me life. This this shrine or this dead individual, or my own mind, my own power, my own skill, my own ability, this will kill for below. This will rejection of Allah Subhana Allah. Allah is saying that worship only Allah subhana wa Tada. Imam Shaka is ready to see dimensions. This verse is similar Luna Luna welcome Amma Lucan we have actions and you have your actions, salaam alaikum, learn Abduch enjoy healing Peace be upon you, we don't follow or seek the way of Egret individuals, then a strange thing that is higher in some sort of causes Allah that mentioned straight after this, in

00:33:40 --> 00:34:19

Nicoletta demon, Abdullah Kinema, yada yada, you cannot guide the ones that you love. But it's Allah Subhana Allah is one that guides guidance is it in the hands of human beings in alayka Illa Allah upon us only to convey the message to show people the message of Allah speak about the words of ALLAH Xpander to remind people about Allah Subhana Allah, Allah buena, what a bukem When an imam Nana Luna welcome, Amma LUCAM. Allah is our Lord and your Lord. And Lord and your Lord is the same Lord that you should be worshiping. And we have our actions and you have your own actions that you're trying to do. And as somebody already mentioned, a convener kumbaya Dean, that we're welcome

00:34:19 --> 00:35:00

Hey, Sarah Bukom as Imam Razi he speaks at his tafsir and Australian point about mm rod even the word cool. Just we're getting word inside is sort of cool. He said there's 43 reasons why Allah says could this could be some excessive to see by just shows how deep that one word, He gives 43 reason why Allah usable at all. Yeah, you will cafiero Inside this deficit, the fact you hide, so here he mentions that is to feed the head. Lacan de Nukem, Lacan, he said, Bukom one year he said, you have your accountability, and I have my accountability at the Alumni side, it means that Dean ADO that you have your your format of a burden of worshipping of calling upon Allah

00:35:00 --> 00:35:43

Subhan Allah, Allah, and we have our way. Look at the pristine orthodox way of Islam, how a person calls upon Allah Subhana Allah, aka who may have done the labor was surgery done. The most closest an individual is to his creator. He's inside a state of Sagitta for up through to Earth. So in the status says the increase in your dad delay subhanaw taala. The whole concept of Salah, Hatha madman, your Salah is adored linguistic meaning a Salah that we don't even focus on Salah we don't understand what a Salah is, the whole of Salah is Dora is asking Allah Subhana Allah cooling upon imploring, whether it be the beginning of Santa relationship and data to show to Fatiha we find a

00:35:43 --> 00:36:23

hadith good see cause some to salata Bailey Verbania Abdi wali Abdi, my son of divided a prayer between myself myself and my servant, am I serving will have whatever you asked for for the Call of Duty hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen when a service is at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Hamadani. Abdi My servant has praised me and also some of the relevant mentioned that is the sutra sutra. Catherine is six if we read it day in and day out, we don't understand this concept, such basic Surah but the penetration is soudas. That's what most of our admins are interested he mentioned that Fabiola Surah somebody must speak about ruble Quran that is Surah according to a fourth of the Quran, even though

00:36:23 --> 00:37:03

the narration authentic, but we understand the concept that is only for Surah inside the Quran to begin with the imperative verb of good have Surah Al Tarun and class alpha and a nurse. But what is authentic about the usage of this surah he says that from the beginning of the day to the end of the day, is nothing but Tauheed. So when a person prays to suit now, Fajr is sunnah to read surah to Catherine and so did a class too soon after maghrib is Rizzuto a fluff, sort of casual sort of fluff, performing a terroir of the two rocks of tawa. You've read sort of carefully rule and sort of a has some narrations or lemma have questioned authenticity, but generally mentioned that a man man

00:37:03 --> 00:37:43

yesterday milk and Yharnam, whoever monks is able to sleep at the end of his day at night by reciting total Kaffee road. So here we find that the beginning of the day and the end of the day, and the physical action, and the physical display of the Prophet ism is nothing but what but to heed that people take offense to this. People say Oh, eight people speak about Tawheed. Again, this this is not a trivial affair. As we said, this is a thin line that we have people inside of family members loved one around a society around us, they're competing shit, belie Subhana Allah, then we should be worried about this. We should be worried about to uproot this even so the world has

00:37:43 --> 00:38:22

developed. But why do we find in our countries in our nation that great worship existed every 100 yards or so. And this is an exaggeration. Those of us who know our country we visited many times and live there that every 100 yards or so there's another shrine and people will throw a dime. And you ask them what are you doing say this is for Baraka? This is for I can get to the end of my journey safely. I visualized and heard people clearly saying that people say, Oh, this is exaggerated, asking a dead individual inside the grave or so and so help me help me is this not a new ship? isn't gonna so sugar people say, Oh, this Baraka, there could be blessings around the grave shrine, well,

00:38:22 --> 00:39:03

maybe they could be blessings that are there. But this isn't a blessing. This is this this this is a shake in disguise needing you to the ultimate ship, that you are now asking the dead individual or so and so helped me or so and so I'm barren. I don't have children, I have this affliction. I have this hardship. uproot this lift this from me take this away from me. This is why many Muslim countries are not prospering because they have this inside the society and we have amongst ourselves as well. May Allah Allah give us all the Tofik inability to uproot all elements are shaped beliefs and to make our hearts to be total Islam as total Islam means that we fulfill the cavity of our

00:39:03 --> 00:39:37

chests in our heart. We're nothing but the name of Allah, that belief in Allah, that reliance upon Allah, the asking of Allah, why does CELTA fuss and Illa if you ask, only ask Allah plead Him, beg him turned to him, ask him. That's what a believer should be doing and placing this inside of society. As we mentioned that people get upset about this. We are trying to remove these elements of leading towards shed that people try to defend that this is culture and heritage and the colors of Islam. This is dismantling the beauty of Islam that we should be upholding inside our life.

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