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Qiyam Tahajjud – Tarawih Reflection – Al-Muzzammil

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said I want to delay but I got to welcome to tonight's thought, Oh, we have reflection. Today we are in salt. Muslim men are going to covering the first few if inshallah this sort of starts in July says, yeah you had Muslim men, oh you who is wrapped up referring to the process and then wrapped up meaning in clothing or in garments does have also mentioned a very interesting point that a lot of they say that our system is referred to as Muzammil wrapped up because he's now wrapped up clothed with the responsibility of prophethood. And then Allah says for me later in life karela Stan the night except for a little bit, meaning stand the night in prayer meeting, pretty much the whole

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night, Mr. postman who kalila I was in LA, so half of the night in prayer, or a little bit less than that. Or add to that. This is the PML or night prayer that was obligated upon the prophets of Allah who I knew he would send them when he received the message of Islam, wallet DLL or another Tila and recite the Koran with measured recitation and this is the this is what is done during family is the recipient knows I know periodic opponents that a lot certainly we are sending down upon you a heavy weighty word, meaning the or on first and foremost, and then anything that comes with the message, the beginning of that excitement, the beginning of the message of Islam, and cinema is about to

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embark on a huge journey. And we find that one of the first things that a lot obligates from the participant, the first things that a lot obligates punker send them is this night prayers, spending at least a portion of the night and prayer and the recitation of the Quran during the night. And Allah tells them that this is a heavy weighty words big responsibility that you're about to take on. You need this you need the night prayers. And that's why for us when we are going through difficulties in life or having troubles in life or hardship. One of the first places we should turn to is the Quran and the recitation of the Quran during the national anthem, namely here a shed do

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what are our upward mobility, certainly, these hours of the night or rising during the night is the most effective and it is the most effective for governing or taking control of the heart and alcohol mobila and it is the most suitable word. So when going through difficult times, we need to take control of our neffs we need to take control of our heart and our soul, our self and one of the ways we do that is through the scale. No matter what's going on during the day and what you go through and how many hardships and stress and difficulty this time the night time is where you take control is the nighttime and in this night prayer night recitation of the Quran that you find peace and

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comfort and you find rest for your restless heart, aka mobila. And this time, this this action of the camel lane is the most suitable for the word so the recitation of the Quran, the understanding of the Quran, the effectiveness of the Quran for us. So if we really want to be moved by the Quran, if we really want our hearts to be affected by the Quran that we need to be MLA is a necessary part of our relationship with the Quran. So with everything else we do during the day, recitation, memorization, etc, etc. We need this family also a warm up a lot more suitable word is the idea that when we are going through difficulties or hardships, we we need to talk to someone who might need to

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complain to someone who might need to pour our heart out to someone we need that in difficult times. And the best time to do it is the night prayer with a lot. You want that burden to be easy to be lifted off of yourself then speak to Allah pour your heart out to Allah in the night prayer with this pm. Last penalty Adam knows best. I'll talk to y'all later inshallah tada take care of someone to love you.