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My dear brothers and sisters, there's a very interesting incident Nehring Insightly, Bahati of the companion or model, the Allahu Anhu tells us of one particular day that he went to go visit the prophets of Allah. I mean, he was sitting there. And he says, I entered upon the prophets of Allah. I mean, he was setting them. And he says, I looked around his living quarters. And he says, I didn't see much there. He said, I looked around the room, and there were a few water skins hanging from the wall. I looked at the bed of the prophets and the lover, I think it was sending them. And it was just a mat, made of palm tree leaves. This is I looked at the pillow of the prophets, Eliza alum.

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And he says it was just a modest pillow, a leather pillow that was filled with deep palm fibers. He said, I looked at the scene. And the prophets I send them came towards me. And as he came towards me, I saw his back, had indents on it. He had marks on his back from laying on his bed. And he said, I saw this, and I began to cry. And the prophets of Allah who I think he was setting them, he said, Yeah, I'm up. My you keep. He said, Oh, I love what is making you cry. Why are you weeping? And he says Yasuda love in a cave in that in the case of work Islam. They have what they have said, certainly, Caesar, and who slow these will these leaders in these rulers, they have what they have

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of this dunya meaning they're living their life in these luxuries. One tell us who to love. And you are the Messenger of Allah, meaning what? Meaning if there's anyone who deserves to live, not just in luxury, but just comfort is anyone who deserves the comforts of this dunya it is not the Kings, the Persian king and and the Roman king Roman Emperor are not those. It is you O Messenger of Allah. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, yeah, he says, Oh, I'm a I'm a tough boss. Are you not satisfied?

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And Allahumma dunya when done and

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he says are OMO? Aren't you not satisfied? Aren't you not content? Are you not at peace, that the dunya is for them. And the Africa is for us?

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My brothers and sisters,

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many of us now with what's happening in the world, with how things not that things are changing. But we are now witnessing what is actually happening. atrocities have continued to be committed throughout history. And we have seen our Ummah go through a lot of pain and a lot of suffering. But now we are seeing it firsthand. You're seeing images directly from husba. We're seeing images from fall asleep, and many of us now are waking up. We are being awoken from our state of ruffler Laflamme. Our brothers and sisters is a state that sometimes we as believers we find ourselves in when we know the realities of this life. We know this life is temporary. We know this life is full

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of pain and hardship. We know that we cannot be completely satisfied in this life, yet we get deceived into thinking that all of our desires will be fulfilled in this life. And we keep working for this life and we forget about the Astra.

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This is what it is and we find ourselves in a tough love. But now as we see these images, perhaps we are waking up to the realities of this life. Our brothers and sisters in the husband fell asleep in other parts of the world. They are waking us up. You know sometimes we may look at our brothers and sisters and we feel bad for them.

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We feel some type of pity. My brothers and sisters they do not need our pity. What they need is that our Ummah wakes up today, as they have been awake as they know the reality of this life, as they know that this life is temporary as they know that perhaps others can be distracted into thinking that their life will last forever.

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But they know the true nature of this life, rather than sister somebody told me that the people of Azusa when they hear an explosion, you know if we not thought that Allah may Allah protect us. We were to hear an explosion or a loud noise. We would get scared. What's happening? The people of Gaza when they hear an explosion.

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They're happy. Do you know why? Because to them, that means they're still alive. If they didn't hear the explosion, that could have been it. That's it. But if they heard the explosion, they know they're still alive. Now you tell me my brothers and sisters. What

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is a level of immersion that a person is not in that environment. You know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on one occasion when distributing the spoils of war, the war booty. He said a Goony life outcome. He said to the Companions bring me the weak and vulnerable amongst you. And some of the companions, they said, Well, why? Why did they get a share of the spoils of war when they weren't on the battlefield? You know, we're talking about the elderly, the sick, and so on and so forth. Even women who were not able to take part in the battle, if I said and said, Bring them to me, and some companions and why what like they weren't on the battlefield, and the Prophet supplies

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handed them he said, helped on Sarona what was Apollo 11 ago? He said, Do you think that Allah provided for you? Do you think Allah gave you victory Allah helped you except because of the weak and vulnerable amongst you. And another narration Barcelona explains this he said in the matters of on our console gonna be to Alpha econ, that Allah only give provides for you and gives you victory because of the weekend Boehner amongst you be to Allah He beat him. What is philosophy and also our team is because of their da, their prayer, their sincerity, that Allah sustains you. Because what does that mean? That means when those who truly feel that they are in need of Allah, they truly feel

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that they are 100% reliant upon Allah, their level of Eman is incredibly high, there is lost their sincerity is incredibly high. And we know this in our lives where we have truly felt desperate, when we feel that no human being can help me. How is our Eman very high, because we think no one can help me now except Allah. And that level of iman, is the man that perhaps sustains our ummah. This is why the statement you hear on the lips and tongues of the people have listened honestly, is has been Allah, Allah is sufficient for us. Because they know perhaps the world has abandoned them. Perhaps those who have power in this world, they have abandoned them. So they say husband, Allah, Allah is

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sufficient for us.

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Allah will take care of us, brothers and sisters is a wake up call for us. If it is not now, then we are going to return to a law. If we are seeing the Ayat of Allah, this I have no doubt that these are the signs of Allah subhanaw taala everything happens by the wheel permission, and the decree and the wisdom of Allah has, how do I die that we have to ask ourselves? How are we being tested in this moment, the tests of our brothers and sisters and sisters around the world were suffering, their test is clear. And they are passing them like SAP from them. They're passing with flying colors. But us on the other hand, sitting living in our comfortable life, and I know that's relative, we all

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face our own challenges, right? And we're not comparing our suffering with other people. That's not what it's about. But it's about looking at it what Allah who's kind of data has given to us you know, the companions of the prophets I send them they understood that Allah will test them, Allah will test this. This is the part this is part of life is part of death. Allah the heart of both our higher Talia blucon

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The one who created death and life to test you,

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test you Who amongst you are best indeed, this is this is part of our life. The Companions knew that there will be tested and they would fear the test of ease more than the test of hardship, because we're either tested with difficulties or were tested with ease and comfort. The Companions they would say, well, when difficulty comes upon us, the tests are now visible, they're apparent we know and we're being tested, that we have to remain patient, we have to persevere. But what happens in our brothers and sisters when our life is going well. But everything is normal. Do we forget that we are being tested right now? Do we find ourselves in a state of heedlessness in the state of Koffler?

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Are we distracted? By the callings of this? Dunya the prophets I send them he said the Hellfire is surrounded with ease.

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And paradise is surrounded with difficulty.

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Are we distracted alone? I don't like to add that says and how can we count on that the competition for this worldly life? And MacArthur really is just to collect? Like what are we doing with our lives? Black Friday's here another holiday comes Amazon daily and this and that. Where are we just living day to day to day to day just getting more stuff?

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Is that? Is that the purpose of our life? This temporary moments of pleasure because that's honestly you want to consumerism. Materialism is nuts. Why? It's addictive? Because we buy something we feel great for a moment and that that feeling fades and then it's like I need that how

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Again, you want to buy something else and we find ourselves living a life we're living to buy we're living to consume. And as believers indeed we have lost the message here. Because it believers it is part of our aptina that lost her dad has created us for a higher purpose. Islam, my brothers and sisters, is Islam. Islam is submission and surrender surrender to what? When we are Muslim, We are surrendering to the laws of Allah whose power data whether we like it or not, we're set we're submitting to what Allah has made permissible and impermissible for us whether we like it or not. You don't want Hussam How do I say Isla even told the Companions, good the ballet communicator well

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who are Kuruvilla whom that was prescribed fighting upon you to fight

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but it is hated to you. And it's very interesting to scholars if they've seen it when they make their scene of this of this verse. They say what is hated is not the Command of Allah. But he's hated is the fighting and there's a difference there. Because the Companions Yeah, no one likes to put their life on the line. Yeah, that's it's normal human behavior. That difficulties difficulty. So yes, that is something that to the knifes it is disliked, but not the Command of Allah. So we don't Yes, we can say you know, these commands of Allah, I find them to be difficult, it's okay to say that. But to say that I dislike the Command of Allah that is problematic.

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Even though something is difficult, we submit, we surrender ourselves. And we surrender ourselves, my brothers and sisters, to the decree of Allah who said, How do I guide

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and you can we cannot see a better example of this today than once again, our brothers and sisters in the Hudson. I cannot imagine my brothers and sisters, what it feels like to lose a child in our arms. May Allah protect us and protect our children. I cannot imagine what it feels like to lose our loved ones, to lose our family to lose our support. I cannot imagine what that feels like our brothers and sisters. But if you look at the man and the faith, the not faith as in, you know the English word faith for you just believe in your heart. And that's it, but faith in action. What is faith in action, when we have enough Ada, we have a creed, we have a belief and we live by it

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dictates our actions, that when Allah tests us, that actually that comes into play. And so my question for you, our brothers, sisters is when we are tested by a lot because the question is not if the question is when, because we will all be tested. How will we respond to that test? Will we be able to persevere? Will we be able to hold on? Will we be able to understand our IP? Allah who said how do I get out I says, What I never knew when the convention in Manila hope you will join us in Milan and while you will unfussy what Samara we will definitely will surely we will test you, we will try you with fear, with hunger with loss of life and property and wealth and so on so forth.

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And Allah says, What pushed you to solve it in but in these tests and these trials that we will all go through, give glad tidings to those who persevere. And I know the word sometimes that we hear for some is some is patience. But Sobol is not just patience, somebody's perseverance. Can I Outlast what is happening? Can I can I live to persevere through it allows Valley dialysis in the manosphere. To use along with the difficulty there is ease. A believer understands that either ease in this life or the afterlife.

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That ease is connected to the hardship. So we have to persevere, live beyond the past move through the difficulties that Allah subhanaw taala is putting us through. And we hear this once again, our brothers and sisters in the US up we hear these statements from their tongues, they are saying this is we have this is the code of Allah. It is either shahada or it is success. Victory. That's it. Only two options. Imagine living your life with that type of freedom in my Shahada, it is either Shahada. It is either martyrdom for the sake of Allah who's proud of it dalla or victory. Those are a blessing people, my brothers and sisters, the people of Casa and vana stain they are the blessing

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and chosen people of Allah, Allah because they are living the truthfulness of this message of Islam.

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They are truthful to Allah subhana wa guide.

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But the lesson for us is what are we living our lives? In truth to this message? Have we surrendered to Allahu SubhanaHu either have we found that peace and that contentment that comes through completely surrendering ourselves to Allah subhanaw taala know there's a companion by the name of God

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When I did law, or the Allah who

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he was once walking, and he had in his hand a piece of meat that he had bought

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and he came across a model the Allah I, and I love the ALLAH and he says, What is this man? I said, what what is this in your hand? What do you what do you carry? He says how the last one is the hey do mystery do is that this is a piece of means. I wanted it. I liked it. So I bought it. I desired it. I wanted to have it so I bought it. And there are a lot of the ALLAH and he says, Do you not fear that if you live your life in this way and want to pause right here is what Jelena Diller doing bad? No is what are you doing? How long? Is it impermissible prohibited? No. This meat is headed for him to buy he bought it. He liked it? Is it how to buy something? No. But what does it remember the

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Allah and rebuke him for it. He says, Do you not fear I'm not Daksha Do not fear that if you live your life in this way you will be including the IAF, and help them but you but you can be hired to come to me that you have exhausted all of your pleasures in this life. What does this mean? This means that there are people who live their life with the mindset that we're going to fulfill all of our desires in this life. And they have left nothing for the US at all. There's no desire for the afterlife, there's no desire for Jenna, there's no desire for Paradise, because we think we're going to fulfill all of our desires in this life.

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How many of us live our lives in that way? We think about, you know, I just need to get this in life, and then I'm going to be happy. You know, I just got to finish college, and then I'll be happy, I just got to get a nice job. Now I'll be happy, you know, I gotta get just make this amount of money and I'll be happy, then my life would be great. I just got to marry this person. And it'll be fun. It's got to have this kids are gonna have this car, we're gonna have this house and all that stuff. Once I have that, then I'm going to be happy. But the nature of this dunya that we will never be happy with that. The prophets I send them taught us this. The child of Adam came up on our

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satellites, and it's so it's so nice. And then the child of Adam, you give them a valley full of gold, and they will desire a second Valley. In another narration, you give them two valleys, valleys full of gold, and they will desire a third value full of gold.

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And the process is that nothing will fill the stomach the inside of this person except dirt. One of the meanings of the headache is when they pass when they're buried in the ground. That's when their desires of this dunya will come to an end. My brothers and sisters are not here to teach you something new today. Because this is our rafidah This is our faith. We understand this. I'm here today perhaps to remind ourselves that this is a sign from Allah Allah subhana wa don't think that what is happening in the world is happening for no reason. Everything happens by the will the decree the wisdom of Allah subhana wa Tiana but our question is, do we wake up? Do we understand the signs

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of Allah who has had my data? probably heard that stuff but Allah and you will still get all in no.

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And hamdulillah Robin Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sugarpill MDR when was sitting, Davina will save you know, I have even a Muhammad Ali he was like a mini Ultramarine. You know, I mentioned the AFL CIO the Bekaa in the first football, where Allah who's kind of like the artist says, We will test you with something from from fear and hunger and loss of life and sustenance and so on and so forth. And Allah says, well, they should Assad in and give glad tidings to those who are patient, as we said, Those who persevere but what is the tools of perseverance? What allows these people to persevere what allows these people to be patient? Allahu Subhan, Allah, Allah says, and Medina EDA,

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Asaba, to Musa those, that when they're afflicted with a calamity, when they say oh, are you in Kerala, you are in DANIDA, urology, oh, they say we belong to Allah and we will return to Allah. This is the statement of the one who perseveres, this is the statement of the chosen of Allahu Subhana wa ala that they live their life in a way, understanding that whatever I have in this life was given to me by Allah Jalla wa Ala. And it is Allah has to take away from me, and that life, my brothers and sisters becomes a very different life. We're living for a different purpose. At that point, alums are kinda like the artist says, Men come when you read the dunya Omen command during

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the era. amongst you are those who desire the dunya. And amongst you are those who desire the asking those who desire the afterlife, and this doesn't mean my brothers and sisters that would give up on this life. It means that we focus our intention. It means we focus our intent of doing what we do in this life. There may be people who are doing the same thing, same things that we are doing

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But their mindset is different.

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They're providing for their family, but they're providing for their family for the sake of Allah who spent $1, hoping to gain reward.

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They're helping others not to gain recognition not to be to be known not to be praised. You're helping others for the sake of Allah who Subhan Allah to Allah doing the same things that others are doing for the sake of Allah who somehow do I doubt if you can please move forward, make some room in the back and shall not God please move forward shall make some move about those who are living their life focus. So they made sure that even the the supposedly mundane things of this life because let's let's just be real, we look at what's happening. And it was happening in philosophy and and we can look at what's happening in Sudan, we look at what's happening with our brothers and sisters, our

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weaker brothers and sisters, and we can think what's the point of doing what I'm doing? Like I got a job and listen now like, what's the point of that? But our our faith doesn't teach us that we embedded in this dunya our faith teaches us that we live our life for a higher purpose, the prophets a licen them, he said that if one of you if you have in your hand, the meaning of this hadith is if you have in your hand, the ability to plant a tree, and the hour is approaching and one understanding of precedent set. Recall matzah meaning that the day of judgment is starting. But we have the ability to plant this tree. The Prophet send them said they should plant on the other side.

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They should plant it. Why do you think what's Why would you do that? Alright, because once again, let's be real. We look at world events. We look at the the nature of life, life is fleeting, we don't know today or tomorrow. That's the reality of life. We think our life is different than our brothers and sisters in the wazoo. But the reality is none of us have tomorrow guaranteed. The reality is none of us have the next moment guarantee we feel secure. And may Allah protect us and protect their families, alumni, Amin, but we don't know when we're going to die, where we're going to die, how we're going to die. We delude ourselves into thinking I'm living in security, everything

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is fine. How many people were here last year and not here today? How many people were here yesterday in this dunya but are not here today. We're living nice, comfortable lives.

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That's there's no difference between us and the people of us in terms of the guarantee of tomorrow. So what is what is happening here with our life, what is happening is that we are being deluded into thinking that this life is the end all and be all of everything. And so we get distracted in this life. What is the difference? My brothers and sisters, if our acne they were to change? Well, the difference is that we live every moment hoping to gain the reward of Allahu Subhana wa gyla. And so the reason why the prophets I send them told us to plant that tree, even if the Day of Judgment is about to start, because we would plant a tree normally for working just for this dunya we plant a

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tree. So that tree would grow we'd have shade perhaps and fruit. But if the damn gentleman starting seems like there's no point to plant that tree.

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We plant that tree, because we know we're doing it for the sake of Allah. And even if the tree does not grow, even if there's no fruit that come from that tree, either nothing happens, then our reward that Allahu Subhana Allah is secure. And that is why my brothers and sisters, we live our lives in this way. I know none of us are perfect. I know. We all have flaws. We all commit sins, none of us can say we're a perfect Muslim. We're all a work, you know, so so to say a working progress. But there are those of us who today will decide that I want to make the intention to be the best Muslim I can be. Just submit to surrender in the best way I can. And if I fall short, I fall short, but I'm

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going to try my best. The prophets I send them told us that a person may get the reward of crime go home praying the night, even if they slept through the night. How is your intention? The person made this sincere intention to pray the night. And then during the night the sleep overtook them. And the price that I'm told us that the person wakes up in the morning, what could the bellows preamble Laila, it has written for this person that they prayed the night because they made the intention to do it. And to my brothers and sisters, today, I invite myself and I invite you to make the intention to live your life for the sake of Allah who said how do I die that if this is the lonely moment that

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we have just a reality of this life that has been uncovered for us on a daily basis? If this is the only moment that we have, if today's are only data we have how are we going to live it to maximize our reward in the ACA? How do we live up my brothers and sisters, to the trials of our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering? How do we match up? We have to make an effort foot devil law must apply to have the Taqwa of Allah be conscious of Allah live your life being aware of Allah to the best of your

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ability sometimes people think this is an this idea is an idea of, of negligence, or do the best you can you don't have to try No. This is an idea of excellence because we want to try the best we can in the moment that was given to us and the shortcomings we ask Allah who's proud of the data to make it up. So today my brothers and sisters for this job I hope to make the intention to change something in your life. Perhaps you're not praying five times a day start praying five times a day, perhaps you're praying five times a day and you're maybe we're a little bit lazy with a prayer we delayed the prayer pray on time. Perhaps we haven't been giving much charity give more charity

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perhaps we're not learning our deen learn your deen perhaps we are our Eman is weak. Make an intention to strengthen your Eman for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to protect and preserve our brothers and sisters in the US. And all around the world. We ask Allah Allah subhana wa Tada to accept their dead amongst the martyrs. We ask Allah Who Subhan Allah to Allah to have mercy upon their dead we asked the monks who hadn't wanted to Allah agenda what Allah to cure their sick and their injured and dirt and they're those who are ailing. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to get to grant them peace and serenity and security. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to

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destroy that those who are trying to destroy the deen of Allah who Subhan Allah to Allah we ask Allah Subhan Allah to Allah to aid those who are defending the deen of Allah who Subhanallah data how they will look to other island Yeah, you have Nadine Amano Sinhala yet model convener and Sally Why is it why young Howard and fracture you want one Curry One belly? Yeah karoun per group. Which group is it? What are the

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nairaland illogical commitment marketing