Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2023 – Reviving the Spirit #24

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of fasting during busy months, as fasting during the day is against Islam's standards. They stress the shadow of the sun as a fruit, and offer tips on daily practices such as fulfilling missed prayer requests. Prayer for spiritual health and success is emphasized, along with the importance of praying for oneself and not letting anyone use water.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah, who Allah alihi wa sahbihi as my, my brothers and sisters, continuing the acts of worship that we have been doing in Ramadan, post Ramadan, some of these acts of worship, we wouldn't be able to do them exactly the way we were doing them in Ramadan, and some of them we won't. I'll give you an example the issue of fasting. We cannot keep on fasting after Ramadan the same way that we were fasting in Ramadan, because the day of Eid alone happens to be a day when fasting is prohibited. And thereafter too fast every single day of the of the whole month besides

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the month of Ramadan, is against the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And the scholars have spoken about the ruling but we are not supposed to be doing that. So when it comes to prayer, that is something very interesting. Would you not agree? That sunnah is one of the five pillars of Islam. And amazingly, there are five prayers. So one of the five pillars and this five prayers, and it's spaced out during the day. You have the pre sunrise prayer that is known as solitude. Fajr. Allah Almighty wants us to get up. If we've been getting up through the month of Ramadan, for prayer for food for so many other things we've been engaging in a lot of goodness and

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extra voluntary prayer in Ramadan. Surely, if we had to get up just for four units of prayer, it's not much, but the getting up is the difficult part. The washing yourself is the difficult part. Making it to the masjid is a difficult part. But even if you were reading at home for any valid reason, still, it's not that easy. So the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him tells us the two units of Fajr sunnah that you pray just before the compulsory one has a reward.

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Because it is better than the whole world. And whatever it contains rock Atoll, February, zero minute dunya one mafia, the two units are better than the whole world and what ever is in it. If such great reward and value was attached to the tools sooner, sooner meaning not even the compulsory two units, only two units are compulsory for Fajr. For the pre Dawn, it doesn't take more than a few minutes. But before that you you can volunteer, you can voluntarily add to sunnah. And it's highly recommended. So it shouldn't be missed. However, it's still not compulsory, but the Prophet says May peace be upon him, if you are going to fulfill those two, the reward is greater than the whole world

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and whatever it has. So imagine what reward we would be getting for fulfilling that which is far off and compulsory. The reason I say this is, Allah Almighty tells us in a hadith could see that, oh, my worship is there is nothing more loved by me then that which I have made compulsory for you to do nothing more loved by me than that which are made compulsory. So if something that's not compulsory, hold such a great reward. Imagine what reward that which is compulsory would hold for you and I said, that motivates me to get up for Salat al Fajr.

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That motivates me to say if my Lord is going to be so pleased by me getting up on time because the benefit is mine. That's what it is. Because the benefit is mine. He doesn't benefit from it. He doesn't benefit at all. It doesn't harm him, nor does it help him. If you fulfill it or did not fulfill it, fulfill it for Allah, which will the same. But for us, we would earn the pleasure of Allah. Yes, indeed, he would be happy if we did it. Absolutely. But the benefit, the benefit is hours notice. So if Allah was ready to give me such a great reward for something, surely there has to be a massive benefit for me. Take a look at the world. People get up so early in the morning to

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do their stretches. They get up to do their exercises. They get up to do their breathing, their early morning jog. And these people at times, not even believers, they probably don't even know about the five minutes and about the Salah, and its timing. But we who are believers we know the timing but we don't appreciate it until we're told by someone whom we think is professional. While the most professional of all was the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Take a look at his words his teachings amazing

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Here he is telling us that the two units of prayer hold such a great reward, get up early and fulfill them. So after Ramadan, I'd like to continue with my acts of worship. Starting with my five daily prayers, I'm going to make sure that I get up on time no matter what the difficult part is to get up, to wash up, and then to stand and pray. And sometimes people might want to go back to bed, although depending on your timezone, and when you go to go to work, and what responsibilities you have, and so on, it's not recommended to sleep after solitude Fajr. Although it's not prohibited, you may do so if need be, oh, if you're living in a timezone where the timing is quite awkward, may

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Allah make it easy for us, then you have a second prayer of the date before just after midday. Then you have the third one late afternoon, then you have the fourth one at sunset just after sunset. And you have the fifth one a little bit after that when the sky is dark. The timing of all of this is unique. My brothers, my sisters, don't miss your prayer. No matter what. Pray, if you happen to be in a condition where you cannot stand, you're allowed to sit. If you cannot sit, you're allowed to lie down and fulfill your prayer. If you happen to be in a condition where you cannot use water to wash yourself, you're allowed to do what is known as I am Mum, you can read about it, you can learn

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about it, it is to cleanse yourself without water because you're unable for a valid reason to use that particular water. From all of this, we get to learn that Allah Almighty has really made things easy for us very easy for us. He wants us to get it done. Whether we like it or not Subhanallah Well, we would end up liking it anyway. Because we're believers, we shouldn't be liking it. But if you get it done, what I mean by like it or not, is whether it's easy or difficult, get it done, you will have a reward. Think for a moment, the blessing of it comes back to you over time. If you have a rock, even a rock,

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when there is a droplet of water that is dropping on one spot every single day, throughout the day and night, you will find as hard as that rock is there will be a hole in the rock and the erosion will cause the hole in a solid rock just because of a droplet of water that kept coming. So this consistency and persistency is something we need to learn.

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When you're praying people say I started praying but I don't see the benefit. Wait, hang on my brothers, my sisters. That's not how it is. Here it goes. You start praying and holistically your life begins to change over time, you become a totally different person, you become changed, beautiful, softened, your character develops, you start caring for each other. Those who swear you you don't swear them back, you have a relationship with your make you smile because you know, Allah accepted you to fulfill prayers. That's the most beautiful thing ever. When Allah loves you, He makes it easy for you to do the right things. That's a sign of the love of Allah. May Allah love all

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of us. And who does Allah love those who try those who make an effort, those who are determined, those who are really focused and they continue asking the Almighty for guidance, and they continue to work towards it. Hence, in the five daily prayer, there is something that we do, and something we say that's amazing. Dinner syrup and musta came in the Surah that we have to read the little portion of the Quran, we say guide us to the straight path. Oh our Lord, guide us to the straight path guide us to the straight path. And we continue with this supplication. We repeat it so many times. If you ask the almighty genuinely to guide you to the straight path, oh my maker, guide me to the path, the

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straight path, the path of those whom you have favored, not the path of those who are astray, or those who have earned Your anger or those who are straight. We want to be guided to the straight path of our Maker whoever made us guide us towards worshipping you alone and take us to paradise. And if you ask the almighty genuinely sincerely to guide you, He will open the doors of guidance. If you really would like to improve Allah will make it easy for you to improve then a sign of His love is when he has accepted you to do the beautiful things. What is compulsory on you, you start doing it and it becomes easier and easier.

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As time passes, you become more focused and more dedicated sign of the love of Allah. But I want to add something many times it's a struggle for many people throughout their lives. As they grow older, it's still is a struggle. I'm struggling with my five daily prayers. I'm struggling sometimes for sometimes three sometimes I hit five jackpot mashallah, my brothers and sisters. Remember, if you're struggling, and you make an effort and you push yourself, you will get a multiplied reward, you will get a multiplied reward. We are human beings, we have so many things that actually bring us down. So many things that weigh on us. We have a lot of responsibility and distraction, and so much that

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happens around us as human beings. Allah says, When you push yourself for the sake of Allah, Allah will have mercy on your push yourself because Allah has only made it compulsory for you, knowing that the benefit that will return to you in this world to begin with, and then the next is tremendous. When you see it, you will really be thankful to Allah Almighty for having guided you towards the five daily prayers. So I know so many people say it's tough. It's really difficult. I'm trying I live in a time zone, I go to work, I have examinations I have school, my brothers and sisters, do your best and make sure that you pray I want to end by telling you the bonus when you're

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on a journey. Allah Almighty has issued rulings where the shortening of a prayer is dictated and even combining some of the prayers due to our inability of making those prayers or the difficulty of the journey and so on, according to many schools of thought, and you know what that is dictated by the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So if you are permitted to shorten and combine due to journey because I couldn't, it goes to show do it however you have to do it, make sure it is done. And ask the scholars and ensure that you made use of whatever Allah Almighty has blessed you with. May Allah grant us all goodness, and I pray we can continue post Ramadan Akula kolyada was cinema

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alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Leila and to call the

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Continuing Acts of Worship: Fasting, Praying, and Reciting Quran after Ramadan

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